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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ursa Insulation specifications

Quality insulation of their homes - one of the most important tasks of any owner of property.Of course, when diligent approach, the landlord will seek high efficiency thermal insulation, meaning at the same affordable prices for heating materials, environmental and fire safety posed by the structure.A guarantee such a combination can only be high-quality products known manufacturers.

Ursa Insulation specifications

Insulation Ursa specifications

One of the most popular insulating material is mineral wool, made from environmentally friendly natural materials.If we argue from the standpoint of cost, it becomes the most profitable use of mineral wool on the basis of fiberglass.But, the truth, about the glass wool can hear a lot of "negative" - ​​low resistance, fragility, tendency to stall and loss of volume, soaking moisture, etc.Perhaps all this is true, if the material is understood to acquire an unknown manufacturer.But things are quite different, when you select a high-quality thermal insulation Ursa specifications which wi

ll be discussed in detail in this publication.

few words about the history of the brand « URSA»

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  • 1 few words about the history of the brand «URSA»
  • 2 Product Lines «URSA»
    • 2.1 heating materials «URSA GEO» line
      • 2.1.1 Video: dignity insulation materials «URSA»
    • 2.2 insulation material «URSA TERRA» line
    • 2.3 insulation material «URSA PUREONE» line
      • 2.3.1 Video: a qualitative breakthrough in the manufacture of mineral wool - «URSA PUREONE»
    • 2.4 Heaters line «URSA XPS» on the basis of extruded polystyrene
    • 2.5 Proprietary membrane line «URSA SECO»

logo of the brand «URSA» can not be confused with one another - a white silhouettes bear with a cub.That is literally translated from Latin, the word «ursa».This trademark was officially registered not so long ago - in 2002, but the history of the production of thermal insulation and building materials of the company - much richer.

The original , easily recognizable logo «URSA»

original, easily recognizable logo «URSA»

origins should be sought in the early twentieth century - in 1907, Spanish businessman Jose Roviralta decided to organize the production of innovative at the time of construction materials on the basis of fiber-cement.Interestingly, as a raw material originally used mineral rocks delivered from Russia - to the Ural Mountains.This fact gave the name of the company - «URALITA», which literally means "the Ural stones."

thing, as they say, anything, was spread, and soon enough the products, "the URALITA" became recognized and very popular all over Europe, and the company "crossed the border" and has become a transnational group.

At the end of the last century, the concern includes the company «Pfleiderer» and «Poliglas» - leaders in the production of thermal insulation materials.At the moment then it was made a logical decision to combine all research and manufacturing facilities operating in the insulating materials sector, under a single brand - so was born the "white bear» - «URSA»

Nowadays products under the brand «URSA»produced by 14 enterprises, rassolozhennyh in various European countries.Three powerful plant operating on the territory of Russia - in the city of Chudovo Novgorod region and the town of Serpukhov - Moscow.

Interestingly, the plant in Chudovo is the oldest division in the whole structure of the concern «URALITA» - is a company which specialized in glass before release, counts its history since 1876.Now it is - a powerful, completely modernized enterprise that meets the most stringent international quality and environmental standards.

Product Lines «URSA»

main volume product brand «URSA» is a mineral wool insulation on the basis of fiber glass, produced on a special developed technology experts of the company, eliminates or minimizes the disadvantages of typical glass.However, the range of «URSA» is not limited to - in the sale are brand innovation fibrous insulating materials «URSA PUREONE» and insulation based on styrofoam ektruzionnogo «URSA XPS».In addition, a special issue of the membrane coatings needed to create effective systems of thermal insulation.

insulation material line «URSA GEO»

This - the most common material in the company's portfolio.Its basis is glass made from the purified quartz sand with mineral additives.Special eco-technology production, "the GEO", which details, of course, are trade secrets, making the products completely safe for humans and the environment - respected the canons of the modern approach to "green building."

