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August 12, 2017 18:06

Building a house with his own hands

The current trend is that many residents of large cities would not mind living close to nature, in his own house.Demand for suburban areas is constantly increasing , building on them is growing.

Building a house with his own hands

house with his own hands Construction

Of course, the easiest way to hire a team of builders, which will assume the main burden.But for the majority of Russians tend to try everything on their own, so many in the acquired practice site for construction of houses with their own hands.

for the central and northern strip Russia of traditional building materials has always been a tree, and in spite of the variety of other features, wooden house does not lose its popularity. truth, and do not cost technologies in the matter on the spot, and instead of the log cabins of round logs began to actively build the house from a bar.

house from a bar may well be erected yourself if with all seriousness approach to the choice of materials for its construction and properly learn the basics of this technology con

struction.Well start , probably, it is necessary to become more familiar with the material to be able to properly choose it, as this will depend on how the future home will be comfortable, and how long he will stay without repair.

What cant choose to build?

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  • 1 What cant choose to build?
    • 1.1 Planed timber
    • 1.2 shaped timber
    • 1.3 Glulam
  • 2 From a wood board for home better?
  • 3 Can I save on material?
  • 4 house building
    • 4.1 Video: Stages of self-construction houses of timber
    • 4.2 Foundation
    • 4.3 Walling
    • 4.4 Rafter system and the roof, attic floor
    • 4.5 Installation of the wooden floor
    • 4.6 Video: especially the construction of the house from a bar

correctly chosen wood - is half the success in building a reliable home.It is therefore important to know in advance what types of timber are, and how they differ among themselves.

What kind of timber you choose?

What cant choose?

the construction market is represented by three main categories of large beams - is glued , planed and profiled.To determine the choice, you need to get information about each of them.

The following table briefly presents comparative characteristics of wooden beams, planed and glued :

Comparative characteristics of conventional and laminated veneer lumber
Criteria for assessing the material Neutral beams Glulam
Draft 6-8% 0,4%
warpage due to uneven moisture evaporation (violation of the geometry - the screw, bend) possible Excluded
Cracks in width to10 mm allowed in length, the strength is not affected
at depths of up to 150 mm
in length up to 1500 mm
Loss appearance is due to fungal manifestations possible Excluded
wormhole, rot possible Excluded
surface not have a perfectly flat surface, there may be knots or holes from them, cracks smooth surface that does not require additional processing
Temperature fluctuations Deformationwood Lack leashes
insulation quality required additional insulation Meets the requirements of SNIP II-3-79 «Thermal Engineering»

planed timber

The cheapest - planed timber

most inexpensive - planed timber

Planed timber has a square or rectangular cross section, and made it out of whole logs by their crop.

Manufacturing planed timber

Manufacturing planed timber

Compared with the other two species, planed timber advantage is its affordable price.If we compare the bar with a log or brick, it is much easier installation of these materials requires less cost and effort measurements.Furthermore, the very structure of planed timber is much lighter in total weight than brick or laminated timber.

However, this type of material has a number of significant deficiencies, which need to have to know.

Planed timber made of wood having natural moisture.By reducing the moisture wood dries, and it can manifest undesirable consequences:

  • Cracks - is the most common adverse manifestations of drying wood.They increase the thermal conductivity of the walls, so more hassle bring warming.In addition, the suffering and the appearance of the material, that also requires specific measures - leads to the need for additional work and unnecessary costs.
Beach of low-quality timber - cracking

Beach low-grade timber - cracking

  • Deformation - may also occur after the evaporation of moisture from the timber.So, you can buy a beautiful and smooth material, and in time it can be curved in an unexpected way.
  • mold, rot and blue - appear when storing the material in the timber unsuitable for the conditions, for example, in damp, poorly ventilated areas, with bars, stacked next to each other.
The unfortunate consequences of improper storage

sad consequences of improper storage

  • Slots - usual lack of a simple timber, as it is often made from non-compliance with precise dimensions.Not surprisingly, when laying, between bars formed cracks and dries the wood, they become less, and vice versa - increase.The slots will need to plug and means , need to wait until the wood dries out at least a little, otherwise the work will be done in vain, and it later have to repeat again.
  • Shrinkage - is also a consequence of the drying of wood, as the boards with several reduced in size.The result can be a drawdown of the entire construction and its value will depend on the ambient humidity and the percentage of the initial moisture content of wood.
Caulked cracks between the beams

caulked cracks between the beams

It must be remembered that the subsidence construction will deformation installed window frames and door openings , will be damaged and the internal and external decoration.

Therefore erected of timber frame, roofing, should be given time to settle and adapt to new conditions.Only then can continue the construction work.

Planed timber does not have the ideal shape and surface, and with the appearance of the above defects, he loses much other kinds of construction material.Therefore, it is usually acquired for a building if the facade will be warmed and top dismiss other materials.

shaped timber

shaped timber differs from the usual sliced ​​presence with its working parties comb , which are also called tongue and groove.By purchasing it, you can avoid some of the problems mentioned above, typical of planed timber.

