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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to put linoleum

Linoleum is difficult to attribute to the most modern types of flooring - its production and practical application began even at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. Nevertheless , this stuff is not going to give up their positions, because in many respects it competes with innovative types of flooring, and in some respects - even surpasses them . addition, its popularity is easy to explain the relatively low price, fast and easy flooring, which is quite possible to carry out on their own.

How to put linoleum

How to put linoleum

It is this criterion is very often a determinant - property owners opt for such material.But in this case in front of them inevitably there is a problem: how to put linoleum?The purpose of this publication - to try to give the most capacious answer basic questions regarding placement of this type of coverage.

all "art" proper styling linoleum can be divided into three major components:

  • necessary to make the right choice of material, based not only decorative, but also their en
    vironmental performance and its characteristics.
  • necessary to make correct measurements in order to acquire the right amount of linoleum.
  • The third and final stage - the adherence to recommended placement technology.

in that order, and will be built this article.

What linoleum dim apartment

Article Contents

  • 1 What linoleum dim apartment
    • 1.1 classification base material type
    • 1.2 Classification by strength class coverage
  • 2 How to buy linoleum
  • 3 process of laying linoleum with his hands
    • 3.1 Substrate Preparation
    • 3.2 How to put linoleum - a few options
    • 3.3 Video: possible errors in the fitting and installationlinoleum
    • 3.4 What to do with joints
    • 3.5 Video "cold welding" joints laid linoleum
    • 3.6 Video: an object lesson for laying linoleum

You can probably bet thatthe word "linoleum", most people immediately there is a direct association with something artificial , synthetic.Apparently, therefore, it retained a strong prejudice in relation to this material as unfavorable from the point of view of ecology and a healthy mikroatmosfery in apartments.

Surprisingly, among those in the very concept of "linoleum" inherent definition of a natural material.The term was introduced still in XIX century and occurred it from two Latin words - «linum» , which means "linen" or "linen" and « oleum " intranslation - "oil".That's what made prototypes of the modern floor covering - thick linen or jute cloth impregnated processed vegetable oil, and then there are pressed petty cork.By the way, almost the same, in general terms, the technology used in our time.

Classification by type of base material

  • So, the first representative of modern linoleum - natural.For its production uses only natural materials: refined linseed oil, linen or jute textiles, chopped wood, including cork, wood resins, natural dyes and etc .Return to the technology of the past, in spite of the rich variety of synthetic materials, was caused by an increase in interest in people was natural materials which have come in the 80 - 90 years of the last century.
Linoleum - its production technology has remained almost unchanged

Linoleum - the technology of its production remained almost unchanged

What, in addition to high environmental performance, good natural linoleum:

- It is very durable, resistant to wear and tear, able to withstand considerable mechanical loads.

- Material trudnovosplamenim , that is safe from the point of view of the fire.

- An interesting feature - contained in it linseed oil gives linoleum antibacterial properties.

- The material is very easy to care for, since its surface does not absorb dirt.

- Linoleum does not accumulate static charge on the surface.

- Natural colors used to decorate the coating, do not fade over time when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

However, a number of factors in in se do not allow this to become a market leader in linoleum:

- One of them - a very high price, which is comparable to the cost of high-quality parquet.

- Some scares some peculiar smell of such a coating.This shortcoming with time running out.

- This material is very "picky" to the microclimate of the room - it does not tolerate high humidity, from which can begin rotting natural bases.

- Laying of the linoleum - a rather complicated procedure, due to its low elasticity.

- The technology of its production does not allow for sophisticated original patterns and ornaments - usually it is monotonous.

Nevertheless , for residential natural linoleum flooring is an excellent, especially for bedrooms or children's rooms.But it is not recommended to stack it in the kitchen or in the hallway.

  • Linoleum PVC-based - the undisputed leader among all the other types of coverage.It is very diverse in its structure:

- Maybe cloth (natural or synthetic) with the upper, thick enough, up to 5 mm layer of PVC.

- Available in PVC and linoleum on nonwoven, such as felt, basis.It is significantly higher proofing and insulation qualities, but humidity or intense stress, he does not stand up.In the kitchen or in the hallway did not put.

- Most popular - linoleum foamed PVC substrate.It not only can withstand severe mechanical stress, but might even hide some small defects in the floor surface.

Uniform homogeneous linoleum

uniform homogeneous linoleum

PVC linoleum can be homogeneous throughout its thickness - then it is called homogeneous.He is not afraid to wear, but the diversity in the decorative design with him to achieve - usually a plain cover with color highlights.It is good for areas with high traffic loads and solid.The apartment can be put, for example, in the kitchen or hallway.However, the cost of such material - is quite high.

Heterogeneous material has a rather complicated structure

heterogeneous material has a rather complicated structure

Heterogeneous linoleum has a complex multilayer structure.The amount of the component structure, the thickness of layers may vary, and use as a decorative layer of modern technology printing practically limit the ability of the design registration of the coating.

In general, PVC linoleum is most applicable for homes:

- It is characterized by excellent elasticity, and this greatly simplifies the process of its flooring.

- protective coating makes the surface of the premises clean at all easy.

- price range and a variety of decorative performance can satisfy any customer.

- If you purchase a quality material from a reputable manufacturer, which obtained the certificate hygiene compliance, there are no problems with the environmentally friendly material not there - it is completely harmless.

have PVC linoleum and certain disadvantages, and chief among them - a sufficiently large coefficient of linear expansion.With significant drops it temperature, especially with not very careful packing can go in waves.

