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August 12, 2017 18:06

A fence with his hands

If it's time to change the guard area, or there was a need to enclose the new territory, the question immediately arises as to how to install the fence with his own hands, without resorting to various construction companies.This is especially true if the owner of the plot on a tight budget.

A fence with his hands

fence with their hands

By virtue of whether to carry out the processes with a amostoyatelno?It depends on the type of sampling and the material from which it intended to build.But it is clear once - to build a section of the fence made of brick, concrete or concrete slabs, it is necessary to do enough labor-intensive work that needs to be at least one assistant .

What you need to consider?

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  • 1 What you need to consider?
  • 2 Concrete fence
    • 2.1 foundation for the concrete fence
    • 2.2 Species concrete fences
  • 3 Fence brick
    • 3.1 process of laying
    • 3.2 Video: fence masonryred brick
  • 4 Wooden fences
    • 4.1 forms wooden fences
    • 4.2 Installing fence
    • 4.3 Video: construction of a wooden fence
  • 5 fence of corrugated
    • 5.1 installing fences
    • 5.2 Video: self-installation of the fence of corrugated
  • 6 Other types of fences

Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fences, it will be possible to assess their strength and decide what materialbuild a fence.

Choosing the type of fencing, it is necessary to consider the extent to color and textured drawing fence fit into Diza dH Sun his site if it is decorated in the same style.

More one criterion to be taken into account is the opening and closing fences, ie .it will be a solid or a through image.

If there is a desire to dissociate itself from the outside world, to rest or work at the site did not prevent outsiders, including the neighbors, it is best to install a solid fence.

open to the views of passers- area suitable the owners, who want to show all , some have a beautiful house and wonderful flower gardens, as well as sociable people can not live in a completely closed enclosure space.

If the fence is installed at the new site, and planned to build it out of brick or concrete, it would be nice to see how deeply lie under the ground ground water.Otherwise there is a risk, through a couple of years get sagging and skew designs.

Another important aspect is the cost of materials. Its a must calculate, knowing the price in advance by withdrawing the total amount, it is usually added even 15%.It because , usually provide everything perfectly accurately is impossible, and in the process certainly have to re-buy any missing components.

So, first you need to get acquainted with the types of fences and installation regulations.

Concrete fence

Concrete fence can be considered the most practical and reliable construction of all other types, but only if it is properly installed.

Бетонный забор - это вовсе не только "скучные" серые стенки

concrete fence - it does not just "boring" gray wall

This fence has several types, as thanks to modern technology and developments in recent years have been produced and installed fences, which in themselves are already the decorative elements,adorning the territory area.

variety of types, colors and textural patterns allows you to choose the option that will be the perfect accompaniment for the stylist to the already erected structure of the house.

Positive qualities of concrete fences are many, so they increasingly prefer other guards.These benefits include:

  • durability and strength of the material in the correct set design.
  • on smooth concrete surface finish is great to go to any material, whether or decorative plaster decorative tile.
  • If the fence is being built monolithic, it can be raised to any height without gaps and joints.
  • If selected fence, consisting of separate plates narrow, its installation is quick enough - just one day can be built the whole structure.
  • Concrete structure is the most economical of all the other capital fences.

There, truth, of such fences, along with the positive and negative aspects:

Concrete structures rather heavy , therefore, can not be installed on loose or loose soils, or when installing them require special strengthening.

Installing concrete fence - much more expensive than fences made of lumber and corrugated board.

When mounting the fence, consisting of separate sections, often impossible to do without special equipment for their lifting and installation, which the call is also expensive .

If arranged monolithic concrete fence, make sure you need a cement mixer, as the need is very great number solution, which produce hand is simply unrealistic.

for all, without exception, concrete fences, you need a reliable device foundation.

From all this it can be concluded that the construction of fences, concrete - quite troublesome and costly event, but such a structure will last for decades without much care, so this choice can be considered very practical.

funda nt for concrete fences I

Since no foundation for the concrete structure can not do, you need to know what kind of job have to do to arrange it.

The work always begins with planning everything foundation for the fence

work always begins with the planning of the foundation arrangement Concrete fence to fence

installed on strip foundations, which is filled in the following order :

  • First produced marking areas for further trenching.

When markup is taken into account that the width of the tape foundation should be 100 ÷ 150 mm longer than the thickness of the fence.The depth of trench should be 800 ÷ 1000 mm.

Cut the base of the concrete fence

Cut the concrete base of the fence

  • Further, at the bottom of the trench is filled moist sand, which must be carefully compacted.A layer of sand cushion shall be 120 ÷ 150 mm in compacted form.
  • on the sand was covered with polyethylene film which will serve as the foundation of protection from the effects of ground moisture. film should come out of the trenches 500 ÷ 700 mm, as further along the pit will be built to raise the formwork above the soil foundation with 200 ÷ 400 mm.
  • On film is filled with a layer of gravel - just 100 ÷ 150 mm.
Reinforcement of the future of the foundation tape to fence

future foundation reinforcement tape fence

  • On gravel set reinforcement design, which adds strength foundation.
  • After marking the distance between the posts of the fence, welded pipes for reinforcement or reinforcing farm - it will serve as a basis for further construction of pillars.
Installed formwork

installed formwork

  • Further along the trenches expose the wooden formwork.The polyethylene film , leave it inside and later give birth to the upper edge of the boards to the outside. film not allow concrete to flow into the cracks between the boards, and thus moisture will not evaporate too quickly, and concrete solution evenly attains the desired strength.
Filling formwork for concrete foundation tape

