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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of siding with a heater with your hands

This paper will be presented during the installation of siding with a heater with your hands.Turn-based technology + video will not only decorate, but also warm the house with the help of modern material called siding.

familiar all private owners suburban housing picture - long and tedious processes with a trio coming to an end, the building is fully built, stood on his place roof construction and roofing.You must decide whether to finish the facade, and, in parallel with this - questions insulation walls.Another situation - the old coating facade walls (no matter -. Wood, brick, stucco and etc ) comes to unsightly appearance, or simply have "to pall on edge" home owners to such an extent that it becomes an obsessive desire to Innovatethe appearance of their homes at the same time increasing the comfort of living in it .

Installation of siding with a heater with your hands

Installation of siding with a heater with your hands

And in fact, in both cases on help will come technology cladding of the facade of special panels, which in c

ommon parlance is called siding (from the English «siding» , which literally means "outer skin ").This approach allows you to quickly and accurately perform a trim unsightly walls, giving them genuine neat appearance.By itself, the process - not particularly complicated, the implementation is available in almost everyone.And if home, taking care of his housing, assemble Saidy ng St. oimi hands with warming, then surely a lot more to gain and bills for heating homes.

to well understand the issues like thermal insulation and decoration of the facade, a closer look at themselves siding, learn about its merits, consider the optimum insulation for this type of work.And, of course, it will be given instructions on how consistently, slowly to cope with this task.

Types of siding and their main characteristics

Article Contents

  • 1 Types of siding and their main characteristics
    • 1.1 Modern wood siding
    • 1.2 Siding of wood composite
    • 1.3 Metal siding
    • 1.4 fiber cement siding
    • 1.5 Plastic siding
    • 1.6 Video: nuances siding selection with insulation for facades
  • 2 insulation and ventilation of the facade
    • 2.1 Optimal insulation material under the siding
    • 2.2 Video: facade insulation mineral wool before facing siding
    • 2.3 diffuse membrane
  • 3 Thermal insulation and cladding of the facade siding
    • 3.1 Preparing walls for insulation and wall
    • 3.2 How to fix the elements and batten insulation?
    • 3.3 installation of siding on the facade insulated

Gender concept of "siding" hidden panel elements for cladding the facade of houses and ancillary outbuildings, basement part, gables and etc .Apart from the purely decorative tasks, saydingovye panel is often an important part of the multilayer coating of the walls, mounted in order to heat and waterproofing, reducing the level of penetrating noise in the room improve the performance of the entire structure.

At the dawn of its history, the siding was carried out exclusively from a tree, however, currently a variety of types such external cladding - is sufficiently large.Let's get acquainted with the main representatives of this "family" of finishing materials.

Modern wood siding

long been is used for cladding buildings of natural wood (remember the tradition of the house covered with boards or board) remains very popular to this day.Of course, modern wooden panels differ greatly from that ordinary board that was used previously.

Wall finished with wood siding

Wall finished with wood siding

Wood, going to manufacture natural siding, usually - softwood, and must pass Qi cl ch etsialnoy training, including antiseptic impregnation and heat treatment.This makes the material low vulnerability to natural external influences very different plan, increases its resistance to fire or decay processes.

Despite ongoing operation with timber handling, it still remains most environmentally friendly material used for the external cladding of buildings.In addition, no other siding never be compared with the natural in its pledged "natural warmth."

Деревянный сайдинг "под бревно" - блок-хаус

Wooden siding "on a log" - blockhouse

wood siding is produced in several versions.The most common - "block house", which gives structure view wooden frame, lined from logs or rounded timber, "the ship's board," laid overlap od on on another, or "lining" - tightly fitted one to one profile board.

Традиционная форма деревянного сайдинга - "елочка"

traditional form of wood siding - "herringbone»

Almost all types of modern wood paneling have a special lock parts in its construction with studs and grooves that allow the installation of the panels, so that virtually no remains gaps that require further embedding.This, incidentally, has always been considered one of the disadvantages of wood veneer - the gap between the boards had to caulk, with the procedure required almost annual repetition.Currently, for through thought-form panels and special processing wood significantly reduces the likelihood of it warpage, this lack reduced to a minimum.

Wooden siding - a great option, but it is not without drawbacks:

  • Even treated wood all still life can not classified as non-combustible materials.
  • walls porytye natural siding will require additional external protection - staining or varnishing.From time to time this treatment will have repeat.
  • cost of quality natural siding - is very high, not everyone can afford.

Siding of wood composite

And the appearance, and even the tactile to the touch, the surface of the wall, lined with panels of wood-polymer composite, quite difficult to distinguish from from feigned natural clapboard .It is - it is not surprising, because the basic manufacturing materials are wood fibers.

The polymeric organic resin used as the binder.They give the material strength required ductility, resistance to organic degradation by moisture penetration, resistance to fire.

Saydingovaya panel of wood-polymer composite

Saydingovaya panel of wood-polymer composite

modern production technologies allow to carry out of wood-polymer composite, a huge variety of the most difficult parts of geometric shapes, colors, external invoices.Used extrusion methods, compression, and outlet wall panel may be virtually indistinguishable on a texture pattern, a tactile feeling (roughness, heat) from the wood.

This lining material does not require special care - it does not require painting or varnishing.Color cover attached still in the production stage. Later , in the first year of operation ÷ two, will be a slight discoloration of the material (about 2 ÷ 3 tones), but then the rest of the term of use of a shade of the walls will not change. way, total service life, the producer said, quite impressive - at least 25 years.

