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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose PVC windows

Probably nobody is not necessary to prove that the plastic double-glazed windows in their operational qualities long and firmly took leading position in competition with old wooden frames.Advantages - almost all indicators, the thermal conductivity and sound absorption to maximize ease of use and aesthetics.

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How to choose PVC windows

owners of apartments and private homes of the old buildings at every opportunity trying to replace deficient wood structures to modern windows.Problems with this, at first glance - no, in every region, there are many large and small companies working in this field.But whether all can be trusted, and it proposed to acquire equivalent window?Alas, in this segment of the construction business, there are many «pitfalls» , and the resemblance windows are not talking about them the same quality and performance characteristics . Therefore, before making a final decision and sign a contract for the installation, you must clear idea of ​​how to choose PVC windows, so as not to be disappointed in them after a few months.

In the daily life of Russians like the window came relatively recently.But in the 15 ÷ 20 years as probably any outlandish novelty had "overgrown" a whole bunch of mythological speculation , like excessively prevoznosyasch their their quality and unfairly attributing to them non-existent defects.For starters, try to clarify this issue.

What people say about PVC windows, and so is this really fact

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  • 1 What people say about PVC windows, and it is actually
  • 2 PVC windows select Options
    • 2.1 type and quality profile
    • 2.2 Choosing glazed
    • 2.3 scheme of windows and a set of accessories
    • 2.4 Video: High quality fittings for PVC windows
    • 2.5 Seals
  • 3 How to approach to the choice of the company - the installer of windows
    • 3.1 Video: How to choose the right plastic window
  • There is common the view that the installation of plastic windows with double-glazed fullyIt solves the problem of thermal insulation - they completely cover the path of the cold.
Quality windows with competent installation well hold heat, but the complete insulation can not say yet

Quality windows with competent installation well hold heat, but the complete insulation can not say yet

Alas, not all so rosy.Create absolutely termonepronitsaemuyu light-transmitting structure - is not easy, though quality windows and reliable sealing system can significantly improve the thermal resistance of the window. However, any window, the design - it is still and assembly seams that are always, to some extent serve as "bridges cold".

About than can confidently say on this issue - a level of warming of the premises with the installation of high-quality plastic windows considerably increase .

  • Next «myth» - from the space between the panes completely evacuated, there created vacuum.

This statement is not true.In fact, the air is partially evacuated to create a low pressure area inside.This is necessary for a better seal - external pressure presses the glass as much as possible close to the seals. Gives this effect of increasing heat and noise insulation qualities.By the way, for the same purpose, some manufacturers use the practice of injection into the space of inert gas that creates special, "layered" atmosphere inside the glass, which effectively dampens sound waves.

  • How to treat the assertion that the installation of double-glazed windows gives absolute suppression of noise from the street?

fully believe in it, too, is impossible.The more design PVC "cuts" windows high frequencies, but low frequency noise propagating, including and through vibration, alas, find their way.So, if you did not manage to escape through the window will operate construction equipment, or nearby passes busy highway, the noise.

PVC windows are more prevent the spread of high-frequency sound vibrations .With low frequencies the situation is worse

PVC windows to a greater extent prevent the spread of high-frequency sound vibrations.With low frequencies the situation is worse

Manufacturers are constantly working to improve the design, but completely solve this problem have not yet succeeded.

  • Closed PVC window gives complete sealing of the room.

It even one persistent misconception.With high-quality multi-level sealing system can talk about the tightness windows for drafts to exit warm air out of the apartment, but it's still far not leak .

  • More one misconception - the wider placed on the pane of glass, the better the window.

distance between glasses - is not taken "from the ceiling" quantity.There is a complex system of thermal calculations , which gives rather paradoxical results - an excessive increase of this distance leads to a drastic reduction of thermal insulation qualities.In the production of windows adhere to best tested theory and practice of values: for single-chamber double-glazed windows must be at the maximum thickness of 24 mm, and for the two-chamber - 44 mm.

  • not always justified by the principle that the choice of the window do not need to be limited in the thickness of the profile and the number of air chambers in it : «The thicker profile - so, of course, the box better."

So talk - this is equivalent to a argued that , that a large sledgehammer much better and more useful than a conventional hammer, because each of these tools has its own destination.Of course, the number and size airbags window profile directly affect the thermal conductivity and soundproofing.But everything must be reasonably and in due measure.Increasing the number of cameras - is inevitably, increase the size and weight of the entire window structure, difficulty its delivery and installation, rapid price growth.Not will no sense to pay the extra money for the "sverhnavorochennuyu" structure if climatic conditions of the region, the destination of the room in which you plan to install Windows, and its location is sufficient to consider no less quality in execution, but more "budget" option.

  • Often you can hear that the plastic windows interfere with the normal environmental Ball ns square artire.
High-quality PVC is not dangerous for the environment

quality PVC poses no danger to the environment

Well, firstly, polyvinyl chloride , although and synthetic material, but differs in absolute safety for human and animal health.Suffice it to recall that it is widely used for the manufacture of medical containers and appliances, food utensils, vessels for water and etc .And secondly, if you look around, even a cursory glance around you, make sure you see plastic products, from household appliances to furniture.But "sin" for some reason, only PVC windows.

  • insolvency allegations of high fire risk such windows.

Yes, of course, polyvinyl chloride is a flammable material, but the temperature of its thermal decomposition is much higher than that of wood - wooden windows light up faster.Moreover, if there is no open flame, the PVC rather melt than will fire .As emitted during combustion of materials , they certainly toxic, but emitted during the combustion of wood carbon monoxide is in no way less dangerous.

  • lifetime of PVC window is small - still one common misconception.

