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August 12, 2017 18:06

Warming of pile foundation

Any site owner, undertaking the construction of their own home, trying as much as possible to minimize the total cost estimate.Fortunately, plenty of modern technological developments allows you to choose the least-cost approaches to building, of course, without loss of performance of the future building.

Warming of pile foundation

Warming pile foundation

One of the most material-, costly, time-consuming stages of construction are usually considered the construction of the house foundation.However, for many types of residential and ancillary buildings casting tape or monolithic slab foundation - is not required.Suffice it to restrict the installation of piles, which are the top tie raft - he will be a solid basis for raising the walls.All the good that approach, but that's just the house very often, especially in the strong rugged terrain, it turns out, "floating in the air", that is, below the floor of the first floor is a windswept space.Do not worry - you need to competently carry out insulation pile foundation and th

e building will not even look at all different from those buildings, which are mounted on the "classical" concrete foundation.

few words about the screw-pile foundation

Article Contents

  • 1 few words about the screw-pile foundation
  • 2 Why is it necessary to insulate the pile foundation?
  • 3 Warming pile foundation with reinforced concrete raft
    • 3.1 calculator for calculating the thickness of the vertical insulation of the pile foundation with a concrete raft
  • 4 Warming pile-screw foundation with metal grillage or strapping timbers
    • 4.1 Insulation of the basement ceiling
    • 4.2 plinth wall around the perimeter of the building
      • 4.2.1 masonry
        • Video: How to close the basement of the brick pile foundation
      • 4.2.2 Closing ground clearanceZabirko
    • 4.3 Video: what causes errors in the insulation of the pile foundation

helical pile foundation has a number of significant advantages.

  • First of all, it is becoming the most cost-effective solution, if the house is being built on an unstable, waterlogged soils, have a tendency to buckle winter.The lower part of the screw piles reach depths below freezing, stable layers of soil, surface and seasonal fluctuations do not have a house built on any negative influence.
  • This foundation is the most economical and simple in construction when building houses in areas with rugged - to achieve horizontality sill with this approach - easier.
  • construction of pile-foundation screw less than others depending on season and weather - construction can be carried out at any time of the year.
  • In terms of the construction of such a foundation is also unmatched.
  • technology of its arrangement - is simple enough, and under certain conditions can be implemented on its own.
  • In terms of costs, the construction of pile foundation is the most economical.

entire technology to create pile-screw bases for the construction of the house can be summarized as:

Illustration Brief description of the operation being performed
1c piles - is a pipe diameter of 100 mm or morestainless steel, with a wall thickness of not less than 4 mm.Concrete piles
parameters, including their length, designers are calculated depending on the planned level loads, the overall picture of soils and topography on the construction site.
lower end of the pile is sharpening with weld one or more helical cutting blades.
2c Complete piles are typically end walls, which are welded to the mounting pads.
diameter of the end walls is such that they are worn tightly on the pipe piles.
3d After marking the pile field in places of installation of supports is usually dug deep pits about 300 ÷ 500 mm.
They are often shed copiously with water to facilitate the initial screwing the pile into the ground.
4d pile is exposed in the pit vertically, into the hole in the upper part of the bolt is dress-pipe arms for screwing.
5c efforts of two (sometimes it takes more) people pile rotates slowly sinking deeper into the soil column.
At this stage, the most important work is the strict control of verticality screwing support.
Screwing continues until the pre-applied depth mark.
Many construction companies have specialized equipment for the mechanization of the most labor-intensive operations.
6c Once all the piles are installed with the help of a laser or water level in each tube to make accurate total mark projecting part supports.
It must necessarily fall below the hole, where the pin was inserted.
7c Further, all the piles are cut at a single horizontal level.
8c kneaded concrete solution, and through the funnel pile completely to the top, filled with them.
9c Consistency solution must be sufficiently liquid, fluid to the cavity of the tube is completely filled without air bubbles.
Characteristically, the expected setting of concrete - is not necessary.Immediately proceed to the next operation.
10c on piles dress the way staff headroom, so that the correct mounting pads were oriented.
headroom "firmly" welded continuous weld
11 To eliminate any hesitation supports, it is recommended to provide the auxiliary piping from the metal profile, which is welded to the pilings below the head.If
piles act to a considerable height, sometimes welded piping and several rows.
This operation is particularly important if the installation site piles will be directly attached coronal beam.
12c There is another approach - a common assembly zone (grillage), for example, of channel appropriate size.
Rostwerk will be the basis for further construction of the walls of the house.
13c Mounting screw-pile foundation must end with cleaning welds slag, and high-quality processing of all metal parts corrosion compounds.

