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August 12, 2017 18:06

Home from a bar with your hands

wanted me to build a house.Immediately faced with the choice of material.Money was not very much, but wanted to get home safe, warm and durable.Having studied the proposals of modern construction market, I have decided to stay on board.

Home from a bar

house from a bar

The forums are advised to erect the house from a bar section 15x15 cm. But I had to build myself, sometimes with another, iethe workers did not want to attract, so the heavy 15-inch lumber, I decided not to use.Instead, he bought a dry material cross-section 15x10 cm. Then, when the wood will shrink, I insulate the outside walls with mineral wool, and the house will be warm.

To further save on construction, I decided to use only local materials.You can also take my story for an example of leadership and focus on the situation.

Pouring the foundation

Article Contents

  • 1 Pouring the foundation
  • 2 Preparations
    • 2.1 Harvesting nagelej
    • 2.2 Preparation moss
    • 2.3 Manufacturing stocks
    • Required tools 2.4
  • 3 building a house
    • 3.1 rules laying lower crown
    • 3.2 Features laying the second and following crowns
    • 3.3 What you need to know about the pegs?
    • 3.4 What to do with the moss and hemp?
    • 3.5 Recommendations for alignment rims
    • 3.6 What can we build a house!
    • 3.7 Making openings
    • 3.8 Installation stocks and shutdown
  • 4 Instead of conclusion
    • 4.1 Video - The house from a bar with your hands

First I cleared the ground under the houseof debris, shrubs and other disturbing things.Then I proceeded to the arrangement of the foundation.

I had time to think what type of foundation is suitable specifically for my area.Studied geological conditions, soil composition, and found the level of underground water.This helped me a specialized reference books.Additionally, I asked neighbors, on which are the foundations of their houses.

I live in the Ryazan region.Local conditions allow you to save on the arrangement of the foundations, so the majority of the neighbors houses are on light poles made of limestone and concrete.Most often, they even refuse reinforcement - so here we have a wonderful soil.The soil is sandy, hence "heaving" it is not.The water is deep, and weigh a little wooden house.Therefore, in the arrangement of the monolithic pillars buried in my area there is no need.

Foundation started to do with digging trenches.To begin with removed fertile bowl.It seemed sand.For a better seal, I spilled it with water.Then I put the trench with stone and paved the two reinforcing bars.Tied with them in the corners.I think the band is best reinforced and the bottom and top.And so it did.

The foundation started to do with digging trenches

Foundation started to do with digging trenches

to save a lot of work, it would be possible to order ready-made concrete construction with delivery.However, in my region, it was unrealistic - such proposals simply do not have.And I have a lot that the truck would have had to go through the garden, and I do not need this.

Plus is ready-mixed concrete is expensive and the sand on my site for free.Stone ordered with delivery - came relatively inexpensive.I inquired: In Moscow, even an empty truck cause would have been more expensive.You could additionally save yourself typing stones on the river, but I have such a need did not exist.

A rock


tried to knead the concrete by hand.Quickly convinced of the futility of this action - is too long and cumbersome.Bought brand mixer SM-160.It should be relatively inexpensive, and definitely come in handy on the farm.

started to knead concrete.The process went fast and fun.Concrete mixer is very easy to handle - it is possible without any difficulty to move along the excavated pit.By pouring the concrete, I adjusted the sheet, seen in the picture.Under the sheet framed several poles, the material does not sag.

As I did the foundation

As I did the foundation

Seller mixer immediately warned me that it is not necessary to close during use of the unit plastic cover in place of the motor installing anything, otherwise it may overheat.After the same work every time I close my mixer with plastic wrap in case of rain.

Mixer helped to quickly prepare the right amount of solution.In the concrete, I was putting the stones.It poured the foundation tape to the ground level.Aerial parts of the tape posted on a more dense solution, using the same stone.

A little before reaching the top of the basement, installed reinforcing frame.Laying stones served smaller size.

foundation is almost ready.He left it to gain strength.Looks base not too neat and smooth, but in the future, because nothing will prevent him to finish and put in order.For example, the above-ground part of the base trim can be performed using plaster - traditional option for rural and suburban houses.A more modern solution - a special decorative panels.

