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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install the door closer

Many of us remembers some simple devices that have previously been used to ensure the independent and tight closure input, interior doors, gates, entrances to the staircase and etc .For this purpose conventional springs, counterweights with cables and systems units, and often craftsmen adapted for such purposes, even rubber bands or pieces of old tires.Today, these problems are solved much easier and more efficient, as there is always the opportunity to buy a door closer - their range is presented for sale, very wide.

How to install the door closer

How to install the door closer

Buy this mechanism - it is only half the battle, because you need more mount it correctly.You can, of course, seek the services of artists, but if you carefully to understand how to set up closer to the door, you will find that this type of work it is possible to carry out on their own.

Introducing the door closers

Article Contents

  • 1 Introducing the door closers
    • 1.1 Video: the device and install the door closer scheme pinion mec
  • 2 What to consider when choosing a door closer
  • 3 exemplary procedure for installing door closer on the door
  • 4 Adjusting installed latching
    • 4.1 Video: example of adjusting the door closer
  • 5 tips manual latching

Closers - a mechanical device that accumulates potential energy when you open the door, which is then spent on its tightly sealed."Battery" is often a powerful spring.

power transmission on the spring and back in the door leaf can be obtained through one of two schemes:

1. Closers with an internal hydraulic circuit and rack and pinion efforts.

The scheme of work closer with rack and pinion torque and hydraulic circuit

Scheme of closers with rack and pinion torque and hydraulic circuit

  • When opening the door gear is mounted on the axis of the lever, turning, transmits forward movement through the rack piston (upper part of the figure), and that, in histurn, compresses the spring.
  • When opening the external force is removed, the spring tend to return to its original position (in the figure - below).She pushes the piston, causing the rotation of the gear , which transmits force on the lever latching system.
The case in the context of the closer

housing latching sectional

Smooth operation is provided by a system of channels and cavities, in which oil spills, which filled the entire body of the door closer.By changing the inner lumen of the channel, you can fine-tune the smooth operation of the whole mechanism.

This scheme is the most common , especially on soft closing linkage efforts.

Video: device installation and circuit closers with rack and pinion mechanism

2. closers with cam mechanism

Driving latching cam mechanism

scheme latching cam mechanism

On the axis of the lever - eccentric cam complicated forms( "heart-shaped"), with the two sides backed rollers.When the door is opened the protruding part of the cam compresses the spring, which in its reverse course causes rotation of the cam in the opposite direction, leading to a smooth closing of the door.torque adjustment is carried out changes in the geometry of the cam profile.

This scheme is often used in closer with the channel arrangement of traction or in the mechanisms of latent accommodation.

following pairs Tr cells assifikatsii closers - the place of their installation.The vast majority of Buddy headsets tv etc. ednaznacheno surface mount them at the top.However, sometimes for reasons not aesthetic or impossible to install a mechanism on top (e.g., glass doors, or in cases where the closer its appearance will break enjoy the design space), and other schemes may be used - a hidden installation in the floor, in a frame or the door leaf.

In turn, overhead closers with top divided into two types:

Closer open dvuhkolennym lever mechanism

Closers open dvuhkolennym lever mechanism

  • the hinge mechanisms (lever) draft, consisting of two tribes.Advantages - simplicity and reliability design, good transmission of force, a large inherent potential possible adjustments and additional features.Disadvantage - serving linkage system can not all to the taste for aesthetic reasons.Furthermore, it is more prone to vandalism.
Closer to the control channel - system spider

closer with guide channel - A slider system

  • Closers A slider system - with slide channel.The free end of the arm is provided with roller and moves in a closed box-shaped channel.Advantages - aesthetics, less exposure vandalnym action, the possibility of placing in the channel stopper door opening.The absence of protruding parts allows you to mount closers on doors, located close to the walls.Disadvantages - requires greater efforts to open the doors (compression spring), limited to adjustments and additional functionality.

What to consider when choosing a door closer

If there was a desire to equip the door to his apartment or house closers before purchasing this mechanism should be defined with its "size".Under this concept lies the classification according to European standard EN 1154. It was established seven grades closers highest closing forces, which are selected based on the size and weight of the door leaf:

Стандартная градация "размеров" доводчика

Standard grading "sizes" the closer

  • When selecting the correct modelWe need to focus on the maximum rate of their doors.For example, if the web width is 900 mm, but, yet , weighs 70 kg, you will need to purchase closer to the size of EN -4.
  • To maximize the convenience of consumers, developers of such mechanisms often provide certain range of their possibilities.For example, in the technical documentation may be limits « EN -2 ÷ EN -4».The specific amount of force in this case will be determined by a latching assembly features.
  • In those rare situations where the efforts of the door closer may not have to resort to the steam room to install them.
  • Acquire is the model that to the maximum extent appropriate to the existing door.Understatement characteristics lead to a rapid exit from the door closer system.Too large - it is unnecessary problems with the normal opening doors.
  • If you plan to install the door closer on the street or in unheated rooms, necessarily need to specify whether such a possibility in the specific model.The problem is a significant change in viscosity of the oil in the hydraulic system when the thermal gradients.Typically, the product data sheet specifies the allowable operating temperature range.
  • immediately possible to assess the functionality of the selected model.Basic adjustments include changes in the majority of closers spring force, speed, and force the door closing in sector from 180 to 15º and on final (finishing) - 15 to 0º.In addition, it may be provided and other parameters:

- Prevent sharp opening doors with excessive force or a draft or gusty winds to help special adjustable hydraulic damping.It will save door from damage from impact on adjoining walls, prevent accidental injuries.

