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August 12, 2017 18:06

Frames siding with their own hands

Decorating the house siding facade make it accurate only if this material is not only the walls are covered with the surface, but also properly selected and installed all the additional profile support and decorative elements.

Frames siding with their own hands

Frames siding with their hands

Frames siding with their own hands can be done qualitatively in the case carefully to read the instructions for the implementation of this process, and during work itself will strictly performed technologyrecommendations and Take extreme care.

Which siding is used for finishing

Article Contents

  • 1 Which siding is used for finishing
    • 1.1 Vinyl siding
    • 1.2 Metal siding
  • 2 Chtno necessary for finishingworks
    • 2.1 Tools for finishing window slopes
    • 2.2 What need of the accessories - profiles and fastening materials
  • 3 What is important to know when installing the finishing profiles
  • 4 installation of siding on the window slopes
    • 4.1 Preparation of slopes for veneering
    • 4.2 Crate
    • 4.3 Design window without slopes
    • 4.4 Making siding windows slopes
    • 4.5 Video: how to perform finishing window slopes siding

Saidy ng to I trim the outer surfaces of the walls of the house is made of different materials, but the most applicable are steel and vinyl finishing panels.

Vinyl siding

Most popular vinyl siding

Most popular vinyl siding

If the choice of these two kinds of siding, it must be said that the vinyl material is still more popular for home decorating, as it has many positive qualities,and thus it has a lower metal price:

  • He aesthetic and neat, so transforming the structure literally unrecognizable.
  • material is resistant to moisture, as non-hygroscopic, cold-resistant and can tolerate very high summer temperatures.
  • Vinyl siding is easy to clean.Since it is easily washed off the dust and trapped in the walls dirty spray.
  • With good quality material, and mounting compliance regulations vinyl material will last long enough.

Metal siding

Metal Saidy ng receptacle achitelno durable vinyl, of course, provided that it is a high quality and manufactured in full compliance with special technologies.This material is able to last for 45 ÷ 50 years, thanks to Damage him polymer coating, which will keep the metal from corrosion foci.This layer is able not only to protect the basis of the siding, but also to transform it aesthetically, as it can have a variety of colors and imitation of natural materials - for example, a natural wood.

Metal siding ( block-house ) is much more expensive , but also much , durability

Metal siding (block-house) is much more expensive, but also much, durability

zharostoek material, and if the vinyl at very high temperatures slowly melts, the meta Article ll oyko their transfers.

More one positive quality metal siding is its flexibility, which is particularly important in the design of the windows with special profiles.That is why sometimes when at Menen vinyl siding for the overall design of the walls, window trim prefer metal panels.

have this finishing material and drawback - heavier than siding made of vinyl, so it is not recommended to use for finishing the old houses with crumbling walls, as wall material could simply do not hold weight finish.

Chtno necessary for finishing works

Tools for finishing window slopes

For mounting on the trim window openings need to prepare tools for the job.So, necessarily need :

  • Shurupova Hg to I screwing screws.
  • Shears for cutting metal, since have cutting profiles, adjusting them to the size of the window opening .
  • Carving Knife - it is used to block out a line cut or fold the vinyl siding.Sometimes marking material is folded into one and the other side, and it is easily broken in exactly the intended lines.
  • saws for metal and wood, with small teeth. preferred instead to use her jigsaw with a set of relevant saws.
  • punch for making holes.
Punch for making holes in a plastic or metal siding

punch for making holes with a plastic or metal siding

  • Hammer.
  • Elbow and rulers of various sizes, a tape measure.
  • Building level.
  • chalk and pencil marks.

What need of accessories - profiles and fixing materials

Now - about the required profiles and fastening elements and materials.

To finish the windows often purchased hardware from the same manufacturer as the main material cladding.Often, however, with regard ease of installation, to the vinyl and metal bunk pick patterned profile elements.

All trim is better to buy at once, as if it will miss, when rebuy material after some time you can not get the same color tone, which previously painted purchased products.

Given the previous point, you need to advance carefully calculate the number of fittings. Counting as follows:

- if provided ebb, and he recommended to the mandatory installation, the distance is measured directly under the frame and the outer side of low tide;

- further, in the same way Gaugeable the rest of the window, that is the width and height of the frame, and the same parameters - on the outer side of the slope.It is better to immediately put on drawing , to avoid confusion;

- then, dimensions, obtained when measuring the outside of the slopes are formed, and them added even 15% of the total length.Ebb measured separately.

create a reserve of material necessary for cuts and bends, without which it can not do the installation.

Based on the presented circuit assembly , it will be easier to calculate the number of required material

Based on the provided mounting scheme, it will be easier to calculate the number of required material

Another scheme of installation of window slopes

Another scheme of installation of window slopes

The diagram shows an embodiment finishing windows without tides.This design is installed before installing siding on the walls, as wall cladding should close all fixing elements.To study in detail the scheme, you can consider replacing some of the details on a less expensive, since it is usually expensive hardware is .

for refining window slopes and the joints between them and the wall surfaces will need to have the following items:

Plastic F- profile

Plastic J-profile

  • J-profile.
H- profile for joining adjacent panels of siding

H-profile for joining adjacent panels of siding

  • H-profile.
Profiles for interior and exterior angles

finishing profile inside and outside corners

  • Corners for decoration panel joints outside and inside.
Plastic tide - usually comes with PVC windows

Plastic tide - usually comes with PVC windows

  • tide for vinyl finish.
Metal ebb - more practical

metallic sheen - more practical

  • tide metal.
Priokonnaya plate for abutment to the frame

Priokonnaya plate for abutment to the frame

  • Priokonnaya strap.

