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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fixing to rafters mauerlat

Reliability roof structure depends on how it all support system will be installed correctly.A major its elements are the rafters.All of the system consists of rafters, which support and bursting with additional elements, such as struts, tightening-beams, side beams, support columns and streamers.Rafters are connected to the ridge beam top and bottom edges of their often rely on mauerlat, mounted on the lateral bearing walls of the building.

Fixing to rafters mauerlat

Fixing to rafters mauerlat

Since mauerlat falls on the biggest burden, it is made of strong timber.Its cross section is determined by the massiveness of the whole roof system, but mainly from the size of 150 × 150 to 200 × 200 mm.This bearing ale nt etc. ednaznachen for uniform load distribution on the whole structure of the roof and the roof of the load-bearing structure of the wall.Fixing to rafters mauerlat carried out in various ways.They are selected at the place depending on the type of roof system ( which can be naslonnoy or hanging), its massiveness and complexity, the magnitude of the total load, which will be exposed to the whole roof structure.

Species connecting nodes « rafters - mauerlat»

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  • 1 Varieties of connection points "rafters - mauerlat»
    • 1.1 Video: example of setting the movable mountingon the rafter foot and mauerlat
  • 2 Features roof systems
    • 2.1 Naslonnye rafters
    • 2.2 Hanging rafters
  • 3 installation calculation rafters
  • 4 few rules Securing trusses tomauerlat
    • 4.1 Video: a few examples of fixing rafters to mauerlat

First of all, there are sliding and hard fixing rafters to mauerlat.

1. sliding fastener consists of two separate elements, one of which is movable relative to the other.

These mounts can be different in design - closed and removable .

Closed sliding mount

Closed sliding mount

  • Closed mount consists of a bracket, which is attached on one side to mauerlat, and on the other side has a special slit-like eye.It is installed with metal loop holes for fastening to the rafter.Thanks to the free, not fixed vertical side of the bracket, mount gives the opportunity to the rafter, if necessary, several displaced, gne exerting a deforming effect on the walls of the building.
Movable sliding mount an open type

movable sliding mount an open

  • Open fixture arranged on the same principle and differ only in that the metal loop is not inserted into the eye, and just the upper part of the vertical shelf bracket after mounting bent down, thereby fixingcompound.

Video: example of setting the movable truss mounting leg and mauerlat

2. Species hard fixtures - much more.They are chosen depending on the design of massive wooden elements and method of installation on rafters mauerlat.

Various mounting tough

Various mounting tough

These include metal corners of different sizes, the LK attachment, which securely fix the rafter, installed using washed down without damaging it mounting screws or nails.

Mount LC 1

Mount LK1

  • Mounts LK available in several size options, so they can be matched to any thickness of the bar or board.The thickness of the metal from which it is made fixing elements is 2 mm, whatever size of nor any had.Depending on the size, fixing parts have different labels.

Designation size in mm
LK-1L 40 × 170
LK-2P 40 × 170
LK-3L 40× 210
LK-4P 40 × 210
LK-5L 40 × 250
LK-6P 40 × 250

should be noted that the attachment fitnot only for the connection to the trusses mauerlat - they are used for fixing the units' floor joists - mauerlat ".

Mounts LK in

LK Fasteners in

main advantage of this mounting details - the maximum rigidity and reliability connection of wooden elements.

  • Fastening the rafters with gashes on mauerlat using parts made from both sides that provides reflux rebuemuyu stiffness .
Corner with a reinforced rib on the bend

corner with reinforced rib on a bend

There corners for fastening rafters without gashes .They have a higher shelf and screwed a lot of screws.They are made of metal in a thickness of 2;2.5 or 3 mm.

Fixing to rafters mauerlat corners

Fastening the rafters to mauerlat corners

Designation Size
(length, height, width,
metal thickness)
Designation Size
(length, height, width,
metal thickness)
Reinforced area 105 × 105 × 90 × 2 Reinforced area KP5 140 × 140 × 65 × 2,5
Reinforced area 130 ×130 × 100 × 2 Reinforced area KP6 105 × 172 × 90 × 3,0
Reinforced area 105 × 105 × 90 × 2 Reinforced area KP7 145 × 145 × 90 × 25
Reinforced area 50 × 50 × 35 × 2 Reinforced area KP8 145 × 70 × 90 × 2,5
Reinforced area 70 × 70 × 55 × 2 Reinforced corner KPL1 90 × 90 × 65 × 2
Reinforced area 90 × 90 × 40 × 2 Reinforced area KPL11 90 × 90 × 65 × 2
Reinforced area KP1 90 × 90 × 65 × 2,5 Reinforced area KPL2 105 × 105 × 90 × 2
Reinforced Area KP11 90 × 90 × 65 × 2,5 Reinforced area KPL21 105 ×105 × 90 × 2
Reinforced area KP2 105 × 105 × 90 × 2,5 Reinforced area KPL3 90 × 50 × 55 × 2
Reinforced Area KP21 105 × 105 ×90 × 2,5 Reinforced area KPL4 70 × 70 × 55 × 2
Reinforced area KP3 90 × 50 × 55 × 2,5 Reinforced area KPL5 50 × 50 × 35 ×2
Reinforced area KP4 70 × 70 × 55 × 2,5 Reinforced area KPL6 60 × 60 × 45 × 2

On some corners, listed in the table, you need to tella few words further, as their description requires clarification:

- KR 11 and MN21 - is enhanced corners, marked often, ka to by P1 and KR2 .These elements have a hole for the anchor, which has an oval shape, which reduces the ri sk Wed yva bolts in the case of shrinking construction.