Filling formwork for concrete foundation tape

  • trench is then filled with concrete solution made of sandy gravel and cement , the proportion of 3: 1.
  • If the fence will enclose a large area, the concrete is best as kneading own such a large amount of solution is quite difficult to order ready-made, taking into account that the foundation should be poured once completely from top to bottom formwork.Otherwise, between the layers may remain unnecessary gaps, and when hit by water and by lowering the temperature of the foundation can be damaged .
  • surface of the poured concrete is leveled and left to solidify and harden.
  • Usually Intersection columns of bricks laid, but you can make them concrete.To do this around the reinforcing structure or the pipe, built corresponding shuttering of boards, which is also filled with concrete.
  • If the fence sections are composed of several modular elements, for their installation are special columns having side slots into which is then inserted decorative plate.
Installed prefabricated concrete footings for species fences

installed concrete footings for prefabricated fences varieties

should be noted that if you select this option the fence, then it is possible to arrange and pier foundation, carefully marking up the distance between the posts. Nevertheless , poles after installation it is necessary to link the border.Its filling is performed in the same manner as with band basis, it is also hardened armature, but only deepens 200 ÷ 250 mm.

Species concrete fences

On the foundation laid, you can set different types of concrete fences.Thus, the concrete barriers are divided into monolithic, modular, prefabricated and type-setting types and samostoyaschie .

Dialers fences

Dialers fences consist of several sections, which in turn placed in the grooves already exposed vertical pillars.Usually this type of fencing have multiple sections, the top of which differs from the bottom that have decorative elements in the form balusters or embossed patterns.

Декоративный наборный бетонный забор с "ажурной" верхней секцией

inlaid decorative concrete fence with "lace" top section

Such fences are installed on strip foundations, which pripodnimut them over the soil to the desired height, or on the pier foundation with established borders between the pillars.

Precast fence

Precast fence consists of separate elements which are going to the same shape section.The number of items in each section can be different, usually three to five - it depends on whether the height of the fence is needed.Sometimes acquire section different colors or with different embossed patterns - is in some way helps make the fence more scenic and less boring.

Precast Fence solid type

Precast Fence solid type

funda nt to I precast fence can be , like tape, and columnar.

Block fences

This type of fence is laid concrete (aerated concrete or aerated concrete) blocks, which are shaped like large bricks, and accordingly laid on the principle of masonry.However, very often in the construction can be further applied decorative elements, which have the appropriate size, fits perfectly into the overall design of the blocks.

Unfinished fence made of foam concrete blocks

Unfinished fence of concrete blocks

elements intended for the construction of columns, for example, are placed on the supporting columns, walled in the foundation.

Laying all the elements made in cement mortar, thereby obtaining solid construction.

Just like brick, block masonry requires special skills.Not so simple as it seems to build a flat wall of the relatively small size of elements.Therefore , producing work, you need to keep on hand building level and to control the vertical fence plumb.

A fence made of curly and decorative blocks

fence curly and decorative blocks

often a fence from conventional units require decorative finishing plaster or tiling.

Such a fence would cost always more expensive than the sectional concrete fences, so in addition to the material itself must take into account the cost of considerable masonry works and finishing.

Protection from monolithic slabs

Monolithic slabs are easy to install so that the entire length of the fence can be installed on the prepared foundation in just a single day.For the construction of the pillars often use elements that are designed to block-type fences.It is possible to build supporting pillars and brick.

If used for the protection of the usual smooth concrete slabs, in order to fence acquired aesthetic appearance, decorate it with decorative plaster in combination with artificial or natural stone.

can be purchased already decorated plates, but they will be much more expensive.Furthermore, they may be damaged during transportation or unloading, and because of this, have then put them in order.

Samostoyaschy fence

This type of fence is most often used for temporary installations on the territory of the various projects under construction, since it does not require device foundation under them.Sections of the fence are set perfectly for a wide bottom.By End of need to dismantle the fence sections, loaded onto trucks and transported to the next object.

Section samostoyaschego fence

Section samostoyaschego fence

In practice, individual building, despite the simplicity of installation, these fences are usually not used.

fence brick

Brick fence has a very respectable appearance, and especially in harmony, it looks if the house, which is located on the site, also built of brick.

Brick fence perfectly with the brick house

Brick fence perfectly with the brick house

process of erecting such a fence requires a great deal of experience in such work, since only dilettante may seem that bricklaying - simple and accessible to anyone who wants to deal with.In fact, each master has its own secrets that make the fence neat and durable.

funda nt to I like fences arranged so the same way as for the concrete fence, because the whole structure is obtained massive enough in general.

Fences made of bricks are completely closed or masonry can be combined with other elements, such as wrought-iron grilles .In the latter case, the entire area is in sight, and the fence will protect only against the penetration of the territory of the unwanted guests, but do not close the area from prying eyes.

The combination of masonry and metal forging

combination of masonry and metal forging

Brick fence has its advantages as well as disadvantages that you need to know before choosing this option.

brick fence Advantages:

  • correctly folded brick enclosure is rugged and durable, no problems should serve least five ÷ six decades.And if you spend a competent restoration after this period, the fence will stand still same.
  • These fences are very aesthetic, neat appearance.
  • Brick fence does not require special care in the form of painting or cleaning, which saves time and effort to site owners.

fence Disadvantages of brick

  • complexity and duration of the construction, especially without having the proper experience.
  • sufficiently high price of materials and complexity of their delivery.
  • Such a fence requires a reliable device continuous strip foundation.