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August 12, 2017 18:06

The foundation of the FBD blocks with their hands

Foundation building blocks allow to construct reliable and durable basis for a wide variety of structures.Advantageously standing out against the background of monolithic structures convenience and speed of everything, from the foundation blocks FBS deservedly became popular in the areas of single-storey and multi-storey building.

The foundation of the FBD blocks with their hands

foundation of FBD blocks with their hands

The following guide will allow you to understand the foundation of everything from technology building blocks and make the necessary arrangements on their own.

basics of block foundations

Article Contents

  • 1 basics of block foundations
  • 2 Manual for the construction of foundation
    • 2.1 The first stage - preparatory
    • 2.2 second stage- earthworks
    • 2.3 third stage - equipping the sole
    • 2.4 fourth stage - the formwork erection and reinforcement
    • 2.5 fifth stage - fill pillows
    • 2.6 sixth stage - laying blocks
    • 2.7 Seventh step - waterproofing
    • 2.8 eighth stage - Laying nets
    • 2.9 Video - The foundation of the FBD blocks with their hands
Blocks PBS

blocks FBS

blocks FBS length Width Height Weight
FBS-9-3-6t 88 30 58 350
FBS-9-4-6t 88 40 58 470
FBS-9-5-6t 88 50 58 590
FBS-9-6-6t 88 60 58 700
FBS-12-3-6t 118 30 58 460
FBS-12-4-3t 118 40 28 310
FBS-12-5-3t 118 50 28 390
FBS-12-5-6t 118 50 58 790
PBS-126-3t 118 60 28 460
FBS-12-6-6t 118 60 58 960
FBS-24-3-6t 238 30 58 970
FBS-24-4-6t 238 40 58 1300
FBS-24-5-6t 238 50 58 1630
FBS-24-6-6t 238 60 58 1960
FBS-12-4-6t 118 40 58 640

block base design is very simple.It consists of reinforced cushions, the walls of the blocks and waterproofing.If necessary, the upper settling Laying nets.This will be separately described later.

only significant drawback of this foundation is the need to attract crane to lift blocks.Of course, you can build a winch and try to arrange the blocks by hand, but labor costs in this case would be inappropriate.

The rest of the arrangement with the foundation of the FBD blocks will not have any difficulties even for a beginner.

The scheme of the foundation blocks FBS

scheme of foundation FBS

blocks in terms of stiffness and strength of the block base inferior to their monolithic counterparts, but wins against them at cost, simplicity and speed of erection.

block foundations are best suited for soils with predominant content of sand.In areas with friable and soft soil from the construction of the foundation is better to abstain - design can simply sag, which will lead to significant distortions or even complete destruction of buildings erected on it.

block foundations normally tolerate exposure to soil heaving forces.The conditions under which a monolithic concrete structure tape could break, blocks maximum curved.This block is provided by the base property is its lack of solidity.The construction joints are present, which provides the necessary flexibility and mobility of the masonry.

The foundation of the blocks

foundation of the blocks

The foundation of PBS

foundation of PBS

Also among the advantages of blocks is the possibility of laying even in the snow, even in the rain.Concrete pouring is impossible in such weather conditions.

Manual for the construction of foundation

order of arrangement of the base block is reduced to the consistent implementation of several process steps.Follow the guide and all the necessary work.

The first stage - preparatory

To begin with a look at the features of the units themselves, and to consider the recommendations of their choice and overall planning work.

Foundation blocks produced by the method of block-making and are used for the benefit of the construction of support structures.Also, these units are suitable for masonry basement.

Blocks PBS

blocks FBS

Before starting work, you must create a project of the future foundation.To do this, open any program with related features and draw a layout of our units.So we will be able to thoroughly understand the order of their installation and banding.In the absence of skills in working with such programs, the devil in the old masonry on paper.

Project columnar foundation of PBS

project stepped foundation of PBS

Project columnar foundation of PBS

stepped foundation project of PBS

Project columnar foundation of PBS

stepped foundation project of PBS

Most often, the width of the first row of the block support is maintained at a level of 400 mm.For the next two rows of the figure was reduced to 300 mm.Knowing the size of the necessary structures and the required number of blocks, you can go to a specialty store for their purchase.Typically, these stores offer services for the delivery and installation of building materials, which is very convenient.