All kinds of «URSA» products comply with the highest environmental standards

All types of products «URSA» comply with the highest environmental standards

  • Although the production of mineral wool insulation is not possible to dispense with organic binders, their emissions in the «URSA GEO» reduced to almost zero, that is, on the premises will bemaintain a clean and healthy environment.
  • major advantage heaters «URSA GEO» is incombustibility and resistance to high temperatures.Material not only be ignited, but also prevents the spread of flame.
  • material has expressed biopersistence - he does not give the debate or rot, does not serve as a breeding ground for any form of life.
  • convenient form of release line heaters «URSA GEO» greatly simplify the installation of thermal insulation structures.Despite its apparent fragility, glass fibers have excellent strength and elasticity.In some cases, the installation of thermal insulation plates or mats do not even require additional fixation.
  • Insulation «URSA GEO» stands out against the background of increased longevity - it does not fall, does not lose the form and performance, and is able to faithfully serve for at least 50 years.

The assortment row «URSA GEO» - about 20 titles.It makes sense to consider those that are most commonly used in individual housing.

  • «URSA GEO M-11»
Mats «URSA GEO M- 11 "

Mats «URSA GEO M-11»

This type of insulation can be safely attributed to the most popular - it has high flexibility, and is used in virtually every sphere of privateconstruction to build thermal insulation or noise insulation designs:

- for insulation of inter-floor or attic floors on beams or joists.

- for insulating partition walls or create soundproofed interior partitions.

- can be used as insulation in multi-layer brick or stone walls.

- perfect for warming of loggias and balconies.

- is used for thermal insulation of piping or ventilation ducts.

Available in rolls of various lengths and widths - very easy to self-install.

  • «URSA GEO M-11 mini»
Reduced release format - «URSA GEO M- 11 mini»

Reduced release format - «URSA GEO M-11 mini»

in private housing practices are not uncommon sites for thermal insulation and sound insulation which is more convenient to usesmall-format material.The manufacturer has thought this question - «URSA GEO M-11 mini», being on operational parameters of the analogue type presented above, is available in the form of narrow mats, twisted into coils.This greatly simplifies the transport of the material and by car, and carrying out independent installation.

  • «URSA GEO Private house»

species name speaks for itself - it is increased versatility product designed specifically for use in the construction of individual apartments or insulation.

Universal mats «URSA GEO Private house "

Universal mats «URSA GEO Private house»

Great for insulation slabs on the beams or joists, insulation for partition walls, for the construction of the internal light baffles with the required level of sound insulation.

Convenient packaging material - it is designed for 20 m² that facilitates calculations when planning a construction or repair work.

  • «URSA GEO Light»

If owners are primarily interested in questions of efficiency thermal or noise insulation work, you can stay at the "lite" version of insulation - «URSA GEO Light".

The most affordable form of insulation - «URSA GEO Light"

most affordable form of insulation - «URSA GEO Light»

That material also has the versatility - it can be used in horizontal unloaded insulating structures (floors and ceilings on the beams and joists), as well as acoustic ceilings and interior partitions.

  • «URSA GEO pitched roofs»

Material specific purpose - specifically designed for thermal insulation of pitched roof constructions.At the same time creates a reliable thermal insulation of the roof and highly effective protection against the penetration of external noise, which is particularly important for roof dwellings.

«URSA GEO Pitched roof"

«URSA GEO pitched roofs»

In the production of this type used a special technique - «URSA Spannfilz», which can be translated as "elastic felt."Plates have expressed great elasticity and become vraspor between the rafter, and thus providing a good fit, and the lack of "thermal bridges".

interesting and the release form - sheets per roll.This makes it possible to easily carry out the cutting of the material in any direction, minimizing waste in non-standard distances between the rafters.

  • «URSA GEO Universal plates»

In some cases, the usual thermal insulation work in the house or apartment is more convenient to use not roll mats, and some plates.This is also stipulated in the product line - you can buy universal plate.

