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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pier foundation with his own hands

Choosing the type of foundation for the cottage or country house will primarily depend on the material from which it is planned to construct the building itself.For example, with respect to lightweight construction it is possible to install on the pier foundation.In addition, this type of foundation suitable for unstable marshy, peat, sand or water-logged soils, as well as for regions with deep freezing them.

Pier foundation with his own hands

pier foundation with his hands

Stolbchaty funda nt St. oimi arms can be equipped by a relatively short time. And , often it does not need the help of any special or heavy machinery.

Varieties and the appointment of columnar foundations

Article Contents

  • 1 Varieties and the appointment of columnar foundations
  • 2 Species columnar foundations in the degree recessed
  • 3 basic design columnar foundation
  • 4 calculation columnar foundation
    • 4.1 Video: calculation and construction of pile foundation under the brick house
  • 5 preparatory earthworks
  • 6 How to set the pole
    • 6.1 Poles-bearing brick orblocks
    • 6.2 Monolithic foundation reinforced concrete pillars
    • 6.3 Video: pouring concrete pillars pile foundation
    • 6.4 Asbestos cement pillars
    • 6.5 metal piles
    • 6.6 Video: foundation on screw metal stilts
  • 7 Rostwerk pile foundation

pier foundation is most often satisfied with a variety of wooden structures - it could be a country house, brick house, gazebo, sauna, as well as outbuildings, such as, for example, as a shed orcoop.

Not really recommended to raise to the pier foundation of brick or stone buildings, as if they are too heavy , the support can give a drawdown that lead to deformation of the walls, and in the future - and to their destruction.However, there are special techniques that are used in industrial and residential construction, more often - in regions with permafrost.But it in these cases require special approaches and specialized equipment - within This article discusses these methods will not work.

There are several types of support-pier foundation.They are united by exactly the device is designed and used to make a variety of construction materials.

  • monolithic reinforced concrete structures can be called the most durable and reliable for the construction of residential buildings of all existing columnar foundations.
Monolithic reinforced concrete column

Monolithic concrete column

This option has the highest compressive strength and tensile (of course, with the right reinforcement), which is very important when constructing buildings on unstable, moving ground.

In a monolithic foundation is permissible construction of not only one-story, but the two-storey wooden houses.

  • brick pier foundation can be described as the most common of this type of foundation.It should be noted that such a structure, built with quality materials, can last even one hundred and more years - evidence of m m nogochislennye monuments to Russian and European cities.However, to achieve such a "longevity" for this construction should be chosen exclusively burnt brick, and only excellent quality.
Кирпичные столбики могут быть сплошными либо с залитой бетоном "сердцевиной"

Brick columns may be solid or filled with concrete "core»

This type of foundation is also suitable for building a house from one ÷ two floors in the management building on solid ground.Foundation brick supports typically give a cross-sectional size of at least 400 × 400 mm.Fundam

  • of blocks which can be made of different materials, has the same characteristics as the design of brick.However, it reliability and durability will depend on the quality and type of material used.
Pier foundation of the blocks - is akin to a brick species

pier foundation of the blocks - is akin to a brick varieties

most durable, able to withstand heavy loads, considered as concrete blocks.

  • pier foundation, made of rubble stone, is not recommended to install on the slopes of the hilly area, as it will have a low resistance to the moving ground.
  • Columnar rubble concrete foundation of sufficient reliable, and can be configured in different ways - concrete is mixed with Booth, poryadovaya piling or concrete poured into the well, built of rubble.
Rubble concrete foundation support

rubble concrete foundation support

Concrete, falling between the rocks, securely holds them together, making the structure strong, able to withstand high loads.

  • small wooden buildings can be installed on the foundation, which supports also made of wood, specially treated.Houses which have stood dozens and hundreds of years, show that properly treated wood can last for quite a long time.
In some cases it will be enough and wooden piles for the foundation

In some cases it will be enough and wooden piles for the foundation

Currently, nevertheless, due to the fact that there were more reliable materials for the foundation, wood used for this purpose all less and less .Although additions to the home such as a veranda or terrace, wooden poles, having a diameter of 150 ÷ ​​200 mm and fit, as well as possible.However, we must not forget that for a long time they stood before the instillation they are treated with antiseptic and covered with waterproofing impregnation materials - bituminous mastics, roofing material which is fixed.

Pier foundation of asbestos-cement pipes

pier foundation of asbestos-cement pipes

  • pier foundation can be made of asbestos pipes of small diameter (about 150 mm), if on it will be erected easy wooden building, and 250 ÷ 400 mm, if construction planned massive enough.Asbestos pipes of large diameters can become a kind of ready-made formwork for pouring support piles of concrete and reinforcing rods to strengthen them.
Metal screw piles for the foundation

metal screw piles for the foundation

  • Yet another embodiment of the foundation can be columnar structure made of metal piles, which are screwed into the ground.This method of arrangement of the base for the building is good, that pile passes all unstable layer, and then screwed into the dense layers of the soil - this allows it securely gain a foothold there.On such a foundation, you can build a wooden structure that is installed on a flat and sufficiently intersected the site.

Species columnar foundations for much recessed

addition species for the manufacture of the base material, the columnar foundations are divided according to the degree «immersion « them into the ground with respect to ground level.So, there melkozaglublennye and buried variety reasons.Selecting this criterion depends on the soil conditions at the site.

It looks schematically melkozaglublenny foundation

So schematic looks melkozaglublenny foundation

Melkozaglublenny variation nt etc. imenyayut if melkooblomistyh , sandy and rocky soils with deep groundwater passing waters.Columns of this type of foundation is set to a depth of only 650 ÷ 700 mm.That should be enough, as the soil in which they are immersed, little susceptible to displacement.

