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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to warm the floor from heating

Systems « warm floor" is rapidly gaining popularity among owners of private country houses and city apartments.This is not surprising - this heat exchange circuit in the room is the most efficient and cost-effective - the heated air from the floor evenly rises , creating optimal comfortable temperature distribution without the formation of horizontal convection currents.

How to warm the floor from heating

How to warm the floor from heating

Schemes warm sex a lot - they are water that is piped to circulate the heat transfer fluid, and electrical, which use different heating circuit from the power supply.Due to the fact that electricity is not called cheap , many homeowners are paying increased attention on the "water" scheme.Not only have owners of city apartments are tempted to take advantage of the laid in the house a central heating circuit, so the search engines of the Internet in the top queries in in Always meets and a "how to make a warm floor away from opleniya".

Unfortunately, many articles on the subject b

egin with, the reader is drawn the most promising prospects, for example - "this warm floor unit is not complicated and it could be done in the home."Is it so?Practice shows that the equipment is of such a system would require the application of considerable force to overcome the most diverse problems as purely technological and administrative nature.

The purpose of this publication - not so much a step by step guide on independent hardware system water « warm floor» away from opleniya, but a review of all the complex issues embodiment of project with possible options to resolve them.Assessing the scale of the work, the nature of the upcoming difficulties and their own strength, it is likely some of the owners of the apartments will make a decision in favor of the electric « warm floor" is much easier to install.

Difficulties administrative

Article Contents

  • 1 Difficulties administrative
  • 2 Possible solutions for pipe-laying "warm floor»
    • 2.1 How to rise the surface of the floor?
    • 2.2 Insulating mats
    • 2.3 What tubes are optimal for the "warm floor»
    • 2.4 Video: Tips for choosing pipes for floor heating
    • 2.5 What "pattern" laying choose
  • 3 Features connecting circuits "warm floor" to the existing heating system
    • 3.1 process of laying and connecting pipes, launching a "warm floor" system
    • 3.2 Video: recommendations for proper installation circuits "warm floor»
    • 3.3 Video: screed on top of the pipe option "warm floor»

First of all, you need to stay on that equipment such "warm floor" with connection to the central heating can prevent administrative barriers.

central heating system is calculated by taking into account power boiler, boiler-bandwidth, system wiring pipes in apartment buildings, the number and total area of ​​the heated apartments and many other factors.Box of additional heating circuits, especially , having a considerable length, necessarily affect the general parameters of the system.Well, if the boiler capacity and the possibility of wiring can compensate for heat loss, but this is not always.Thus, the tenants of apartments, connected to one riser may experience a decrease temperature radiators that lead to complaints about the work of public utilities.

The installation additional contours of the warm sex necessarily require coordination with the organization, carrying out heating of an apartment building, and not the fact that about on to it will .Of course, there are always "clever" that can connect "in a pirate" without notice utilities specialists, but sooner or later it is detected and ends with the imposition of considerable penalties.

As a rule, authorization may be given if the apartment is located at the end of the heating circuit.For example, in the scheme of heat supply from the bottom up , should not have any problems the owners of the apartments on the highest floor - the selection of additional heat will not affect the other occupants of the house.Conversely, when the supply of heat is applied top, this advantage will be the owners of apartments on the first floor.But in fact, and in another case, heat supply organization, certainly, require the installation of additional appliance accounting thermal energy for individual counting payment its expenditure.

Most likely you need to install the device metering of heat energy

probably require installation of meters consumed thermal energy

Control or heat supply organizations are to meet in the case, if the apartment heating system does not apply common coolant and energy transfer is carried out through a special device - heat exchanger.Circuit « warm floor" in this case becomes certain degree of autonomy, but the device accounting , consumed heat nevertheless all will still be required.

The transfer of thermal energy from the heating system can be arranged through the heat exchanger

transmission of heat from the heating system can be arranged through the heat exchanger

Such problems with the resolution for the installation of water « warm sex" can not be only the owners of apartments with autonomous heating system that is disconnected from the main network and installa gas or electric boiler and a closed loop is not communicating with the outside. This, of course, meant that the installation of its own heat generator (boiler) and "autonomy" has already received advance the appropriate approval.But even in this case, will face considerable difficulties, but now - technological nature.This speech will below.

Possible solutions for laying pipes « warm floor »

If concord nature no more problems, you have to solve the problems with the system piping circuits « warm floor".There have to face a lot of nuances - to assess the possibility of raising the floor level and the additional load, the acquisition of high-quality components, creating reliable thermal insulation, the choice of laying schemes and flooring technology behavior p tr K.About all - on by row.

How to rise the surface of the floor?

This factor should be considered in advance, even before the start of all subsequent works.The system of water « warm floor" means reliable insulation base to expensive energy is not wasted left, just to warm slabs between floors.

For apartments, located above heated rooms is considered sufficient layer of 30 mm in the standard insulation (eg extruded polystyrene).In the case where such heating is installed on the ground floor, under which - cold plinth or basement, or ground layer is required not less than 50 mm, and sometimes up to 100 mm.

Монтаж "теплого пола" всегда приводит с существенному повышению высоты покрытия

installation of "warm floor" always leads to a significant increase in the height of the coating

But this still not all.It is necessary to add the thickness of the tie, which will close the pipe and is a powerful heat accumulator.That is, you need to add more at least 50 mm.Plus - the thickness of the finish flooring.In sum, to get a general raising of the level surface.Based on this result, it is possible to assess whether it is real to fulfill the conditions of the apartment.

is possible to dispense with a concrete screed, reducing the height of the floor on this lift.

The metal heat exchanger plates

metal heat exchanger plates

For this purpose, a system of laying pipes in heat transfer metal plates, which are set into wooden modules are ready, rack or lagged design or in insulating mats.

