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August 12, 2017 18:06

Strip foundation with his own hands

Strip foundation can be called the most popular in the construction of private homes, since it is fully justified itself in decades of operation.It is - quite simple in arrangement does not require particularly complex adaptations or special equipment.

Strip foundation with his own hands

Strip foundation with his hands

course, that design was reliable and durable, you can make a tape funda nt St. oimi hands only partially, that is to perform major work on digging the trench, installation of casing, installation andtying reinforcing lattice , waterproofing and insulation.But production and pouring of concrete is easier and more reliable order in companies that are engaged in this work profiled.

To find out why the tape funda reflux ak popular in the construction, you need to consider all of its positive and, of course, the existing negative qualities.

Advantages and disadvantages of strip foundation

Article Contents

  • 1 Advantages and disadvantages of strip foundation
    • 1.1 Advantages:
    • 1.2 Disadvantages:
  • 2 Types tapefoundations
  • 3 materials everything for strip foundation
  • 4 sequence of works on creation of a continuous footing
    • 4.1 foundation calculation
    • 4.2 Layout area
    • 4.3 digging trenches
    • 4.4 Preparation bottompit
    • 4.5 Installing formwork
    • 4.6 Installing reinforcing lattice
    • 4.7 Pouring the foundation
  • 5 Useful advice on filling strip foundation
    • 5.1 Video: how to pour a strip foundation

strip foundation - a monolithic strip of concrete solution, which is built on all bearing structure of the wall.

Strip foundation - a solid foundation for the construction of building walls

Strip foundation - a solid foundation for the construction of building walls

This base view is used in the following cases:

  • Under construction of private homes and outbuildings of materials having large mass, such as stone, concrete, brick,cinder blocks and other materials.
  • In cases where the general plan of construction assumed an underground garage, ground floor or basement.
  • houses are constructed with heavy ceiling or attic.
  • In regions dominated mostly heterogeneous soil.

It should be noted that the installation of the strip foundation is suitable for almost all types of soils, except, perhaps, only subsiding and peatlands - it must be considered when choosing the type of foundation for the construction of their own home.

to know what to expect from the tape base during operation, it is necessary to have information about the advantages and disadvantages of this design.


  • Belt funda cn nt singularity withstand heavy loads, no less than a monolithic foundation.
  • It differs relatively simple preparations, which can be carried out quite independently.
  • We strip foundation is always a big operation period, of course, with the right of its construction and maintenance desired degree of protection construction (waterproofing and thermal insulation).
  • advantage can be considered the variety of specific types of strip foundation from which you can choose the one, which is most suitable for technological and financial capabilities.
  • Band basis will cost much cheaper than monolithic, although it is not inferior in strength.
  • This design allows more qualitative thermal insulation of floors in the building, creating a multi-layer insulation "cushion".


  • Strip foundation is not suitable for the device in some soils.
  • By building the entire thickness of the foundation of the technology must be filled one reception , such as amount of concrete to prepare their own very difficult.In this connection it is necessary to appeal to construction companies, manufacturers, have special equipment and technology.
  • work, even in preparation for pouring concrete, time-consuming enough , and takes a lot of time.Without assistants will do is difficult.

As seen from the tape base qualities are positive significant superiority over negative.

Types strip foundations

There are several types of strip foundation, which differ in some criteria, and the first of them - is the depth of its occurrence.

There are several varieties of strip foundations

There are several varieties of strip foundations

  • For example, massive houses, erected of heavy building materials needed buried foundation, which is sure to suit to a depth of 250 ÷ 300 mm below the freezing levelsoil in the building construction area.
  • Another type of strip foundation - is melkozaglublenny .It is used for light frame buildings, and the total depth is not more than 550 ÷ 600 mm.
The scheme - a few basic types of belt type foundation

Scheme - a few basic types of foundations belt type

strip foundation is not shared by only two types, but still and several types:

  • Monolithic type foundation - most used for various buildings.Erected concrete solution and mandatory reinforcement.This funda nt etc. ivlekaet simple design and availability its erection, along with the inherent durability and strength.
  • Prefab nt funda for the construction of private home I used less frequently.Going the basics of this type of ready-made concrete blocks, which are made in factories.Deliver them to the site of construction works and set into a prepared trench using heavy machinery.

install the unit right next to each other, and the gaps between them are filled with concrete solution and vsploshnuyu sealed with waterproofing material on the outside.

This type of foundations is not suitable for fragile soils, as on the joints can occur rupture and deformation of the entire foundation and means, then standing on it building.

addition, for the delivery and installation of the units in their permanent place (use of cargo handling and lifting technology) have to pay quite a round sum.However, fairness I must say that the blocks less expensive of all the necessary materials for casting monolithic foundation belts and save builders from many heavy construction work.For example, do not have churn and install formwork, install and fasten the reinforcing mesh.

Prefabricated or block foundation well suited two - or three-storey buildings, constructed of concrete slabs or bricks.If there is a financial opportunity, and soil type is suitable for installation units, this type of foundation would be a good choice for building a large cottage.

materials everything for strip foundation

If still decided to build a building on it tape monolithic foundation, you need to buy all the necessary materials for its construction.

