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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to align the floor in the apartment

This article will be described in detail the process of how to line the floor of the apartment with the help of finishing rovnitelya.This material is especially useful for novice builders who intend to align the floor in an apartment or private house in a short time.

Time spent on leveling the floor in a manner that will be discussed below is - about 2-3 hours and is the simplest and cheapest way to leveling floor.

The process of applying the primer on the floor ( floor primer )

process of priming the floor (floor priming)

Required tools and materials

For alignment, we need:

  1. Primer Cerecit CT 17 (or equivalent).

    The primer Ceresit CT 17

    primer Ceresit ST 17

  2. Finishing rovnitel Cerecit CN 175.

    Ceres KH 175

    Ceresit CN 175

  3. Primer.

Step floor leveling technology in an apartment with the help of finishing rovnitelya / self-leveling mixture

  1. To rovnitel well stuck with the existing floor we need to sweep the floor should be thoroughly using a broom, then it would be great to vacuum the floor.
  2. Once cleaned floor comes the next step - priming .For priming the floor need
    a primer - ceresit CN 17. The primer is applied to the surface of the floor in order to: strengthen the floor surface, to reduce the absorbency of the base surface, absorb the existing dust, strengthen the surface, increases the spreadability of finishing materials.Priming the surface is made, as with a roller and with a brush acceptable.

    The process of priming the floor with a brush

    process of priming the floor with a brush

  3. Once the floor is primed must be allowed to dry about 2-4 hours.

    Paul primed

    Paul primed

  4. next step - is the process of issuing beacons for floor leveling.The guide will serve to align the metal profiles.Fasteners matallicheskih guides made on the cast.
    Putting beacons using gypsum

    Putting beacons using gypsum

    Fixing beacons on the cast - photo

    Mount Beacon on gypsum - photo

  5. Alignment beacons made by means of a spirit level.In this step, it is necessary to check the angle of the beacons, both individually and relative to each other.
    Aligns location beacons using a spirit level

    location beacons are aligned using a spirit level

    We begin to align the floor using rovnitelya

    begin to level off the floor using rovnitelya

  6. When rovnitel already beginning to spread on the surface of the floor, we take an impromptu flat and spread the mixture over the entire surface of the floor.

    Evenly distribute rovnitel using rules

    evenly distributes rovnitel using exactly

Video - leveling floor apartment


Thus, as you can see the floor alignment is not a difficult job apartment, which is under the power almost any host.

important point in the whole design is the right choice of finishing rovnitelya.Usually the best rovniteli have a higher price, but better quality.

Also pay attention to the location of the beacon - is the basis on which there is a floor leveling, so do not prenebrigayte using a spirit level.