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August 12, 2017 18:06

Second floor in a studio apartment or a bedroom on the mezzanine

customers - a couple who bought this apartment in the suburbs, planning to use it as a summer residence: horticultural joy did not entice, and have a vacation home it seemed too much trouble.Therefore, the project was originally drawn up, taking into account that this is not the place for a permanent family home.

apartment - one bedroom studio in the attic.One of the conditions was for the designer - to arrange a bed in such a way that at the entrance to his apartment to be seen.On these two points - flat as a summer residence and hidden bedroom, and to build the concept of interior design.

bedroom on the mezzanine

Article Contents

  • 1 bedroom on the mezzanine
  • 2 From idea to implementation
    • 2.1 Overlapping mezzanine
    • 2.2 Pro related works
    • 2.3 Other construction
  • 3 Finish
    • 3.1 floors
    • 3.2 Ceilings
    • 3.3 Walls
  • 4 About furniture and light

Prior to all work premises looked so(Figure 1.).

Fig.1. The room before the start of work

Fig.1. The room before the work

At the highest point of the ceilin

g had a height of 3800 mm.Based on photographs of the construction of the house with the developer site, suggested that if you remove the gypsum plasterboard, it is possible to obtain an overall height of more than four, meters, and this is enough to create a two-level space.Given the particular layout of the apartment - the attic floor and sloping ceilings, and the fact that the upper level should be just a bedroom, where most of the time people are in the supine position, it was decided to arrange a mezzanine - mezzanine, a built-in volume two tiers of windows of the room.

From idea to implementation

After removing the theoretical assumptions about the structure of the roof truss system is fully confirmed.Rafter system was constructed from metal beams, strapped bolt.Given the rafters the material - metal, roof timbers were placed in increments of 4.5 meters.That is, over the flat area there was only one truss beam.And two more were on the walls.The photo can be seen after the dismantling of the bolt, made of two metal corners.

Fig.2. Photo protruding bolts

Fig.2. Photo protruding bolts

To implement the mezzanine bolt device ideas prevented.And remove it, simply because it interferes with, can not be otherwise disturbed structure truss system.To be able to arrange a mezzanine or break the strength of the roof, we decided to cut the bolt and beam rafters prop metal post, which subsequently will support the mezzanine floors.

But it is easy to say and hard to do.The required length of metal beams for the column was greater than could have been no problems raised in the apartment, located on the fifth floor.Therefore, the post was made by a composite: the upper part of the pipe section of 100x100 mm was welded to the beam rafters, and the lower (missing the lower portion) of welded fittings.The lower part of the valve sewn into the casing and poured the solution (Fig. 3).

Fig.3. Component support beam

Fig.3. Component support beam

top of the wall, which was not, because the ridge beam was based not directly on the wall, and on the metal supports, which, in turn, relied on a brick wall, foam concrete laid.

Overlapping mezzanine

mezzanine overlay project is based on the resulting column, wall and later built a partition that separated the fireplace and closet.(Fig. 4 and Fig. 5).

Fig.4. Overlapping mezzanine

Fig.4. Overlapping mezzanine

Fig.5. The design of the support frame

Fig.5. The design of the support frame

for support on the wall in a brick wall made Stroebe 150 mm wide, which was mounted board, the size of 150h50 mm.This board have a wooden floor beams.The mounting board drowned in the wall to the applied force is on the wall, and not only on the anchors securing the board.By the metal pole wooden beams of the twin planks 150h50 mm Bolt (Fig. 6).

Fig.6. metal poles , wooden beams of the twin planks 150h50 mm Bolt

Fig.6. metal poles, wooden beams of the twin planks 150h50 mm Bolt

On joists lay plywood in two layers, to insulation (steps to the top were not audible) in the overlapping spread a mineral wool (Fig. 7).

Fig.7. In the photo seen plywood flooring, under which laid mineral wool

Fig.7. In the photo seen plywood flooring, under which laid mineral wool

Pro related works

device in the apartment of the second level require further intervention in the design of the apartment.Since the apartment is on the top floor, under the roof, walling above, is not a concrete slab and the rafters, wooden lathing, heat insulation, wind, hydroprotective and vapor barrier membrane and metal roofing.

as thermal insulation in the house was used ecowool material - finely chopped pulp, to be exact, waste paper, old newspapers.Material can be good, I can not say anything.But in this case, it was clearly laid with impaired because longer have a dense structure.Hammer of cellulose impregnated with a special compound and a strong jet of air is blown.Impregnation glues particles and the air compresses them into a dense layer.In this case, the insulation between the boards lathing hung loose cushions are held only by hemmed bottom vapor barrier.In some places, the heat insulator was wet.Therefore, it was decided to replace the entire section of the roof over the apartment on two layers of foam 100 mm thick.The total thickness of the insulation - 200 mm.

Other construction

upper part of the metal support pillar was sewn up in a box of gypsum plasterboard.Below overlapping metal pillar stitched wooden frame with foam to prevent condensation.(Fig. 8), and revived with wooden panels (Fig. 9).

Fig.8. The frame with foam

Fig.8. The frame with foam

Fig.9. Finish wood paneling

Fig.9. Finish wood paneling

From drywall was made and the box on the ceiling, on the ceiling cutout.This box hides duct ventilation (Fig. 10).

Fig.10. In the photo - plasterboard box

Fig.10. In the photo - plasterboard box

In addition to these structures, in a box of gypsum plasterboard hiding fireplace chimney pipe, which is located on the ground floor, as well as heat line the chimney (Figure 11.).