Important!You must decide in advance the places the output of utilities and select units with these moments.On sale are available masonry elements with pre-made holes.If you forget about the event, the holes have to be drilled in the future, which will require additional time, labor and financial costs.

second stage - earthworks

Carefully review the construction site.Think about where it will be most convenient to accommodate the crane that can interfere during operation, etc.If possible, remove any existing interference.Further work is performed in a standard manner.

marking scheme

marking scheme

first step. Determine the angle of the future structure and trying to drive the pegs in them.We stretch a rope between the rods, and then expose the intermediate markup elements in the places of the future arrangement of the external and internal walls.

second step. Roy pit.According to the standards of the pit depth should be equal to the depth of frost penetration increased to 20-25 cm, but in some regions of the depth of freezing and can reach two meters -. The cost of equipping such a base will be impractical.Therefore, for the "golden mean" it was made in the value of 80-100 cm., And his stick.Additionally, it is recommended to remove the upper fertile layer of soil (10-20 cm) around the perimeter of the remaining area of ​​the space.

Roy pit

Roy pit

third stage - equipping the sole

There are 2 variants of arrangement of a block of foundation: on a sandy base and a concrete base.The second type of support for unstable soils, but pouring concrete sole substantially increases the costs of energy, time and money to build.

Until everything compacted sand cushions inclusive procedure for the construction of both types of the base is the same.Just as the process of building the foundation structure on a concrete base begins with a stage of installation of formwork and placing reinforcement.

Pre harvests gravel fractions 20-40, sand and fittings.Further work in this sequence.

first step. aligns walls and bottom of the pit for the arrangement of the sole.

second step.Fall asleep pit 10-15-cm layer of sand, water and spill it carefully compacted.

Sand bed

Sand bed

third step. Fall asleep sandy base 10-centimeter layer of gravel and rammed again.Next

performed formwork installation and laying of reinforcement mesh.

fourth stage - installation of the formwork and reinforcement

Base feed

Base Feed

well suited edged board thickness of 25 mm for the assembly of the formwork.shuttering boards are held together by suitable means.Usually used for this purpose screws.Expose the formwork for the walls of the excavation and be sure to check the evenness of its installation with level.

to use reinforcing steel bars with a diameter of 12-14 mm.These we associate with cells in a grid of 10x10 cm (15x15 cm possible) by a flexible wire.Typically, reinforcement is performed in two layers, wherein the lower and upper grid located approximately the same distance from the top of the rubble and the future pouring respectively.To fix the nets pre-trying to drive into the base of the vertical rods reinforcement.If necessary (for example, if a large and massive building is planned to build) the number of reinforcing layers can be increased.

Base feed

Base Feed

Base feed

Base Feed

fifth stage - fill pillows

Fill all the requisite infrastructure below the concrete structure.Liem slowly and evenly.In several places pierce the fill valve to remove excess air.The surface of the cushions carefully flatten.

reserve our design to gain strength for 3-4 weeks.In the heat of the concrete must be periodically moisten with water, so it is not cracked.

Go to the stacking blocks

proceed to the laying of blocks

sixth stage - laying blocks

For laying PBS, as noted, will need to call the crane.Technique will be lifting heavy construction elements.You also need to assistants will correct blocks and put them in designated locations.

Mounting blocks FBS

Installation FBS blocks

Mounting blocks FBS

Installation PBS

blocks for masonry need concrete M100 brand solution.On average, for the installation of the unit takes about 10-15 liters of such a solution.

first exhibit blocks in the corners, for better orientation stretch the rope between them and consistently fill spans the level of blocks.Vertical joints fill with a solution.The following series of blocks laid on a solution in the opposite direction.We are gradually moving from the corners and exterior masonry to internal partitions.Regularly check the quality and accuracy of the work performed by a level.

Seventh step - waterproofing

for waterproofing it's best to use a liquid paste.Thoroughly coat with an insulating compound inside and outside of the foundation wall.



In regions with particularly generous rainfall recommended further stack of roofing material layer for better waterproofing.

eighth stage - Laying nets

often to harden the base design, the top row is cast reinforced concrete belt thickness of 200-300 mm.For reinforcement use 10-mm fittings.In the future, it is on this belt will be laid slabs.

Laying nets

Laying nets

Experienced builders can dispute the need for resettlement Laying nets, arguing that the plates and so fairly evenly distribute incoming traffic, only need to put them right.However, as practice shows, the stage arrangement Laying nets is better not to ignore - not exactly become worse from him.

Example Laying nets formwork

Example formwork Laying nets

To formwork not parted from below under pressure of concrete in places where the board was holding tight wire are .Its function - to pull of opposites form panels

To formwork not parted from below under pressure of concrete in places where the board was holding tight wire are.Its function - to pull of opposites form panels

Laying nets for the foundation

Armopoyas for the foundation

design is built as follows:

  • on the perimeter walls of the foundation set formwork;
  • the formwork is laid reinforcing mesh;
  • poured concrete.

At the foundation of the FBD blocks ready.Technology is time-consuming, but simple.By doing all the instructions, you will receive safe, reliable, robust and durable base, spending, while, for its construction comparatively little money.

The foundation of PBS

foundation of PBS

Successful work!

Video - The foundation of the FBD blocks with their hands