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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lubrication of plastic windows with their hands

windows are becoming Bole wide popularity among hosts city apartments and country houses thanks to ease of operation, integrity, a high degree of sound insulation, simplicity and unpretentiousness in caring for them, and also due to the fact that theydo not require additional insulation to the onset of cold weather and painting to make decoration.However, without such a procedure, as a lubricant plastic windows with their hands, all will not do.Also grease after a long-term work arrangements, sometimes they need more control.

Lubrication of plastic windows with their hands


plastic windows with their hands to carry out these processes correctly without resorting to outside help, it is necessary to examine some of the nuances associated with them. Especially because make this work easily enough, having to tools.

Why lubricant windows?

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  • 1 Why lubricant windows?
  • 2 Lubrication intervals
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    ents fitting plastic windows
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With long life of plastic windows, especially if they are installed in the homes of large cities, where high intensity of traffic in the mechanisms gets a large amount of dust and dirt.

These unwanted dirt deposited on the grease, applied in their manufacture, are mixed with it, it starts to impede the work of the mechanisms and accessories when opening and closing.In addition, old dirty grease, saturated microparticles, gets marked abrasive effect, instead of storing the parts and making anti-friction Propert tv etc. ivodit, on the contrary, to their accelerated wear and can completely disable them.

If ignore to problems when operating the valves, they are before completely break peculiar "warning" that they are in urgent need of prevention, starting emit clicks, creaking or grinding.

Such sounds indicate that the quality of grease in mechanisms there is little, and there reflux renie individual metal parts of the window of each other, and this leads to metal abrasion.Process with a tyranny adds to dust and dirt from the street metallic dust that may prevent normal operation of the lock and the handle will be hard to turn, without closing it completely . These processes break sealing abutment sash to the frame, and the cold air will get access to the premises.

If frames are set for a long time, and one of the elements of the mechanism is out of order, it may happen that a spare part is no longer possible to find, because of the removal of this system of production.In this case, have to change all the "stuffing" of the new mechanisms that will cost very expensive .In addition, sometimes simply impossible to adjust to the new arrangements established earlier frames, so you have to change the window completely.

This explains the urgent need for periodic preventive mechanisms working windows.These works - are simple, but they will help to maximize the service life of plastic windows and avoid costly repairs.

should know that manufacturers offer a guarantee on the elements of window hardware by only 4 ÷ 5 years - this is the period for which the factory will have enough lubrication.Sellers do not always warn about the need for preventive measures, and the owner of the windows he thinks about it only when appearance squeak or rattle, though sometimes already too late to do anything.Therefore, you should not rely on the guarantee and wait for the deadline - you need to take it a rule to regularly pay attention to the windows.

Lubrication intervals

Frequency of lubrication metal accessories may be different.If initially this process used qualitative compositions, and the house is located away from major highways, it is sufficient to carry out preventive maintenance once a year, the best - with the onset of warm spring weather.In more severe operating conditions, the windows in which there are strong pollution accessories, have to take measures for lubrication of moving parts often, about two or three times a year.

How is the window grease

When it comes time to carry out preventive work, raises the question of what is best to lubricate.In principle, this process is suitable any technical oils that lubricate the mechanisms.The most frequently used conventional machines, which is present in every house where there is a sewing machine.It is also possible to use a lubricant composition based on silicone.However, special formulations are available and intended for such a procedure.

Special kit for the care of plastic windows

special set for the care of plastic windows

They are implemented in metal cans and plastic bottles with easy to lubricate attachments.

The tubular spout allows you to reach the most inaccessible places

tubular spout allows you to reach the most inaccessible places

One and the most popular in domestic masters of the lubricant composition is considered to be «WD-40."

"WD-40" - одно из лучших и наиболее удобных в работе смазочных средств

«WD-40" - one of the best and most convenient in the lubricants

Treatment should be subjected to all the moving mechanisms anchorages system and constipation.Held processes with a leduyuschim way:

  • window sash is opened and inspected all her hand.
  • Then, with a soft cloth to remove dirt fittings with old grease, as the new structure should be applied on a clean surface.To clear some areas, you can use a sponge or brush with a long handle.
  • After cleaning liberally lubricated with mounting brackets, bolts, latch , gear knob and other moving parts, ensuring open and close the sash.
  • Spraying means of the cylinder, more preferably, as inflicted so means able to penetrate even the most inaccessible corners of the movable mechanisms.For convenience, many cylinders lubricated completed removable tubular "noses", with which you can apply a lubricating composition on a hidden part of the frame body mechanism
  • If you use a lubricant in vials, then to each of the items dropped by 1 - 3 drop.
Lubrication of parts using a plastic bottle

Lubrication parts using a plastic bottle

  • order not to spoil the window mount, it is not necessary to carry out experiments and use oil or butter, a variety of cosmetic gels and jelly, as well as other similar substances which are not intended to facilitate the workmoving machinery.
  • lubrication of all elements of the window frame and sash is carried out simultaneously.

can not leave without attention and rubber seals.They certainly treated specifically designed for their composition, not allowing them to dry out, lose elasticity, otherwise it will not reach the required density fit the sash to the frame, sealing the broken window with all its consequences - the penetration of cold and noise from the street dust.

