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August 12, 2017 18:06

The house exterior sheathing

developing private building project, it is necessary to immediately determine to what sheathe the house from the outside.After all, the right exterior decoration make the house not only presentable, but also warm , so you need to carefully choose the materials for its insulation and decoration.Without a good solid finish the house will look ugly and messy and not protected from damaging external influences, such as moisture, active solar radiation, wind, thermal gradients and etc ..

The house exterior sheathing

Thesheathe house outside

at the current construction market represented a very large range of insulating and decorative materials from which to choose suitable for every taste and financial opportunities.

requirements facing facade materials

Article Contents

  • 1 requirements facing facade materials
  • 2 Boarding houses plaster
  • 3 Boarding houses with crates
  • 4 kinds of decorative trim
    • 4.1 clinker thermopanel
    • 4.2 Video: house cladding clinker thermopanels
    • 4.3 Boarding house siding
    • 4.4 Video: installation of facade cladding saydingovoy
    • 4.5 The blockhouse
    • 4.6 Video: facade paneling block-house

order in the house there was a damp, it was comfortable and warm, and outside the house looked aesthetically pleasing materials for cladding must meet certain requirements.

Facing the house is most often carried out in parallel with its warming

Facing the house is most often carried out in parallel with its insulation

Relying on them, and you should choose the option you want.Thus, the lining shall have the following qualities:

  • have a low thermal conductivity to keep warm inside the house.
  • Have vapor permeability - inside layers of insulation should not be formed condensate.
  • Differ moisture resistance - does not absorb or retain moisture within the material.
  • have absolute or increased heat resistance - lining must withstand high temperatures, under the influence of non-deformable and does not ignite.
  • Have inertness to chemical attack - does not change its characteristics in contact with her similar substances.
  • be protected from the influence of micro-organisms, not serve as a breeding ground for insects and rodents.
  • not decompose and do not lose the physical properties when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

To trim was effective in all matters, not just need firmly attached to the walls of decorative material, and, following the technology, cover their whole system layers, each of which will play a role.

There are two main systems of insulation at home, and the choice will depend on what kind of material you plan to use for decorative and applied by a heater.In one of their insulation system is attached directly to the wall with glue, the other - on the crate created .

Boarding houses plaster

When using insulating boards having a high density, for example, polystyrene, fiber cement or densely compressed glass wool in a mat, which will continue to be covered on top with plaster, crate walls do not need.

The approximate scheme of insulation of walls under plaster

approximate scheme of insulation of walls under plaster

Most often, this principle applies to the flat brick or concrete walls.In this case, the lining is made as follows:

  • On the wall of the house, at a height at which insulation will be installed, fastened metal profile-holder, selected according to the thickness of insulation boards selected.Profile conclusions on the level of a perfectly smooth horizontal.
  • walls are cleaned of dust, and, before applying glue, moistened with water for better adhesion.
  • Next on slab insulation is applied in advance diluted special glue.
Heat cladding boards can be mounted on a construction adhesive

Heat cladding boards can be mounted on a construction adhesive

  • first row of boards is installed on the metal profile and firmly pressed against the wall.
  • next number set at first in the system of masonry - in dressing .
  • Securing two or three number plates to glue each of them additionally secured by fungi-plugs.
  • Further work is continuing on the same system up to the top.Then the insulation precisely also installed on the other walls.
  • When the adhesive layer under the insulation is dry, you need to glue all the corners of the building, window and door slopes corners with reinforcing mesh.They are fixed on the same glue, an excess is removed with a spatula.
Reinforcing corner

reinforcing corner

  • After drying corners, reinforcing mesh-serpyanku need to consolidate the entire insulated surface.
  • surface on which the fabric will be glued serpyanku, greased with a thin layer of glue.On top of it is fixed reinforcing mesh, smooth with a spatula, and the excess adhesive is also removed.
  • When the surface dries well, it is necessary to cover the polymer plaster layer 2 - 3 mm.
  • The final stage will be the imposition of plaster, selected according design style of the building.

Boarding house with crates

insulating facade system with crates , can be installed in one or two coats.Position the frame rails will depend on how you plan to install a decorative trim.

Installation batten facade

Installation batten facade

  • To crate set correctly, better to hold the layout of the wall.Thus it is necessary to take into account the width of the insulating mats.
  • Then, on the surface of the wall mounted bars or metal profiles.
  • If sheathed wooden wall, before to lay the insulation, must be attached to the entire surface of the walls vapor barrier film .
  • Next between bars crates stacked insulation mats.If necessary, they are fixed to the wall with anchors-fungi.
Between the guide battens laid insulation

between guides crates stacked insulation

  • setting the warming layer, on top of it stretched Superdiffuzionnaya membrane, fixing her to batten bars staples construction stepplera .
  • Next can install decorative sheathing material.

Another installation option crates do somewhat differently.

  • On the wall is also counting on it and at a distance from each other in 40 - 60 cm fixed suspensions.Their edge-holders should protrude from the wall on the thickness of the insulation and wooden bars, which they will be secured.
The scheme of the facade insulation with installation battens on metal hangers

scheme facade insulation with installation battens on metal hangers

  • These elements will fixing not only bars but also for the installed insulation.
  • insulation mats are marked and incised in places where they will be worn on the metal parts.
  • then heater mounted on the wall, and on top of it is stretched and fastened diffusive membrane.
  • Next in suspensions set sticks wooden crates , tightly pressed to the wall of the insulation and fix them in a metal holder with screws.
  • on top of this system is also installed a decorative cladding material using fixed beams crates as guides.

kinds of decorative trim

Modern materials allow to make on a wooden wall imitation masonry, or vice versa - brick house is transformed into a wooden frame.For this purpose, such cladding as siding, made of different materials, wooden wall paneling, block-house, thermal panels, ceramic or stone tiles and others.It is necessary to know in advance how each of the cladding is attached and how the result looks - from this will depend largely on what kind of insulation system for her choose.