The table focuses on the creation of rolled steel grillage.However, the embodiments may be different.

Several trim options ( grillage ) screw - pile foundation

Several options strapping (grillage) screw-pile foundation

  • «A» Drawings and "B" show welded grillage of the I-beam and channel bar respectively.
  • Detail "B" - grillage not used at all, and the lower coronal beam is attached to the mounting pads piles.
  • Finally, the option "G" - is pouring concrete pile cap.In this case, it created a sort of "symbiosis" between the pile and strip foundations.

This option - the most time-consuming, and it often resorted to in the event that you need to create a solid foundation for building a house of brick or gas-silicate blocks.

In this case, the piles concrete pouring stage in the pipe is installed reinforcing structure - it must act on.Once the piles are installed, mounted formwork raft foundation, laid reinforcing belt, which must be associated with an internal reinforcement piles.Produced casting solution and established design will be ready for further construction operations only after the complete maturation of the concrete (no earlier than a month).

Structurally this grillage can be raised above the surface of the land, located on the surface or is an analogue of the traditional weakly deepened foundation tape.But in any case, it does not rest on the ground and resting on piles.

Different versions of concrete grillage location

Various options for the location of reinforced concrete raft foundation

1 - helical pile;

2 - internal reinforcement in the pile;

3 - reinforcing belt grillage;

4 - reinforced concrete raft foundation.

Such attention species strapping of piles was paid because of it depends, and the technological approach to the warming of the pile foundation.

Why should I insulate the pile foundation?

would seem, what's the point to insulate the pile foundation?It lies deep in the layers of non-frozen soil, that is swelling it is not threatened.If a qualitative anticorrosive preparation of the design, you can not fear too much, and the damaging effects of soil and atmospheric moisture.

, however, remain highly vulnerable areas, as well as a number of other outstanding issues:

  • If poured concrete raft foundation, then, regardless of its position relative to the ground level, this structure becomes a very powerful cold battery.Naturally, a massive raft foundation will "postpone" the heat from resting on its walls and ceilings, which will lead to significant heat loss skills and an increase in their replenishment heating costs.
Железобетонный ростверк - это всегда мощный "аккумулятор холода"

reinforced concrete raft foundation - it is always a strong "cold accumulator»

In fact, the insulation purpose in this case is largely coincide with the task of thermal insulation works on a conventional monolithic strip foundations - reducing heat loss, but the protection of the most concrete structure from the impact of fluctuationstemperatures.

  • If the walls are mounted on wooden or metal grillage, then under the house is a space to think through the wind.In cold weather, it will also lead to a cooling of the floor of the first floor and the bottom of the walls.Of course, it is possible to provide a highly reliable multilayer insulation overlap, but it is better to eliminate heat loss completely by closing the lumen of thermal insulation structure.
  • If the house is equipped with at least a minimum "comfort" - water supply and sewage system, even the simplest, the utilities will pass it through this underground space.Thermal insulation of the pile foundation will raise the level of security of communications from freezing, and from mechanical damage.
Thermal insulation and protection require taking place in the basement of engineering communications

warming and protection require taking place in an underground room utilities

  • just from an aesthetic point of view, the house will look much more advantageously if the plinth of the pile foundation is insulated and finished with beautiful appearance.In addition, the open space will inevitably be recorded wind dust and dirt, and that in itself is unpleasant, and would require additional efforts to restore order.
  • Maximum protection home will receive if the perimeter of the walls will be equipped with blind area.A comprehensive approach to the warming of any foundation and involves the creation of quality, is not subject to swelling, that is thermally insulated from the bottom of the blind area.

