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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garden house with their hands

Following the acquisition of land for suburban villas necessarily becomes relevant the question of how to build a country house with their hands.Well, build it yourself - quite possible, if, of course, is not conceived a huge "palace", requires the use of construction equipment and team of professionals.

Garden house with their hands

Garden house with his own hands

usually chosen to give compact structure, but, nevertheless , a house should have everything you need to rest - room, kitchen, veranda.The latter is a favorite pastime for the evening whole family.It is important to make the country house became cozy and comfortable, so you need to think through all the details of its arrangement.

optimal material for villa construction is wood, and the principle of construction - frame structures.

Of course, the first thing to be done - is to determine the location and size of buildings, to draft, to plan future work.

Proe kt small country house

Article Contents

  • 1 project is a small country house
    • 1.1 Video: a small neat cottages, true to its name
  • 2 What type of house to choose?
  • 3 Stages of Construction of cottages
    • 3.1 materials for the construction of a country house
    • 3.2 foundation of a country house
    • 3.3 erection frame structure
  • 4 Construction of the roof and installation of roofing
    • 4.1 Types of roof systems
    • 4.2 floor beams
    • 4.3 Mounting roof system
    • 4.4 roofing system
  • 5 Installation of windows and doors
  • 6 Installation and insulation of the floor
  • 7 Events for additional insulation
  • 8 extension to the house
    • 8.1 Video: construction of cottages on frame technology

Size future home largely depends on the area of ​​the suburban area, the number of family members and material resources hosts .If competently carry out the planning, to make a successful project and choose an inexpensive but high-quality material for construction, it is possible to save space, money and time.

In any case , the first step - the drafting

In any case, the first step - the drafting

Most often, a country house has a size of 5.0 × 6.0 or 4.0 × 6. 0 m .Buildings erected a larger area much less frequently, and, mainly , in cases where they are planned to operate all year round.But it is, rather, will not be a country house, and a full country house.

The house location. possible, have carried out on the basis of requirements that may be established rule of gardening association, therefore , acquiring a lot of these nuances you need to know in advance.More often than not required to comply with the following distances:

  • House should be installed at a distance of 3 meters from the boundary of the neighboring plot, and from the fence separating the area from the total fare (street) - 5 meters.
  • In order to ensure fire stone house from another stone building is placed at a distance of not less than six meters and the wooden - ten.If the house is wooden, it should be installed no closer than 15- five meters from each other wooden structures.
  • to home did not close an adjacent building from sunlight, if it is placed on the east, south or west side of the site, its located at a distance from another apartment building, at least equal to its height.

Usually to install a country house selected the highest place on the site, which will not be collected water at thawing of snow or heavy rains.Excessive moisture under the house never will benefit any building materials, but always negatively impact on the overall strength and durability of the structure.

most often for the construction of cottages is selected following the technology of its construction: frame-panel construction, log cabins of logs , the walls of the blocks or bricks.

For suburban areas mostly selected projects are one-storey houses with closed or open verandahs or terraces.Often the structure has a loft space used to store garden tools and other things unnecessary, it would seem, in daily use, but which can always come in handy in the country.However, it happens and so, that in some projects the attic floor joists are missing altogether, and then the roof slopes and at the same time carry out the role of the ceiling.

This tiny house has no loft

This tiny house has no loft

If a large family, and the area is not so great as we would like, it is possible to plan two-storey house, which occupies the base of very little space.In this case, the first floor can be given under the living room, terrace and kitchen, and on the second - arrange a comfortable sleeping space for the whole family.

Garden house with a small loft

Garden house with a small loft

is not obligatory in the suburban structure to build a full second floor, as its role can perform well and attic superstructure. trimmed its natural materials, it is possible to create a wonderful atmosphere of healthy dacha.

Summer houses are mainly used in warm period year , since arrival of spring to autumn.Therefore reinforced insulation of walls and roofs are not required, but space heating devices still should be provided - in case of cold nights or lowering the temperature when the unstable weather.Typically, the electric heaters are used, for example, infrared heaters or radiators foil, but sometimes even the owners prefer to install the fireplace or cast iron boiler-heating furnace.

By the way, if you think about the construction of the fireplace or brick oven, then they must be included in the components of the project.

There are also ready-made options of holiday homes, sold in sets in disassembled form, which you just need to bring to the site and assembled.For any such set of components must be attached for detailed instructions, which set out the procedure for carrying out the work, basic technological methods and wiring diagrams of individual components and assemblies.

Prefabricated houses , built from the final set of parts and components

Prefabricated houses, built from the final set of parts and components

to host the site, which has basic skills of construction, not be easy to collect such a country house on their own.The main advantage of this option can be called that often in kit includes everything needed for the electrical network of the building, for its ventilation system and even for mounting plumbing.

Video: a small neat cottages, justifying its name

What type of house to choose?

defined with the outline of the future house, you need to select the material for its construction.From this choice will depend on not only the appearance of the building itself, but also the comfort of staying in it , as well as its construction costs.

  • traditional material for a country house is wood, which creates in him favorable microclimate, filling it with the smells of the forest.A wooden house can be erected carcass way of timber or logs .The disadvantage of wooden buildings is considered a high fire risk material.
Wood is probably the best option for the country house

Wood is probably the best option for the country house

However, wooden houses built ever, and many of them have stood for centuries.Today on sale there are special fire retardant impregnation, which significantly reduces the risk of ignition of wooden buildings.And general - the most important thing here is not the material, and the human factor - that people disregard the elementary requirements of fire safety in the majority of cases the causes of fire.

