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August 12, 2017 18:06

Paint wooden floor with their hands

messy stained floor or old paint from peeling paint spoil the view of the entire room interior.Therefore, if the owners have undertook Remo nt square artiry, you can not leave without upgrading floors.One of the most common ways to freshen up the floor to this day remains his painting, despite the emergence of numerous new-fangled coatings.

Paint wooden floor with their hands

Paint wooden floor with their hands

However, it should be noted that such a seemingly simple process, like painting the wooden floor with their hands, and takes on new forms.Previously, traditional for this element of the house was brown color of various shades, the present many creative owners of apartments are on a bold experiment, using all the colors of the rainbow, and sometimes creatively combining them with each other.

Other property owners still prefer not to risk it and do not change the old traditions.But supporters of ecological interiors, seeking to draw your home with natural materials while preserving their natural beauty, covered

with wooden floors transparent varnishes, water-based or oil tinting.

Nevertheless , whatever method of transformation of the floor surface is chosen, the wooden floor should be thoroughly prepared for the application of paints.

for preparatory activities directly to the paint application process will require certain tools and materials, the quality of which directly affect the appearance of the finish.

Tools and materials for painting wooden floor

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools and materials for painting wooden floor
    • 1.1 Tools for
    • 1.2 We select materials
  • 2 preparation of the wooden floor to paint
    • 2.1 Preparing the old floor
    • 2.2 Video: preparation of an old wooden floor for paint work
    • 2.3 preparation of a new floor
  • 3 Paint wooden floorwith their hands
    • 3.1 Video: process monochromatic coloring of wooden floor
    • 3.2 Video: example of the floor of the original painting in the apartment

Tools for

So, for the work will be needed the following paintingand construction tools:

Basic and tools - roller, brush , paint tray.The tray can be removable liners

Main and tools - roller, brush, paint tray.The tray can be removable liners

  • tray of paint needed for maximum convenience when painting the main area of ​​the floor roller.Do not try to replace the tray improvised containers , since its construction everything is thought out for comfortable work - he never tips over from accidental shock and it provided bevel one hand - inclined planea corrugated surface, which helps to remove excess paint with a roller.
  • Roller will conduct work faster as he immediately paints a fairly large area.In addition, it provides smoothness deposited layers .It is best to purchase a roller that has a long handle - then work will be much easier and more convenient.When you purchase is necessary to take into account the length of the roller nap on on cage - it should be of medium length, otherwise the paint will stay up unevenly.
  • brushes of different widths - not do without them in the performance of painting joints between floors and baseboards, as well as the reach of the roller.
Masking tape , adhesive tape can be of different widths

Masking tape, adhesive tape can be different widths

  • Masking tape will be needed if intended to put on the floor surface a few paint colors, as well as for sealing the floor seats, walls or baseboards that do not require such registrationbut there is a risk of accidental contact with a brush in the process.Masking tape is waterproof, so it becomes reliable barrier for paints and varnishes of all types.When the tape is removed, under it are perfectly clean surface.
Spatula will need to remove the old paint and repair the surface

spatula will need to remove the old paint and repair the surface

  • rubber and metal spatulas need to seal gaps between the boards for repair or preparation of the floor, as well as for removal of layers old coating.
Speakers bumps and knots can be cut down a chisel

Speakers bumps and knots can be cut down stamestkoy

  • chisel becomes necessary for the expansion and purification of the old putty gaps between the boards, as well as for srubaniya bulging knots or other small speakers on the floor surface irregularities.
Scraping machine is needed in preparation for painting large areas

Scraping machine is needed in preparation for painting large areas

  • Scraping machine is needed in the event that the floor is old paint coatings or in the case where the surface has many defects and requires extensive equalization.
  • Building a hairdryer with attachments will be needed when the wooden floor has several layers old paint coatings.If the task to make the floor smooth and aesthetic, then you first need to remove all the layers, and then move on to other preparatory activities.

We select materials

From the materials you will need for filler and primer for wood , wooden slats for sealing wide cracks and, in fact, the very paint.Very often, especially when using organic based paints require a suitable solvent - for imparting paint consistency and tedious cleaning implements and hand after operation.

Fillers for repair work on the wooden floor

for sealing cracks in the floor suitable several types of fillers.Each of the formulations has certain properties to be aware of this when choosing the material for the job.

Oil- adhesive putty

Oil-adhesive putty

  • oil and oil-in-adhesive putty manufactured using glue, sifted chalk, linseed oil and desiccant - substance , which promotes rapid drying of the composition.However, despite the presence of the latter, this type of material dries much longer than other fillers.However, after drying it is quite reliable and has a long service life.
Probably very comfortable - acrylic filler

probably very comfortable - acrylic filler

  • Acrylic putty made of talc and barite or plaster with the addition of ocher and zinc oxide.It fills the gap well, easily aligned and quickly dries.This kind of material is not only suitable for filling gaps, but also to align the small recesses, if the floor is ready for painting.When hardening material remains elastic, so when a minor deformation of boards, putty will not work out of the slits, and take the right position.

similar to putty kept safely, before it application slit must be cleaned, washed and dried.

  • Good suitable for plank floor and homemade putty made on the basis of wood glue with the addition of fine sawdust.This material for sealing cracks fast drying, easy to apply and leveled.The service life of the material long enough.

Also fillings, for the preparation of the floor will need linseed oil for the impregnation of boards or wood primer - they are necessary for the protection of material from pests, as well as for easy and smooth application of paint.

