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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rockwool Insulation specifications

Care for a comfortable stay in their own home rightly belong in the category of priority.Maintaining an optimal indoor climate systems provide heating, air conditioning and ventilation, but their work will be in vain, or, or extremely uneconomical if the elements of a residential building does not have a high-quality thermal insulation.Do not assume that the insulation of the house is important only in the winter cold -dobitsya desired coolness in the hot summer days will also be impossible without it.

Rockwool Insulation specifications

Rockwool Insulation specifications

One of the most popular insulating materials having a pronounced thermal insulation properties and the most safe for human health, is a mineral wool based on basalt fibers.There are many brands of this material, but the standard of quality of such products is perhaps the Rockwool insulation specifications and the application of which will be discussed in detail in this publication.

Trademark ROCKWOOL® - super guarantee

Article Contents

  • 1 Trademark ROCKWOOL® - super guarantee
    • 1.1 Videos: a little about the history and prospects of the group of companies ROCKWOOL
  • 2 main advantages of basalt heaters brand ROCKWOOL
  • 3 Types of heaters ROCKWOOL and their main characteristics
    • 3.1 Using ROCKWOOL insulation for thermal insulation of external walls
      • 3.1.1 a) wall insulation with a ventilated facade technology
        • Video: dignity insulating ROCKWOOL Light Bats Scandic
      • 3.1.2 b) Warming of the two-layer masonry
      • 3.1.3 c) Insulation of partition walls
      • 3.1.4 g) wall insulation by the "wet facade" technology
      • 3.1.5 d) insulation of walls inside
    • 3.2 ROCKWOOL materials for thermal insulation of floors and ceilings
      • 3.2.1 a) warming of floor on joists
      • 3.2.2 b) Warming of the floor under the screed
    • 3.3 Warming of the attic and roof slabs ROCKWOOL
      • 3.3.1 a) Insulation of pitched roof structures and attic
      • 3.3.2 b) Insulation of flatroof
    • 3.4 warming bath or sauna
      • 3.4.1 Video: how to spend the sauna insulation slabs ROCKWOOL bATH Bats

The title of the article made a colloquial name of insulation - Russian transcription "Rockwool".It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, it is not entirely correct.

ROCKWOOL - is a registered trademark, unchanged since 1936, and the company's management strictly monitors compliance with all the rules of his references and writing.That's right - without the quotes, in Latin script, and only capital letters.We will not and we violate these rules, especially because of its rich history and the quality of products manufactured under this brand, ROCKWOOL group of companies is respect earned in full.

Corporate Group logo ROCKWOOL

logo of a group of companies ROCKWOOL

direct ancestor of the modern industrial giant ROCKWOOL is a company founded back in 1909 in Denmark - at the beginning of its field of activity was the production and sale of rock and coal, as well as the production of roofing tiles.

Launch of insulating materials under ROCKWOOL brand was laid in 1937.In principle, the agreement on the terms of trade mark registration and production of mineral wool insulation is not accidental - if you try to literally translate the name, turn on the "rock" - "rock" or "stone" and "wool" - "wool"."Stone wool" - a better name, and you can imagine!

Today ROCKWOOL group of companies - is the world's largest producer of such material, and to a certain extent - "trendsetter."With its own R & D centers, leading technologists working on the continuous improvement of performance of its products, the introduction of new technologies to improve the production process.

Currently, the products under the brand ROCKWOOL made on the 28 major plants located in 18 countries on different continents.And the demand for products is always very high - trade missions are active in 35 different countries, and the trend towards the expansion of this network.

Russia (at that time - even Soviet) market insulation ROCKWOOL brand began to develop as early as the 70s of the last century.The main customer is the shipbuilding industry - basalt wool showed themselves well, as a reliable thermal and sound insulation material to successfully deal with the typical ships high level of noise from the power plant, extremely high and low temperatures, all in high vibration environments.In addition, the most important quality for this use is safe from the point of view of fire.

