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August 12, 2017 18:06

A fence made of slate with his own hands

Perhaps one of the most affordable materials for the installation of the fence can be called slate.Under this name, by the way, often involve not only the classic asbestos cement slate, but the profile wavy material from metal, rubber, plastic, bitumen and cellulose.To protect the site or any part thereof not be suitable for all types, but only those who have rigid structure.

A fence made of slate with his own hands

Fence slate own hands

Fence slate own hands can be set from the wave or flat material made of asbestos cement or metal.Sometimes, but very rarely used for this purpose and bituminous-pulp version, known as ondulin or evroshifer.

Types slate suitable for installation fence

Article Contents

  • 1 Types slate suitable for the installation of the fence
    • 1.1 Asbestobetonny slate
    • 1.2 Metallic Slate
  • 2 basis for taking
    • 2.1 Strip foundation with pillars
    • 2.2 Poles without strip foundation
    • 2.3 Video: one way utanovki columns for a fence
  • 3 Installation sheets of slate
    • 3.1 fitting or other decoration
    • 3.2 Video: An example of construction of the fence slate

to determine the choice, you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material, the possible complexity of its installation process.

Asbestobetonny slate

Slate from asbestobetona most often used for fence installation sites and places of pets.It is produced in the form of flat and corrugated sheets.The composition of the material for their production is about the same, but the sheets may be of different thickness and size.

the mixture for the production of this material consists of three components in varying percentages - is asbestos (10%), cement (85%) and water. 5% may discharged various modifying additives.After mixing the composition is extruded into sheets of the desired size and shape, and then enters the drying in a certain mode.

Wave slate

"Классический" волнистый шифер

«Classic» wavy slate

Asbestos cement wave ( some sources - wavy) slate used for the following work:

  • wave slate, having a normal profile is used for roofing.

Wave slate with a reinforced profile is used to cover the roofs of industrial buildings, as it differs from conventional sheets of great length.

  • wave slate, having a uniform profile is used as a coating for residential homes and industrial buildings.It has a medium size, ie more than in usual, but less, than in reinforced.
Driving the wave Slate

Scheme wave Slate

The table lists the standard sizes of the wave Slate:

The dimensions value in mm
(depending on the type of profile)
40/150 54/200
length (L) 1750 1750 ± 15
width (B):
6-wave plate - 1125 ± 15
7-wave plate 980 - +10;-5
8-wave plate 1130 -
thickness (t) 5.8 6,0;7,5 +1,0;-0,3
Wave height:
soldier (h) 40 54 +4,0;-3,0
Ceiling (h ᶦ) 32 54 +4,0;-5,0
overlap (h ²) 32 45 +4,0;-6,0
width of the overlapping edge (b ᶦ) 43 60 ± 7
width of the overlapped edges (b ²) 37 65 -
Stepwave (S) 150 200 -

flat slate

A stack of flat sheets of slate

Pack of sheets of flat slate

flat asbestobetonny slate used for most of the wave barriers as more convenient to installand has a greater thickness.

Sheet size in mm flat slate sheet Weight in kg.
Flat asbestobetonny unpressed sheet (LDL)
3000h1500h12 104
3000h1200h12 83
3000h1500h10 87
3000h1200h10 78
Flat asbestobetonny pressed sheet (BOB)
3000h1200h40 348.1
3000h1200h35 293.98
3000h1500h25 250
3000h1500h20 180

This material is usednot only for the portion of the fence, but also for the installation of baffles in the adjoining business premises or for covering their walls.

General physical and operational characteristics asbestobetonnogo slate - in table:

Indicator Significance
Wave slate 40/150 flat slate Slate flat for cooling towers
bending strength, MPa (kg / cm 3), at least 16 (160) 18 (180) 20 (200)
FocusedDie load kN (kgf) at least 1,5 (150) - -
Toughness KDM / m2 (kgf cm / cm 2), at least 1,5 (1,5) 1,5 (1,5) 2,0 (2,0)
density g / cc. cubic meters., of at least 1.6 1.6 1.7
Waterproof.H. At least 24 - -
Frost: the number of cycles of freezing and thawing 25 25 25
- residual strength in% at least 90 90 90.1
weight of one sheet in kg 26.1 30 27.1

More recently, the entire slate had uniform light gray color.Today it is possible to find material, colored in various shades.

Slate can be marketed colored

Slate can be marketed colored

Colored slate not only has an aesthetic appearance, but also more protected from external influences by a layer of protective paint.Sheets almost do not absorb moisture, and then , become resistant to low temperatures.Practice shows that the service life of the painted sheets of slate about one and a half times more than normal.

have any asbestos-cement sheets have their advantages and disadvantages, which also need to know when choosing the material for the installation of the fence.

positive qualities

The advantages of the 'classical' slate include the following:

  • affordable price compared to other materials used for the construction of fences.
  • Sufficient strength. Asbestobetonny sheet easily withstand the weight of an adult, not deformed and does not rastreskivayas.
  • Durability slate.Since most of this material is intended for roofing manufacturers have established a minimum service life of 30 years and the usual slate of 50 years - colored.However, most quality slate in is much longer as roof.When properly installed in the construction of the fence plates stand for not less than, unless, of course, will not be subjected to shock loading punctuated ..
  • Asbestobeton non-flammable, which is very important for a country area guards.
  • Slate does not corrode, it will not have the devastating effect of the moisture from the soil, or in the form of precipitation.
  • material is heated in the sun is not that also increases the service life.
  • addition, asbestobeton safely withstand any frosts without losing its properties.Usually guaranteed inherent resource frost resistance - not mene 25 deep-freeze cycles and thawing.

