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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to decorate the slopes of the front door

Even the elegant front door looks unpresentable if it slopes around be inaccurate.They are intended to serve as a beautiful frame, and devote themselves to complement the main element - door.To decide how to decorate the slopes of the front door, you need to pay attention to its style, design and color scheme.The slopes that frame the entrance inside the apartment must not only conform to the parameters of decorative doors, but also design the hall premises.

How to decorate the slopes of the front door

How to decorate the slopes of the front door

addition to purely decorative function, these elements around the door must be effective, and additional insulation, as their plane closes the joints between the door frame and the wall.

How can decorate the slopes?

Article Contents

  • 1 How can decorate the slopes?
  • 2 Tools and building materials for finishing slopes
  • 3 finishing technology slopes door
    • 3.1 Finishing slopes plastering
    • 3.2 Video: finishing slopes door using plaster mixtures
    • 3.3 Finish Doorslopes pla
    • 3.4 Video: trim door slopes plasterboard - ceiling part
    • 3.5 Video: continued roll on slopes finishing drywall
    • 3.6 finishing slopes panels or lining
    • 3.7 Features vinyl slopes

finishing slopes in in Khodnev doors can be made of different materials, but you can just bring existing slopes in order.

1. If the door reliable and strong, but in no way outstanding design, you can easily align the slopes plaster, strengthening their corners.Such work is usually carried out by both the entrance and in the hallway.

Slopes are neatly plastered

Slopes can be neatly plastered

plastered slopes will look carefully enough - they can be painted in a color close to the shade of the door or in tone to wallpaper in the hallway.

2. In the case where the walls are thick enough at home and broad slopes are obtained, can be used to finish so familiar to all material like drywall.He will make the walls warmer and securely close the joints between the door frame and the wall, giving the slopes a neat appearance.

With drywall , you can achieve the perfect evenness of slopes

With drywall, you can achieve the perfect evenness of slopes

Plasterboard if you want you can paste over wallpaper or paint to cover.The advantage of this material is that is not necessary to align the plaster painful by the rule, and then cleaned wall.

3. can make the slopes of a natural tree, if it is suitable for decoration door.Wood has always been popular and will never go out of fashion, it goes well with almost any interior, and its tint can be easily changed with the help of modern or folk remedies.

Slopes with a natural wood finish

slopes with a natural wood finish

Tree securely will last for many years, has not changed its natural decorative properties.In an extreme case, it can be painted in the color of the hallway.

4. alternative tree may be laminated wall paneling based fiberboard .

Practicality of replacing the wood can be laminated wall paneling

practicality of replacing the wood can be laminated wall paneling

Since the lining is made in different colors and mimics the texture patterns a variety of wood, it can be matched to any registration of a hallway.However, it is not recommended to finish this stuff slopes on the outside of the door, so how long it will last there.

5. Yet another embodiment of finishes can be finished PVC panels.They are made of various widths and in a rich palette of colors.Production and sale of components involved in specialized firms, which employ craftsmen involved and installing panels.

One of the most successful solutions - carefully fitted PVC panels

One of the most successful solutions - carefully fitted PVC panels

This option looks respectable finish and aesthetically pleasing.PVC panels serve for a long time, but also install them better by apartments and side entrance used for finishing first or second method described above.

If there is confidence in their abilities, then the slopes ready items can be set independently.

Yet another embodiment of the use of polymers for finishing the inside of the door can be a plastic lining. It is also easy to pick up the color of the walls of the hall, as the sale of a wide range of material.

6. sheathe slopes and chipboard panels - they are mostly used with very thick walls.However, it should be noted that at the moment this method of decoration becomes very popular, as a large number of other materials that can easily to replace these heavy enough to install panels.

For decoration you can use DSP, for example, from an old unwanted furniture

To finish you can use DSP, for example, from an old unwanted furniture

However, if the house was found this material the required size, it can be used well to design slopes from the apartment door.

should be noted that there are other materials that can be used to clean up the planes around the door, but the above options - most popular.

Tools and building materials for finishing slopes

To finish slopes will need materials and tools that will help to carry out all the work carefully.

1. for plastering need:

Tools for plastering

Tools for plastering

  • primer and finish coat to prepare the surface.
  • mortar or traditional cement solution.
  • Perforated metal angle to align angles.
  • mesh-serpyanka, stationery knife and screws will be needed if the slopes are made of plasterboard .
  • coarse sandpaper - and fine-grained .
  • large and medium-sized spatula .
  • shortened tend to align slopes surface.
  • a mixing solution, with a special drill mixes nozzle
  • plummet and level.

2. For mounting panels made of different materials, it is necessary to prepare:

  • panel ready for installation on the slopes or the material for them .
  • ornamental corners and frames to close the joints panels.
  • bar section 15 × 30 or 20 × 30 mm, if it is installed linings .
  • anchors for attaching panels to the timber or wall.
  • small cloves and special holders for lining .
  • drill with shock function or punch if the house concrete walls .
  • screws for fastening panels.
  • measuring instruments.
  • hacksaw or jigsaw, screwdriver , knife, hammer, etc. .

prepare in in se necessary, you can move on to the surface preparation and installation.

finishing technology in repose in Khodnev door

Every type of work on the finishing slope has its own peculiarities:

  • assembling many of the submissions made by the same technology.
  • Some of the finishing technologies are characterized by their simplicity, and with the right approach to work may well be carried out independently.
  • Others may be used for independent use only if the landlord has the necessary skills to work with mortars and tools.

