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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stacking of a parquet with his own hands

Flooring - one of the most important elements of the interior.It carries not only an aesthetic burden, but also provided competent fulfillment creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.The most common option is the natural tree cover, or rather wooden parquet.He (parquet) can be installed in almost any room, except for the kitchen and bath.

Stacking of a parquet with his own hands

Parquet laying their hands

Features installation procedure

Article Contents

  • 1 Features installation procedure
  • 2 The main types of flooring
  • 3 Application Method
    • 3.1 parquet flooring on screed
    • 3.2 installation of parquet on the joists
    • 3.3 Installation on subfloor
  • 4 Technology "floating floor»
  • 5 Using glue
  • 6 Asremove stains from the flooring
    • 6.1 Video - Self laying flooring

parquet laying their hands requires a lot of time and effort, but the floor covered with a material, is durable and attractive appearance.

Attention!Parquet can be installed both on the classical technology (stripes), as well as mor

e modern method - interlaced, herringbone or was Dutch.

Parquet French tree

parquet French tree

The main types of flooring

choice of a technology depends on the type of flooring.Such types of today there are several.

  1. most popular is block parquet . It consists of a large number of slats made of hard wood and connected by means of special elements - the grooves and tenons.Panel dimensions are approximately as follows:. 2,2h7,5h50 cm This flooring can be installed in several ways (about them in the next section).
    Parquet Pear

    Parquet Pear

    Classification flooring , depending on the cut

    Classification flooring, depending on the cut

  2. Laminated products - a modern analogue of natural materials, which also can be installed in many different ways.Therefore, it is cheaper.

    Laminated Floorings

    Laminate flooring

  3. Solid flooring , which is also called floorboard , only differs from the natural dimensions -. 1,5h8h50 see material is quite expensive, that is to..used in its manufacture solid wood.

    Parquet board made ​​of solid

    Parquet board made of solid

The most popular is the block parquet, so the article is considered its styling.It is worth remembering that the more complicated the installation, the more time it takes, and, accordingly, the more expensive it will cost.

Modular parquet

Modular parquet

Application Method

The choice of laying method depends on the type of surface on which the installation will be carried out.There are several ways to eat:

  • on the concrete floor;
  • on the joists;
  • on the draft floor.

consider each of them.

Parquet flooring on screed

Parquet flooring on screed

Parquet flooring on screed

For work you need the following tools (irrespective of the type of coverage):

  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • marker;
  • roulette;
  • Saw;
  • jigsaw;
  • wedges;
  • drill;
  • grinder.

Step 1. With electronic moisture meter measured surface moisture (maximum rate - 2%).

With the help of an electronic moisture meter measured humidity

With electronic moisture meter measured humidity

Step 2. surface primed with a special glue for parquet - this primer will be stacked plywood.The adhesive should be suitable for a particular type of primer.It is recommended to use rubber cement, t. To. He is used more often.

floor Primer

Primer floor

Attention!The primer is required at least eight hours to dry.Further work is only after this period can be carried out.

Step 3. If the humidity level is higher than 2% is applied gidrobarer (special moisture repellent coating, which is applied in two layers with an hour break between them).The first barrier layer is sprinkled with quartz sand.

Primer moisture repellent

Primer moisture repellent

Step 4. Undertake sheets waterproof plywood thickness 1-1.8 cm, each of them is sawn into four equal parts.It is important that during laying of plywood seam remained approximately 5 mm.

Water-resistant plywood

waterproof plywood

Laying plywood

plywood Stacking

Attention!The smoothness of plywood covering levels checked.If it is uneven, the fluctuations produced during laying.

Step 5. Then he laid parquet.Plywood covered with glue with a spatula.Wood element firmly fixed mounting gun nailed material.

Stacking of a parquet

parquet Laying

Stacking of a parquet

parquet Laying

Art parquet

Art parquet

Step 6. styling treatment ends with putty and sanding the surface.This can be done no earlier than one week after completion of work.

First held planing (with a special grinding machine), in which the surface is leveled and removed all the dirt left over after installation.Next shpaklyuyut cracks formed after the thermal deformation of wooden elements.

Attention!Puttied the entire surface of the coating.

