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August 12, 2017 18:06

Thermal insulation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands

The way insulated ceiling in the bath depends, how long will be kept warm indoors.Anyone who has ever quite a bit familiar with the laws of physics, know that hot air always rises .But if he touches cold surface of the ceiling, then quickly cools and begins to descend.Thus, the steam will quickly vystuzhivatsya because oven not be able to cope with the rapidly heating the circulating air.Plus, not insulated ceiling in the bath - it's always unpleasant condensation droplets hanging over his head, ready to fall down at the most inopportune moment.

Thermal insulation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands

Insulation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands

Insulation of the ceiling in the bath with his hands - it is possible with the use of a variety of insulating materials.But to achieve the desired effect, you need to carry out this work correctly. Nevertheless , if the right materials, the task seems feasible even for the inexperienced builder, if he will follow the technological recommendations.

Warming will be effective in the event t

hat will be observed sequence of steps.Insulationworks bath ceiling consist of three main stages - this vapor barrier, thermal insulation and waterproofing.

should never trust those manufacturers of insulating materials that claim that their products can «one fell swoop" and replace paroizoliruyuschuyu membrane and waterproofing film - is just a publicity stunt.If you want to get high-quality insulation, do not deviate from the proven technologies of the time.

Video: theoretical rationale for warming bath ceiling

Article Contents

    • 0.1 Video: theoretical rationale for warming the bath ceiling
  • 1 insulation material
    • 1.1 Isover
    • 1.2 foam
    • 1.3 Keramzit
    • 1.4 Ecowool
    • 1.5 Sawdust and cement or clay
  • 2 Vapor
  • 3 Waterproofing
  • 4 Ways of warming bathceiling
    • 4.1 boarded ceiling
    • 4.2 Video: warming bath ceiling sawdust
    • 4.3 grazing ceiling
    • 4.4 Panel ceiling

insulation material

Toto choose the right heating material for the ceiling bath, you need to know what requirements it must meet.

Since the bath ceiling will always be under special conditions, such as high temperature and high humidity, the insulation must possess the following qualities:

  • Increased resistance to temperature and humidity.
  • not predisposed to the appearance of the odds m m ikrobiologicheskoy lifetime (mold, fungus, bacteria and the like .), To the emergence of nests insects and small rodents.
  • should go well with the overlap and finishing materials.
  • have a low rate of moisture absorption .
  • important ecological purity of the material, not dryzgayuschaya emissions of harmful and dangerous fumes or simply unpleasant odors.Bath, still .
  • low thermal conductivity, that is, the maximum insulation should keep the heat inside the room and do not let the cold penetrate from the outside.
  • Easy installation without losing quality thermoinsulator .

Table - some specifications common insulating materials:

Key performance material Name Indicators numerically
Density (kg / m³) Mineral wool 100-120
Styrofoam 25-40
Polyurethane 45-50
clay gravel 250-300
Thermal conductivity W / (m ×° K) Mineral wool 0,040-0,045
Styrofoam 0,035-0,040
Polyurethane 0,028 - 0,035
clay gravel 0,10-0,16
Moisture absorption% Mineral wool to 4%
Styrofoam to 5%
Polyurethane to 10%
clay gravel 10-15%

Ksome thermal insulation materials, very often used in a bath, you can take a closer look.


Isover is mineral bearing insulation, which can say, that it is affordable and very practical in use.He belongs to the group of mineral wools, which can have a different basis - slag, basalt, dolomite, diabazaltovuyu and others.

Isover is very popular with builders

Isover is very popular among builders

Isover - one of the most popular insulation for ceilings of houses and baths.This material is produced in rolls and plates, which is very convenient for installation.In addition, there are options for sale, with foil coating, which creates reflection effect of heat into the room, increasing its termoizolirovannost .Made Isover based on glass fibers, ie, it is an advanced analogue glass.It has the following specifications:

  • its coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.038 W / (m × ° By ), which is an excellent indicator for the insulation.
  • Isover - one of the best sound insulator.
  • not a breeding ground for any form of life.
  • features high moisture resistance.
  • Easy by weight, which simplifies rise to the upper floors and the installation of insulation between joists and rafters.
  • Enough environmentally friendly material, which is provided by its composition - is sand, soda and lime.However, the characteristic of resistance to chemical attack.
  • elasticity that provides a snug fit to crate during assembly and easy transportation - material shrinks by 25 - 40 % of the total volume .
  • operation Durability - insulation serves tens of years, does not lose its original quality.
  • material is not flammable - markings on the packaging « NG ».

have the material and its shortcomings, which are not less important to know, what about the merits.But, by and large account , it can be called only one significant negative point:

Using Isover possible only in an environment where the temperature does not exceed 250 - 300 degrees.But such a temperature in the bath is possible only in case of fire.By itself, insulation material is not flammable, but may allocate certain amount of smoke.


Styrofoam (polystyrene) - familiar all material became the basis for a number of other modern heaters.These polymeric materials are also an excellent choice for insulating the ceiling of the bathing areas in their qualities, however, are not without drawbacks.

Foam in a bath - is not the best material

foam in a bath - is not the best material

The advantages thermoinsulator based on polystyrene are:

  • The low thermal conductivity of 0,037 - 0,040 W / m × ° By - is one of the best results among all the insulating materials.
  • ability to use a wide temperature range, enabling them not only to insulate ceilings, and walls of houses built in regions with harsh climates.
  • Easy installation of any of these polymeric insulators.
  • ability to effectively carry out its mandated functions of this material for three or four decades.
  • have polystyrene treated with flame retardants , there is resistance to fire, and thus its scope has expanded significantly.
  • very low moisture absorption , which is very important for the bath space.

