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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cellar on the balcony with his hands

tradition of doing procurement winter - remains unchanged for the Russian people.Even moving to a high-rise building of a private home, many do not want to give up this event as canned or stored at the correct temperatures fruits and vegetables more than once rescued in different situations.Cellar on the balcony with your own hands can be done in different ways, depending on the floor on which the apartment is located.

Cellar on the balcony with his hands

cellar on the balcony with his hands

In any cellar, wherever he may be, should be created favorable conditions for the preservation of various products - maintain an optimal level of humidity and temperature.

How can I make a cellar on the balcony, and where it can be placed?You can choose a fairly simple option that is available in the manufacture of each.Well, if the apartment is located on on the ground floor, and it has a balcony or loggia, it is possible to build a real, full-fledged underground storage.In the latter case, of course, have to exert much effort to r

emove a portion of the concrete slab and shoveled large amounts of soil .

There yet another embodiment of the cellar, which is placed in the underground part of the balcony.It can be done in the loggia or balcony each floor, but you need to hold a series of fairly complex activities.

To determine the choice and see amount of work to be carried out, you need to consider all three options for construction of such mini-cellar.

Thermocontainer food storage

Article Contents

  • 1 Thermocontainer food storage
    • 1.1 Tools and materials
    • 1.2 Assembly cellar
    • 1.3 Video: convenient termolar forstorage of vegetables
  • 2 cellar underground balcony
    • 2.1 Video mini cellar for home zagtovok under decking balcony
  • 3 cellar under the balcony of the first floor
    • 3.1 Preparing to work
    • 3.2 What is needed to build
    • 3.3 construction cellar under the balcony

Thermocontainer - a special box in which all the conditions inherent in this cellar.

One of the options - thermal storage chest for vegetables

One option - termolar for storing vegetables

This box can be mobile, ie it can be moved to a convenient location on the balcony , and may stationary, built between the walls.

both variants are made on the same principle, and such a scheme box looks this way:

Driving insulated container for vegetables

Driving insulated container for vegetables

1 - This enclosure box.It may be made of plywood, chipboard or boards.

2 - The second layer is insulation - as it uses the foam foil or foam, packed in several layers .

3 - additional warming will be an air gap between the insulation and the inner compartment.

4 - drawer for vegetables with vents.

5 - between the inner box and the bottom of the housing establishes a secure, well-insulated heater.

Such cold box is designed, mainly , for potatoes or other root crops.The optimum temperature for storage is between 3 and 7 degrees Celsius, which achieve in the conditions of the Russian winters on the unheated balcony is not possible without additional heating storage, and therefore set the heater with moderate power.

In summer the heat insulation, on the contrary, retain cool temperatures inside the box.If necessary, it can be even lower, placing inside ice in airtight containers or packaging.

The installation of this cellar is no big deal, and if the house has tools and material for its production, it can be collected in one day.

Tools and materials

for producing such a cold box-cellar, depending on the selected design and sizes, materials needed:

  • thick plywood or particle board for the outer casing.If the pantry is stationary, then this material will be needed for the front wall and the top cover of the product.
  • For internal drawer can be used not thick boards or plywood.
  • Wooden sticks for the frame structure, which is fixed sheathing material.
  • Insulation - foam , foam or other dense materials.
  • electric heater.As it is quite possible to use infrared film , since it power would be sufficient to achieve the desired temperature.For a small amount of container may be suitable even ordinary lamp 40 or 60 watts, but in this case it is desirable to establish its control bulbs.
  • bridging tr to I control the temperature in the cellar.
  • to assemble all materials to the overall design must be purchased screws, hinges for securing the lid, nails, anchors for permanent buildings, possibly metal angles needed.
  • Polyurethane foam for fastening together sheets of foam.It also can serve as insulation, fill it if the space between the two layers of plywood, having made so homemade sandwich panel.
  • From tools you need to have on hand jigsaw or hacksaw, pliers, screwdriver , screwdriver, hammer, drill and drill various sizes for wood and, if necessary, for concrete.

prepare in in se necessary, get to work on making termokoroba for storage of vegetables.

Assembly cellar

Sample installation diagram porebka

approximate scheme of mounting cellar

1. If the product is "mobile", then the bar is going to the box frame.

  • bars may be secured to each other using metal parts.
  • bottom should be elevated above the floor of the balcony, so to him fixed, closer to the middle, two bars, which will not only create a cushion of air, but also give the structure rigidity .
  • Further, insulation is installed.It cuts out the size of which corresponds to the perimeter of the plane between the bars.Thermal insulation should have a thickness equal to the size of the bar.For insulation between the bars, and there was no cold bridges caused cracks should be filled with foam.
  • At the bottom is fixed not thick plywood, which will close the heater.Top her set one of heaters.Due to its small thickness and operating safety boxes for a good fit infrared film.Create « warm pillow" and use the bulbs, but in this case the amount is reduced boxes, as on top of them it is necessary to install another one grating bottom.
  • then all internal plane will not superfluous oblitsevat foiled polyethylene foam.If the bulb is used for heating, the bottom-grill polyethylene can not be closed.
  • gap between the lid and the box frame, on the side where the hinges will be installed should also be covered by an elastic polyethylene foam.After you install the cover strip of insulating material is fixed braces both to the box and the lid.
Foil insulation and the walls are closed , and the lid of a chest

foil insulation and the walls are closed, and the lid of a chest

  • inner box with ventilation holes on the side walls, in which are stored the potatoes, it is recommended to make removable . So it will be convenient to clean and dry at the time when there will be no vegetables in the cellar.This item is a mini-storage facility is best done from the boards.