To coincide with the color putty color flooring, a special fluid is mixed with wood dust.

The coating varnish parquet

coating varnish parquet

Step 7. After drying putty still hold the final treatment - varnishing.At first, the room is shielded from drafts, turn off all electrical appliances that may affect the level of humidity.Parquet varnished in several layers: the first - primer - is necessary to preserve the natural color of the material, and the second - the finish - is applied only after complete drying of the base layer.

Types of laying parquet

methods of laying parquet

Attention!Parquet can be used not only for decorative purposes, but also to conceal the pipes (see below).

Installation on flooring joists

Installation on flooring joists

Installation on flooring joists

Parque coating can be formed not only on concrete screed, but also on the joists.This method of stacking has certain advantages, among which:

  • absence of excessive moisture in the room;
  • enhanced sound and thermal insulation properties due to the fact that the gaps between the beams can be filled one way or another insulator;
  • possibility of laying communications;
  • high speed of installation.

stacking technology in this case does not differ from that described above, except that the plywood is placed not on the screed and on the joists.

Installation on flooring joists

Installation on flooring joists

Installation on subfloor

Such a method of laying the cheapest and easiest to run in the first place because there is no need for a concrete screed or lag installation.But this method has its own characteristics and nuances, which necessarily need to know to get high quality results.

Parquet flooring on the subfloor

laying parquet on subfloor

  1. subfloor is made of wood decking.
  2. It should not vibrate or make a sound during operation, ie when walking.
  3. Its surface must be flat (installation level to help).
  4. boards must be securely fixed both vertically and horizontally.
  5. floor surface should be covered with antiseptic.

All the described embodiments of laying should be carried out only after the completion of repair work in the room.It must pass at least a week at the end of the repair that can affect the level of humidity.Sama Operating Humidity should not exceed 55-60%, and the temperature in the room - 20-24ᵒS.

Attention!All described methods performed by placing a mechanical fastener technology.But there are other technologies, to be aware of too.

Technology "floating floor»

Schemes laying floorboard " Kährs

stacking schemes floorboard "Kährs" with locking connection "floating" method

In this case, do not use glue, so the installation is performed approximately twice as fast.Each bar on the one hand has done a groove, and on the other - a thorn.Such a method is called a click-lock system."Floating floor" is very practical, in addition, in the case of moving the coating can be removed.

Attention!Sometimes the parquet boards appear damaged.When using "dry" technology to replace a damaged board easily even without the help of a specialist.

Laying floorboard way "floating floor"

laying floorboard way "floating floor»

Using glue

Laying wood flooring adhesive

Laying wood flooring adhesive

This technology is different in that the grooves spiked stick together.The main thing you need to know - you can not buy a water-based adhesive, or the material is deformed soon.

Glue must be applied along the entire length of each groove.If diagonal installation has been chosen, the work begins with the angle, and if a longitudinal, relatively far from the front door of the wall.

Parquet adhesive Ecowood

Parquet adhesive Ecowood

Attention!Diagonal installation looks more aesthetically pleasing, but it involves a lot of expenses (and therefore more expensive) and difficulties in installation.

How to remove stains from the flooring

When further coating operation may appear spots that do not lend themselves to washing with a damp cloth.Special tools are used to remove these spots, but there are also traditional methods - more forgiving and less effective.

How to remove stains from the flooring

How to remove stains from the flooring

  1. Fresh blood stains can be removed with a cloth soaked in cold water.If the blood has dried, the water is added to a small amount of ammonia, and only then moistened cloth.
  2. Black stripes shoe easily removed nylon fabric - you need only a little to rub the surface.
  3. Wax stain pre-frozen, then carefully peeled off using a plastic spatula.On the remains of wax is placed the soft material and ironed iron.
  4. only special cleaning agents can be used to remove chewing gum or paint.It is important to read the instructions beforehand, because initiative will lead to irreversible damage to the material.

    How to remove stains from the flooring

    How to remove stains from the flooring

  5. To remove nail polish use a mixture of water and acetone.

Attention!Unacceptable use of acetone in pure form.



For more detailed information on stacking technology, see the video below.

Video - Self laying flooring