One option plates Use - rack joists

One option plates Use - rack joists

heat dissipation while , of course, is somewhat reduced, but it is inevitable price to pay for space saving.

Anyway , certain raise the level of the surface can not be avoided.If the system « warm floor" will be planned only in separate rooms, then it lead to the formation of steps in the apartment, which is not very convenient in everyday life - such a factor, too, need to keep in mind.

Insulating mats

So, as mentioned above, pipe-laying « warm floor" will require pre-insulation surface.Rolls of polyethylene foam, even with foiling , would not be enough (with a few exceptions), and are usually used for this purpose special mats.They come in several forms:

  • Flat polystyrene mat thickness by 30 foiled coated with up to 50 mm and, ideally, a lamination layer that is applied marking grid to facilitate laying of pipes for the developed scheme.
Flat polystyrene mats with road marking lines

polystyrene flat mats with marked lines marking

For fixing pipes special clamps are used to such mats - "harpoons", or, when pouring screed reinforced pipes are attached to the reinforcement mesh using polymer homutov- "ties".Also, for convenience could be used and special mounting rails.

Optional mounting tubes to flat mats

fixing pipes to flat mats Option

  • Foam polystyrene profile mats with special lugs, location and height which allows securely fix the tube in position.
Laminated profile mats are very convenient for laying pipes

Laminated profile mats are very convenient for laying pipes

particularly useful such mats with laminated cover and lock system for the mutual coupling - they create a single surface, which does not require additional waterproofing.

These mats are made from high-density expanded polystyrene (40 kg / m³), ​​which guarantees maintaining the load and from the drenched tie, and arising during operation.Standard dimensions of the profile of one such panel - 1,0 × 1,0 or 0,6 × 0, 8m .Thickness varies (without accounting height bosses) within 5 ÷ 50 mm, the permissible step of laying pipes of 50 mm or more (multiple of 50).

These mats give and yet another advantage - their complex relief structure, along with the physical characteristics of polystyrene give a great shupomogloschayushy effect.

What tubes are optimal for « warm floor »

pipes in the system « warm floor" are mounted with an eye to the long period of use, during which its regular revision is simply impossible.That is why the choice they should be handled with utmost care. what requirements they must satisfy:

  • inadmissible welded pipes - they will not give a guarantee of safety circuit when the pressure in the it .
  • For the same reason, you should avoid any joints in the circuit were - and this place is vulnerable to blockages, and for the formation of leaks.
  • pipes must have the necessary margin of safety - they lying load and from the coolant, and the outer, the severity of the screed flooring and dynamic loads.Should be guided to measure the pressure resistance of not less than 8 ÷ 10 bar.
  • Pipes should have the highest rates corrosion resistant , resistance to the formation of scale deposits, chemical inertness."Beach» pipelines - oxygen diffusion, and the best would be the choice of material with a special protective layer of this process.
  • Not everyone can like the noise of water flowing through the pipes.Then, the pipe should possess an appropriate level of sound insulation.
  • diameter - commonly used tube 16 or 20 mm.Understatement lead to a sharp increase in hydraulic resistance and reduce heat dissipation and extremely thick pipes significantly raise the thickness of ties and lead to significant heat loss in the overall heating system.
  • pipes must be purchased one whole segment of the contour, the length of which, with a diameter of 16 mm must not be more than 60 - 80 meters.If this value is exceeded, the loop may appear in a "closed loop", when the pressure produced by the circulation pump will not be able to cope with internal hydraulic resistance.If this is not long enough to cover the entire area of ​​the room, have to organize two or more separate circuits from a single collector.

What pipe is preferable to « warm floor»:

  • from the use of polypropylene or steel pipes should refuse immediately - they can not be laid without additional connecting elements.
Контур "теплого пола" из медной трубы

Contour "warm floor" of copper pipe

  • Good performance and heat transfer , and flexibility in copper pipes.The only their minus - this material has a very high price.
Metal pipes with connecting fittings

Metal pipes with connecting fittings

  • Metal pipes are perfect for « warm floor" system, but with a few caveats.Applying should really quality stuff, as there are cases of the pipe body rupture from overpressure.The problem, in fact, is not in unreliability of the structure itself, but the fact that the market is saturated with low-quality counterfeit materials, does not hold water.In pursuit of low price is easy to get into a very unpleasant situation - the , that can be easily eliminated, such as running water, could have disastrous consequences at the location of defective pipes in the floor thickness.

More one remark - an aluminum layer, generally although resistant to corrosion, but still with time under the influence of oxygen gradually loses its quality and become brittle.This significantly reduces the lifetime of such tubes.Therefore, the choice of material is best to stay at its varieties with a special oxygen barrier.

PE-Xa pipe made of cross-linked polyethylene

PE-Xa pipe XLPE

  • leading position in this area has recently started to keep the pipe cross-linked polyethylene.Process with a pecial processing of polymer - "Staple» creates additional dimensional intermolecular bonds that output gives excellent performance strength and flexibility of the pipe.Optimum pipe are labeled PE-Xa , in which the degree of « crosslinking » reaches 80 - 90%. Even better, if pipe structure included layer « EVON » - it almost completely blocks the possibility of oxygen diffusion.

In addition, some manufacturers increase PE-Xa pipes still welded aluminum layer and overlap, and similar products are ideal for use in heating systems - they can withstand the most critical load.

Convenient , but very expensive stainless steel corrugated pipe

Convenient, but very expensive stainless steel corrugated pipe

  • Competition plastic pipes recently began to make stainless steel corrugated.They have excellent flexibility, and the outer and inner layer polyethylene coating makes them almost completely impermeable .