Firstborn among industrial enterprises ROCKWOOL on Russian soil - plant in the Moscow Region Railway

firstborn among industrial enterprises ROCKWOOL on Russian soil - plant in the Moscow Region Railway

since 1995 earned the first sales office ROCKWOOL, the Russian Federation, and currently four powerful plant successfully operating in our country (in Moscow, Leningradka Chelyabinsk regions and in the Republic of Tatarstan), which not only provide the needs of the domestic market of building materials, but also supply products to the countries of near and far abroad.

on the results of the independent expert group ROCKWOOL companies received international environmental certificate confirming compliance of the products of this brand to the highest requirements EcoMaterial standards.Moreover, in 2012 we achieved certification «Ecomaterial 1.3», proving that not only the insulation material but also the process of their production - completely harmless for humans and for the environment.

Environmental certificates assigned to the company ROCKWOOL

Environmental certificates assigned to the company ROCKWOOL

One of the key areas of research and production activities of the group ROCKWOOL company is embodied in the life of the modern concept of energy-efficient homes - residential building with a most comfortable climate and the highest, 70 - 90% savingsexternal power.This program started to produce almost a full range of thermal insulation for all building components, related materials required for the proper and effective insulation.

Videos: a little about the history and prospects of the group of companies ROCKWOOL

main advantages of basalt heaters brand ROCKWOOL

It would seem, what is the relationship between the structure of stone and cold insulation?Certainly, the principle was "peeped" in nature.When volcanic eruptions, molten rocks form a lava flows that solidify under the influence of wind can create the most subtle, but surprisingly durable mineral fibers.It is a similar phenomenon, and is used in the core technology of production of stone wool.

raw material does appear, seemingly lackluster basalt rocks.These minerals are very common throughout the world, their production, as a rule, is simple and not very expensive, as is done open way, so that the shortage of the raw material is not expected.

Shacks on the type of stones - the raw material for the production of stone wool

Shacks on the kind of stone - the raw material for the production of basalt wool

After this preconditioning, the raw material loaded into the furnace, where under the influence of a temperature of about 1500 ° C is transformed into the liquid molten mass.This melt enters the special centrifuge is atomized into tiny stream and solidifies in the form of thin and long fibers (fiber diameter is typically less than 15 microns, and length - 50 mm).

The fibrous structure of basalt insulation

fibrous structure of basalt insulation

Frozen fibers are first gathered in a kind of "carpet", which is treated with special binders and hydrophobic compositions.Then there are the pressing stage to ensure the required density parameters obtained mat pass additional thermal treatment, and at the end of the production cycle are cut into blocks of standard sizes with further transfer to packing line.

The result blocks required dimensions and density, consisting of randomly distributed finest basalt fibers in the weave which creates a huge amount of air-filled cavities.This structure, rich immobile air, in principle, determines the highest thermal insulation characteristics of the finished mineral wool.

According to its insulating qualities of basalt wool ROCKWOOL successfully compete even with the most modern thermal insulation materials on an organic basis, but it has a whole range of advantages.

  • First of all - it is already mentioned the ecological purity of the feedstock, the process of its processing and products obtained.It could be argued that in the processing chain is still present processing services amounted to fibers based on formaldehyde resins.However, their content is negligible, but also - in the final heat treatment of mineral wool is almost complete polymerization of these substances, and they are unable to give evaporation representing at least some threat to human health.No wonder ROCKWOOL products awarded certificates confirming compliance with the strictest sanitary standards - heaters are suitable for use in all types of residential and public buildings, including the children's and medical institutions.
  • Mineral basalt wool ROCKWOOL - is not only an excellent thermal insulation, but also a very effective barrier against the spread of airborne and impact sound.Thus, with proper installation of sound insulation system, can achieve a reduction of external noise air from 43 to 62 dB, and the impact - up to 38 dB.
An important advantage of the material - the hydrophobicity .Water droplets roll off on it

important advantage of the material - the hydrophobicity.Water droplets roll off on it

  • basalt - itself "does not get wet," non-absorbent structure and special treatment ROCKWOOL plates also provides them with pronounced hydrophobic quality.Material is not saturated with water, so - does not lose its insulating qualities, and it does not create favorable conditions for development of microbial life forms.A natural mineral basalt wool does not become a breeding ground for parasitic microflora, insects or rodents.The processes of biological decomposition, debate, rotting basalt fibers and is not peculiar.By the way, even many served basalt heaters are well suited for recycling - the material does not lose its properties over time.
  • hydrophobicity is not to say the impossibility of passing through the structure of the material is water vapor.On the contrary, the water vapor permeability in slabs ROCKWOOL - excellent, which is very important to maintain a normal temperature and humidity balance in the insulation of buildings.Of such materials usually say that they allow the house to "breathe".
Плиты ROCKWOOL свободно пропускают водяные пары - стены остаются "дышащими"

slabs ROCKWOOL freely pass water vapor - the walls are "breathable»

