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August 12, 2017 18:06

Upholster a door skin with your hands

not modern upholstery, or having the old cracked surface of the front door looks very messy, forming in advance came negative image of the property owners.Moreover, it does not retain heat inside the apartment, and all the noise out of the house freely enters the room. Therefore, due course, any good host a desire to bring the door in order both from an aesthetic and a practical side.

Upholster a door skin with your hands

upholster a door skin with your hands

upholster a door skin with his hands, addressing the still and questions insulation and soundproofing - quite possible, because this event does not apply to works of high complexity, and is available to almost everyone.Home - have all the necessary materials, certain tools and well understand the work sequence.

Preparing the door trim

Article Contents

  • 1 Preparing the door trim
  • 2 How to upholster a door skin with your hands - different options
    • 2.1 Wooden door - lining
    • 2.2 trim the outside wooden door
    • 2.3 Video: Option upholstery wooden
    • 2.4 Features work on metal doors
    • 2.5 Video: upholstery metal door with its insulation
    • 2.6 Video: an interesting variant of the door trim with a ready set

1. to update a door upholstery need to prepare the following materials:

  • leather, of course, the material is very expensive, and is used for this purpose in exceptional cases.Do not worry, there is synthetic leather (leather or leatherette).This material is available in a large range in DIY stores, and vary in color, thickness and texture pattern, so you can choose to suit every taste.High-quality synthetic leather and visual, tactile and differs little from the natural.
Leatherette represented in the sale of a wide range

Leatherette represented in the sale of a wide range

width of the material ranges from 1100 to 1400 mm, and it is enough for any size of door leaf.Before you buy leather, you need to measure the height of the door and to add to get the result 25 -. 30 cm This length upholstery need to buy for one side.

also can not forget that the upholstery material needed for the production of rolls, which will be fixed on the perimeter of the door leaf.For them need three strips having a width of 12 - 15 cm and a length which is smooth door height.

  • for soundproofing and insulation suitable sheet foam, padding polyester or thick felt.The required thickness of material - from 10 to 25 mm.
As a heater can be used felts ...

As a heater can be used felts ...

This value will depend and from type of material, and from desired bulk figure, if it is supposed to do with the help of decorative nails, thin wire or fishing line.

... Or foam sheets

... or sheets of foam

  • Upholstery nails with a decorative cap.They can be made of alloys of copper, silver or gold color, or have a close-fitting material of the same color as the selected upholstery.
Upholstery nails - you can choose the most suitable for registration

Upholstery studs - you can choose the most suitable for registration

Dia tr SHL yapok or their registration will depend on the design decision on registration of the door leaf.

With the help of studs or buttons can be done on the door of the embossed pattern

With studs or buttons can be done on the door of the embossed pattern

to the general vie qq Veri looked harmoniously, it is best to pick up nails the color of the door handle and lock.

  • If the order is given in steel, then it acquired one of highly resistant polymer adhesives, for example, "88" or a universal "Moment".Also
  • sheet of insulating material, the band will need a round insulation (foam rubber or polyethylene foam), sold by the meter.For our purposes suitable diameter 10, 15 or 20 mm.
The rolls of polyethylene foam

rollers made of polyethylene foam

2. From the tools should be prepared:

  • Staples and stapler to temporarily fix the insulation and upholstery.The most convenient size for the door trim clips 8 ÷ 10 mm.
  • Medium size hammer hammering decorative nails.
  • sharp knife construction - it is useful for cutting insulation and upholstery.
  • screwdriver with set of bits (bit) and massive screwdriver - they come in handy for removing old skin, removal and subsequent installation of locks and sight glass.
  • Nailing and pliers are needed for pulling out nails, if they go wrong when driving and, necessarily for the dismantling of the old coating, when it was installed.
  • Scissors for cutting materials.

3. preparatory work can be attributed to the removal of the old door trim:

  • first dismantled all removable elements - eye , locks and door handles.
  • Next using the tools most carefully removed the old siding.Her can pick up a powerful screwdriver , and then a pair of pliers.Usually, if the materials are not planted on the glue, leatherette and insulation separated from the leaf easily enough.When removing trim from the old wood door should not use excessive force to avoid damaging the fabric.Be sure to carefully inspect the entire surface to remove the remaining unwanted nails, staples, screws, pieces of old cover
  • After surface cleaning, the door can be removed from its hinges and lay on to the prepared desktop (workbench) or installed four-Six stools.Further work on the upholstery can be done in such a situation.If you decide to remove the painting from its hinges, the front of this process it is necessary to note its circuit on the door frame.
  • Sometimes the door is not removed, and it lining is held in limbo on its regular place.

How to upholster a door skin with your hands - different options

To disassemble the entire technology for plating on all sides in detail, you need to consider three different options for dealing - is padding the outside of the wooden doors, then internal,and then stop on the specifics of this process on the metal door.

Wooden door - lining

a long-standing practice of wooden entrance doors in apartment buildings opened inside the apartment.It is this version, and will be considered.

Lining opening door to the apartment, is somewhat different from the exterior trim, and the main difference of this process is the use of additional thermal insulation elements - rollers .They are made of strips of upholstery and cut insulation.Convenient as a warming pad to use ready-made rolls of polyethylene foam, which are sold by the meter.This element of the overall design is reliable for closing gaps between canvas doors and door box.Therefore, they beat with the expectation , to protrude outside the doors for 10 ÷ 20 mm.It should be remembered that on the side where the hinges, to a wali repitsya so that it is completely closed the gap over the entire height of the door jamb.

  • first stage of the work is cutting upholstery and insulation.For the first taken precise geometrical parameters of the door, to which added 120 - 150 mm - it will be the size, which need for decorative trim fabric.

