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Winterizing Your Home

August 12, 2017 18:06

Warming of the floor in a wooden house

qualitatively insulate the floor in a wooden house, you simultaneously make the room more comfortable for living and reduce heating costs.Discover affordable range of thermal insulation materials, study the three basic circuit performance, you select the appropriate option and proceed.

Warming of the floor in a wooden house

Winterizing floor in a wooden house

What material to choose for insulation?

Article Contents

  • 1 What material to choose for insulation?
    • 1.1 Mineral wool
    • 1.2 «Dry screed»
    • 1.3 Fiberglass
    • 1.4 foam
    • 1.5 Styrofoam
  • 2 instructions on carrying out insulation work in different situations
    • 2.1 Warming low underground
    • 2.2 Warming of the floor above the high cellar
    • 2.3 Construction of double floor
    • 2.4 Videos - Warming of the floor in a wooden house

Before embarking on the study of the properties ofexisting insulation, remember, perform thermal insulation is recommended only after the wood will shrink, ie,not earlier than six months after the erection of the structure.Other

wise shrinkage can ruin insulation.

Insulation materials for wooden house

Insulation materials for wooden house

When selecting a material for thermal insulation of the floor is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics of insulation:

  • thermal conductivity;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • installation method;
  • thickness;
  • weight;
  • fire;
  • lifetime;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • price.

In the case of wooden structures, are the most important characteristics such as fire resistance and durability.

Upgraded insulation

Upgraded insulation

Mineral wool

excellent material for thermal insulation of the floor.

Mineral wool

Mineral wool


  • low thermal conductivity;
  • good fire resistance.Mineral wool successfully prevents the spread of flame;
  • high sound insulation properties;
  • vapor permeability.Mineral wool "breathe", which is very important in the case of its use for thermal insulation of wooden surfaces;
  • simple arrangement;
  • good ecology.

is produced in the form of mats and rolls, which gives the opportunity to choose.

Mineral wool

Mineral wool

main drawback mineral wool - Low resistance to water.Upon contact with moisture insulation deforms and loses its qualitative characteristics, so the arrangement of the waterproofing layer should be given special attention.

Tech.characteristics of mineral wool Indicators
density of 115 kg / m3
Water absorption at full immersion, no more 1%
average fiber diameter of not more than 0,2 m
Content fibrous inclusions in the mass, not more 4,5%
Thermal conductivity at 283 K + 1, max 0,044 W / m * K
shear strength, not less than 50 kPa
compressive strength, not less 100 kPa
tensile strength, not less 150 kPa

«Dry screed»

Dry screed


Lovely option of warming the floor in a wooden house.Use only after the passage of wood shrinkage process.Screed is performed based on gipsovolokna.

The structure of the dry screed

Structure dry screed

Key Benefits:

  • high thermal insulation performance;
  • resistance to fire;
  • ease of installation;
  • possible to use in combination with any floor finish;
  • small thickness;
  • good sound insulation performance.

    Disadvantages of dry screed

    Disadvantages dry screed

main drawback - relatively high cost.A twenty-bag mix enough for warming by no more than 1 m2 of surface.

material also does not tolerate exposure to moisture.Because it deforms it.such deformation does not affect the thermal insulation properties of the material, but the finishing flooring can deteriorate.




popular material for thermal insulation of the floor.Advantages following:

  • combustibility;
  • simple arrangement;
  • environmental safety.

    Features glass

    Features glass

main drawback - a significant shrinkage.In just a year of service meter long strip of glass may be reduced by 10-15 cm. As a result, the integrity of the insulation layer is broken.There is also a number of disadvantages include poor resistance to water and not very good insulation properties.


The structure of the foam PSB-S 35

foam structure PSB-S 35

One of the most popular heaters.It features an optimal ratio of cost and quality.

material does not deform under the influence of temperature surges and high humidity.Even with a relatively small thickness (10 cm) high quality foam provides thermal insulation.

main drawback - fragility.To the material served as long as possible, fitting insulation "pie" should be carried out perfectly.

Features foam

Features foam

Important!The foam is not breathable.This may not affect the best condition timber.Be sure to keep in mind this caveat.


Expanded polystyrene


Specifications slabs of extruded polystyrene

This insulation has many advantages, including:

  • resistance to fire, moisture and temperature changes;
  • incredibly low heat conductivity;
  • high sound insulation properties;
  • great strength.

main drawback - relatively high cost.