  • One of the key qualities - fireproof material.Whatever may be said about the synthetic insulation, none of them can not be considered absolutely safe in terms of fire and discharge is extremely toxic combustion products.And if technologists experts struggle with giving their synthetic materials fire safety classes KM1 or KM2 (which is considered a good achievement), then with insulated ROCKWOOL «verdict" is simple: safety class KM0 (completely safe) and flammability group - NG, that is,incombustible.No wonder these boards are not only used for thermal insulation works, but also to create effective fire barriers.
  • chaotic arrangement of fibers not only causes high thermal and sound insulating properties of the material - it provides the durability of a heater, which did not shrink even in adverse conditions.This means that over time will not form gaps or voids, and initial thermal insulation design quality will remain at the same level during the entire period of use.A lifetime of insulation ROCKWOOL without losing any properties have been, subject to installation technology, estimated to be at least 50 years.

In addition, a clear "geometry" ROCKWOOL insulating materials makes them extremely convenient installation.Basalt plates are easily cut to the desired size, but do not lose their shape while not delaminate and crumble.However, they are sufficiently flexible and resilient to be able to perform even complex insulation in its configuration of building structures.

  • Unlike other mineral fiber insulation, basalt wool does not express irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, and work with it is much safer and more convenient.However, compliance with certain requirements still need.

Such dignity Basalt insulation ROCKWOOL causes their wide application in residential construction:

Application ROCKWOOL plates in construction and insulation of private homes

Application ROCKWOOL plates in construction and insulation of private homes

1 - insulation of external walls of a variety of structures (frame, wooden, capital) and usingdifferent technologies - multilayer stacking, ventilated IOM "wet" plaster facade, etc.It also may include thermal insulation of the basement part of the facade.

Subject to certain requirements may insulation walls on the inside of the house.

2 - construction of internal partitions in the house with giving them high acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics.

3 - insulation of floors of any structure, including a filled subfloor and floor.

4 - thermal insulation of the roof, including a pitched or flat roof of virtually any design.Warming of the attic (attic) rooms.

For all these activities in a number of ROCKWOOL assortment of products presented as a universal material, and having expressed specific properties - for specific elements of the building.

ROCKWOOL Types of heaters and their main characteristics

elaborate more about the entire range of thermal insulation materials ROCKWOOL on a scale of one article - it is hardly possible, because the range of the company - an extremely wide and varied.Therefore, the focus will be on those products which are most often used in the private house building.

Using ROCKWOOL insulation for thermal insulation of external walls

a) wall insulation technology ventilated facade

This technology - one of the most commonly used.It ensures optimal paroobmen, prevents the walls from getting wet external or internal moisture, allows you to choose any decorative coating of the facade in its sole discretion.

Driving insulation wall of the house from a bar is shown in the diagram below:

Thermal insulation of walls from a bar on the principle of ventilated facades

wall insulation from a bar on the principle of ventilated facades

1 - a wall of the timber.

2 - frame construction.The guide frame placed at a distance from one another of 580 ÷ 590 mm (neat lumen) to the most dense packing of mineral wool.

3 - insulation ROCKWOOL Light Bats or ROCKWOOL Light Bats Scandic.

4 - diffuse windproof membrane ROCKWOOL walls, which will not allow the destructive effects of wind on the heater, do not miss to it from outside moisture, while at the same time, it will not impede the free evaporation of moisture in the atmosphere.

5 - kontroobreshetki slats that will set the required gap between the façade cladding and insulation layer.

6 - facing facade - siding, "block-house", special front panels, etc.

materials ROCKWOOL, used in this design:

  • ROCKWOOL Light Bats - lightweight insulation boards, which are designed for thermal insulation in the composition does not load the structure.