As a rule, are always bands scraps - they are ideal for the formation of sealing rollers for the contour upholstery.

canvas insulation should have a size of 10 m m m enshe on each side than the door itself.

  • Along the perimeter of the door bracket using stepplera mounted leatherette strip down the front surface.Typically used strip width to 140 mm and a length size of the door exactly dense.On the surface of the door when it is placed about 40 mm of the strip - the rest should be on the outside.
The first door on the perimeter mounted sealing rollers

first door on the perimeter of the sealing rollers are mounted

These strips wrap insulation tape foam rubber foam.Thus, the form rollers, which as , stepplerom , fixed to the door leaf.

Installation rollers start from the right upper corner of the door, then they fixed the vertical edge of the door, and only then - on the bottom.This takes into account the location of the door with respect to floor - roller should not rub on the floor, because of this very quickly worn out and burst .

If you intend to install rim locks, when fixing rollers is taken into account - is the appropriate gap.

  • Further, on the door leaf is laid heating material.Its fixed on the perimeter with staples, departing from the edges on 5 -. 7 cm it immediately cut holes for sight glass and locks.
Then, a layer of insulation is applied

then applied a layer of insulation

  • next step is binding on the surface, on top of a heater, very upholstery - artificial leather.
This is followed by padding cloth artificial skin

This is followed upholstery fabric artificial leather

She wrapped the edges of insulation and is fixed at the upper corners with staples.If padding is planned with a special pattern, then fixed top material held its markings.

Possible patterns taken with studs

Possible patterns made using studs

If the leather has to be fixed only on the perimeter, the decorative nails hammered at an equal distance from each other in a 60 ÷ 80 mm.The material is stretched along the nailing as after shutdown it should be perfectly flat.

The inside of the door of the orbit

The inside of the doors upholstered

trim the outside wooden door

External interior door opening inside apartments, as follows:

  • Pre with closed position pencil on door leaf circumscribed rectangle of the door frame - this line will show how far from the edge of the padding must be installed.The remaining distance will be needed for the "quarter", selected in the doorjamb.
  • next stage is fixed with heating material deviation from the line drawn by the inside by one centimeter.
  • then the door on the lines outlined the main nailed sheathing material bend his edge in in nutria, similarly internal installation, but lower edge of the material is left free.
A characteristic feature - the sealing rollers are mounted not on the door leaf , and on the box

characteristic feature - the sealing rollers are mounted not on the door leaf and a box

  • From the outside hand Insulating roller set with three sides not door , and rack and crossbar door jamb, in addition to the lower side .Nailed to the door like a roller - completely pointless, because it will not perform its functions, in addition, he will come off quickly or erased from constant contact with the shoes of people passing through the door.

leatherette band attached to the doorjamb face stapler in her mounted strip heater, the second side of the material tucked inside , forming roller, and nailed decorative nails.The roller must find the door when it closing 15 - 20 mm, but it is necessary to make sure that it does not come at the keyhole.

  • Lower Warming cushion can not be too voluminous , it attaches itself to the door leaf and must fit snugly to the door.
  • Next, the lower platen stretched and nailed the basic fabric upholstery.
  • last stage, after the upholstery on both sides, set all door accessories - a peephole , handles and locks.It is important to carefully make small incisions in the skin.Home - not cut material is more than is required, otherwise the door will immediately lose respectability.

Video: Option upholstery wooden door

Features work on metal doors

metal door is usually installed as external, always opening out . Its also a good idea to insulate the inside and transform to both sides .

The outer metal door also needs finishing and insulation

outer metal door also needs finishing and insulation

outer side

Transforming and insulate the metal door, do not apply the insulating ridges around the perimeter.At this door a very different purpose - it is used as the main entrance to the housing and protection of ill-wishers, and only then - as additional protection from the cold.

Installation upholstery and insulation on the meta pp with ext eshney hand held glue.Insulation in this case cut out in size of 10 ÷ 15 m m m enshe door leaf , both in length and in width.Upholstery same material should exceed the size of 50 - 60 mm - this part of the material will bend around on metal shelves door web.

  • on a metal surface, stepping back from the edge of 10 ÷ 15 mm, and in a few places in the middle of the plane of applied strips of adhesive.
  • Then he laid insulation and well pressed to the door leaf.It is necessary to allow time for the glue to dry insulation.The specific time will be listed on the application of the specific composition of the instructions.
  • Next, you can start gluing leatherette.On the back of the metal plate from the top of the door, at a distance of 50 mm is applied to the adhesive.He needs to give a few minutes to grasp.
Upholstery bent the door and shelves attached to the adhesive

Upholstery bent the door shelf and attached to the adhesive

  • Then, noting the middle of the door width and cladding material, it must be applied to the sized place on the labels and carefully pressed, then give awhilea good grasp of.
  • next stage in the same way consistently glued side of the door - on the shelves of bent and glued sheathing material.If stringing a surplus leatherette, even a few millimeters, it must be cut with a sharp knife, otherwise it will stop when the door is closed.If the sheathing material is dense enough, then maybe, have to cut corners to get the most accurate close-fitting.

inner side

If the inside of the metal doors are not insulated, it is necessary to think about the event.Typically, the back side metal door looks like frame parts welded of profile pipes and on which is welded a metal sheet that serves as the door leaf.He's already plastered with artificial leather.

Now you need to warm and decorate the interior of the door.

- In this case, for thermal insulation perfectly suited polystyrene having a door frame thickness.

- You will also need the wooden slats of the same thickness.

- for sealing joints and seams need foam.