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August 12, 2017 18:06

Oven buleryan own hands

From my own experience I know that buying even the simple heating furnace capable of causing a serious blow to the budget of the common man.After reviewing the many available furnace designs, I decided to give preference to buleryanu.Homemade modification of the well-known foreign heating furnace perfectly taken root in my garage.

Oven buleryan hands - drawings and circuit assembly

buleryan oven with his own hands - drawings and assembly diagram

Set for the manufacture of furnace

first I prepared everything you need to build buleryana own hands.First of all, I got out of the pantry drill with a set of drill bits for all occasions, grinders Discs from a kit, welding machine, clamps, and other trifles.

My drill

My drill

had to tinker with the material.To buleryan was really reliable and quality, I decided to do it from the heat-resistant boiler steel.This material is able to provide a truly lasting and reliable operation of the heating unit.Look for private households or buy a specialty store in said material.

I also used steel sheet 4 mm thick.It

took me a sheet size of 100h200 cm. In addition, it took me a little (40h70 cm) 6-mm steel sheet, about 4 meters of pipe 11 cm in diameter, about 10 meters profiled tube size of 57h4 mm.In addition, I bought handles, hinges and locks everything for doors, prepared pieces of 35-centimeter pipe, and generally several metal pieces just in case.

Homemade buleryan: detailed guidance

First I bent 57-mm tube.To do this, use the special tool - bender.Cropped pipe at 120 cm, and then bent to a radius of 225 mm.

bent pipe

bent pipe

As a result, I got 8 pipes.By design buleryana I installed on each side of the pipe 4, arranging them chess.As a result, the depth of the heating unit was 45.6 cm.

Then I made a withdrawal in the form of the letter "T".Him then I will establish for buleryanom.This design will print at the same time and collect the smoke condensate.At the end of the test the.If done correctly, the smoke will go up, and the condensed moisture will flow down.



Bottom mounted crane.Very handy thing.With the accumulation of condensate simply turn the tap and all the moisture is gone.I tried to keep the valve permanently open, it is better not to do - there is unnecessary traction.

The crane for removal

crane to remove

The discharge valve installed to control traction, as well as the intensity of combustion in buleryane.

Shutters for removal

flaps to divert

similar, but already dead damper fixed on podduvalom front door.

At the door , too, there is a valve

on the door, too, there is a valve

For fastening flaps secured to their spring-loaded shaft.It strongly urges the valve in the pipe and better secures them in the desired position.Overall flap "walk" at 90 degrees.

350h4 took the pipe and cut off from it, two 4-piece santimeterovyh.I cut one piece and stretched by expanding it outward.The gap is inserted tavern sizes 4x4 cm. As a result, I got 2 rings with diameters of 35 and about 36 cm. It has one ring must calmly but firmly enter into the second.

I do cover

Do cover

second ring on the front wall buleryana.

The front wall of the furnace with a ring

front wall oven with ring

rings welded on places reserved for them.The fact that larger, took to the door.From shank made the third ring - for internal doors.As a result of it I fell into the rings on the stove door and its wall.Seal the gap between the rings on the door of asbestos cord.

Welded rings and put asbestos cord

welded rings and put asbestos cord

door should be closed tightly as possible - it is necessary for normal gasification.Of course, this may be a good idea to handle and convection tubes, however, enough to test the design, I realized that it was tight the door together with the dosing and controlled air supply leads to the gas generation more efficient.Therefore it is better to spend a little more time and accurately sealed door.

To access door to the spacers welded heat shield.Then the screen welded area.Thanks corner will ensure a more even air distribution.Additionally Area not allow firewood to pass in the lid during closing.

I insert the injection tube

I insert injection tube

brew slot

Brew slot

After that, I made a slit in the first pair of pipes and put to the injection tube.I used a tube with a diameter of 1.4 cm. Length 15 cm was enough. As for me, this is the best option.Installed tube will be in constant communication with the firebox through the convection tubes, so that the combustion will be provided.

Then I welded frame made of steel pipes.Do not forget: the injection tube inserted into the first tube.The following tubes themselves.

On the patterns carved partition

on the patterns carved partition

Then I made a partition of thick (like taking about 6 mm) sheet metal.If possible, use a thicker metal can.It will be very hot in the burning compartment and in low thickness very quickly burned.The partition is best done on the patterns - so convenient.Needless to fabricate template from cardboard to size.

I collect stove skeleton

I collect the skeleton of the stove.Established partition

Then I boil place between the convection tubes.Also I use patterns.First made them out of cardboard and then cut out of the heat-resistant metal.

Weld place between the convection tubes

boil place between the convection tubes

Did castle.The design is simple: the eccentric captured for a loop attached to the wall of the furnace, and while scrolling booster door to the cabinet.

I put cam

Put eccentric

I put cam

Put eccentric

Make yourself a castle is not very easy, but possible.You have to use a mill and lathe.The very same design, as I said, very simple.This castle is very effective.

hinges made of incisors.You can use any suitable similar workpiece.

Then I hooked the air injector in the upper portion of the front face of the body.In essence, it allows you to further control the combustion in the furnace homemade buleryana.Opens and closes the injector is by turning the holes in the tubes.

Air injector

Air injector

Air injector

Air injector

buleryanu welded to the legs.

welded legs

welded legs

welded legs


legs established chimney and download the test batch of firewood.

Oven to firewood loading

stove before loading firewood

flooded buleryan.Everything went perfectly.

flooded buleryan

flooded buleryan

This oven is ready.In advance I say in practice a little harder than in words.But you can get a stove with an efficiency of 75-80% with minimal financial costs.Such buleryan can heat practically any space - from the barn to the living room.

little popolzovavshis a stove, I decided to improve it.If you want, you can also do as I do.

As I upgraded buleryan

Features of the device under consideration oven such that it initially may be qualitatively andevenly distribute the oxygen within itself.The tubes from the bottom draw cold oxygen, and from the top of the installed output heated air.You may want to provide forced circulation of oxygen.

took the tube of suitable diameter and are cooked on the stove pipe adapter holes located at the bottom.On one edge of the adapter I drowned.

second side is connected to the fan.

decided to use "incorporating scroll" fan model.For their work in my case enough for 90-watt motor 2800 revolutions per minute.

excellent results - after modification buleryan began to work more efficiently.

also think hard to connect the outputs to the upper corrugation and dissolve in different directions - it will complete the heating system.

You can arrive at the instructions in their own way.I am pleased to read your suggestions and may even apply something in practice.

My own guide to help you personally to collect reliable, efficient, productive and long-lasting stove.

Successful work!

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