  • Gliphtal or Alkyd linoleum is made solely on the basis of tissue.His feature excellent sound - and insulating qualities, it is durable, resistant to external loads.But on the thermal resistance can not speak - at lower temperatures such coating becomes brittle, maloelastichnym .
Gliphtal linoleum is no longer as popular as it used to

Gliphtal linoleum is no longer as popular as it used to

In addition, it is not as safe in fire-protection context as PVC.Placement of such a coating requires more skill masters.All this determines the total is not as high popularity of linoleum alkyd, but still it is quite suitable for use in apartments.However, often it is placed in public buildings or in vehicles - buses, coaches and etc .

  • On kolloksilovom linoleum can not dwell too much - nitrocellulose its basis is an extremely hazardous material in terms of fire, and such coverage in residential or public buildings is not applicable.
  • also little applied in everyday life Relin - linoleum on rubber base.Its scope of use - technical, warehouses, manufacturing facilities.In an apartment or a building it, in spite of high performance flooring is impossible - it is different environmental cleanliness, can release vapors unsafe for the human body.

Classification by strength class coverage

Material production of linoleum - is not the only selection criterion, as most models offered for sale an average price category, mainly , are PVC.But on the valve stem ss etc. ochnosti material is necessary to pay special attention.

well established in everyday life "spoken» unit linoleum household, semi-commercial and commercial .If you approach more deeply, we must focus on in the European Union adopted a classification EN 685. It clearly defined the permissible operating parameters of the material, and it is divided into several classes.There are established pictographic symbols that directly indicate the purpose of the coating:

Pictograms class flooring

pictograms class flooring

class linoleum designated double-digit number.The first number tells about the main purpose of the coating, and the second - its resistance to dynamic loading.

  • Classes 21 and 23 - household linoleum is designed exclusively for residential buildings.

Its density is, by current standards, 1,25 ÷ 2,25 kg / m². thickness generally in the range of 3 mm, water absorption must not exceed 1.5%. bending radius at which not violated the integrity of the coating - about 22.5 mm. noise removal ability - about 15 - 18 dB .Acceptable shrinkage rate - about 0.2 mm per meter.

This linoleum is usually not too high a price - the most expensive, from leading manufacturers, rarely costs more than 10 euros per square meter.

  • Linoleum classes 31 to 34, who are often referred to as "semi-commercial" is probably more appropriate to call the "office" or "office."Great he and trading halls of shops.

It is thicker, stronger and even more flexible home.He mentioned the possibility of sound insulation, resistance to abrasive loads, to temperature changes.Shrinkage in such a linoleum less - 0.1 mm per meter.

Earlier improved performance kaches tv etc. gadfly for through reduce environmental properties, modern semi-commercial linoleum in this matter does not differ from the everyday.Its price is slightly higher, but not so much that it could not afford to buy for rooms with heavy - for vestibules, kitchens , balconies and loggias.Thus, classes 31 and 32 quite often buy and for residential construction.Durability 33 and 34 classes will be for an apartment is clearly excessive.

  • material classes 41 ÷ 43 referred to the commercial, but it is certainly more suitable name of "production."It is designed for industrial plants, warehouses, assembly halls, workshops, etc .The homes use it does not make sense - it would be too expensive, and highest performance simply remain unused.

For greater clarity should lead the table, which shows the main uses linoleum, in accordance with their class:

class linoleum degree of durability general description of the premises optimal use at Pratica
accommodations 21 low rooms with low intensinovstyu movement or rarely used bedroom, separate home offices
22 average used regularly throughout the day room apartment with an average intensitymovement of people living rooms, children's
23 high room with severe load on the floors hallways, kitchens
offices and public spaces 31 low room with a low-intensity stream of people separate rooms in offices, hotel rooms
32 average space with constant, but low-intensity movement of people reception, offices, classrooms, small boutiques
33 high premises,which are characterized by a constant stream of people corridors of educational and medical institutions, prisutsvennyh places busy offices, shops
34 very high building with a pronounced intense movement of people premises airports and railway stations, halls of large supermarkets, concertsites, etc.
production facilities 41 low industrial premises, where technology predustmatrivaet sedentary work people without their active movement, and without the use of loading equipment or vehicles workshop or workshops for the manufacture or repair of electronics, precision mechanics, laboratory
42 average premises where the work is carried out, basically, standing and allowed the movement of specialized vehicles assembly shops of electrical areas, warehouses
43 high production areas with highthe level of stress on floors large warehouses and logistics centers, manufacturing plants

much of the strength qualities of linoleum depends on the thickness of the protective transparent layer.

  • With a thickness of up to 0, 15 material only suitable for bedrooms or home offices.
  • 0,20 mm - linoleum can be paved in the living room or child's room.
  • thickness of 0.25 mm makes the material suitable for kitchens, hallways, migratory corridors.
  • layer of 0.30 mm usually have linoleum, which is spreading in offices with busy people traffic.
  • coating 0.50 mm thick, and even higher - for areas with very heavy traffic or a very high mechanical stress on the surface.

How to buy linoleum

  • Before go to the store for the material, you must carefully to fathom the premises, which will lay linoleum.Should be interested in not only the length and width of the room - be sure to take into account all the niches, door openings , complex sites, to, on opportunities to lay a cloth cover.