This will require:

  • Roofing material or dense plastic film - for waterproofing formwork.
  • Board, 15 ÷ 20 mm thick and the bar 20 × 30 mm - for installing formwork.
  • Steel wire - for a bunch of valves and tightening, if necessary, the formwork boards.
  • armature in diameter 10 ÷ 15 mm - to install a reinforcing belt.
  • nails or screws - for formwork installation.
  • Sand and gravel - for pre-filling "pillows".
  • If concrete still will get involved yourself, you will need cement not lower M400, sand and srednefraktsionny rubble or gravel for him.The solution is made from these materials, combined in proportions of 1: 2: 4.

sequence of works on creation of the foundation tape

To be sure of choosing the foundation, it is necessary to make some preparations.

Any work on the filling is preceded by extensive preparatory activities

Any work on the filling is preceded by extensive preparatory activities

Calculation foundation

It is necessary to find out the type of soil on the site to build a house, and the depth of its freezing in particular region, as well as the depth of the passage ground water.To find out all the features you need to apply to the design and construction company, which will hold geodetic survey, produce necessary calculations and sozdas reflux intramural foundation project, based on the analysis resulting from research surveys.If

undertake the drafting of their own, can not take into account some of the nuances, which subsequently lead to the destruction of the walls of the house.This applies especially to buildings with multiple floors.

If you plan to erect a small building, such, for example, as a country house, a garage, a barn, a chicken coop or a bath, then you can try to calculate the foundation of its own, taking into account the recommendations SNIP II - B .1 - 62. A still easier - use a special table that allows without a special calculations sufficient exactly sure determine the required depth of the strip foundation, depending on house type and characteristics of the soil:

Type of structure load on the ground in kN / m depth strip foundation (mm) depending on the type of soil
rocky ground flask dense clay, loam, which is moldedin hand caked dry sand, sandy loam soft sand, sandy loam, silt Very soft sand, sandy loam, silt peat bog
Shed, bath, owner.Built 20 200 300 400 450 650 Need foundation of another type
storey country house with attic 30 300 350 600 650 850 Need foundation of another type
storey cottage 50 500 600 required payment specialists required payment specialists required payment specialists Need foundation of another type
two orthree-story mansion 70 650 850 required payment specialists required payment specialists required payment specialists Need foundation of another type
The table shows the average data load forces on the ground buildings of various types
In each case, be sure to welcome an individual calculation
Reference: 1 kg = 9.81 H;1 kN = 101.9 kg;10 kN = 1019 kg
table is compiled on the basis of the British state building codes 2010

Layout area

When made necessary calculations foundation, made the architectural plan of the building and, accordingly,It determines the location of bearing walls, marking the selected construction site.

The most important question - the correct layout of the foundation on the ground

most important question - the correct layout of the foundation on the ground

  • Before marking the future site should be cleared of debris and garbage, as well as to remove the top layer of fertile soil thickness of about 120 ÷ 150 mm.Organic residues can result in the biological processes of decomposition, which is undesirable for basements.
  • on a prepared site will pre angles marking the future structure by driving pegs .

Next, carefully checked and evenness location specified distance between them.Pegs are rearranged as needed.They stretched strong cord, with which it will be easier to control the straightness and angles to determine the correct direction of the foundation of the band.

  • Sometimes angles designations used prefabricated wooden details - rectangles .First, at the point where one rectangle set and fix it.
One of the methods of marking

One of the methods of marking

Furthermore, it is tied two cords at a distance of the width of the trench for the foundation, they stretch to the next place where the second set angle , and then tie it to the stretched cords.

Thus spend all markup four corners of the house, and if the load-bearing walls are provided inside the building, then spend their markup.

Be sure to achieve straightness all angles , parallel and perpendicular to the main line

sure to achieve straightness all angles, parallel and perpendicular to the main lines

  • After all angles exposed, it is necessary to reconcile the length of the diagonals of the designated rectangle or square.If they are equal, it means that all the angles are correct.
  • Further, in the course cord can do prosypku powder dry lime - it visually shows the direction and perhaps, reveal some errors.
  • When counting circuit basement and interior walls of the house will be completed, it is necessary in the same way to mark the foundation under the porch, veranda or terrace.

If the house is supposed to install a brick oven or fireplace, that is smy sl Wed ase take care of the foundation and the building.However, the tape home and plate under the stove should not be tightly linked.

After held markup can be enough to start a large-scale excavation works.

digging trenches

The trench should be exactly the same markup

trench must exactly match the layout

  • on marked lines of digging a trench depth specified in calculations professionals and which will depend on the type of building being built on the foundation.
Strictly maintained and the estimated depth of the foundation tape

strictly maintained and the estimated depth of the foundation tape

  • Excavation should start with the bottom corner foundation - it will help to keep the same depth of the trench throughout its length .
  • When digging the soil should try to keep the walls of the trench flat and vertical.If GRU nt tm RUG begins to crumble, the weak points are set temporary backup.
  • During operation, periodically made measurements of the depth and slope of the bottom of the trench digs.If the foundation is set on a slope, it is important that the trench had a depth of around the perimeter of its device.

Preparing the bottom of the excavation

  • At the bottom of the trench finished need to arrange a bed of sand, which must have a thickness, at least 150 ÷ ​​200 mm in the form of a well-compacted.It will help correct redistribution of loads generated by the mass of the structure, to the finished foundation.Especially this reception important if construction goes on unstable puchistyh soils.