It all depends on the quality used for their production profiles, insulating glass, accessories, on the professionalism of master builders and installers.Agree that the ordinary wooden box, made "Krivorukov" carpenter even from selected material, will last a long time.

If you chose really high quality PVC window, it must be guaranteed than a dozen years without losing any performance was.Of course, the masters must be complied with its rules of use and regular maintenance.

  • possible to meet opinion that plastic windows overlooking impoverish its standardized design, can spoil the look and feel at home or interior.
Contrary to popular belief , PVC windows can have very versatile design

Contrary to popular belief, PVC windows can have very versatile design

This assertion does not hold water.So can say people are never interested in the existing variety of PVC window systems.In reality, you can order the construction of the most fantastic shapes, with unilateral or bilateral lamination of plastic, which will give the window the desired color or an interesting exterior texture - a noble wood, a metal and etc .In short, the opportunities to enter the window to enjoy the design - more than enough.

PVC windows select Options

First of all, for those who do not know the total plastic window unit scheme:

An exemplary diagram of the device plastic window

Exemplary plastic window unit circuit

It would seem that everything is simple and obvious, but virtually any element of this design requires special attention.

on the proposed figure below schematically displayed the main criteria for selecting a model of PVC windows.

The main parameters of the choice of PVC windows are indicated in the diagram

main parameters of the choice of PVC windows are indicated in the diagram

Now each of these parameters - more.

type and quality profile

on design and quality profile of pay most first and most attention - from him in the ground and all dependent performance window and its durability.

  • manufacturing material - it should be a high-quality PVC, durable and completely inert to all weathering.The thickness of the external walls of the profile - is not less than 3 mm.Some growers practice, in order to reduce production costs, production profiles with a wall thickness of, for example, 2.7 mm.It would seem essential, but stiffness and durability while dramatically deteriorate, and can not speak about the long life of these windows.

For regions with harsh winters should be selected profile made of PVC with a high frost resistance.Usually it says the additional code "M" on the label.

  • Number of airbags - on this parameter depends largely on thermal insulation characteristics of the window.
An example of a three-chamber and five-chamber profiles

example of three-chamber and five-chamber profiles

number of cells counted in its section width.If there are horizontal bridges that divide the cavity into several vertical sections, it is not considered as additional cameras. Allowable standards minimum number of cameras - two, but as a rule, such products do not have, because of their lack of demand.Usually residential installation apply t t PEX - or five-chamber profiles.

Three-chamber profiles, a total thickness of about 58 ÷ 60 mm, of course, much cheaper.They have smy seq etc. iobretat if the climate of the region is no different severe winters or in the case where window will be installed, for example, for glazing balconies or balconies.They are allowed in the kitchen or on the southern side of the building, provided that the house is provided with an effective heating and total insulation.

For the main part of Russia, where the January frosts below -20 degrees are considered to be common, it is better to buy quality five-chamber profile with a total of more than 70 mm thick - its resistance to heat loss is much higher.However, to pay at the same time have more.

There are other versions - a four or six cameras, but they occur infrequently and usually have a specific destination.

  • presence and type of reinforcement inserts.According to current standards, all the profiles of more than 800 mm in length or having other than a white coating must Met reinforcing insert.However, leading manufacturers equip all their products in such a constructive element.This enhancement will create the necessary rigidity and stability of the window construction, to prevent deformation related to thermal expansion that will significantly increase the service life.
Reinforcing rate closed ( left) and open type

Reinforcing rate closed (left) and open type

as reinforcing inserts applied profile of corrosion resistant galvanized steel about 1,2 thick - 2 mm.If applied thin material, for example, 0.5 mm, or not having an anti-corrosion protection, it can be considered a fiction - no stiffness, or durability of such windows do not wait, and the insert is made only for « blurring 'eyes.

reinforcement insert can be open or closed profile.Of course, when it closed form of strength characteristics is much higher.However, this affects the total weight of the window structure and, of course, on its value.You can, for small square windows, restrict profile with high-quality U-shaped reinforcement, however, if you allow tools and installation conditions, yet is better to give preference to closed.

But this pseudo- reinforcement ( left) rigidity is unlikely to increase

But this pseudo-reinforcement (left) rigidity unlikely to raise

But if pseudo-reinforcement made of two flat metal inserts, placed closer to the profile of the edges, then by this variant is better torefuse - no resistance against deformation, such as bending or twisting is not from them.

  • « Appearance" profile also has considerable importance.The usual technique of decoration of windows - using special laminating film , you can choose which of the proposed directory .There is an opportunity at the same time to perform a one-way or two-sided lamination, with the outer and inner surface can be trimmed under different textures .
The design shows a profile - the same design and decoration - different

Design Show profile - the same design and decoration - different

There are profiles, painted in the mass, in the production phase, when the pigment compositions are introduced into the original mass.Good quality of different profiles with acrylic coatings, deposited by the method of co-extrusion - get an additional protective and decorative layer, which becomes inseparable with PVC-component basis.More one external finishing technology is the application of a white surface colored acrylic varnish.

  • very important when choosing a manufacturer profiles.It makes smy cl St. yazyvatsya with unknown or already have earned bad glory manufacturer - you can find a lot of examples of such windows disappoint their owners already in the first year of operation.If we decided to go for a replacement, it is better to give their savings for a really high-quality products, which is accompanied by the manufacturer's warranty.

safely possible to purchase REHAU profiles, KBE , VEKA +.It is credible LG-Chem, MONTBLANC.In the category of premium windows and traditional leaders DIMEX THYSSEN.There were some local companies, trying to keep up in quality from foreign manufacturers, for example, SOK (Samara window construction), DI FENCE or PROPLEX.