The foundation with deep poles

foundation with deep poles

Piles columnar recessed go foundation soil strata in 1500 - 2000 mm and more.Apply them usually in areas with deep soil freezing, which is more than 400 ÷ 500 mm.Furthermore, these foundations are better suited for moving unstable soils.

Distance between pillars foundation is usually from 1,000 to 2,000 mm.

basic design columnar foundation

pier foundation is pretty simple overall design.

Several options for the basic design of pile foundation

Several variants of the basic design of the pile foundation

  • At the base of the columns are placed and tamped 100 ÷ 200 mm layer of sand.The sand is a kind of drainage , helping to take the bars from the foundation moisture, which can accumulate in the soil.Further
  • top cushion is placed concrete mix, which forms a monolithic slab by an average thickness of 400 ÷ 500 mm.
  • next is , in fact, the pole itself, you want to strengthen the reinforcing rods - it even need to be done in the event that the columns are built of stone or brick.Another important action to support it is providing reliable waterproofing.
  • The bars should be raised to one level above the ground and on top of them arranged grillage or other binding support belt that distributes the load on the entire structure of the columnar foundations.
Piles and connecting them grillage

piles and grillage connecting them

Rostwerk often made of timber, which has a cross-sectional size of 150 × 200 or 200 × 200 mm.For wooden houses or outbuildings grillage can be both a mortgage for the future crown walls.

addition, the pier foundation, made from any of aforementioned materials other than wood, it can be constructed of reinforced concrete raft foundation.It is made by buildings wooden formwork, which is laid reinforcing structure, and then fill in with concrete.

Ростверк может практически "лежать" на грунте, становясь похожим на ленточный фундамент

Rostwerk can virtually "lying" on the ground, becoming like a strip foundation

Rostwerk can lift the bottom edge of the building to a height of 800 ÷ 900 mm above the ground , maybe located just 300 ÷ 350 mm from theland or even "lying" on the ground surface.In the latter case, the part of it will look exactly the same as the tape type of foundation.

  • downside columnar structure, lifting the house above the ground to a considerable height (about 1000 ÷ 1500 mm ), it is that a structure is not possible to arrange a full basement.However, sometimes homeowners find a way out, setting the foundation Zabirko between posts that should not be linked to the reinforcement structure to the foundation.Zabirko - is mezhsvaynaya wall, built of slabs or bricks, and sometimes nailed wood.
Between the sheets - Zabirko

Mezhsvaynaya wall - Zabirko

When its installation, you must provide in the underground space of proper ventilation, which will not allow dampen walls and floors in the house.So constructed Zabirko make sure the vents, which "dress up" in lattice or deflectors to protect the basement from the penetration of small animals, insects and birds etc .

  • pier foundation is often used in areas where a common occurrence is considered a high risk of flooding in river impoundments.In this case, the poles are to go into the ground at a depth of 2000 - 2500 mm, and rise above it at the same height.Considering all the features of the area, a house can not be so, and it makes no sense to arrange the basement, so there is no need to build and Zabirko.

Calculation columnar foundation

Any foundation requires careful calculations

Any foundation requires careful calculations

The first step is always, still to start work on by dgotovke site for installation foundation , is planning, ie preparation of the relevant draft.This issue necessarily requires a professional approach.It is necessary to involve the drafting of a special organization dedicated to architectural calculations , taking into account the whole spectrum of the original data - on local conditions of climate and soil and to the specific wishes of the customer.

Of course, the basic data for the beginning of the design will be the total area of ​​the building and its total estimated weight, place the proposed construction.Always conducted geodetic survey and binding object on the ground.In addition, designers will take into account :

  • Specific features of soil on the site of construction of the building.
  • Location groundwater aquifers layers and depth.
  • boundary of soil freezing, the degree of swelling during freezing.
  • Number of stories in doem being built and a total height of it.
  • main materials of which it is supposed to lead the construction of buildings, including - types of floors and roof type.
  • all possible additional load, which will fall on each key point of the foundation.

a result should be determined the number and precise placement of support columns, material of manufacture, installation technology, depth bookmarks, protrusion height above ground level, a kind of raft foundation and possibly other necessary data.

calculations , of course, you can try to hold its own, using the existing network specialized online calculators , which are intended to define the parameters of the various types of foundations.

Driving foundation received network computer application

Driving foundation received network computer application

However, too much reliance on such opportunities is not necessary, since such software software all still can not take into account all the specifics of a particular construction site. But experts working in the region, certainly know the specifics of the area and will definitely make calculations more accurate.Moreover, with a professionally prepared project documentation will be much easier to carry out all registration procedures and harmonization of registration and other authorization documents for construction.

It may look professionally made pier foundation project

So maybe look professional project execution columnar foundation

Video: calculation and construction of pile foundation under the brick house

preparatory earthworks

  • first of the events preceding the construction of the installationfoundation, is site preparation and layout for its installation.
Preparatory work include tracing and digging wells ( pits )

preparatory work include tracing and digging wells (pits)

To do this on the basis of the draft drawn up by anchor points, the beginning portion is limited precisely designed for the erection of the building.This place once marked by a string and pegs. And , extend, as a rule, two parallel strands that define the width of the right and the foundation of the future.The corners at the intersection of yarns should be straight - this is best controlled with geodetic tool.If it's not, you need to very carefully check the perpendicular and parallel lines.Be sure to compare the length of the diagonals of the rectangle - if it is the same, the layout is made qualitatively.

  • Further, with the planned area is removed fertile soil in the 150 ÷ ​​200 mm.