Now that the need insulation pile foundation reader, apparently convinced, you can proceed to the consideration of some specific cases of work.

Warming pile foundation with reinforced concrete raft

This is - one of the most difficult cases, as the goal is not only to block access to cold air in the underground space, but also to provide thermal insulation protection and the very foundation grills, lest he plunges devastatinginfluences and did not become a powerful cold bridge.

options may also be several, and they will depend on the height of the plinth of the pile foundation, the position of reinforced concrete raft foundation, features of the ground floor slab, etc.

Consider one often applied scheme:

The first version of the insulation of the pile foundation with reinforced concrete raft foundation

first option of warming the pile foundation with reinforced concrete raft

1 - soil at the construction site.

2 - installed foundation pile, which is the top end massive reinforced reinforced concrete raft (3 pos.).Sam raft foundation is the basis for the construction of gas concrete (brick) wall (pos. 4).

From the outside (it is - a prerequisite) is a layer of insulation required thickness (item 5)..As thermoinsulator best solution is to use extruded polystyrene, for example, plate "Penoplex-foundation".This material is resistant to high static and dynamic loads, is not afraid of the impact of atmospheric and soil moisture, has excellent performance of thermal resistance.

2016-03-12_152908 Plates "Penoplex" - full house warming

assortment of insulation boards "Penoplex" covers virtually all areas of private construction.More information about the advantages insulation "Penoplex» technology and its application - in a special publication of our portal.

With insulation grillage tight, without gaps, joined the horizontal layer of insulation (pos. 6), which does not tolerate freezing and heaving of the soil around the walls, thereby ensuring the integrity of the concrete poured around the perimeter of the blind area (pos. 7).Often otmostku not poured and spread, for example, from sidewalk paving.

Top, also without clearance, joined as in the scheme, or better, set overlapped facade insulation (pos. 8), so as to avoid creating "cold bridges" on the border of the cap and walls.

With floor warming in this approach solved thus:

Inside is a sand filling of the order of 500 mm (item 9.).Instead of sand cushion can be of loose insulation - expanded clay, or applied a complex, layered option.On top of this filling is required to close the waterproofing layer (10 pos.) - In this role usually appear a couple of layers of roofing material, packed with overlapping overlaps.

Top rough poured screed with reinforcement (pos. 11).Above it is placed a layer of insulation (pos. 12), for example, the same "Penoplex".Well, the above is already positioned finishing screed 60 ÷ 70 mm in thickness which can provide water or electric "warm floor".

This scheme is almost completely blocks access to the raft foundation and cold walls and underground, as such, not just left.

Another option when you can not do without the underground, for example, when on a raft foundation laid floor slab of the first floor.

In this embodiment also grillage bottom insulated from ground

In this embodiment, grillage insulated even from the bottom, from the ground

beginning all the same - the ground (item 1.) With screwed pile (2 pos.) And Reinforced concrete raft (3 pos.).Differences - by raft foundation plinth is masonry (. Pos 4), which has become the basis for the construction of walls made of bricks or blocks (. Key 5)

Vertical insulation cap is held in the same eksrudirovannym polystyrene (item 6)..But in this case also provided horizontal insulation of the bottom grillage.To do this, first laid pebbled (item 7.), Then - rammed sand cushion (8 pos.), And then - a layer of the same insulating material (item 9.).The best solution - to fulfill such a structure before pouring pile cap, that is a horizontal layer of insulation in this case will serve as a bottom surface of the casing.Thus, the foundation has received reliable insulation tape from the outside and from the bottom.

From the outside of the cap and the front wall provides a decorative facing (11 pos.) - It can be panel, siding with ventilated clearance, or plaster layer on the technology "wet facade".

The diagram shows a blind area (pos. 10) without its own insulation, such insulation but ignore all not worth it.This will significantly improve the viability of the design, as the freezing of the soil under the blind area has not been canceled.

overlapping plate (pos. 12) laid on a raft foundation, and below it inevitably remains underground (pos. 13).