- often operating conditions of the premises require leaving the door open for a long time.This will require closer to locking mechanism in the open position.

- There are times when after each tearing doors and to start closing them requires a certain pause, about half a minute (eg, warehouses, storage rooms, utility rooms).This feature can also be implemented with delay closers closing function.

- If the door is installed an elastic sealant, or they are equipped with latches , will be useful for precise speed control function and effort latching action .

- If the doors are folding, you may need an additional mechanism to coordinate the uniform closing both valves.

- For "cold" door closer is better to buy a "termozaslonki" system, which, in response to the outside temperature drops, expands or contracts, compensating for changes in viscosity of the oil in the hydraulic system.

exemplary procedure for installing door closer on the door

Since the most common conditions in the apartments are hydraulic door closers with rack and pinion system and a link mechanism, the installation process will be discussed is their example.By and large account .Installation of door closers with A slider system is not significantly different, and in some cases - even is a simple task.

  • First of all you should decide the installation diagram, which depends on the direction of opening the door:
The scheme of installation depends on the direction of the door opening

installation scheme depends on door opening direction

- If the door opens into the accommodation side of the door closer, his body will attached to the door web and lever system - to the door frame.

- When the door is opened to the outside, away from you, the circuit is reversed - building on the jamb and the arm lever system or sliding path - on the door.

In both cases, the adjustment screws on the door closer housing must be turned in the direction of the loop.

  • cpl kt etc. Practical any modern closers necessarily includes template, made life-size, which greatly simplifies the proce ss etc. edvaritelnoy markup IU Art cr epleniya and housing, and the lever arm.
installation template sample latching

Sample installation template latching

Normally templates are provided for all installation methods - on the left and right doors opening outwards or inwards .

In addition, if the closer has the opportunity to work in several standard classes on EN , then on the template it will also be necessarily specified.There applied different through its application to the corner of the door (as in the example shown) , or on it listed different color centers drilling mounting holes for each level (size).

So, if the master decided on the required size and location of the place details, you can proceed to the installation.

The template is fixed on the lines , core location for holes

template mounted on the lines, core location for holes

  • template with maximum precision is fixed with adhesive tape strips to the door leaf on these lines.Kerner outlined center hole is drilled.
Boring holes for screws

Boring holes for screws

  • electric drill holes drilled required installation instructions diameter.
Fixing the door closer housing

mount enclosure latching

  • the supplied mounting parts (screws) mounted door closer body.It should once again check the correct orientation of adjusting screws.
Mounting adjustable arm bracket

Mounting bracket adjustable lever

  • next step - installing the bracket (foot) with adjustable knee lever system.

If linkage parts in the package are connected together, this joint should be temporarily disassembled - its final assembly will be carried out when adjusting the door closer.

Installation bracket may be dependent on the amount of force closers

installation bracket may depend on the amount of force the closer

More a caveat.The bracket can be asymmetrical performance, so you should compare its location with the required door closing force.In this case (below) shows the two positions - for -2 EN and EN -3 and 4.

  • next step - setting hard , unregulated knee lever system.It is planted on the closer axle slots (usually - tetrahedron ) and fixed by a nut with a wrench.
  • Mounting adjustable knee lever system

    Mount unregulated knee lever system

Before it pivotally connects both levers, consider still one installation subtlety:

Need for a smooth finishing of the door

need for a smooth finishing of the door

- In the casewhen priority is a smooth closing of the door without knocking, and she it is not equipped with a latch or sealing, adjustable knee lever is placed perpendicular to the surface of the door and hard lever - at an angle to it.Connection is carried out with a fully closed door.Length adjustment lever is easy to change, turning or turning away a few turns of the screw him.

Требуется закрытие двери "с прихлопом"

required closing the door "to prihlopa»

- If the door is closed you must finish accentuated force (set locking latch or seal), the scheme is somewhat different.Hard lever in this case must be perpendicular to the door leaf, and under this arrangement fitted knee length adjustable.Thus, the closer the spring initially gets a little loaded, which will increase the force with complete closing of the door.

  • After adjustment of the "triangle" is going to hinge between the two tribes.

In fact, this is standard procedure, and the closer the installation finishes, you can continue to adjust.However, as practice shows, door design can give certain «surprises», which will require the use of special mounting plates (plates) or over:

the lever arm on the mounting bracket

bracket lever on the mounting bracket

  • too deep door opening not gives possibility to place the lever arm directly onto the door frame.In this case, it is set on the mounting bracket.
The reverse situation - the mounting area with a door closer housing

opposite situation - the mounting area with a door closer housing

  • « Mirror" situation, when installed on the mounting bracket itself already requires housing latching .
The design does not allow the door to place the closer full body

door design does not allow to place a full body latching

  • leaf design gives not possible to install the door closer body on the surface (eg, a highly positioned glass).In this case, the first mounting plate is attached, and then, thereto, the housing itself.
Difficulties with the installation bracket to the door frame

Difficulties with the installation of the bracket on the doorframe

  • door leaf extends slightly the frame, or place on it does not allow to fix it to the bracket.To align one level housing and mounting arm, to create conditions for a reliable mounting need to install the mounting plate.
Normal placing the closer body prevents the bizarre shape casing

normal placement of the housing latching prevents bizarre form of casing

  • complex figurative form of the door jamb not gives level platform for mounting the door closer body.Exit - pre-installation of the mounting plate.

mounting brackets or plates, are generally not included the closer, but it is usually presented for sale in a wide enough range for most models.

Adjusting installed latching

After mounting the door closer is required to make the necessary adjustments so that his work was the most comfortable for the hosts .