Fig.11. The box hides communication

Fig.11. The box hides communication


After major construction works were completed, started finishing.


floors in the bedroom on a mezzanine made from tongue and larch lacquered.(Fig. 12) on the mezzanine, in addition to the bedroom, turned out to allocate another room and shower.On the whole area of ​​the mezzanine - in the bedroom and in the shower room, wooden floors, larch.The floor of the first level is decorated with natural stone.

ceilings sloping ceiling bedroom, however, as in the whole apartment is decorated with an ordinary lining (Fig. 13).

Fig.13. Finishing the ceiling lining

Fig.13. Finishing the ceiling lining

as decorative coating used acrylic white lacquer.On the tree, he does not look dazzling white, slightly pinkish beige.Through the varnish remains visible wood grain.Molded as a finishing material was chosen for three reasons.

  1. first - to support the design concept "country house".
  2. second reason was quite utilitarian: layout is such that most of the ceiling due to the fact that he is inclined, the surface of the ceiling can be touched by hand.Therefore, to do his usual - is doomed to rapid contamination.A wooden ceiling, if it is stained, you can simply wash.
  3. third reason - the frame for mounting drywall "eat" a lot of precious space.Obreshetnik lining for a much more compact.More about
    ceilings: the ceiling of the resulting living room and hallway - the space under the mezzanine, also wooden.For him, used plywood and covered with white paint.


walls in the bedroom did not work a lot.Just two.On the outer side of the mezzanine fenced wooden lattice.This decision allowed the space to locate the bedroom and close the blank wall at the same time that in a small area, low sloping ceiling and the lack of natural light would make room on the mezzanine in a remote and uncomfortable wardrobe.

The end triangular wall is decorated with textured plaster and painted in very bright colors.Finish - transparent layer pearl blue, making the wall surface a richer tone.The same finish construction of plasterboard are on the mezzanine and cover most of the walls of the first floor.

The biggest part of the bedroom wall is decorated with a cloth with a pattern in the form of old roses (Fig. 14).

Fig.14. Decorating the walls with a cloth

Fig.14. Decorating the walls with a cloth

fabric used for finishing walls is the most common - it is sold in the store for tailoring of bed linen - poplin of 100% cotton.Since the fabric is used for bedding, it has a very good width - 2.2 meters.Therefore canvas enough without seams on the mezzanine floor to ceiling - the height of the mezzanine in the highest part - 2 meters.

fabric bonded ordinary wallpaper paste, well-kept.Glue for wallpaper, even soaking the cloth thoroughly, does not leave her after drying tracks.A surface coated film fails: when dry to the touch felt fabric texture.If you are not too zealous, such a coating can be cleaned with a damp cloth.Given that the bedroom is decorated in such a way, much soiled walls are not threatened.In normal cases, the walls can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

headboard is a wall panel and simultaneously finishing the wall (Fig. 15).

Fig.15. headboard

Fig.15. The head

Panels made of 12 squares of plywood, painted in the same semi-transparent acrylic varnish, as well as the ceiling.Only in this case, not tinted varnish in white, and blue.Sheets of plywood are glued directly on the wall, and the seams are covered with wooden slats.The panel-headboard on the wall pilasters isolated - small projections.In addition to space-planning values ​​- bed isolation zone, one of the pilasters' hole in the wall-paper closes "- carries quite utilitarian role: it is hidden under the metal part of the bolt trusses, which can not be removed.

About furniture and light

addition bed in the small bedroom was not planned any furniture.Standard bed did not fit and not fit.Therefore, the bed was made directly on the site.It is a wooden podium, which lays a mattress (Fig. 16).

Fig.16. The bed consists of a mattress , which lies on the podium

Fig.16. The bed consists of a mattress, which lies on the podium

Although it is not so: the wooden podium hides a standard metal bed base with wooden slats.The mattress is quite normal, double.And as the head of the bed acts already described above wooden panels.The design of the podium from birch furniture panels thickness 40 mm, dyed the same varnish as a panel-headboard on the wall - blue.

Another piece of furniture in the bedroom - wooden shelves in an alcove formed by the projection box and chimney duct, in which the ventilation duct.Over the bed is a locker - a box that opens up.One of the lockers intended for things.There can be folded down for extra pillows and blankets.The second part, looking also conceals chimney exhaust fan, which is located in the mezzanine ceiling above the fireplace.A pipe from her passes under the bed in ventkanal in the wall behind the blue panel.

light in the bedroom - two lamps on the ceiling above the bed.Includes a separate switches displayed on the pilasters.

Another source of light that can be used in the bedroom - one of the fixtures of the staircase.His cover, as a large crystal vase, standing on the railing of the staircase railings.

In addition, through the lattice fence in the bedroom gets light from two chandeliers in the living room on the ground floor: they hang just in front of the lattice.And the two chandeliers, and the two candlesticks on the stairs have dual control through checkpoints switches enable luminaire can be at the bottom and turn off - at the top, climbing the stairs to the bedroom (fig. 17).

Fig.17. Fencing and lighting

Fig.17. Fencing and lighting

Each of these fixtures is enabled separately: you can turn left or right on the chandelier, or both.Also included and two sconces above the stairs.

Above the sofa, which is under the ceiling of the mezzanine, there are three ceiling lights.

That this has turned the second floor.The area of ​​the apartment increased almost twenty meters, and the number of spaces a one-room studio apartments reached eight.However, these spaces on all sides by walls, one can only assume a toilet on the ground floor and shower room on the second.A hall, kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom are one space, zoned furniture, finishes and different structures such as stairs and stair railings.Last photograph (Fig. 18) is made approximately the same angle as the first, before the start of work.It can be compared, and as it became.

Fig.18. The result of the

Fig.18. The result of

This place, in my opinion, demonstrates that it is possible to achieve significant results in the formation of even a small space in a careful approach to designing.