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August 12, 2017 18:06

Foundations for gazebos with their hands

Probably no country area is not complete without at least a small arbor, as in the summer evenings, it becomes simply indispensable for outdoor recreation.If gazebo still not built, but only its planned to build, the design begins with the foundation of choice for her .

Foundations for gazebos with their hands

foundations for gazebos with their hands

funda nt to I gazebos with their hands to build not so difficult, most importantly - select the appropriate option, as there are several types of such a basis for further development.Gazebo - is easy houses adjoining building, so, even if it lower part is lined with brick, the foundation for the it should not be done with a deep and complex structure.With this work could easily handle one man, no matter what kind of bases is chosen.

to erected structure stood firmly without deformation, it is necessary to consider features layers of soil and the depth of the passage ground water at the site, designated for construction.The most problematic for the foundation of t

he device is not without reason considered to clayey soil, since the sharp drop in temperature often is its uneven swelling that leads , of course, to the foundation deformation.As a result, skew bases suffer walls, doors, and even if have windows, and the cracks can appear there.

most optimum GRU nt to I the foundation for the gazebo - is sandy and rocky.In such soils do not need to do a deep pit - enough, if the foundation will lie only 500 ÷ 400 mm.

Types of foundations

Article Contents

  • 1 Types of foundations
    • 1.1 pier foundation
    • 1.2 Strip foundation
  • 2 Monolithic foundation
    • 2.1 Worksfor the construction of a monolithic foundation
  • 3 pile helical foundation
    • 3.1 Installation pile-screw foundation
    • 3.2 Video: example of the construction of the gazebo in the pile-helical foundation

There are several types of foundationsand gazebos for quite fit any of them.They differ in their construction and the number necessary for its the construction materials.To know what they look like, you need to consider each of them closely.

pier foundation

pier foundation consists of a square or round columns, buried in the ground on certain distance from each other - this step depends on the area of ​​the future gazebos.The depth of the foundation is calculated considering soil characteristics and the characteristics of the material from which the structure is erected.For example, a wooden gazebo light slightly just will not have a serious weight impact on the foundation, so it does not need to do very massive.

A classic example of a small pier foundation

classic example of a small columnar foundation

foundation Columns cast concrete with reinforcement, lay brick or combine these materials, ie, the underground part of the monolithic support made of reinforced concrete, and above-ground - performed by a brick.

on pier foundation can be installed wooden or brick structure gazebo, but for the last have still further concrete poles combine the belt.For concrete piping have make shuttering of boards, but this problem will be feasible for a single master, especially if the gazebo is not too large.

Pier foundation with his own hands As erected pier foundation steps, can be found by following the link provided on the corresponding page of our portal.

And here to read how to make the formwork for the foundation sinceit is useful to create a qualitative foundation for the gazebo.

Strip foundation

Tape version of the foundation is more complex in their design and would require much more effort and for its erection, and material Supplementary Accessories TV to I purchase materials.This framework is excellent suitable for the construction of summerhouses of any material - and of wood, from brick.If you plan to build the lower part of the walls of stone or brick, it is best to choose a type of foundation as prepare the necessary concrete belt is already included in the design of the gazebo.

Strip foundation for gazebo

Strip foundation for gazebos

To create a strip foundation trench dug - her depth in the middle should be about 500 mm.The trench is framed formwork, which will be installed reinforcing structure made of metal rods.Then the concrete is poured and after solidification belt ( about , a month) it masonry walls made of brick or stone gazebo (or the construction of a more light design).

Strip foundation for gazebo How to conduct work on arrangement strip foundation by all the rules, and what materials will be required for this purpose, can be found in the relevant article of the portal by clicking on the link.

Also be sure to read about basement waterproofing and how it is produced.

Monolithic foundation

Monolithic foundation is mainly satisfied by "solid", a massive structure, since it is designed for heavy load.However, one should not forget that there are two types of a base - deep foundations and weakly deepened .Just a second embodiment - perfectly suited for installation arbors, ie . will be equipped concrete pad on which it will be possible to make the installation easy wooden or brick structure without problems.Moreover, in the future construction of the foundation is ready for any type of device the floor!

Monolithic foundation - a future built the foundation is ready for sex

monolithic foundation - a future built already prepared the basis for floor

installation works monolithic platform - rather laborious , and it is better to carry them out with his assistants.This is especially true phase of concrete production and pouring into formwork, as recommended to conduct this process in one go.

This type of foundation can be called universal, because it suited for devices on any type of soil.Due to the fact that the cast slab has a larger bearing area, reduces the load on the soil and the risk of deformation is reduced in the construction of ground subsidence.This provides reliability for construction, which is it will be erected.

to monolithic funda nt Article oyko withstand the loads that will be created from the unplaced on it building, it is recommended to carry out its reinforcement, even if it is intended for installation easy gazebo.

for mounting gazebos enough 250 ÷ 300 mm thick reinforced monolithic slab, which will be recessed into the ground at 150 ÷ ​​200 mm and, therefore, to rise above the 100 ÷ 120 mm.

It is desirable to build a gazebo on an elevated plot number, so that the water in the rain is not absorbed actively in the ground around the foundation slab and does not wash away layers of bedding.A even better around the perimeter of the foundation to make further drainage blind area of ​​gravel .

works on a construction site on monolithic foundation

resettlement process begins with the foundation of any marking and tracing allocated grounds for him.For this purpose, thin rope , square to remove the flat corners, as if the foundation is round, then a makeshift compass, as well as wooden pegs or pieces of rebar.These elements are installed on the perimeter mark out territory.And, of course, be necessary measuring tools such as tape measure and folding rule.