Disadvantages asbestos-cement slate

The first step is to name the ones that most often occur if the slate is installed in the form of fencing:

  • The fragility of the material.At the direction of impact or fall asbestobetona sheets easily crack or split, especially in cases where they are made with violation of the technology.
  • Large enough weight sheets, which is for the wave Slate 22 - 26 kg, and a flat and even more - from 78 to 350 kg.To install it in the form of a fence, it is necessary to prepare reliable basis.
  • Asbestos, a part of the slate sheets, releases harmful to humans evaporation, so when sawing or drilling sheets is recommended to protect the respiratory tract and eyes from asbestobetonnoy dust.Near the fence of this slate is impossible to establish a children's sandbox or pool, to equip a place of rest, so as not to jeopardize the health of loved ones.

By the way, has long prohibited the use of asbestos in residential construction in many countries.There are disputes which material is safer - chrysotile asbestos (used in the production in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries) or amphibole (European development).Conclusion - are both carcinogenic substances.It must take into account when choosing the material for the fence.

Metallic Slate

Production of metal Slate

metal slate Manufacture

Metallic slate is often called the decking, which produce mostly made of galvanized steel with thickness 0,4 ÷ 1,0 mm.The surfaces of the sheet is treated with anticorrosive compositions, primed and top coated with a polymer - these materials create a protective layer, which retain the metal from corrosion.

Usually it is - well protected by a multilayer structure

Usually it is - well protected by a multilayer structure

Metal slate used in construction for :

  • roofing covers of houses, technical, industrial and utility buildings.
  • Erection of permanent fences for private suburban areas and temporary fences - for construction sites.
  • temporary covering of walls or outbuildings.

Metallic Slate may be flat (as usual) wave or angular.

Decking (metal slate) is divided into three types of height and profile of the structure:

  • Wall - marked with the letter "C".It is suitable and it is largely for the installation of the fence.The wave height of this profile have from 8 to 45 mm.
  • profile for roofing denoted by the letter "H".The height of its waves is from 57 to 115 mm.It differs even the fact that on the surface are provided grooves for water drainage.
  • Universal profile « NA » suitable for wall and for the installation of the fence, and as a roofing material.The height of its waves can be 35 ÷ 45 mm.

This material has a positive qualities and shortcomings, which need to be sure to be aware if it is selected for the protection of the site.

positive qualities

  • ease of installation, which can be produced one person.
  • Lightweight sheets, which is only 3,5 ÷ 5 kg per 1 sq.m. ., Eliminating the need for construction of the foundation.
  • resistance to fire, resistance to the effects of high and low temperatures.
  • mechanical strength of the material - he did not Daye t t reschin and can not crack, unlike asbestobetonnogo slate.
  • Thanks oxide and polymer coating, sheet metal Slate is resistant to corrosion.
  • Very large selection of colors material
  • low cost of metal roofing slate can significantly save on the fence site.
  • Lifetime metal slate of 35 years or more.
  • environmentally friendly materials.
  • smooth surface prevents moisture and dust trapped on the surface.

Disadvantages material

If the material is chosen for the installation of the fence, you can say , that he has no flaws that could prevent such use. Not many disadvantages of metal roofing slate and when at Menen it to the deck on the roof, but they still there:

  • If you purchased a slate that does not have a protective coating, the service life will be limited, asinevitable manifestation of corrosion.
  • material - very noisy in heavy rain or hail.

Set metallic slate overlapping .For stiffness can be made into two overlapping wave. advance so it is necessary to include in the calculations installation between pillars spans .

basis for taking

After the material for the fence will be selected, you need to decide how best to install it.

applied two variants of the foundations under the fence slate - it bars with crate, mounted on a certain distance from each other, without combining the concrete belt or belt funda im nt to urovannymi it supports.

An exemplary diagram of the installation of the fence

exemplary installation of the fence

scheme When planning the supports necessary to consider the weight and structure of the material selected for the fences.For example, when installing metal roofing slate (corrugated) fit any of the options presented.

To install the fence asbestobetonnogo slate recommended yet choose foundation with filling strip foundation.

If selected for sampling flat slate, the most massive of all the submissions, it is better to put a concrete base for him.And further - each of the sheets enclosed in a frame, welded from metal corner.

Flat sheets of slate framed

flat sheets of slate framed

If bollards to secure a similar design are massive and have great penetration, sometimes do without a continuous footing, setting only freestanding support.

Flat slate without framing

Flat slate borderless

However, flat slate and set directly on the ground, by securing for concrete, asbestos-cement or metal posts.

Strip foundation with pillars

Belt funda nt etc. edstavlyaet a reinforced concrete strip, recessed into the ground, and towering over him certain height.Its parameters are directly dependent on the material from which the fence will be erected, as the greater the weight, the wider and deeper must be the foundation.

Strip foundation for the fence

Strip foundation for a fence

To protect the device from the slate large width of the foundation is not required.But if it is installed fence flat heavy slate, the foundation or support posts should be well bury.