Profiled beam

shaped timber

Profile Form is different - it can be comb with numerous teeth, three large and two located at the edges.The last variation nt etc. edpolagaet laying in the middle of the timber felt pads.

Which profiles to choose - depends on the moisture content. If it is increased, it is best to choose a profile designed for stacking with a heater, because when prosyadet bar, felt not allowed to create a gap, and then , the wall will not be purged through.

Felt lining boards between the studs

felt pads between the boards spiked

Small comb must exactly fit to each other when combining the two bars.

Shaped timber with frequent small comb

shaped timber with frequent shallow comb

beam with such a profile must be dry, or when drying teeth comb can be deformed and give unwanted cracks through which the cold air will get into the house.

Most often profiled timber is manufactured to order, on the basis of the draft drawn up by the house.Master immediately provides all the parameters of the walls and the location of the door in the wall, as well as cuts "cups" for the corner connections timber.Each of the components is numbered, so the installation of the walls carries out simple enough.

should be noted that usually shaped beam is made of kiln dried logs , having proce nt ow azhnosti no more than 20 ÷ 22%.If this rate is higher, the material is considered low-grade.

If sold-dried shaped beam, it does not give a large shrinkage.But this material is made from whole logs, it is not immune to cracking, so after the construction of the house and cover also requires a certain exposure to adapt the walls to the external environment.

Laminated veneer lumber

Laminated veneer lumber - most reliable variation nt to I construction of the house.It has excellent performance, as it has the optimum moisture content for the construction, all the board, dice, or bars with a small cross-section, from which it is made , carefully prepared and dry before bonding.

The most durable and reliable , no doubt , is a laminated board

The most durable and reliable, no doubt, is a laminated board

construction of glued timber frame does not require exposure - it can finish immediately after the construction.

Glued bar has virtually no drawbacks - he does not crack and does not gives shrinkage, and in addition, each slat to be bonded is treated retardants and antiseptics, which aims on to wood protection against fire androt.Ready house need not, in principle, additional internal and external finish, and it can be carried out only when the respective desired holder.

Glued bar too often made to order and each part is assigned a number, according to which and built.

From a wood board for home better?

More one very important question after timber type selection - what wood is best suited to build a house?If you rely on a "dry figures", you can ask for information to the table of physical strength characteristics of wood:

wood Breed Average
kg / m³
tensile strength, MPa
Along the fibers Across fibers
Stretching Compression Static.
Pine 500 110 48 85 7.5 86
Spruce 450 120 44 80 6.8 79.5
Fir 370 70 40 70 6.5 68.5
Larch 660 125 62 105 11 111.5
Oak 700 130 58 106 10 107.5
Beech 670 130 56 105 12 108.5
Birch 630 125 55 110 9.2 109
Aspen 480 120 42 78 6.2 78

But perhaps , figures - figures, but rather acquainted with the material closer:

  • Oak - has a dense structure of structural and beautiful textured wood pattern, but when dry it is prone to cracking.Therefore, if you want to build a house made of oak, then definitely you need to choose glued option.
Oak glued laminated timber

Oak glulam

It should immediately be noted that the timber - one of the most expensive materials, but she's worth it.Houses made of oak timber - is reliable , long-lasting and durable structure that will last, with proper installation log, a hundred years.Due to the density of the wood is practically does not absorb moisture, and if additional processing of oak timber can be called completely moisture-resistant.

  • Larch - one of the most suitable materials for the construction of the house, as practically not subject to the emergence of fungal foci due to the presence in its resin natural antiseptic components.
Timber Larch

Bruce larch

wood has a high density, which contributes to the fire resistance.The house, built of larch, also serve more than one generation of the family.

Larch has a nice color and beautiful texture.She is not afraid of any moisture, so from her built bridge supports even through small river.The houses, built of larch, because of natural antioxidants and volatile, contained in its wood, created revitalizing climate.

Lack - quality timber from larch is expensive, so if you can not build a house entirely made of this material, then it is laying between the foundation walls and timbers.

  • Spruce and pine - wood, these x x War breeds is the most affordable option for the price and has good characteristics for the erection of the framework.
Pine lumber - most running because of the relatively low price

Pine lumber - most running because of the relatively low price

Pine has a rather soft texture, so it easy to handle and adjust.In her pleasant warm shades, and the core when drying takes on a reddish-brown color.

on pine trunk is usually a lot of knots, but they have an oval shape with the cut.Wood is riddled with numerous resin ducts, and because it almost does not crack, which is very important to retain heat in the house.

log house made of pine timber, almost not gives shrinkage, as the material is exposed to little deformation.

Spruce bars are not much different from the pine physical characteristics, but have a slightly different color.The wood is lighter, and it not so pronounced textured pattern, like pine.

Spruce wood is slightly inferior in quality pine

spruce is slightly inferior in quality pine

structure of spruce - a loose, so its thermal conductivity is lower than that of pine.But very large number of knots difficult process, so spruce material is not so popular.

The houses, built of the same x x War breeds, is easy to breathe, which favorably affects the health of all family members.Properly constructed built of pine can last a long time.