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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sawdust as insulation

Although in recent years, the market appeared a large variety of modern insulation, environmentally friendly waste from the wood industry has not lost its relevance as thermal insulation materials.It is , of course, first and foremost on the sawdust.

Sawdust as insulation

sawdust as insulation

Especially often use sawdust as insulation in the construction of houses in regions rich in forest expanses, as there is usually a large number of sawmills.This means that it is possible to acquire the material for a low price, and sometimes - even find almost nothing.

sawdust as insulation - "pros" and « cons »

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  • 1 sawdust as insulation - "pros" and "cons»
  • 2 Preparation sawdust
  • 3 home insulation methods sawdust
    • 3.1 sawdust clay
      • 3.1.1 Mixing
    • 3.2 process insulation clay, sawdust composition
      • 3.2.1 warming clay and sawdustcrude weight
      • 3.2.2 insulation of walls and floors are clay and sawdust mats
    • 3.3 sawdust cement
    • 3.4 warming of bulk material
      • 3.4.1 Video: attic insulation dry sawdust

Sawdust and materials made on their basis, are used for insulation of almost all elements of the house - camp ceilings, walls, floors, cellars and the like .In addition, manufactured from wood waste blocks, which are widely used for construction of residential and utility buildings.

Sawdust - waste that there is the broadest application

Sawdust - waste that there is the broadest application

This material does not lose its popularity, thanks to the positive characteristics, which include the following:

  • One of the most important advantages can be considered the absolute environmental cleanliness of sawdust.They do not emit toxic substances for human health, so they can be used in any amount.
  • important advantage - the already mentioned available for the low price of the material, and sometimes the possibility to get them free.
Sawdust is great for insulation of attics

Sawdust is great for insulation of attics

  • Sawdust - perfect insulation for the roof, of course, with the right subject to stacking technology.If the insulating layer corresponds to the required thickness, according to the climatic conditions of the region, such a warming is not at all inferior in their effectiveness of other modern materials.
Specific gravity kg / m3
Thickness filling in mm, with an average winter temperature of air outdoors, oC
-15 -20 -25
Sawdust 250 50 50 60
wood chips 300 60 70 80
  • Sawdust can be used for thermal insulation , how flowing state in the normal and in other forms.For example, this plate may be a mixture with other natural or artificial materials.

The disadvantages in using this heater in pure form can be attributed the high flammability.However, when used in clay dust or cement mixtures, their substantially reduced flammability.

If argue with those positions that rafters, attic floor and walls of frame houses are made of wood, pre-treated retardants , the dust perfectly fit into the construction of the complex, provided that will also be subjected to special treatment.Furthermore, it will be necessary to provide quality insulation of all the electrical cables that will cross the insulation layer or placed in its thickness.It requires special attention to insulation and chimney pipe where it passes through the attic floor or placed against a wall.

It should be noted that the dust - is not the only natural material that has long been used for housing insulation.And if you look at the table, as proposed below, they did not lose another natural « thermoinsulator ».

Natural heating material weight material
kg / m3 Thermal conductivity
Tow 180 0,037-0,041
Vata 80 0,036
Felts different - 0,031-0,050
Bonfire different 150-350 0,04-0,065
Moss 135 0.04
sphagnum peat- 150 0,05-0,07
Needles 430 0.08
sliced ​​straw stuffing in 120 0.04
straw mats - 0,05-0,06
thin wood chips in packing 140-300 0,05-1,0
Dry leaves - 0,05-0,06
sawdust 190-250 0,05-0,08

course, not all chips are the same - a lot depends on the breed and quality of the wood, the processing of which they are received.

So, virtually undisputed "leader" are oak chips in this matter.They are less hygroscopic than sawdust obtained from other species of trees.Even if moisture gets to them, it does not bring them much harm as oak has his part of the natural antiseptics.Therefore, they are not susceptible to rot and do not swell in contact with them water.

However, oak sawdust too common material not called .Do not worry - well suited as insulation and waste from softwood: spruce, larch and pine.Coniferous wood in excess has its part of essential oils, staunchly opposing the appearance of mold or rot, that is the very nature of the material incorporated in antifungal and antiseptic qualities.

Preparation sawdust

sawdust, pure, not prepared as not entirely suitable for the production of blocks or for backfilling as insulation.After the final drying, they become extremely fire-hazardous material.In addition, they may be chosen for the device nests various insects or rodents.

Therefore , with clean material, you must first work:

First filings processed by special trains, which have antiseptic properties and flame retardant .

Fire retardant makes it virtually non-combustible dust ...

Fire retardant makes virtually non-combustible dust ...

First sawdust mixed with antiseptic deep penetration, and after drying - with fire retardant .All processes can be carried out on the laid film ventilated area under the roof, for example, under a canopy.

... As an antiseptic to prevent the biological processes of decay , the appearance of fungus , insects and rodents nests

... antiseptic and prevent biological processes of decay, the appearance of fungus, insects and rodents nests

  • After processing flame retardant, sawdust mixed with slaked lime that does not allow to live in the insulation of rodents and insects.

Lime is added to the sawdust in the ratio of 1: 5, that is, one part lime to five parts of sawdust.The measurement can be carried out bags - such as getting enough sleep five bags of chips and a bag of dry lime, and then thoroughly mixed.If the work will be carried out manually, the mixing can be carried out using conventional hoe and shovel.