Paint wooden floor

choosing filler, it is necessary to move to the least responsible procedure - to the selection of the desired paint.

The choice of colors for the floor - wide enough

Selecting colors for the floor - wide enough

Today in DIY stores represented a wide range of different products, and there is always a possibility to find the most suitable.Therefore , going for shopping, you need to be well prepared and know exactly what requirements must meet Paint mother.

  • First , you need to take into account the humidity in the room where the floor is to be covered by the selected paint.
  • Second , consider the type of wood floor and state boards.
  • third factor, which need to remember - this load level, which will fall on the floor covering, as traffic in different rooms can vary significantly.For example, in the hall and kitchen mechanical action on the floor surface is several times higher than in the living room or bedroom.

most often painting the floor boards used oil paint, which for decades its use has proved particularly resistant to wear.It is also important that this is probably the most inexpensive option.However, do not forget about the main drawback its - drying of this long.

also often choose the enamel composition - it is popular that dries quickly and gives smooth coating.There is such paint has, of course, more expensive.

addition colorful compositions for floor use impregnating varnish and alkyd and acrylic, water-soluble base.But they are suitable for coating new or perfectly free from the old coating of wood, which has a beautiful textured pattern and color.If

upcoming painting considerable area, then one can not confine ourselves to a jar.Having considered the overall floor , it will be sufficient exactly accurately determine how much paint you will need.Very often in the original container or in the accompanying instructions on the application of the paint specified by the manufacturer recommended consumption per square meter wooden floor.If such information is not available, you can calculate the approximate required amount with regard that per square meter takes an average of 200 - 250 gr. composition on one layer.

If you plan to cover the floor in two layers, accordingly, you need to buy paint in 1,7 - 1,8 times more, than on one layer - the firstFloor takes more material, than to follow.

should pay attention to the lot number of the acquired paints - it should be the same.The compositions of article , produced at different times or on different lines may vary in shade and tone.That will not be visually noticeable in the store, then can appear on the painted surface of the floor.

Preparation of the wooden floor to paint

Regardless of the old floor will be painted or new, just packed, preparatory measures are necessary in any case.

Preparing the old floor

If made restoration of the old floor, having painted in several layers coating the have serious work to bring the board in almost original condition.

Such old floor requires real hard training

Such old floor will require real hard training

first step make the dismantling of old baseboards and only then proceed to further action.

Further, audited mounts boards with nails to the crate (logs).During the years of operation of the floor nails could rise above the level of its surface - they should be drowned in the timber, otherwise they will obstruct the work on further cleaning the floor plane.

  • If the floor was applied thin layer of paint, it can be cleaned using a sander - belt, the eccentric or disk type , which often can be rented in specialized stores-stores, or invite to perform such workthe master having its own unit.With such a purification method may be not only free from old floor coverings and refresh, but also to align it perfectly smooth surface.
Hand sander belt type

Hand sander belt type

  • If the old flooring is made up of many layers of paint , then it first have to clean off, for example, by building a hair dryer.After heating certain floor area, the paint is removed with a spatula or special scraper, which is usually supplied with a hair dryer.
Removing layers of old paint from the building dryer

Removing layers of old paint from the building dryer

  • When the paint is cleaned off and the audit shows that the leveling surface is not required, will clean the surface with a hand sander .
  • If manifested uneven floor, with uneven relief joints of boards, without the big scraping machines can not do.
  • After sanding process all dust and debris from the surface must be carefully removed.Manually do not succeed - need a strong (better - building) vacuum cleaner.
  • Next closed up all the large and small gaps between the boards.The narrow opening just filled putty material which compares with the floor surface.
Shpatlevanie thin slits between the boards

Shpatlevanie thin slits between the boards

  • wide gap, if necessary, slightly expand upward.For them, preparing rails that narrow wedge to bottom along the entire length.Then their side surfaces are covered with a thin layer of putty or wood glue, and carefully driven into the rail openings slots.
Embedding large gaps with rails - wedges

embedding large gaps with rails - wedges

  • above the surface areas reek- wedges after drying the adhesive composition sostragivayutsya plane.
  • After complete drying of the repaired areas spend more one grinding surface is completely smooth out any unevenness.Then, it provides a thorough cleaning and dust removal , and you can proceed to the next step.
  • entire surface of the floor it is necessary to treat the hot linseed oil or modern composition primer.In this regard, more profitable, of course, ready to use modern impregnation, so they decide to just two problems - work as an antiseptic and makes the surface smooth, giving it a good adhesive qualities that facilitate the subsequent application of paint.Any applied to the surface of the materials necessary to dry completely.

Video: preparation of an old wooden floor for paint works

Preparation of a new floor

When good-quality device, new floors, the boards are usually perfectly adjusted to each other, and cracks form should not, so this milestone immediately eliminated.

The new floor is usually sufficient only finish grinding

The new floor is usually sufficient only finish grinding

however, that the floor surface is perfectly smooth and looked aesthetically pleasing, especially if you plan to cover the board transparent lacquer formulations, it is necessary to polish its using hand-sanding or scraping machine.

Sex should always be primed , and best of all - twice

Sex should always be primed, and best of all - twice

Further, flat surface and cover the heated drying oil or antiseptic primer and let it dry thoroughly.The new wooden flooring is recommended to be primed in two layers, as the first of them is almost completely absorbed into the wood, and the second will create the optimum for brush and roller surface.In addition, high-quality priming paint will save because it liquid components are abundantly absorbed into the wood.