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August 12, 2017 18:06

Upholstery Colour Options doors with their hands

Sooner or later, any landlord comes to the fact that the warming of the front door is a must.Leatherette door trim their own hands will help solve several important problems - it is thermo - and sound insulation and decoration.

Upholstery Colour Options doors with their hands

Sheathing leatherette door with his hands

In addition, the door must be insulated, usually come during the cold season, when it would seem, in a very small gap starts to blow a draft.But is it worth to wait for winter?Is not it better to conduct such work in advance?

When deciding on the transformation of the door leaf, can appeal to the simplest method of plating - flat stretch leatherette, and more sophisticated options can be used when using multiple pieces of material.

Anyway , all the nuances you need to think ahead and prepare the necessary tools and materials for the job.

Preparing the door trim

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  • 1 Preparing the door trim
  • 2 Process door trim leatherette
    • 2.1 Sheathing inside wooden door
    • 2.2 Video:lesson on plati
      ng wooden door inside
    • 2.3 wooden door - outer skin
    • 2.4 Video: how to sheathe the wooden door leatherette exterior
  • 3 metal door - trim leatherette
    • 3.1 inner side of the metal door
    • 3.2 outer side of the metal door
    • 3.3 Video: finishing metal door leatherette
  • 4 «Karetnaya" Cabin
    • 4.1 Video: one of the options "Karetnaya" door trim leatherette

nothing to distract the master directly in the process, you must do the following in advance:

1. Prepare a sketch of the future skin if it will have any pattern.This can be a careful drawing or, in extreme cases , even an ordinary pencil sketch.

2. Based on the compiled pattern, you can make a list of required materials, which are needed for:

  • leatherette or artificial skin can be purchased in specialized shops, where a large selection of material.There it can be selected not only in the thickness, but also the color and pattern on the textured surface.Standard width leatherette 1100 ÷ 1400 mm - it just for the door leaf in the apartment.By the length of the door leaf, 200 ÷ 250 mm.
Leatherette or artificial leather is presented for sale in a large assortment

leatherette or artificial leather is presented for sale in a large assortment

If insulated and sheathed door in a private house, which has two flaps, then to get when obmerivanii size, you need to add 100 ÷ 150 mm , like in length and in width of the material.

leatherette also need to manufacture rollers flanking the door leaf.They are strips of material that have a length equal to the height of the door, and a width of 130 ÷ 170 mm.These elements will need three pieces.

If the door leaf is sheathed individual elements leatherette, it will take longer.When calculating material in this case it is necessary to take into account its hem inward on each individual item on the 50 ÷ 100 mm on all sides.

In complex ways plating material may need more

In complex ways plating material may require more

Another option with a pattern plating may be removing its individual stripes leatherette.Their number is calculated depending on the decoration.

  • achieve thermal and sound insulation helps heating material.
For warming and sound insulation is well suited

For insulation and soundproofing foam rubber sheet well suited

For these purposes dense padding polyester, felt or foam.The material should have a minimum thickness of 10 ÷ 25 mm, depending on the density and volume of the assumed (bump) pattern which is displayed using constrictions or ornamental nails.If

will be warmed door, you need to buy sheets of foam the desired thickness.

  • In that case, when the decoration plan to use nails, covered with artificial leather or imitation leather, you should choose the color of their hats so that all looked harmonious composition.
Tacks or buttons are selected usually in tone to the main door covering

Upholstery studs or buttons are selected usually in tone to the main door covering

Sheathing will look more presentable, if the nail heads will have a fairly large size and the same color as the fabric across the skin.

Another option may be made of metal nails with heads that mimic the color and texture of the material handles and locks.

  • for finishing metal doors need glue, as leatherette and a thin layer of insulation is glued to the front of her side.For this purpose, well-fit universal "Moment" or "88" glue.
  • For the manufacture of sealing rollers is best to buy a ready-round insulation, diameter 10 ÷ 20 mm.He footage sold at hardware stores.Such material will give a neat roller uniformly round shape.
Cylindrical foam rods are ideally suited for the manufacture of sealing rollers

cylindrical foam rods are ideally suited for the manufacture of sealing rollers

3. to work is also necessary to prepare some tools:

Before you begin, you need to prepare the necessary tools

Before you start you need to prepare the tools

  • small hammer for driving nails.
  • Steppler staple for fixing the material to the surface before hammering decorative nails.The optimum size of staples - 8 ÷ 10 mm.
  • scissors and a knife for cutting out the building and trimming materials.
  • To remove the locks and handles and their subsequent installation back to a regular place need a screwdriver or screwdriver with different nozzles (bits).
  • a good idea to have on hand pliers and nail puller , they can come in handy for removing old skin and remove incorrectly included in the door leaf nails.

4. Buy in in se necessary tool and materials, you can begin the preparatory work.

  • first with the doors need to remove all installed on her elements - locks, handles and peephole.If
  • will be door trim, which already has an old finishing material must be removed.Nailed material can be folded using a nail puller , leatherette separating from the surface, and then hooking tool nails, carefully remove the blade completely.

If the heater is not glued to the door, the old siding comes off easily.Remaining on the surface of a thin layer of material does not put a new finish.

  • Further, some wizard remove the door from its hinges and, for the convenience of future work, put her a few chairs or a sufficiently large table.Before removing door off its hinges, it is necessary to make the door canvas line along the contour of the door box.
  • In most cases the lining is carried out in a vertical its position without removing the hinges.

process leatherette door trim

As you know, the door is usually sheathe from two parties - with foreign and domestic, in these processes, there are some differences to be aware of when getting started. addition there is a significant difference in finishing technology wooden and metal doors.

And, of course, there are different types of skin, which also need to consider before you get started.