The layout and routing of future construction

marking and tracing of future construction

  • marking a rectangular foundation begins with determining the location of the first corner and set up in it start peg, at the same time made binding future object to stationary points indicated on the site plan.
  • Focusing on this starting point, are marked vymeryat and other corners of the foundation.Flatness of the rectangle is determined by measuring the its diagonals - their length must be exactly the same.

next step with the marked area is removed fertile layer of soil at 100 ÷ 120 mm.

Removal of the fertile soil before pouring the slab

Removing fertile soil before pouring the slab

then pit deepens to 200 ÷ 250 mm - the space necessary for the filling of sand and gravel.Each layers should have a thickness of 50 - 70 mm, and is well sealed .Sealing produce a manual tamper or roller.

  • next step will be the installation of the shuttering boards. Its height should be equal to the planned height of the foundation.The slits between the boards can be tightened with plastic film .

Further, on crushed rock «cushion" laid reinforcing grille , which will connect the concrete solution in a monolithic slab.

Formwork and reinforcement mounted grille

formwork and reinforcement mounted grille ...

Then, all enclosed space to the brim poured concrete solution, : Fresh surface is leveled.

... And more - pouring concrete solution ...

... and then - pouring concrete solution ...

To do this will need to get a concrete mixer, or have order ready mortar in an organization dedicated to its production and delivery.

... And leveling the surface

... and leveling the surface

Concrete Leveling is generally carried out using a flat board, which will play rules.

  • After this design is left to dry and set of vintage concrete strength.To this proce ss etc. ohodil evenly, the surface is recommended cover with plastic wrap .
  • When the foundation to reach a stand (and this summer, warm weather, happen not earlier than 7 ÷ 10 days) remove the formwork.The edges of the resulting slabs to cover the recommended waterproofing composition - it may be bitumen or liquid rubber, and then around the perimeter to make the filling rubble.
Mounting arbor to the monolithic foundation

Mounting arbor to the monolithic foundation

  • After mounting arbors, concrete floor it is not difficult to decorate one of the decorative coatings - ceramic tiles, wooden decking, garden flooring, or other material.
Garden furniture, which is both a barbecue

furniture, is both a barbecue area

Monolithic foundation is easily able to withstand not only the structure of the gazebo, and a barbecue oven, if it is it planned.

helical pile foundation

growing number of developers in the construction of various buildings selected screw version of the foundation, which has a lot of advantages over the usual concrete structures.Visually this funda nt sd elaet gazebo more light and aesthetic.Installation of such a base can take , with coherence, only one day, and it almost does not require tons t rudoemkih preparatory operations.

Pile - screw base - quickly and reliably !

helical pile foundation - quickly and reliably!

However, the main advantage of this design can be called what it is well suited for a portion having a rough, rugged surface or a significant height difference.In such circumstances, a screw-pile funda nt Article ANOVA optimal solution for the construction of all the buildings in the suburban area - from residential homes to gazebos and sheds.

For light buildings, which include and pergolas, often using piles having the designation SHS -57, SVS-76 SVS-89.The figure in the marking indicates the Dia Art tr ox, ie pipes, which are welded rotor blades to fit the bearing into the ground.There are piles and with large diameter trunk, but they are most often used for the construction of massive structures that require footholds more area.For example, they are used for wooden houses, built of logs or timber.

Screw piles can easily bring on a level with the help of screwing into the ground at the same depth.The above-ground part of the same they can have a different height, but the metal sole MUST BE CUT on the level.This technology is easy to achieve cutting and welding metal.

Such a foundation is particularly good for areas with a strong vertical drop

This foundation is particularly good for areas with a strong vertical drop

Thus, significant advantages of this design include the following features of the screw pile-foundation:

  • Its installation can be done in just one day.Piles are screwed on the perimeter marked and prepared for the site structure.The very preparation process is simple, it can be done quickly by hand.
  • When the device of this design is not necessary to produce the excavation of the pit, and then , the order will be stored on the site, despite the maintenance building.
  • Reliability this foundation, with the observance of the technology provided high-quality device, tested over the years.He could easily serve than one decade.
  • If the gazebo is built of lumber, after the installation of the pile, construction details will not have direct contact with the ground, and then - will be protected from the damage to their moisture.
  • Since piles deepened below the level of soil freezing, gazebo will stand firmly and not warp even after a long time of active use.
  • Arbour with screw-pile foundation can be built anywhere site - on a hill above the creek, and even on the river or lake .
  • Construction gazebo on the pile foundation will cost much cheaper than on a concrete base.

only costly process in this case will attract specialized equipment. However, if the work to be performed manually, and they stand at a minimum amount in comparison with other types of construction.

Set-screw pile foundation

Approximate arbor layout on stilts

Approximate arbor layout on stilts

Most often, for the construction of the gazebo would be required to establish the foundation screw on too much depth.As a rule, it will be weakly deepened design, because usually the structure is being built of wood, that is not too heavy .

  • Set screw-pile foundation, too, begins with the preparation of the site.Produced its markup (in the same way as in the case with a monolithic foundation), that is determined by the shape and location most gazebos and then - exact place screwing piles - they are marked with pegs.
  • Then, it is recommended to clean the area from the upper fertile layer - this is done in order to avoid the appearance of undesirable vegetation under the pergola.
  • Next, in selected areas screwed screw piles.The depth of immersion depends on the depth of the layers solid ground, as soon as it is capable of high-quality retention screw in position.
Itself part of the screw must reach the dense layers of the soil , below the freezing point

itself helical part must reach the dense layers of the soil, below the freezing point

This parameter must be calculated in advance to know how long pile purchase.