All event assembling slopes begin after the door is installed and sealed all the cracks between the door jamb and the wall. addition, with slopes removed all splinter of the old cover and smooth out the crumbling area.When these works will be carried out, proceed to finish the selected method.

Finishing slopes plastering

If you decide to align and plaster soffits, process is in follows :

  • First clean surface should be well primed, preferably in two layers, but the second time the primer is appliedonly after drying of the first layer.
  • Next turns corners evenness of slopes.If the determined deviation from the norm, this fact should be taken into account when installing the reinforcing parts.These angles can be aligned with small deviations from the vertical.
Perforated profiles are established in the corners of slopes

established perforated profiles on the corners slopes

  • then need the corners slopes plumb and level to expose the perforated corners.They are best put on the finishing putty , is sold as a finished product.Her applied with a spatula on the slopes angles - structure will serve for bonding corner and gives an opportunity to align perfectly vertical or horizontal position.Excess solution that stood out through the corner hole, you need to immediately remove with a spatula.Having obtained the corners of the ideal, under the corners of the solution is allowed to dry.
  • If the surface is uneven slope, before you set up on the corners of the perforated corners of the door jamb, you can set the direction with the help of fixing it along the narrow strip of drywall width 8 - 10 mm.This material is fixed to the wall with a putty .If a on on gypsum-based, then it freezing occurs quickly enough.
  • Edge strips and drywall installed reinforcing area will be points that need to connect solution putty and level the plaster.
  • Next, after drying corrective wall elements, diluted putty in the proportions indicated on the package, up to pasty consistency.
For the convenience of busy leveling filler layer can be manufactured like mini- rule

For the convenience of leveling putty thrown over the layer can be made like a mini-rule

  • With trowel ready to throw in the composition wall, from the floor .Sketched out the necessary amount, about a meter tall, putty align rule.Beacon in this case is mounted on the corner of the perforated area and a strip of drywall, fixed along the door frame.
Leveling the surface of the slope starting putty

Leveling surface slope starting putty

  • then pounces solution to the next section and also leveled, and so on until the top of the opening .
  • ceiling part opening putty will be more difficult.On his putty is applied a wide spatula and dub short rule. then putty is applied to the wall on qq true opening , and it covers the upper part of the metal bracket.
Spackling the walls around the door opening

Shpatlevanie wall around the doorway

  • treated filler slopes left to dry.The timing of this process depends on the thickness and composition of the putty .
  • After drying of this layer, you need to check the quality of the surface, remove any minor defects - chipped and cleaned entering irregularities.Then slopes need to bring to the finish putty perfect evenness.
  • Further, after drying putty layer is coated with a primer.

resulting surface can be painted, wallpapered or decorate decorative plaster.

Video: door trim slopes with the help of plaster mixtures

Finish door slopes plasterboard

plasterboard work easier and more enjoyable than with breeding slopes using plaster. Nevertheless , and in this case still have work with the finish putty , which will play the role of adhesive to sheets of drywall, but it's better instead her for this use a special glue on plasterbasis, it is manufactured to work with GVL .

If space is limited, the drywall is the best suited for the design of slopes.Carry out this process in the following sequence:

  • to start reading is taken of all the surfaces of slopes on separately.
  • received data is transferred to the sheets of GOLS and thereon Molds cut elements to be secured to the wall.
Cutting drywall

Cutting drywall

  • Installation finished parts start with the ceiling of the opening .For this purpose on a plaster applied to the workpiece glue multiple slides, and then the ale nt cr epko pressed to the installation site and fixed in this position previously prepared props.
Detail slope with applied adhesive slides

slope Detail slides with applied adhesive

  • then cut off with the details of the GVL-wall slopes.On the prepared elements reflux akzhe fit small slides glue, and whether Article etc. izhimaetsya the wall and shall be verified on the level.Sheets of plasterboard can be fixed to the wall with dowels precast, making for them through, but not too wide holes with an electric drill or punch.
Slopes of plasterboard , fixed with screws

Slopes of plasterboard, fixed with screws

  • at angles of slopes in the same way, as plastering, using putty fixed perforated metal corners.
  • Then all the joints are coated filler , leveled, and after drying - thoroughly stripped.
  • Further, the entire surface is coated with a primer slope.
  • To achieve an ideal surface, applied a thin (1 mm) layer of finishing putties.He finally hides all the bumps, joints and holes of the dowels.
  • After complete hardening filler layer and, if necessary, grinding fine-grained sandpaper, you can proceed to the decorative design of the slopes.They can be painted, plastered or covered with decorative plaster.

Krepjat drywall and otherwise, in the event that you need to level the surface, closing the considerable thickness of the walls.

Combined fixing plasterboard components - glue and guides

Combined fixing plasterboard components - glue and guides

  • To do this, on the surface of the slope is fixed bars of the desired section or metal profiles, angles or U-shaped, creating so crate , which will help alignwall, giving it the desired direction.This mounting method has the advantage that between fixed on the wall can be further put napravlyayushih heating material.
  • The whole structure is then closed with plasterboard, which is bolted to the bars with screws. Next process goes the same way as in the first embodiment.

Video: trim door slopes plasterboard - ceiling part

Video: continued roll of finishing slopes plasterboard

Finishing slopes panels or lining

To finish slopes materialswhich are produced in the form of hard panels - hardboard, linings of various kinds, MDF and other uses similar technology to the wall mount.This method is attractive because with the help of the panels can be aligned corners, with large deviations from the norm.