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August 12, 2017 18:06

Furnace waste oil with their own hands

Recently he made the furnace waste oil.Time, like money, it took a little bit.For a photo, do not judge - made in a hurry, so it was very akkuratnichat once.Also, such a furnace can heat with wood - a great camera is perfect for this.


That's the oven on working out

working off


Safety Safety

Article Contents

  • 1 Technique
  • 2 Principle makeshift stove on working out
  • 3what collect oven?
  • 4 Making housing
  • 5 bottom of the firebox chamber and the burner
  • 6 Production pallet for testing
  • 7 Securing oil supply
  • 8 Arrangement chimney
  • 9 Assembly exchanger
  • 10 tank oil
  • 11 Arrangement doors
  • 12 How kindle and stop the oven?
  • 13 How to clean the oven?
  • 14 Video - Furnace waste oil with their own hands
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    • 14.2 Videos - Various furnace waste oil
    • 14.3 Videos - Various furnace waste oil

Immediately begin with warnings and morals.Before you start to soberly assess their capabilities.Remember, this oven is a po

tentially dangerous equipment.Any errors can lead to tragic consequences.But if you do it right, ready homemade oven at working off of anything will not concede certified heater factory production.

furnace I was producing himself.A specialist in the field of heating systems, I am not like the title and do not expect, the instruction is presented as is, you can use strictly under their own responsibility.

only thing I can recommend from my experience: in any case, do not collect the oil furnace does not drip type.In these units the tank for testing is located at the bottom of the main part of the structure.This is not recommended for the reason that heating the oil becomes a fire hazard and generally unpredictable.

Also I would not advise you to assemble the stove burner and open flame.

Also I would not advise you to assemble the stove burner and open fire

I would also advise you not to collect the stove burner and open flame

The principle of working out on a makeshift stove

My oven at working out works on a very simple principle.Produced ignition.Fuel begins to burn on the body's surface and heats the stove.In the course of the process through the fume collection tube under the influence of traction oil output pair.

stove design includes part of the chimney with a plurality of holes (usually up to 50).This part of the unit is called the burner.In such a burner oil vapors are mixed with oxygen entering the fume collection tube under the influence of traction.As a result of mixing the combustion process begins implemented a much cleaner and more intense with the release of a huge amount of heat.

The principle of self-made oven for working out

The principle of working out on a makeshift stove

What to collect the oven?

To build such a stove, I prepared the following:

  • bottle of gas to 50 liters;
  • steel pipe.. It is best to use a pipe with a diameter of 10 cm on the body, the burner and the chimney had the two meters of the product;
  • steel corner.In total it took me a little more than a meter corner 5 cm from it, I did stand at the stove, and various internal parts of the heat exchanger and door handles.;
  • sheet steel.On the cap and the bottom of the upper chamber took about 50 cm2 4-millimeter sheet;
  • brake disc.I used a cast iron disc from the machine.The main thing is to size it freely entered into the container;
  • empty bottle of Freon.Suitable standard cylinder.The main thing that the needle valve worked.His I used for the manufacture of the fuel tank;
  • piece of hose for fuel supply;
  • pair of clamps;
  • half-inch piece of pipe.On it in the oven will be supplied to the oil;
  • gate half an inch;
  • loop.

housing Production

This bottle will do the stove

This balloon will do the stove

I used the b / y-shny balloon.Strip it was not, but just in case I opened the gate and left the bottle so the street at night.

Then I slowly and carefully drilled in the bottom of the cylinder bore.In order not to create sparks, I pre-moistened with oil drill.



Then I filled the tank with water and poured it - is to remove the remnants of gas.Work carefully, try not to pour gas condensate, asit stinks very, very long time.

Then I cut a few openings.In the upper opening, I'll put the combustion chamber and heat exchanger, the lower will be the burner tray.The camera at the top of a specially made so much so that when necessary, it can be heat with wood, pressed briquettes, etc.

We show how I cut the balloon

shown how I cut the balloon

We show how I cut the balloon

shown how I cut the balloon

We show how I cut the balloon

shown how I cut the balloon

We show how I cut the balloon

shown how I cut the balloon

In the end, that

In the end that's what happened

Then I rinse again with an opened gas cylinder from the gas condensate.

bottom of the firebox and burner chamber

Then I made mine for the upper oven door.To do this, use sheet steel 4 mm thickness.

From the bottom of the steel cut

steel bottom cut

I try on the bottom.All neatly cut and connects almost without gaps

tries on the bottom.All neatly cut and connects almost without gaps

Donets on the spot

Donets in place

burner decided to do a 20 centimeter - that's enough.

This will be the burner

It will torch

drill hole

drill holes



The circumference did a lot of holes, so that air can easily get to the fuel.When all the holes have been ready, I polished the inside of the burner.You, too, be sure to do it, becauseto erect, and other defects will start to actively collect soot.

first I welded burner at the bottom of the upper chamber, and then set them on a shelf put mesto.Na stove can safely stow the timber.News for cases where there is no opportunity to replenish mining.

At first, I welded the burner at the bottom of the upper chamber

first I welded in the bottom of the burner

Installed burner

top of the camera, set the burner

Production pallet for testing

tray made of cast iron automotive brake disc.Cast iron has good heat resistance, so decided to take his name.


That's because this CD and I will do

welded tray at the bottom of the bottom.

Steel circle - a bottom

steel circle - is the bottom

Weld the bottom

welded bottom

Top welded cover.In it you can see the response of the burner opening.Air enters through an opening in the oven.I made it wide - that's better.With a narrow opening air draft may be strong enough, due to which the oil will not enter the sump.

on to make the clutch.It connects to my stove and the burner tray.With the clutch to maintain the stove will be much easier.If necessary, I can get the tray and clean the burner underneath.