2. In the case where the cellar is planned to be stationary, first held markings on the walls of the places where the bars are attached, that is, in this case, the box frame is fully fixed to the walls.Further work is carried out in exactly the same way as in the mobile container unit.

Termolar may well be fixed

Termolar may well be fixed

upper lid cellar, by the way, can also be used as a seat Balcony Sofa, if the design is sufficient for this reliable .To do this, put on top of it linked by size mattress.

Video: termolar convenient for storing vegetables

Cellar underground balcony

Many tenants, to get an apartment with a small balcony, upset that it impossible to arrange additional insulated room.However, some very ingenious owners of such apartments manage to use even a small space, get a it not only closets and a greenhouse, but also the cellar-pantry for canned billets.

Even on the smallest balcony can make a small cellar

even on the smallest balcony can make a small cellar

Naturally, this have to spend a great job, but this option can be implemented on any floor balcony.

  • Before start to work, it is necessary to make an accurate calculation height at which it is possible to raise the floor.Of course, the three-liter bottle placed under the floor on the balcony is unlikely to succeed, as too high have raise flooring, but liter and half-liter or even polutoralitrovye established excellent.
Sex requires additional warming balcony

floor balcony will require additional insulation

  • first step is insulation concrete base balcony.In this case, the thick insulation is not suitable , since have to count every millimeter of height.Therefore, you can use polyethylene foam foil, on top of which made the installation of infrared film.If the lower balcony neighbors insulated , it is possible to manage only insulation material.
  • If a narrow balcony , the flooring can be made into bars, fixed on the walls.At high width have to be installed between the walls of the bars raised on metal studs at the desired height.Usually decking made at the threshold of the balcony door, and in most cases this height is approximately 200 mm.
Raising the level of the floor using the adjustable racks

floor level Lifting by adjustable struts

  • If under the floor will be hidden banks with home preservation, the flooring should be hard , does not sag, so floor devices take most of the board thickness of 1,5 - 20 mm.
  • hatch through which banks will be loaded and get out of the underground, can be sliding or folding.
Luke may be open or sliding

Luke can be hinged or sliding

  • Also cellar under the floor, on the balcony, you can make the built-in wardrobes with shelves under the windows.The doors in this case it is better to arrange a sliding, then it is convenient to be opened.
Additionally, you can mount a handy cabinets and shelves

Additionally, you can mount the cabinets or shelves comfortable

  • If the balcony is narrow and long, the one side under the floor can be done in addition to the cellar, built-in wardrobe.He may also do a good job in keeping fresh and canned vegetables.

Video mini cellar for home zagtovok under decking balcony

Cellar under the balcony of the first floor

If the apartment is on the ground floor flats , and it has a balcony - ita rare success for those who are accustomed have a place to store blanks for the winter, because in these conditions it is possible to make a small cellar.Of course, in the arrangement of the premises present certain complexity, but they may well be overcome.

Balcony on the first floor - a godsend for those who want to have their own cellar

Balcony on the first floor - a godsend for those who want to have their own cellar

Balcony can be positioned at different heights above the ground .If this distance is about half a meter, you do not even have to arrange a hole in the concrete slab, under the balcony.The main condition of this embodiment is the construction of a reliable and wall insulation.

Preparing to work

inadmissible to begin such work without permission, as the work can be carried out in vain and have to pay a considerable fine.It happen in the event that regulatory authorities determine a building impossible, and adversely affecting the structure or external appearance of the house.

Therefore, before purchasing the necessary materials, you need to pass a series of conciliation procedures, which include the conclusion experts about this cellar security for the entire building.This issue is resolved in the management organization in which created a special commission, and on the basis of its work can be granted or banned cellars device.

can begin work on the construction only after allowing documents to be on hand.

What is needed to build

receiving permission, you can safely go to the store for building materials, the list of which will depend on the design of the cellar.For example, if the room will be located between the floor and the balcony concrete slab surface, playing the role of low tide, the need for:

  • brick for the construction of the side walls.
  • Cement mortar for masonry and plaster.
  • Insulating material.
  • boards for the manufacture of boxes and ladders.
  • waterproofing material.
  • Metal corner frame hatch.
  • ventilation grille .

If the cellar is recessed into the ground, then a list of several materials expand and, apart from those mentioned, will require:

  • Reinforcing mesh for floor screed and possible for the walls.
  • Rubble and sand cushion, arranged under the tie.
  • pipe made of plastic for ventilation devices (usually used sewer diameter 100 mm).

From tools should be prepared:

  • Spade if the cellar will be arranged below ground level.
  • puncher for punching holes for the hatch in the concrete slab.
  • Power saw or jigsaw to work with wood.
  • Plastering tools for device screeds and masonry.
  • Kirk to soften the soil.
  • Apparatus for welding fittings and other metal structures.
  • Electric drill for drilling holes for fastening.

the course of the work may need other tools, as each project has its own characteristics, which sometimes require additional materials and tools.

Construction cellar under the balcony

to work was fun and fast, nice to have a number one or two assistants, as digging a trench for the cellar alone will be difficult premises.Someone has to deal with pressing of the button, and someone - extracting out of soil.So, construction process is stages.

  • pit under the cellar room should have a depth just above human height.If the height of the room is included the distance between the floor and the soil surface, then dig have a lot less, but will need to remove most of the plate located under the balcony.

Provided that the distance between the floor and plate very small, the hole in the floor and in the plate under the balcony walls are combined into a single "tunnel".

"Туннель" для входа в погреб

«Tunnel" to enter the cellar

If desired, this distance can be used for the device in it additional shelves.