Insulation in the piece format : «URSA GEO Universal Plate "

Insulation in piece format: «URSA GEO Universal plates»

The main purpose of this material - insulation of wall construction and the creation of sound-proof walls.However, they are not in vain called universal - slab should be fine for insulation slabs, pitched roofs, cold floors on logs, balconies and loggias.

Comfortable length and width of the plates (600 × 1000 mm) greatly facilitate their installation in environments such as confined spaces or limited workspace.

  • «URSA GEO Sound-»

special type of material is intended primarily for use in the construction of internal frame partitions.It has a pronounced noise-attenuating properties (sound absorption class B).Special roll size (width - 610 mm) is designed for installation between the guide frame located at the standard 600 mm.

Mats «URSA GEO Sound- "

Mats «URSA GEO Sound-»

However, these mats are used for thermal insulation and soundproofing floors, creating acoustic ceilings.

  • «URSA GEO Framework»

The main purpose of this variety - heat insulation of structures on a metal or wooden frame.Thickness range - from 100 to 200 mm can effectively insulate the walls in the construction so popular in our time frame houses.

Especially for the frame structures - «URSA GEO Framework "

especially for frame structures - «URSA GEO Framework»

Designed mainly for vertical wall constructions.The material has a high degree of elasticity (due to the already mentioned technologies «URSA Spannfilz»), which ensures the stability of thermal insulation layer and the absence of "cold bridges".It can be used also as an insulating middle layer at "laying the well", for thermal insulation of roofs and floors on joists or beams.It can be used to create insulated ventilated facades, but with mandatory use of windproof vapor-permeable membrane.

belongs to the category of professional thermal insulation materials.

  • «URSA GEO Facade»

boards based on glass fibers, designed exclusively for external wall insulation technology, "ventilated facade".Have increased strength and dimensional stability.On the outside are covered with black glass-fiber high-density and strength, which makes it unnecessary to use an additional wind protection.

Plates «URSA GEO facade " with a hard outer coating

Plates «URSA GEO facade" with a hard outer coating

If you plan to dual-layer facade insulation, these slabs are used for the outer layer.

  • «URSA GEO M-11F»

special kind of insulating mats specifically designed for thermal insulation of premises with high humidity (eg, baths or saunas).

«URSA GEO M- 11F " - foil material , specially designed for baths and saunas

«URSA GEO M-11F" - foil material, specially designed for baths and saunas

From the outside is coated with aluminum foil.This layer creates a reflective screen that redirects the heat flow in the direction of the room, and at the same time becomes an effective barrier, prevent the entry of steam into the thickness of the material.Thus, when the inner insulation is no need to use additional vapor barrier membranes, which greatly simplifies installation.

Scope - thermal insulation of walls and floors in the baths and saunas, but it can also be used in other insulating structures inside the building.

The following table lists the basic parameters of said line heaters «URSA GEO».Indicators of the thermal conductivity are indicated for temperature 10 and +25 ° C as well as for normal (mode A) and wet (Mode B) conditions of daily use.

M-11 M-11
Light Pitched
frame Facade M-11F
Thermal conductivity, W / m × ° C
λ10 0,040 0,041 0,041 0,044 0,035 0,036 0,035 0,032 0,040
λ25 0,044 0,044 0,044 0,047 0,038 0,039 0,038 0,034 0,044
λA 0,044 0,045 0,045 0,049 0,040 0,041 0,040 0,036 0,044
λV 0,046 0,047 0,047 0,052 0,042 0,044 0,042 0,039 0,046
Water vapor permeability mg / m × h × Pa
0,64 0,64 0,65 0,7 0,64 0,51 054 0,51 0
fire safety class
Group flammability
working rangetemperature, ° C
-60 ÷ + 270 -60 ÷ + 220 -60 ÷ + 220 -60 ÷ + 220 -60 ÷ + 220 -60 ÷+220 -60 ÷ + 220 -60 ÷ + 220 -60 ÷ + 270
Water absorption for 24 hours, kg / m², not more
1 1,1 1 1,2 1 1 1 1 -
The dimensions mm
- length 7000