The negative qualities of polystyrene materials include the following:

  • Heaters on that basis are subject to degradation and loss of insulating qualities under the influence of ultraviolet light, so the material after installation, you must immediately close the finishing material.
  • These materials are not treated with flame retardants , when burning melt, releasing highly toxic fumes, dangerous not only for the health of the respiratory system, but also to human life.
  • These heaters can not be called environmentally friendly, as they begin to decompose and release toxic components over time.Particularly rapid flow similar processes at high temperatures.Therefore, if you look at polystyrene insulation on this side, then from the use of them in the bath should be abandoned.

has long been used for warming baths natural thermal insulation material . These heaters, currently used, include:

- concrete block different factions, made of clay;

- ecowool , produced on the basis of cellulose;

- wood chips, implicated in the cement , clay or lime.

These materials are "breathable» - they not only retain heat, but also help to moderate air exchange, which is very important in terms of preventing condensation.


This natural insulation can be described as the most suitable for the insulation of the ceiling bath.He has all the qualities that are necessary for this premises.This is the filling material consisting of granules of various fractions made from clay.He easy and has a porous structure that gives thermal insulating effect.

The main thing that was a concrete block quality from trusted manufacturers

The main thing that was a concrete block quality from trusted manufacturers

the positive properties of expanded clay are as follows:

  • ecological purity of the material allows use it , both in open and closed form.He absolutely does not emit harmful or unpleasant fumes or during filling or on the expiration long time.
  • It is durable and does not lose its properties of insulation throughout the entire time of its use.
  • Keramzit not flammable under any conditions, as it is made in the process of high-temperature firing of clay.
  • waterproof material keeps it from damp and from the appearance of intergranular odds m m ikrobiologicheskoy life.
  • Keramzit - a good sound insulator.
  • material hardy and can withstand an unlimited number of freeze-thaw cycles.
  • has low thermal conductivity, which is from 0.12 to 0.16 W / m × ° By - it allows to preserve the heat in the sauna room.
  • Filling of expanded clay - the process simple and fairly clean.
  • The finely - and srednefraktsionnom Leca never settle rodents, which distinguishes it from other insulations.
  • material has an affordable price.


Ecowool - environmentally friendly insulation that is 82 ÷ 85% of the natural cellulose, 5 ÷ 7% sodium tetraborate and 8 ÷ 13% - boric acid.

lignin that is present in the cellulosic fibers of the insulation, facilitates its adhesiveness when wetted.Boric acid protects the fiber from the appearance of fungi and bacteria, insects and t . n - that is, acts as an antiseptic.sodium tetraborate reduces flammability and means - and flammable material.

All auxiliary components, as well as cellulose fibers, are environmentally friendly, have a natural origin.

Ecowool - excellent insulation , but her deposition technology is not always available to all

Ecowool - excellent insulation, but her deposition technology is not always available to all

Ecowool has positive and negative qualities.The advantages include:

  • Very low thermal conductivity of 0,035 - 0, 041Vt / m × ° K.
  • Environmentally friendly insulation - it does not emit harmful fumes.
  • If ecowool will be applied "wet" method, it is in spraying scores all gaps and crevices, making the warming layer is completely solid.
  • Lightweight material allows it to lay layer thicknesses that will help to improve insulation.
  • With proper spraying ecowool last for a very long time - 40 ÷ 50 years.
  • As with "wet" and when "dry" installation, ecowool leaves no waste.
  • material can be reused, as over time it does not lose insulating qualities.
  • Eco insulation is self-extinguishing, flame retardants due to processing fibers.
  • Since the cellulosic fibers are treated with boric acid, will not start in these rodents.

The negative qualities which, just and could hinder the use ecowool for ceiling insulation bath, you can call:

  • Dehumidification ecowool up to 20%.If the attic is arranged quality ventilation, then after the insulation is dry, its insulating qualities are restored.If the room is used all the time, and time for airing and drying facilities is not , it is better to use another heater which is more resistant to moisture.
  • Another obstacle for the installation of insulation may be the need for special equipment.The fact that a more effective method of applying ecowool on the surface of a "wet" when the original raw first moistened in a special unit, then applied under pressure through the pipe to the insulated surface.

Sawdust and cement or clay

People's method of warming the ceiling in the bath is a distribution based on the prepared mixture of sawdust and cement or clay.Sometimes sawdust replaced finely chopped straw.

Old traditional way of warming - the sawdust with a binder

Old traditional way of warming - the sawdust with a binder

thermal conductivity of the insulating material depends on the thickness and density of the stacked layers.

thermal conductivity dependence on the density of the mixture

density dependence of thermal conductivity mixture

To prepare such a mixture, it is necessary to take the dust, lime, cement, and water in a ratio of 10: 1: 1: 1.5.All components are well mixed in the dry state and then filled with water and kneaded into a homogeneous solution.The mixture should be fairly thick - its willingness checked the compression of a lump in the palm of a solution: if a lump is not scattered, and it is not squeezed out of the water, then the composition is ready, and it can be spread on the surface and then distribute evenly.

After drying the mixture on it may cause cracks, they must be repaired with the same solution.

When the coating is ready, it is recommended to put it on top of the insulation foil, foil down.

The advantages of insulation on the basis of sawdust are the following:

  • Affordability.