Finishing strip if necessary give a finished look finish

Finishing strip if necessary give a finished look finish

  • Finishing strip.

What is important to know when installing the finishing profile

The appearance of a finished house can be radically different from one another.Therefore, the finishing of windows will directly depend on whether paneling and design style chosen for a particular building.

When the cladding is necessary to know some nuances

When the cladding is necessary to know some nuances

However, it should be noted that there is in the installation of the surfacing material and the general points that you need to know in advance:

  • Screws for fixing fittings on the walls and frames should be made of stainless steelmaterials or have a galvanized coating.
  • Screws screwed only at an angle of 90 degrees, - any, even minor slope reduce reliability mounting profiles.
  • can not twist the screws completely until it stops, strongly pressing elements fitting to the surface.You should always leave a gap of about one millimeter, leaving the "degree of freedom" for the possibility of movement during thermal expansion of the material.Otherwise, when you change the temperature, the panels can seriously deformed.
  • incisions in the panels on the sides for the bends are made at an angle of 45 degrees .They are needed to when joining the individual elements on the corners had no significant gaps.
  • If you plan to install low tide, it is fixed in the first place, to close fixing details vertical elements side slopes.
  • very important well-pressed cladding panels to the slopes around the windows.To seal the inside sometimes applied to the panel edge sealant.

addition, be taken into account and how windows are recessed into the wall.From the depth of the existing opening will depend on how the siding will be installed on the slopes.

  • Russian window design standards involve slopes of a width exceeding 190 ÷ 200 mm.In this embodiment, the siding panels are used to frame the slopes, which are inserted into mounted around the frame J-profile .

On the outside of the panel on the slope and siding on the wall are finished outer corner, which will hide the joint between them.

Facing the broad slopes

Facing broad slopes

And siding installation can be done , like of solid panels, installed vertically, as well as from individual equal fragments, mounted horizontally.

  • According to European standards, the slopes have a small width, which is less than 200 millimeters.
Trim parts for the slopes of medium depth

Trim parts for medium depth slope

In this embodiment, the bar takes a special window designed for the decoration of the slopes, which is the desired width.Her edge finishing profile hides or J-profile .

  • If window has almost no slope and set flush with the wall, the casing is set around a selected width or siding, which is framed in J-profile .The figure shows example, when used for decoration trims.
Facing the window opening trims

Facing the window opening trims

  • When facing arched window is also used J-profile , which is an incision in several places for a smooth bending or flexible plastic version of the hardware element.
Finishing arched windows

Finish arched windows

installation of siding on the window slopes

Before installing the siding is necessary to prepare a simple broad slopes.

Preparing for veneering slopes

sure to conduct an audit of the state of the slopes.If you find them for cracks or chips, will need to be repaired and plastered.This process is necessary because under the siding crack may expand over time, and old plaster peel off together with the fixed her finish.

After drying repair mortar, it will be very correct solution to cover the entire surface of the slope primer deep penetration that will not allow slopes to absorb moisture from the air, divorce mold and other microorganisms.


Just like for fixing the siding on the walls for decoration of window openings sometimes required crates device, especially if you get off the slopes in stone or concrete structure.

Before its Wiring layout fixing rails places crates , which are mounted panels and profiles.Reiki can be positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on how you plan to install siding.It is important to calculate the thickness of the battens , with mandatory into account the thickness of the siding to finish after installation did not close the window clearance.

Crate set infrequently, as in most cases the inner side of its slopes are very close to the window. Nevertheless , you must know that it is quite possible, if necessary.

Very often siding and fitting elements fixed to the liquid nails, and if the building has wooden walls, the screws are screwed directly into them.

Design window without slopes

Facing window opening , having no slope, carried elements of the accessories, which are called aprons and, if necessary, J-profiles .

Finishing slopes without windows

window without finishing slopes

  • first thing you need to do - make it froze the bottom of the frame.
  • Next, to the brim on need to pull back a distance equal to its width, and from this point to measure the size of the bottom of the window, and even one segment equal to the width of the casing.
  • Further, on both sides of the resulting parts is measured at an angle of 45 degrees.As a mark cut off the front side of the panel.Inside corner remains intact.
  • side panels are measured in the same manner, but also at an angle of 45 degrees to cut off only its upper edge.
  • upper bracket facing left whole.
  • Next first glued to the liquid nails and screwed from below the lower facing panel.
  • then, in turn, fixed side trims, their edges are inserted inside strips installed at the bottom of the window.Thus, not formed at the corners of gaps between the individual panels.Top panel before fixing set to the side of the casings and also bolted.
  • It also happens that the frames are combined with J-profile , fixed to the frame of the window.
  • on above diagram is shown the assembly is visible pre-prepared parts.

Making siding windows slopes

If the slopes are wide, it can not do without reflux.The work begins with the installation of the structural element.

Decorating windows with wide slopes

Finish window with wide slopes

  • To tide rose perfectly to the lower plane of the window opening , this detail should be well fit.

- To do this, measurements are taken from the bottom of the frame and the edge of the sill between the walls, and also measured the width of the slope under the window.The last parameter is required because the tide has to be wider than the slope and perform forward on two - four centimeters.Removing the standards drawn at low tide line, which will be held fold metal or vinyl material to be cut.

- With a metallic sheen extra distance is not completely cut off, it is removed only from the sides of the protruding portion and leave the segment, which will be equal to the width of the slope.

- According to the marked line extra segments on both sides bent low tide on the vertical walls.