As I did the foundation

As I did the foundation

During much I saved.For example, I did not do a timbering, and everything for the foundation to use cheap local materials - stones and sand.Even with the cost of the foundation of my mixer came out cheaper than if I ordered ready-mixed concrete and assembled formwork.



Alas, so far will save in each region.For example, if I lived somewhere in the suburbs, I would have to do the formwork, setting the spatial reinforcing frame, and then pour a mixture of construction.

While concrete is gaining strength (and in this he needs 3-4 weeks) I'll prepare supplies.




Harvesting nagelej



compound timber rims is performed using wooden pegs.I decided to make them out of scrap boards left over from other construction activities.In my case it was the arrangement of the roofing battens.

For dowel should be used as a solid wood can be.manufacturing process itself is very simple fasteners.I picked up the board and trim zatortseval them with one hand using the appropriate blade.

Then I put the emphasis and began to cut into the size.In my situation, the size was 12 cm. As a result, I got a neat and beautiful piece.

Planks sawed using a band saw.On the way out I got a box of wooden sticks.I then drew blanks ax on each side and got his nageli.

Preparation moss

Nageli and boards

Nagel sphagnum peat moss board and

technology requires that the crown between each timber was laid mezhventsovogo insulation.Professionals usually insulated roll materials.Work is easy and convenient to them - enough to roll out the laid material over a crown and you can continue working.However, for convenience and ease of processing have to pay.

I decided not to spend money and use the moss.First, this material is full of nature - go, but collect.Second, not only it is moss decent insulation, but also an excellent antiseptic.Additionally proshtrudiroval thematic forums: Moss is widely used as insulation mezhventsovogo, and negative comments about him not.

for insulation is best suited red or peat moss.The first is characterized by high rigidity.Second, after drying, it becomes brittle.If possible, it is best to use the red moss.Learn it's easy - it's long stems with leaves, reminiscent of the Christmas tree.

recommends warm fresh moss, lay for no more than 2-3 weeks.I kept the moss in plastic bags, while it was even a little wet.Nothing bad will happen to the material.

Manufacturing stocks

harvested boards

Harvested boards

them I make for every door and window openings.To do this, I use a flat bar.Suchkov as possible should not be at all.For convenience, I made a makeshift bench right next to his pile of lumber.I did longitudinal cuts.This helped me a circular saw.Excess material is removed with a chisel.Make the right

cant afford not every professional carpenter.Therefore jambs for windows I decided to make for a simplified technology.Each window opening I install a pair of vertical jambs.For horizontal communication will respond directly have window unit.

need a "quarter" to install the unit.However, I am here and figured out how to simplify the task.Instead of the sample (in the photo, it is shaded) I decided to paste the bar.For this plane ostrogannoj advance.The result was no worse than it would be in a situation with a quarter.

reduce the number of stocks in the opening for the door can not be - all four are needed.However, the shape of the product can be greatly simplified.

I chose in the bar, which in the future will be the threshold grooves similar to the grooves in the side jambs.This allowed me to put on the bottom bar on the opening spikes.However, at this stage of the timber would have to cut across the chisel wood fibers - not the most pleasant and easy.I found a great way out of this situation!Taking a circular saw, I prepared cuts, after putting the appropriate drive output and making the rip fence.

Processing of timber

processing timber

I then took Perov drill and made a 2.5 cm diameter hole for dowel.At the end sawed flat rectangle across the wood fibers.This helped me reciprocating saw.

Carpenters usually make at the threshold of two rectangular slot and the bottom of each vertical cant make out on the second leg protrusion, and cutting down vypilivaya excess wood with a chisel.I decided to make the holes for fastening pegs, and scored a pair of fasteners.Similar holes made in the bottom of the jambs.

upper horizontal bar, I do not touch him, and nailed to the threshold of a small board - she will take over the function of "quarters".Making the opening turned extremely simple, but to deal with its main feature is it does not interfere.In the future I postrogayu opening and glue "quarters".