  • In addition, we must note that the sawdust used for thermal insulation in the form of free-flowing, over time, have property sink, reducing the air layer formed, and, of course, losing their quality for insulating.Therefore after a certain period have dosypki do them or lay them on top of the other heater.

Given this negative factor subsidence, to avoid the need for periodic updating or enhancing thermal insulation layer, is a mixture of sawdust, lime and plaster, in a ratio of 9: 1: 5. The mixture is moistened with water, stirred, and immediately placedon the prepared substrate.

Since the plaster hardens very quickly, the composition should be cooked in small portions, to have time to put them to pour in a place intended for them, otherwise the material will be spoiled.

If you do not want to take the time, adjusting to the setting time of gypsum, it can be replaced with cement mortar.

When using this method of insulation, pre-drying of sawdust is not required.They can be used immediately after delivery to the mill.

Methods for warming homes filings

As mentioned above, for thermal insulation with sawdust used several variants of different mixtures with the addition of gypsum and cement , but the most popular still remains old folk method - structure with clay.

Sawdust with clay

clay and sawdust - are two natural materials that are safe for the health of residents of the building.The mix they form a material with excellent thermal insulation and waterproofing properties, is therefore well suited for the insulation of walls and ceilings baths.After hardening clay is not affected by the hot steam that can not be said of most other advanced insulation or waterproofing materials.Well, sawdust, are in the mix, create a good thermal insulation effect.

addition, clay and sawdust mixture sufficiently endures high temperatures and fireproof .

The advantages of this structure include the fact that such a heater well suitable house, built in every region - and there, where summer heat reaches critical thermometer marks, and there, where winter standing reflux reskuchie frosts.

mixture of clay and sawdust, not only keeps you warm in the cold season, but did not give heated rooms in the strongest heat, so house , thermally insulated this mixture, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Unlike modern insulation, clay and sawdust material can last a century, without decomposing and without losing its original qualities.

insulate the building using waste wood and clay - not so simple.That there was to achieve the desired effect of thermal insulation, it is necessary carry out work according to certain requirements:

  • The mixture should be prepared in compliance with certain proportions, otherwise the composition will be low adhesion, and if the walls are they besmear oneself, afterdrying not possible shedding.
The wall , smeared with clay , sawdust composition

wall, smeared with clay, sawdust composition

  • To achieve the maximum effect of the warming, the mixture on the wall must be applied correctly and have certain thickness.

In modern conditions this compound is rarely used for drawing on the wall - often filings with the clay used to create insulating layer in the attic ceiling, where the material will be subjected to serious load.

Wall insulated mats made ​​of clay mixed with sawdust

Wall insulated mats made of clay mixed with sawdust

If you want to produce wall insulation, it is best to make for insulating slabs of clay and fine sawdust or chopped straw or reeds.

Experienced builders working with such material, it is recommended to use a cane, because it, for whatever reason, absolutely can not tolerate rodents.

plant fibers mixed with clay solution will be for the kind of "reinforcement", which will increase the carrying capacity of thermal insulation layer on the walls.


There are several methods of making clay and sawdust mixture for warming the house.There are also several techniques its laying.So, from the finished mixture can be made mats, which are fixed on the walls and stacked on the attic floor.

Another option is putting some wet mass kneaded between joists or application it on the wall, on a pre-fixed crate .

for manufacturing thermal insulation mixture and its continued use is necessary to prepare certain materials and tools.It would take:

  • sawdust, clay and water.
  • Glassine and waterproof sko PM for I Bonds.
  • metal box with low bumpers (or trough) for mixing the mass.
  • Most container for soaking the clay.
  • bucket .
  • shovel and hoe.
  • Smooth board, of which will be collected for the production of panel blocks.

mixture turned to plastic and drying or crack, you must observe the correct proportions of starting materials.

A. In that case, if the mass of raw will be laid on the floor or on the wall surface, taken buckets of sawdust on bucket clay, diluted to creamy state.

To get a consistency of clay, its spread in large capacity, for example, in an old tub or trough and is filled with water, in proportions of 1: 1.Clay swelling is left for a day or more - depending on the original dry material.

Clay is preparing for pre-soaking

Clay prepares for soaking

Then the mass is well mixed until smooth.If the mixture was very thick in it can add a small amount of water, again mix well and leave still 5 ÷ 6 hours.To proce ss etc. Oshel faster weight should be periodically stir .

If possible, it is best to soak the entire the need for clay time - it is from this will not deteriorate, no matter how much or was in the water.A solution of mixing can be carried out as an expenditure previously cooked portions.

If the farm has a concrete mixer, the work will much faster.On hand at the most convenient mixing performed using hoes and shovels.

The mixing sawdust with clay

Mixing clay with sawdust

for mixing clay and sawdust solution will require more a large but shallow capacity of thin metal, with borders 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.There are poured out the required number of chips to one portion of the batch, and, according to proportions laid clay mixture.The formulation is then mixed well and laid out on the prepared floor or attic is applied to the wall.

B. If you decide to insulate the house mates from sawdust-clay mixture, the materials are taken in proportions of 1: 1.While there is a swelling clay, for the period necessary to produce the required size form, which will be laid in the prepared mixture.

If the mats are stacked on the attic floor, you should determine the distance between the beams and the height - on these parameters and manufactured form.They are, in fact, represent a box without a bottom.

Making a clay - sawdust - mat units in improvised forms

Manufacturing clay-sawdust-mat units in improvised forms

It is best to make several forms, for the manufacture of several mats.