Clinker thermopanel

Clinker thermopanel - is one of modern materials for insulation and facades.

House , steering clinker thermopanels

House, steering clinker thermopanels

They recently appeared in the construction market, and have already gained wide popularity.This is not surprising, since they have a lot of positive qualities.

  • One of the main advantages of - this material performs two functions at once: it is warming and decorative trim.
  • panels perfectly imitate the brickwork, and are produced in different colors, so can be matched to any style and taste.
  • They give the surface the absolute accuracy and aesthetics.
  • This type of cladding offers the convenience and relative ease of mounting on a wall.
  • Thermal panels can be used for covering any - wooden or brick surface.
  • small panels weight gives the possibility to do without further strengthen the foundation of the old building.
  • Since the materials have a low percentage of water absorption, the facade can be washed out of the slag with water under high pressure.
  • panels connection density on ste not allows cold air to penetrate the wall of the house.

Thermal panels have a polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam base, which molded into clinker tiles. Warm substrate increases the thermal insulation quality two panels - four times, and creates optimal microclimate permeable wall that allows you to keep the material from which erected house for a longer period.

Структура панелей - слой утеплителя и декоративная плитка "под кирпич"

panel structure - a layer of insulation and decorative tiles, "under a brick»

  • Paving tile insulation protects the basis of the impact of external factors such as wind, rain, direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays.
  • Clinker panels are very securely fastened to the wall and able to serve without repairs 45 - 60 years, without losing its original appearance.
  • panels are assembled into a single plane with the help of existing interlocks (ridges and grooves), which ensures a tight grip.
Installation of panels is very simple and intuitive

Installation of panels is quite simple and intuitive

  • make direct, wall thermal panels and corner elements to them that facilitate the task of clearance angles of the building, making it absolutely accurate, is not different from the general form of the walls.
Thermal panels are equipped with the necessary elements for final assembly profile

Thermal panels are equipped with the necessary elements for final assembly of specialized

  • Thermal panels reinforced plastic rails that prevent the deformation and stress of facing material.

Installation thermopanels

  • Before starting the installation of the panels on the wall, it is necessary to revision for various bumps, large depressions and chips, which can be placed much faster installation.It is therefore necessary to bring the surface of the walls in a perfectly flat condition.
Revision of the walls before installing thermal panels

audit walls before installing thermal panels

  • When installing panels on the surface, which have large irregularities, such as the walls of log house, they arranged crate of timber.
Installation clinker thermal panels can be carried out directly on the wall or on a crate

thermopanels clinker Installation can be performed directly on the wall or on a crate

  • In this case, it is very important to correctly calculate the layout crates , to securing the panels successfully.On each of dockable panels should fall at least three bars crates , to create the necessary rigidity skin.
Dimensions thermal panels , attachment points to the walls

Dimensions thermal panels, attachment points to the walls

The chart clearly visible fixing points on the wall or furring and dimensions of the panel and projecting locking ridges.

  • After a complete skin surface wall joints between the individual tiles are filled with a special grout.This finally isolating insulation from external influences, wall design gives the appearance of natural brickwork.

Video: House cladding clinker thermopanels

Boarding house siding

More a very popular way to transform the facade is the installation of siding.It is produced in various forms, simulating wood and stone covering the walls.

Sheathing siding gives the house a neat finished appearance

Sheathing siding gives the house a neat finished appearance

produce it from different materials using two processes - monoekstruzii or coextrusion .The first of these - is forming panels of siding smooth and second - manufacturing two-layer elements.The top layer is a protective material from external influences, and the lower - basis panel.

truly high-quality siding has a whole range of advantages:

  • It is resistant to mechanical stress, such as bumps and scratches at the same time having good elasticity.
  • material safe in fire-protection context, resistant to thermal shock.High performance material allow its use in different climatic conditions .
  • Siding is not affected by the formation of colonies of microorganisms, insect damage.
  • on quality stuff do not have serious exposure to ultraviolet rays, so it does not lose its original appearance for many years.The term of service is about siding for decades.
  • panels provide reliable protection for the building walls against wind and rain.
  • material does not require special care and well is in order jet of water at high pressure.By itself, the surface does not absorb dirt.
  • Saidy ng ch singularities give any facade aesthetics.Numerous colors and the possibility of their combination opens up great opportunities for design solutions.
  • material is non-toxic and hence , harmless to human health.
  • addition, compared with other materials, siding is quite easy to install and affordable.

How to decorate the house basement

The base decorate the house?We recommend that you read this material on our website.

also recommend to get acquainted with the finishing home siding material.

Types facade siding

Saidy ng to I cladding facades are made of vinyl, aluminum, fine steel, cement and pulpand materials based on wood.

Metal siding

Metal siding

  • Siding made of aluminum and steel is mainly used in industrial facilities, but also used for decoration of private homes.The material is produced in a variety of color schemes, so perfectly decorate any facade.
Siding wood composite

Siding wood composite

  • facing material made of wood fibers and svyazuyusch their their components manufactured by pressing the raw material at high pressure, and then covered with a protective paint.This siding is also well suited for facing facades of private houses.