Then he made a clutch

on to make the clutch



I put the sleeve into place

I put the clutch in place

I put the sleeve into place

I put the clutch in place

The sleeve made from a 10-centimeter pipe, just cutting it along the longitudinal edges.The opening in the coupling is not brewing - it is not necessary.

Securing oil supply

In the hole insert a tube

The hole shall insert the tube

A tube will drip working out

through the tube will drip working out

The tube is picked up welding

tube grabbed welding

prune tube

clipped tube

NextI worked on the oil supply system.To do this, I take a piece of pipe and weld it to the pallet by means of a pre-prepared holes.The tube is clipped me in advance to mining jet might normally pass through the opening in the tray.

This is an emergency valve and the pipe that leads to the tank

This emergency valve and the pipe that leads to the tank

Held pipe to the tank and put the valve.

Arrangement chimney

I do chimney

Do chimney

fume collection design I made out of 10-centimeter pipe.Nothing fancy - just a pipe welded to an opening in the top center of the body.

Chimney brought outside to the roof over the wall.To the wall attached a piece of sheet metal for fire protection.The very best tube to pass through the wall in a special fire-resistant glass.

Here we see how the pipe passes through the wall

Here you can see how the pipe passes through a wall

Chimney, view from the street

Chimney, street view

exchanger assembly

Stove made for heating the garage.Water battery in my garage there, so I decided that it is better to immediately warmed and circulated air.If you have a water battery, you can refuse to air heat exchanger and simply let the water coils 4-5 through the top of the camera, by connecting them in parallel.In this case, the design must be supplemented by a circulation pump and a fan.This equipment will allow the stove to heat the entire house though, we just have the room to install the stove highlight.

heat exchanger assembly

exchanger assembly

return to my heat exchanger.His I installed between the pipe and fume collection burner stove - then heat the most.To heat exchanger welded iron plate.Thanks to her, the flame will be better maintained.It also will contribute to the distribution of fire inside the stove body.

inside the heat exchanger set air swirl.Some engineering refinements to this swirler there, but their task it copes best.When operating at maximum power metal body is heated to scarlet, and the heated exhaust air penetrates even through the glove.Sam swirl can see on the pictures.

I do swirl

Do swirl

I do swirl

Do swirl

I do swirl

Do swirl

Put swirl

Put swirl

Then I took the channel fan and put it on one side of the heat exchanger.By the way, the fan can be connected to a thermostat for automation.This will set their own temperature and to save resources.For example, I decided to use the thermostat from Autonics - I have it just lying around doing nothing.But you can take and some budget models, for example, Vemer KLIMA.His I, too, tried to function perfectly.

I did boost

Did boost

This is what happens

This is what happens

Heat concentrated in the compartment of the firebox.

tank oil

Oil tank

tank oil

For the manufacture of the tank I took a bottle of refrigerant.You can buy it for pennies at any service station or in the receiving point of the metal.The main thing that the needle valve of the cylinder was in good condition.With its help in the future you will be able to precisely control the amount of fuel supplied.

Oil tank

tank oil

tank connected to the stove with a hose.The hose connected to the valve.Sam tank secured in an inverted position.

To fill mining cut a hole in the tank.

Arrangement doors

Stove almost ready.Remain the finishing touches.The access door of the lower chamber, I cut an opening through which air can flow freely to the pan and burner stoves.



The opening at the top of the door is equipped the thrust plates for additional sealing.

Riveted plates thrust

riveted plates thrust

to the top of the door picked a simple lock.In the process of "leads" heating stove body.To the combustion chamber remains sealed, the upper door must be closed securely as possible.To do this, I did lock.

Simple lock

Simple lock

screwed to the wall a few pieces of metal corner.

On screwed Area stove installed.This is convenient (if necessary, can be much easier to audit) and functionally (heat loss into the ground are reduced).

established stove

established stove

How Kindle and stop the oven?

After many experiments I found the easiest and most effective way of firing a stove.First, I pour in the oil pan.It should not be too much.Enough to overlap the bottom of the oil pan.

Then I take a piece of foam and thoroughly moisten it with benzene or thinner.The impregnated foam is put in the pan so that the lower part of the pieces immersed in oil.

Then I set fire to foam.It burns steadily, even if the rod becomes too strong.As a result, the surface of the pan is heated to the required temperature.

Then I carefully open the valve of the tank with fuel so that it began to flow very thin stream.Adjust supply mining maximize gently and slowly.

Stove gradually come into operation.Periodically inspect mining level in the sump.

To stop a stove, quite simply close the valve on the tank with oil, and then, when oil stops flowing, and the close the emergency valve.The oven switches off completely for 3-5 minutes and the body begins to cool down.

How to clean the oven?

First cleaning

first cleaning

As you work in the burner tube and fume collection tray ovens will be collected soot.Naturally, the oven can be cleaned only after it has cooled down.

When cleaning I usually stick to the following sequence:

  • take a couple of handfuls of clean sand or fine gravel, and in turn I throw them into the fume collection outlet pipe from the street;
  • tidy sand or gravel with soot from the fume collection tube through the upper chamber;
  • using bar looks like fumes from the stove burner wall in the lower tray;
  • pull out the tray itself and vytrushivayu waste.

I hope my experience will be useful to you, and you can just as easily as I collect waste oil stove.

Successful work!

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Videos - Various furnace waste oil

Videos - Various furnace waste oil