  • Construction brick buildings cost much more expensive, but it can be more reason to call a full house, which will be used not only in summer but also, if necessary, in the winter, if you set it in oven.Brick buildings are much less susceptible to fire and high-quality masonry will last very long.The disadvantages of them can be called a complex and lengthy processes with a troitelstva that requires special skills and high tse on to materials.
A small dacha , built of bricks

small dacha, built of brick

This category also include the buildings of the block houses keramsit , aerated concrete, concrete blocks, etc..

  • Very often, different materials are used in the construction of a country house.For example, a house built of wood, but on a foundation of concrete, bricks or blocks.
Wooden cottage on a brick pier foundation

Wooden cottage on a brick pier foundation

This option can be called the best, since the foundation of the stable to moisture materials will create optimal conditions for the construction of the walls of the timber, thus - will become home safe basis.

It is this last option and worth considering, as it is the most popular of all types of cottages.

Stages of Construction of cottages

materials for the construction of a country house

If you do not want to mess around with calculations , it is better to buy the team finished house model having certain area, for which it will be necessaryonly to prepare the site.

In all other cases, the need to purchase building materials.Their appearance, size, volume , the total number - all depending on the size of the planned construction, which is defined by the project.

material for the foundation

For any type of foundation will need the following materials:

- sand, gravel, cement;

- third-class boards and beams for formwork;

- brick or concrete blocks;

- waterproofing material (roofing material);

- expanded clay middle fraction.

material for the walls and roof

As for the erection of walls selected wood, then, starting from this, will be selected and other materials:

- bars and boards of different sizes, depending on the design parameters;

- fixing elements - nails, screws, bolts, studs;

- corners of different configurations, metal plates - for binding sites;

- vapor barrier film;

- insulation - mineral wool, ecowool or expanded clay;

- to cover the roof is better to choose light material - ondulin or profiled.

After the installation location of the future house is determined, the materials purchased, you can proceed to the arrangement of the foundation.However, to start have yet to decide on its type.

foundation of a country house

Even in the construction of such a small and light built as a wooden country house without a basement can not do.In this case, for these purposes ideally suited one of two types of - is columnar, and tape foundations.Which one to choose - depends on the builder's preferences.

  • pier foundation will be less expensive option as it will allow seriously save on building materials.In addition, this funda nt ch olne can be executed independently, without assistance, which also will save some money.
Pier foundation with bars sill

pier foundation with bars sill

How to build columnar variant foundation , you can find out all the details by clicking on this link to the relevant page of our portal.

  • to create a continuous footing will require not only a large number of materials, but also a long enough period of time.This is not surprising - around the perimeter of the house of the future will need to dig a trench, gidroizolirovat its , install reinforcing structure, to build the formwork and pour a concrete pit.And after that, you want to or not, but it will take more and one month to complete solidification drenched tape and set her grade strength.
Strip foundation

Strip foundation

However, tape funda nt Sun e is also very popular among individual developers.This option is convenient because it allows you to make under the house basement, right, for this foundation walls have lift above the soil surface to 700 ÷ 800 mm. device strip foundation described in detail in the article, which can be found on on shem portal by clicking on the link provided.

If selected pier foundation, it is recommended from the site, which will be located under the house and around 500 ÷ 600 mm, remove the top layer of soil in the 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.Then fill in the resulting pit sand layer 30 ÷ 40 mm, which should be compacted.On top of the sand layer cushions fit srednefraktsionnogo rubble and well compacted, and the remaining space is necessary to fill expanded clay middle fraction.All of these procedures is done to small rodents could not get close to the house.They can not stand expanded clay (especially - small), because it contains large amounts of dust, and has a loose surface.

Expanded clay fines - an excellent remedy for rodents

Keramzit fines - an excellent remedy for rodents

To protect the house from the penetration of large rodents or other uninvited guests from the animal world, the space under the house, it is desirable to close a metal grid with a mesh size of 10 mm.

erection frame structure

For the optimal choice of holiday home - frame construction

for holiday home an optimal choice - frame construction

frame house can be supplied as a on columnar, and the strip foundation.Erection always starts from the basics, which is to be securely waterproofed two or three layers roofed roofing.

  • If the project provides the veranda, you must immediately separate its zone, which will be built on the roof, but there is no solid walls.In order to maintain the roof over the veranda, you can use a common frame rack walls. Another option - veranda will was attached to the house separately.
  • Without exception, all in wood to be processed antiseptic compounds and flame retardants .These will enhance the impregnation of wood resistance to fire, rot , prevent the emergence of nests insects or representatives of the colonies of microflora - mold or fungus.
Installation and assembly of the boards of the lower crown strapping

Installation and assembly boards lower coronary strapping

  • After workpiece received proper training and fully dried out, in the course of construction, first made the lower frame (crown), which will be laid in the foundation and will be used laterfor floor mounting.

To the floor was reliable , carcass quality is necessary to take the right section of the boards.If resources permit, it is best to choose wooden elements are not on the "lower boundary" size and laying certain reserve in their section.

The following table shows the optimal timber sizes for frame house:

material and its purpose section Size (in mm)
Bruce sill 100 × 150