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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cosmetic repairs in the kitchen for five days with their hands

Dear readers portal.In this article, I will share the experience decoration in the kitchen with his hands in five days.All work is carried out without assistant, incomplete process took five working days.The works were carried out in stages and included the following: preparation of the premises, the elimination of the defects of the walls and ceiling of the kitchen apron restoration, painting, replacing linoleum and wallpaper.

Repairs in the kitchen with his hands in 5 days

Repairs in the kitchen with his hands over 5 days

tool and materials

Article Contents

    • 0.1 tool and materials
  • 1 Preparations
    • 1.1 Day One.
    • 1.2 Day Two
  • 2 Restoration kitchen apron
  • 3 Painting work
    • 3.1 Day Three
  • 4 laying linoleum
    • 4.1 third day.
  • 5 wallpapering
  • 6 Day Four
    • 6.1 fifth day

dimensions of our kitchen 4.15 * 2.15m with a ceiling height of 2.5m.Before starting the repair, I figured scope of work and made a list of necessary materials.It includes:

  • - screed floor - 25kg;
  • - fiberboard 130 * 170cm - 5 sheets;
  • - linoleum 2.5 * 4.5 m;
  • - floor plinth - 10m;
  • - vinyl wallpaper width of 1.6 m - 3 rolls;
  • - wallpaper paste - 1up .;
  • - tile adhesive - 1kg;
  • - grout - 2kg;
  • - acrylic washable paint - 3L;
  • - wooden moldings - 10m;
  • - screws, CIL , nails.

number and cost of materials is an individual matter and depends on the assigned task in front of you.
important factor in the availability of the necessary repair work tool.I needed:

  1. - punch;
  2. - head to punch - whisk;
  3. - brushes and rollers for painting;
  4. - rubber roller for wallpaper;
  5. - spatulas: metal, rubber, spatula-comb.


Day One.

Before starting work, you need to clear the room of furniture and equipment, remove the battery box (if any).Ideally, the work should begin in the kitchen is completely empty, but in my case hanging lockers decided to leave in place sincereplacement of wallpaper behind them in the plans are not included.

next step clear the wall from the remnants of old wallpaper.You can use a special tool to remove the wallpaper or a difficult-to-wet pieces of warm water as I did.The most important thing to have time to scrape off the wallpaper to dry.To speed up the process using a spatula.

apron this time is not to be replaced, but clearly in need of restoration.I carefully collected and removed tiles fallen off the tiles, fixing strength is in question.

gathered all the garbage bags and began to dismantle the flooring.Skirting boards and linoleum on what were no longer valid and have been sent to the scrap, but fiberboard , performing the role of the substrate, I carefully removed and left to wait for his chasa.Podgotovitelnye work ended and you can admire the results of the first day of repair.

The first day of repair

first day repair

Day Two

Immediately say, that the alignment of walls and floors within the cosmetic updates cuisine I did not plan.But dismantling found misery, a close eye on that I could not.

Status kitchen at the time of repair

Status kitchen floor at the time of repair

Status of the walls in the kitchen at the time of repair

condition of the walls in the kitchen at the time of repair

Dents in the walls were plastered (I used plaster of Paris and a wide putty knife).

Plasterer large dents in the walls

Plasterer large dents in the walls

Dents in the walls were plastered (I used plaster of Paris and a wide putty knife).

  1. holes and obvious irregularities in the floor are eliminated through the screed.I used the cheapest.
  2. prepare a solution: water and cement, 1: 4 about.Thoroughly Stir mixer construction (in my case it was a punch with a special nozzle).
  3. For better adhesion of floor moistened with water.
  4. Enough sharp movements dealt a solution to the problem areas.
  5. carefully leveled with a spatula mass.
Cheap repairing flooring in the kitchen

Cheap repairing flooring in the kitchen

Restoration kitchen apron

day of the second and third.

recalled that after the preparatory phase of the apron look like this:

Kitchen apron before renovation

Kitchen apron to repair

restoration process included the restoration of missing elements of the apron and grout all seams.
First I primed the wall at fixing the missing tiles.Note that the primer dries within 30 minutes.At this time I prepared a tile adhesive (a mixture of the solution with water to the consistency of thick cream carefully kneaded with a mixer).