Tools Required

For the construction of the house of timber, I used the following tools and accessories:

  • unstressed electric drill;
  • circular saw;
  • roulette;
  • sledgehammer;
  • elektrorubanok;
  • square;
  • saber saw;
  • plummet;
  • hammer;
  • water hose;
  • ax.

for cutting wooden beam bought a circular saw.I had to cut in two approaches.First, on a square to draw a line, then cut, he turned the bar and again did Res.On the brink of a second timber line is best to carry the same with the use of the polygon.If you are confident in his "good eye", you can cut "by eye".

Processing of timber

processing timber

Using the same disk saws I made spikes and grooves for corner joints bars.At arrangement of thorns I did not have small depth of cut, so I had to make a few extra movements hacksaw.

Processing of timber

processing timber

For more convenient timber handling is recommended to use a workbench.I have the same bench was not, and I improvised - put timber in a stack height of about 85 cm

Processing of timber

processing timber

Building a House

rules laying lower crown

Laying start crown traditionally is done with the connection.It is known as "a wood floor."This assembly is done without any problems circular saw - is enough to cut the material inside and out.In some areas the depth of cut was insufficient - there I was working with a hacksaw, and then got rid of the excess material with a chisel.Incidentally, in the case of my lower crown it is the only one which is connected by means of nails.

The first crown

first crown

Lower crown I put on the lining of the boards.Between the elements turned tears - in the future, I'll do it produhi.In my region of the wall is usually, but not in the concrete.Such a variant has its advantages.Firstly, the air holes in the wall to make easier and quicker.Secondly, on an elevated wind is moving at a faster rate than directly from the land, so that the underground will be better ventilated.

Рубка бруса. Соединение "в полдерева"

felling timber.Connection "in a half-tree»

lined sex I'm going to mount the beam - the way I think, the load on the base will be distributed more evenly.

Linings and timber lower crown covered with antiseptic.Practice shows that most quickly decays material, laid at the bottom.In my situation lie below the lining and not the timber.In the future, if the board will rot, they can be replaced with much less effort than the lower timber rim.

Features laying the second and following crowns

Construction of walls of the house

construction walls of the house

From the second crown of masonry work is done in the same order.In the corners I put together with the help of indigenous timber spikes - a common abutment elements are unacceptable.

Taking a circular saw, a couple stortseval cuts.On the brink of a second cut line bore using a polygon.Root spike is easily done, all shown in the photo.With low output drive depth can gather additionally hacksaw.Paz made even easier.Also shown in the photo.

Important!Note that in the compounds of the "tongue and groove" should be about 0.5 cm of clearance for laying the seal.A compound in which timber simply touches timber unacceptable.

Previously I put my desired cutting depth.My saw output drive can be changed without any problems - quite simply loosen the lever.Supplement convenient to use.If traditional joinery master puts some parameter of the working tool, and prepares the required number of pieces of the same type, the carpentry situation is somewhat different: the material is dragged to the bench, and the depth of cut is adjusted directly on the fly.

Construction of walls of the house

construction walls of the house

my saw is equipped with a thin plate - for cutting have to exert much less effort.Safety housing moves very smoothly and does not preclude Reza.

My wall of the house will be longer than the beam, so I'll have to splice the building material.To do this, I'm done with the two long gashes on beam ends, remove the excess with a chisel and got a thorn in the middle.The projection is ready, now needs a groove.Chopping wood chisel across the grain - is inappropriate.I went to the trick and drilled a simple through-hole in the second timber.The lengths of the drill was not enough to create a through-hole, so I had to be drilled from both sides.Then I cut off superfluous wood blanks, made layout and cut through the timber along the grain with a chisel.Connected spliced ​​bars.Clearances scored moss.

Good advice.The crown is the beginning of opening, it is better to make the spikes for jambs of the opening.In the process of cutting bar will not turn completely to make spikes saw, it will be necessary further dodalblivat chisel in the process of completion.In the next picture you can see the boards already with mounting studs.As demonstrated patterns of openings thresholds for doors.

He put a crown on the bottom of the second, well-executed corner joints and splices necessary length.It's time to make a layout for setting pegs - connectors crowns my house under construction.I took the square and put down marks on the vertical bars top and bottom, in the locations of the future placement of fasteners.He turned the upper beam.Moved markup in the center of my timber.