Sheathing inside wooden door

Getting Started, you need to immediately pay attention to where the door opens - towards the entrance or in the apartment, as this will depend on the location and size of the rollers.

This publication will be considered an option when the door opens inwards apartments.

  • The first step is to Install sealing rollers.They are made of strips prepared leatherette and foam finished rolls or strips of a thermal insulation material.

leatherette fold in half and put inside strip insulation.Then, place the roller on the door perimeter, so that it extends beyond Polot on to 4 ÷ 7 mm, since it must cover a gap between the jamb of the door frame and the door, which formed after its closing.From the location of the loop roller must completely close the door jamb.The fixing roller via stepplera and staples since the top corner from the right.There are to the top left corner, then it is framed by the sides.On the lower part of it is fixed in the last turn.

The sealing rollers mounted on the perimeter of the door

sealing rollers mounted on the perimeter of the door

  • next step is cut insulation.The size of the cut strip must be 8 ÷ 10 m m m enshe door leaf.
Established fabric insulation

established fabric insulation

His as brackets fixed to the door plane, leaving 20 ÷ 30 mm free at the edges in order to be able to wrap up between the insulation and decorative door material - leatherette .

  • Next, you need to correctly place the base web leatherette.Home - avoid distortions, otherwise the work will look sloppy.
When installing the main upholstery it is very important - not to be mistaken with the exact direction of the strip and its leatherette uniform stretch

When installing the main upholstery is very important - not to be mistaken with the exact direction of the band and its leatherette uniform stretch

first fixed upper blade.He bent under the insulation and decorative nail nails, placing them at a distance of 80 ÷ 100 mm apart.

After upper edge fixed and yet again verified the correct direction, nailed the left side and then the right.In the course of securing the material is stretched.The final nail bottom edge of the material.


That's what should happen as a result

  • Then, very important to accurately identify and cut out holes for the lock and peephole.
  • If there was a desire to make a pattern on the surface, it is first necessary to mark, then fill with label miniature carnations , ranging from paintings center.At the same time we must try not to pull strongly leatherette not to appear slack.

Video: lesson trim wooden door inside

Wooden door - foreign lining

Sheathing doors opening inside apartments, from the entrance to produce the followingway:

  • Before start to work, you need to close the door , and outline opening door box on the canvas door .This line determines the location of the cladding on the door leaf.If the leatherette will be nailed to the entire surface, and then the door, and the lock will not close.
  • Insulation cut out size of 10 m m m enshe than outlined area, and fixed braces.
Installing the insulation layer on the outside

Installing insulation layer outside

  • Further, exposing for the insulation on the marked line stuffed leatherette, in the same manner as the inside of the door - top first, then the sides.The lower edge is is free - it will be attached later.
The sealing rollers are mounted on a rack and the top rung the door frame

sealing rollers are mounted on the rack and the upper door frame crossbar

  • Insulating roll in this case is fixed to the outer side of the jamb of the door frame with three sides, and it is not installed on the doorstep.This element in fixed form should close the gap, is on the door leaf is 20 ÷ 25 mm.But keyhole should be free, and it must be provided in advance.
  • Lower roller should not do volume , as it eventually just erased , and will look messy.
Lower roller must adhere to the threshold

Lower roller must adhere to the threshold

Its fixed on the bottom of the door, and its edge is not must go beyond the marked line for a single millimeter, as in this case the door can not be closed.This ale nt etc. and closing doors should fit tightly to nut on top, that is, as it were, to find him.

  • On nailed to the door pull and roll beat bottom of the main fabric leatherette or, as shown in the photo, you can hide the lower edge of the fixing roller.
  • Further, leatherette trim made holes for door accessories - locks, eye and pen.They should be cut very carefully, not extending more than is necessary.

Video: how to sheathe the wooden door leatherette exterior

Metal door - finishing leatherette

In recent years, high-rise apartments are increasingly set the second door of the metal, in addition to wood.Well, if you have the opportunity to purchase immediately Insulated door and decoration, but very often it consists of a metal sheet and frame from the corner or profile pipe.In this case, the landlord takes in hand tools and their own door leads into the proper view.

Metal door and often requires insulation and decoration

metal door is also often requires insulation and decoration

inner and outer side of the metal leaf, too, have their own characteristics in their casing.

inner side of the metal door

If inside the room goes ugly metal frame without the insulating and decorative materials, this can easily be corrected by installing sheets of foam of suitable thickness, and closing it all the decorative panel.To work required more than the wooden door trim materials.

The inner surface of the metal door after plating Colour Options

inner surface of the metal door after plating leatherette

  • Penoplas reflux Thickness equal to the depth of the frame skeleton.
  • Polyurethane foam will need to seal the joints between the installed foam and a metal frame.
  • Wooden slats for fastening on the inner sides of the frame - they are needed as a basis for fixing a decorative panel.
  • Screws and drills for metal - they will be drilled in the corners (shaped tubes) for screwing wooden strips to the metal frame.
  • Decorative nails for fastening dermatitis on on the surface of the plywood.
  • Screws on wood for screwing plywood sheet to the wooden slats.
  • plywood sheet, the shape and area of ​​the door frame is equal to not more than 10 mm.
  • Decorative leatherette and a thin sheet of foam, thickness 10 ÷ 15 mm.
  • glue or double-sided tape for fixing insulation on plywood.

Work on the inner surface of the door trim is as follows:

  • The internal ribs metal frame bolted wooden slats.You must first drill-holes through the slats and metal frame elements.
Fastening wooden slats to the frame rails of a metal door

Fastening wooden slats to guide the metal door frame

  • After fixing rails between them and the metal sheet can be formed cracks, which will become cold bridges, so they sealed with foam.It will contribute to further stiffness and mounting rails.