Then stack a tile (Read a detailed article about the grouting tiles with their hands).the following technologies:

  1. on each tile trowel to apply the adhesive layer of about 5 mm;
  2. spatula-comb removed excess adhesive;
  3. tile is applied to the wall and gently pressed;
  4. position of tiles is adjusted by level, subject to the uniformity of the seams and edges.
Renovated kitchen apron

Renovated kitchen apron

Before grouting take time sufficient to complete drying of the tile adhesive - no less than a day (to help guide).grouting technology also does not represent anything complex:

  1. rubber spatula to recruit a small amount of the mixture for grouting;
  2. dent in its seam, holding the trowel at an angle slightly;
  3. remove excess.

The main thing in this case - do not delay, because the mix grout dries quickly.For this reason, I advise individual kneading the mixture in small portions for each square meter.

After grouting old apron becomes elegant look.

1441710962_zatirka - seams - ceramic - tile Acquire qualitative trowelling compounds known manufacturers!

To make it easier to choose a mixture, be sure to check with review grout compositions seams, the subject of a separate publication from our website.

Photo almost trimmed apron in the kitchen

Photo almost trimmed apron in the kitchen

Painting work

Day Three

Front painting works in our kitchen was to paint the ceiling, the window opening, long shelf near the ceiling, doors and moldings onwall.I used acrylic washable paint super white color.Painted roller and brushes of different widths - where it is convenient.To protect the glass window on the door and use masking tape, hanging lockers covered with polyethylene.To meet the result I had the painting in two layers.

Wooden moldings put on the board face up and painted with a brush.

During the drying period between layers prepared walls for the upcoming wallpapering - primed them the most expensive wallpaper paste.

Painted door of the kitchen

painted door in the kitchen

Painted ceiling

Painted ceiling

laying linoleum

third day.

Traditionally, work on laying the flooring is left to the final stage of repair.However, our cuisine is a sophisticated geometry of the walls (lots of ledges and corners) and the abundance of the flue pipe on the floor.To avoid damage to the new wallpaper during the cutting linoleum classic sequence was decided to break it.

First, I cover the floor fiberboard sheets .As a first layer of sheets used, taken when removing old floor, and the second layer laid svezhepriobretёnnuyu derevoplitu.Fasten it all with screws (3.5 / 42mm).Laying fiberboard in two layers allowed to achieve an even coating.

Sheathed floor fiberboard sheets

sheathed floor fiberboard sheets

piece of linoleum area slightly larger than the floor area.For cutting out the correct size I:

  1. unfolded linoleum.
  2. align the piece of the long wall without protrusions.
  3. clipped linoleum under the doorway.
  4. gradually trimmed linoleum underneath all pipes and ledges.

As a result, linoleum exactly lying, without going to the wall, repeating the perimeter of the room.


Day Four

the kitchen walls, we drew up vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis.When glueing this type of wallpaper special glue applied with a roller on a wall only.By generously missed adhesive wall vertically (for the first band on the wall can be applied on the level of the line) is applied properly prepared strip and rolled with a rubber roller.Excess adhesive can be removed with a dry soft cloth if necessary.

updated design of our kitchens assumed Wallpapering in two levels - light top and dark blue bottom.When wallpapering in this way is better to start from the top.

To begin, I carved out the required number of strips of wallpaper light 1,5m long.Glued them by the above method starting from the window.

The process of wallpapering the kitchen

process wallpapering the kitchen

Dark wallpaper cut to 1 m long strip and carefully glued back to back to the top of the wallpaper.Installation of floor and wall skirting moldings.

fifth day

at the junction of wallpaper horizontally (level) posted previously painted wood moldings and fastened with nails 6cm long (you can use liquid nails).

Tip: If there is any doubt that the floor in your apartment laid horizontally, the level in this case it is better not to use.A horizontal line to the location moldings held in different places Having measured the height of 1m from the floor.This is because the furniture will stand on the floor and horizontal elements are located on the wall can visually appear uneven nailed.

Renovation almost completed

Repairs almost finished

skirting boards mounted by the following technologies:

  1. Attach plinth to the wall.
  2. a Punch holes drilled in the wall right through the cable channel.
  3. The resulting holes hammered CIL .
  4. screws to fasten the plinth with pressshayboy.
Cosmetic repairs in the kitchen in the Khrushchev is finished

Cosmetic Khrushchev in the kitchen over

Then returned to place furniture and kitchen utensils.Connected sink and gas stove.Kitchen ready to be used.Your comments?