If the time to carry out prevention of mechanisms and elements, window system will last long without failures and does not require replacement of individual components. addition, lubricant will help eliminate the risk of the occurrence of drafts and heat loss from the premises of the apartment.

Video: Tips on maintenance of plastic windows

Check and adjustment elements Plastic fittings window

By fittings include all metal and plastic parts, which are provided with plastic windows , like mobile,and installed permanently.With their failure or loosening of the window system can not fulfill her hermetic closing function, free of opening the valves and install them in different positions.

hardware elements of plastic windows

elements fitting plastic windows

For example, the handle mechanism is designed in such a way that allows you to open the window wide open or just to lift it to the top for ventilation.

Location hardware elements in window construction

Location hardware elements in the design

window Several elements of accessories provide a smooth ride, thereby , excluding damage mechanisms.Other details are designed to regulate the uniformity and strength of pressing the window sash to the frame, ensuring not only the preservation of heat and sound insulation.

To all these elements work effectively in preventing the windows, in addition to their lubrication, and includes periodic adjustment of some details.However, it should be noted that the adjustment is carried out only when clearly needed, and only in those cases, if the window is not completely closed or badly turned the handle. Both processes - and lubrication, and adjustment are usually held in the complex.This will require some tools, which, incidentally, may not be in the "arsenal" host, but they may well be purchased at hardware stores.

  • example, can not do without the hexagon 4 mm curved shape.
Allen key is easy to buy in the shop of furniture accessories

Allen key is easy to buy in the shop of furniture accessories

Such keys are often used in the assembly of furniture, so they probably have in the furniture accessories departments.Most window systems is a hexagon becomes the main tool for adjusting mechanisms.

Most often it is a key becomes the main adjustment tool

Most often it is a key becomes the main adjustment tool

  • There may be some difficulty with screwdriver.Well, if fixture on the window is designed for ordinary curly screwdriver (usually - "three").But across window systems, which are applied stars « Torx ».
  • pliers are likely to have in every home.

Adjusting separate mechanisms of plastic windows made to eliminate the problems, which can include:

  • difficulty flaps move when opening or closing;
  • appearance of sagging shutters of windows or doors;
  • appearance of cracks, that is a violation of tightness in the closed shutters;
  • if necessary replacement of individual elements, in connection with the release of their failure;
  • at transfer window system mode "summer" condition for winter operation .

Getting adjusted, it is necessary to know exactly how it is carried out, and what elements are subject to it.

Basic techniques of plastic windows adjustment

basic adjustment methods of plastic windows

process control window mechanism is carried on the basic points, which include:

  • Align window sash horizontally;
Adjusting the sash horizontally

Adjusting sash horizontally

  • Similar actions vertically;
Adjusting sash vertically

Adjusting sash vertically

  • adjustment required tightly clutching the sash;
Density Adjustment window sash clamp

Adjusting pressing sash windows density

  • lower corner of the sash in the ventilation mode .
By turning this screw can be pressed or press the bottom corner of the window sash .

By turning this screw can be pressed or press the bottom corner of the window sash.

adjusting elements of the window, the key turning the adjusting screw clockwise or in the opposite direction.Depending on the side, where it turns and moves valve.

When you change the position of the leaf, after each turn or half-turn of the screw, you need to check the operation of the window system.If necessary, the screw is rotated by a certain angle back.Do not rotate it right a long distance - best to do it gradually, shifting the position of the sash on 0,5 - 1 mm.

addition to the basic points are adjustable mounts, which are installed with screws having a hat with slots under the curly screwdriver .If necessary, loosen or tighten the mount adjusting elements with the necessary changes in their situation.

  • regulate pins ;
Example of adjustment pins

example adjustment pins

  • bolts in the "scissors" system;
Проверяется уровень затяжки винтов в системе "ножниц"

check the level of tightening the screws on the system "scissors»

  • mounting in the upper canopy;
It is necessary to check the adjustment , do not become loose if the fastening screws of the upper and lower canopy

necessary before adjusting check not become loose if the fastening screws of the upper and lower canopy

  • fixing in the lower canopy;
  • clamping mechanism;
  • balcony magnetic latch ;
The handle can also become loose - tighten the screws necessary

knob can also become loose - tighten the screws need to

  • mechanism handles opening windows.

Video: how to care for plastic windows

Mechanical plastic windows arranged different firms, as a rule, on the same principle, so by adjusting instruction should come to any of them.Every self-respecting themselves and their clients manufacturer gives detailed descriptions of their products and recommendations care of her.If desired, you can always refer to the original sources, knowing which company installed windows in the apartment.

Having all the necessary tools and lubricant compositions, going to work without haste and understood in the design of mechanisms, it is possible to carry out this work yourself.