Disadvantages of composite wood siding:

  • This material is not afraid of the impact of water and heat, but only if it is not aligned.In short, the hot water vapor leads to the destruction of the composite structure, its deformation and etc .The situation is certainly atypical for wall, but be aware of this all still necessary.
  • composite siding that is made only in the form of "lining."Supporters of "block-house» have to either wait or choose the siding of a different material.
  • prices similar composite material - are very high, and so far it is difficult to predict their possible reduction.

Metal siding

metal cladding facade popularity among private developers are not too high - a siding more often used in the decoration of public buildings, commercial and socially important buildings, industrial plants, offices, etc . Nevertheless , there are supporters of this type of finishing among the owners of suburban mansions.

Packaging metal panels saydingovyh

Packaging metal panels saydingovyh

Saying, that metal siding, the manufacturer does not have in view, that it will necessarily be shiny surface.No, usually such panel has a multilayer structure in which the metal plays a role hard base, retaining the shape of the lining.Configuration traditional - under "block-house", under the "bunk" or a "board the ship," although there are other forms of , a simplified (smooth surface), and more complex - relief.

external appearance such as metal siding gives decorative and protective coating made of polymer dyes and films .It can be monochrome tinting in various versions, with pattern, reproducing the structure of wood.Sometimes apply siding, on the contrary, emphasizing the material of its manufacture - with a pronounced metallic luster, up to a mirror.

Размеры металлического сайдинга - "блок хауса"

Dimensions metal siding - "block house»

Most often, for the manufacture of decorative panels used galvanized steel.More expensive options - using non-ferrous metals - aluminum and zinc.Advantages of metal cladding - durability (with quality anti-corrosion treatment), easy installation, fire protection, mechanical strength (but sloppy when transporting material or a point impact on the already well-lined surface he quite may be deformed).

Disadvantages of metal siding:

  • Not all types of external coatings are durable. When using inexpensive type of material does not exclude active discoloration of surfaces, especially on the sunny side of the house.
  • metal has a high thermal conductivity.This coating will strongly heat up in the sun in the summer, and on the contrary, to cool in freezing weather.This will require additional measures for thermal insulation of the building.
  • material not only suppresses noise, but can still and become a resonator, significantly enhancing the passage of sound waves.
  • damaged , scratched siding of steel sheet can start corrode .

fiber cement siding

More one modern finishing material for facing facades - siding on fiber cement basis.The base composition for the manufacture of high quality included portldand cement and reinforcing fibers - synthetic (fiberglass or polymer) or natural (cellulose).

Very reliable , but rather expensive and hard fiber cement siding

Very reliable, but rather expensive and hard fiber cement siding

From this mixture are molded and pressed finishing panels, which perfectly show themselves in a system of ventilated facades, giving the buildings, in addition to aesthetics, still and additional insulation andsoundproof quality.

Do not think that fiber cement panels - is something gray and boring, the type of normal plasters.Modern methods of production and decoration allow to produce a wide variety of bar textures and colors.It may be completely smooth surface with homogeneous or multitsvetnoy paint including quartz interesting highlights.Is widely popular saydingovye panels that with literally two steps can not be distinguished from real wood - so precise and believable transferred texture and shade of natural wood.The facade can be finished fiber-cement panels "under the Burnt bricks" or "crushed under wild stone» - short, the possibilities are laid very big.

Literally two steps can not be distinguished from real wood !

Literally two steps can not be distinguished from real wood!

Material favorably with their durability, absolute non-flammability, resistance to abrasive load, high environmental friendliness, unpretentious in the care (in fact, all the dirt is easily washed jet of water from a hose or even in the rain).

Disadvantages - large enough mass, complicating delivery, unloading material and requires, in addition, strengthened batten for mounting panels.As a result, spending installation a liner alone will be very difficult.

second "minus", limiting the widespread use fiber cement siding with all its advantages - the high price.For example, a square meter of high-quality panels of famous brands is not less than 1,500 rubles, and modern ceramic or hydrophilic-coated fotokeramicheskim - and that expensive.

Plastic siding

Plastic siding - a champion for on popularity of.More than half of the sales of all front panels of any material falls on this category.

Polymer Siding - champion of popularity !

polymeric siding - champion of popularity!

Most often, the base material is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - a polymer, wherein good performance.However, often "rescue" P BX etc. ihodyat, other polymers.

  • For example, with the release of the panels of the lower and mid-range, conventional technology is used mono-extrusion.Used one polymer (PVC) siding obtained homogeneous throughout its thickness.
  • More expensive varieties produced in the coextrusion lines .In this case, PVC covers up to 80 percent of the total volume panels - he gives it shape and rigidity required , especially in parts of the castle.But the remaining 20 percent - is the acrylic outer layer, which plays a protective and decorative role.The acrylic coating dramatically increases the performance of the main lining, it becomes more durable (without losing their decorative qualities).
The two-layer structure of siding manufactured by extrusion technology

two-layer structure of siding manufactured by coextrusion

technology addition is quite acceptable for most owners prices of houses, PVC siding is characterized by a list of other advantages:

  • quality dual layer Saidy ng pr and a thickness of only 1,1 - 1,3 mm has good strength, does not scratch, does not cleave, does not crack.
  • panels - very light, which greatly simplifies working with them during installation.
  • used for siding polymers are materials that do not support combustion. However , in a fairly wide range of temperatures (from minus 50 to plus 80 degrees) of the panel do not lose their properties and defined geometric forms.
  • PVC and acrylic coating - materials safe from an environmental point of view.They are not prone to decay into components that could pose a threat to the environment or human health.