Corners KR Series

Corners series KR

- WP5 and KP6 - it corners, used for fastening elements, which falls most bearing load.Angle to By P6 also provided with an oval hole, and it is recommended to use when you create a roof system on a new home, which will still shrink.These models are in demand for the assembly of structures, having a lot of weight.

Corner Cabinet

Corner CM

- angle to By M made of perforated steel and is used to attach rafters with a large cross section.It is especially well suited for wooden structures.This area establishes design elements very reliable , and its use does not require tapping into the rafters mauerlat - enough on the ground to saw right angle.

Reinforced corner KMRP series

Reinforced Corner series KMRP

- KMRP Corner is used to bond roof system components at right angles, including the rafters with mauerlat.It also differs from conventional parts of its elongated hole, through which the displacement possible shrinkage without damage fastening bolt.It can be used in the design, impossible to make a frame where one element to another.

Produced KMRP corners from steel thickness of 2 mm.Available in three varieties:

corner Designation Dimensions in mm
a b c
KMRP1 60 60 60
KMRP2 80 80 80
KMRP3 100 100 100
  • Another option fixing rafters to mauerlat is to install them between two planks, sawed by certain angleand further fixed at the bottom corners by metal fasteners or LK.
Fastening the rafters plank between the two plates

Mount rafters plank between two plates

Such consolidation rafters gives good rigidity and reliability .This method is well suited in those cases where is necessary to fix the rafter at the desired angle by lifting it above the horizontal plane mauerlat, but securing it to a vertical outer side.

  • Method of attachment to the rafters mauerlat made of timber is not too large cross-section.Implemented by gain bar with wooden shims with the required thickness.
Fastening with reinforcement plate

Fixing using amplifying podklazhdki

segments of boards attached to mauerlat with nails or screws in the places where are installed rafters.

In this case the cutouts are made in the rafters desired configuration and depth. securely rafters are fixed to the wall with a steel wire which is fixed to a steel crutch hammered.

Fixation with a wire twist

fixation with a wire twist

  • addition to the above methods of attachment to the rafters nailed mauerlat with staples.It should be noted that this method is quite common and has been used for a very long time.Properly securing these elements, truss system will last for many years.
Крепление "по-старинке" - скобами

Fixing "old-fashioned" - staples Staples

may have different sizes, are driven in different joints.

  • More one fastening element which is used as an auxiliary - is perforated tape TM .Her used to enhance fixing unit when the need for additional fixing it.
Often come to the aid perforated metal tape

often comes to the aid of a perforated metal tape

In some cases, this element may be irreplaceable, so it also can not be ruled out when installing rafters on mauerlat.

Next appropriate to consider device roof systems - so it will be easier to understand, which mounts them more suitable and why.

Features roof systems

Rafter system is selected depending on the location of bearing walls of the building.Each of the systems provided its additional retaining or tightening elements.

Variety of roof systems

Species roof systems

Naslonnye rafters

with naslonnymi rafter system is characterized in that it has one or more reference points, except for load-bearing walls.In connection with this with side walls removed a large part of the load.

Naslonnye rafters with reliance on capital partition

Naslonnye rafters with reliance on capital partition

in the form of additional retaining elements are used side racks and "grandmother", holding up the horse and fixed to the floor joists.A beam itself, in turn, are simultaneously puffs for design and also facilitates loading of truss system for load-bearing walls.

Rafters with sliding mounts

rafters with sliding mounts

Naslonnye rafters are attached to mauerlat often slip compounds that are able to move with the shrinkage or deformation of walls, leaving intact the roof structure.This is especially important to take into account in new buildings as well as any newly built property provides necessarily shrink under the influence of temperature and ground progress hesitation.

Hanging rafters

Hanging rafters are called due to the fact that they have no other supports, in addition to the two side load-bearing walls.It turns out that they seem to hang over the internal structure of the space.In this case, the entire load of the roof frame structure falls exactly on mauerlat.

Rafters in the hanging -type system

Rafters are already hanging type

Fixing to mauerlat hanging trusses used rigid attachment to the lack of the degree of freedom of movement, since the frame structure has only two points of support.

Rigid fixation of rafters to mauerlat

rigid attachment to the rafters mauerlat

Hanging rafters spacer system is, therefore, it provides a lot of pressure on the walls.

Hanging system with additional elements

Hanging system with additional elements

For removal of the load from the structure of the walls are used, such additional elements, such as struts, "Grandma" and the tightening-beams, which tighten the system to the ridge bar and evenly distribute the load on all the walls.Crossbars installed parallel to the joists and rafters pull together among themselves.Without these additional parts design can be unreliable .

Calculation installation rafters

To truss system was reliable and durable than the optimum connection method to select the correct location of the step rafters.This option is selected depending on the size of the rafters (their section and length between support points), as well as - from the roof structure.

The following table provides information about the required parameters for the installation reliable truss system.

installation rafters Pitch in mm length of the rafters in mm
3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000
600 40 × 150 40 × 175 50 × 150 50 × 150 50 × 175 50 × 200 50 × 200
900 50 × 150 50× 175 50 × 200 75 × 175 75 × 175 75 × 200 75 × 200
1100 75 × 125 75 × 150 75 × 175 75× 175 75 × 200 75 × 200 100 × 200
1400 75 × 150 75 × 175 75 × 200 75 × 200 75 × 200 100× 200 100 × 200
1750 100 × 150 75 × 200 75 × 200 100 × 200 100 × 200 100 × 250 100 × 250
2150 100 × 150 100 × 175 100 × 200 100 × 200 100 × 250 100 × 250 -

few rules Securing rafters to mauerlat