Compare heaters

Compare heaters

instructions on carrying out insulation work in different situations

design wooden house floor may have the most diverse species.Consequently, the order of the thermal insulation works will also be different.Your attention is invited to the instructions on warming in the most common cases.

Warming low underground

Warming at low underground

Warming low underground

Because of the limited height of the sub-floor insulation will not fix the bottom of the joists.This leads to the need to dismantle the existing floor, which makes the method more cumbersome.

In general, the work is performed in the following sequence.

first step. Remove baseboards and flooring elements.If the replacement flooring is not in your plans, work as carefully as possible.For added convenience, sign boards, to avoid problems in the process of reverse mounting.

Examine the condition of the lag

Learn state lag

second step.Explore state lag.Remove the rotten and warped sections.

How are rotten logs

How are rotten logs

Instead, set the deleted items timber pieces of similar size.For bonding parts of the structure using wooden planks and galvanized screws.

Supports and wooden sub-floor joists

supports and wooden sub-floor joists

third step. Attach the bottom of each support bar joists.

How to Repair lags

How to Repair lags

fourth step. zagotovte timber for arranging the rough flooring.Well suited Unedged board.Saw it on the part of the length of 10-20 mm smaller than the pitch lag installation - flooring elements should be laid fairly freely.

Unedged board subfloors

uncircumcised board subfloor

fifth step .Collect the draft floor.Attach the board to the supporting bar is not necessary.

Installation of the subfloor

Installation subfloor

sixth step .Cover the floor joists and steam insulating material.If the structure is located in the area with high groundwater, vapor barriers instead lay waterproofing - asphalt or roofing material.Insulation is laid with 10-15 cm of overlap on the wall.The joints of the individual strips of material, cement the tape.



seventh step. Install lag finished floor.Place selected insulation material.



eighth step. Cover the insulation layer of the second steam or waterproofing.

Cover the insulation layer of the second steam or waterproofing

Cover the insulation layer of the second steam or waterproofing

ninth step. Tamp kontrobreshetki slats to create a ventilation gap between insulation "cake" and finishing flooring.Recommended thickness of the gap - 20 mm.

floor device

floor device

tenth step. Follow Replacing the previously dismantled boards or else mount the new flooring.

board thickness for the floor, mm distance between joists, see
20 30
24 40
30 50
35 60
40 70
45 80
50 100
Laying decking

Laying decking

Fixing parquet boards to logs

Fixing parquet boards to logs

warming of the floor above the cellar high

In this case, you can go to the trick and complete insulation from the cellar.

The principle of thermal insulation device

principle device insulation

first step. go down into the cellar.Attach it to the ceiling, damp-proofing film.

second step .Nailed to the sides of the beams thin slats or supporting bar.If cellar damp, use instead of timber galvanized profile.

third step. Cut insulation (best to use mineral wool) of the width of 20-30 mm larger than the pitch lag installation.Due to the increased width of the slab insulation and additionally accommodate vraspor are locked.

fourth step. Tamp to fix before the beam (profile rails) lateral bars to maintain the insulating layer.

How to insulate foam ceiling in the basement

How to insulate ceilings in the basement foam

fifth step. to the rail, attach the waterproof film.

sixth step. Mount topcoat at its discretion.

If you want to insulate the floor from the living quarters, work in a similar manner - "pie" will be composed of the same layer.

Construction of double floor

suitable for rooms with high ceilings.Insulation construction will take 12-20 cm of usable space.

works in the following manner.

first step. Remove the baseboards, replace the damaged wooden support members, fill existing gaps with foam.

second step. Fix the wooden joists with a pitch of up to 90 cm. The best is a step in the installation order of 60-70 cm.


Installation diagram

third step. Make horizontal upper edges lag.If there are deviations from the horizontal dispose of surplus wood using a planer.In places where the missing height enclose a timber pieces of wood, roofing felt or other suitable material.

Fixing lag to the concrete floor

Fixing lag to the concrete floor

fourth step.Cover the surface of the base steam or damp-proofing material with a 10-15-cm overlap on the wall.

fifth step. Place in the space between the joists insulation chosen.



sixth step. Cover the insulating layer of waterproofing film.

seventh step .Assemble the planks.

eighth step. Place the selected cover and mount the plinth.

Double floors sectional

double floors sectional

Important!If the wooden house stands on the screw, or bored pile foundation, it is necessary to mount an additional windproof material.It is installed on the outside of the insulation layer.

Now, you own all the necessary knowledge for the independent exercise of warming the floor in a wooden house.

Successful work!

Videos - Warming of the floor in a wooden house