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August 12, 2017 18:06

Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam with your hands

polyurethane foam can be a good reason to call a heater of a new generation.In recent years, this technology of thermal insulation of buildings gaining more and more popularity among owners of private houses.Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam with your hands is quite possible , but only if you have the necessary equipment, a master well enough studied the technology of applying this material.

Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam with your hands

Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam with your hands

polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of buildings like the outside walls and inside.The material has a lot of positive qualities, and therefore used in recent times.Nevertheless , and must know the negative moments which may arise when using such type of insulation.

As used polyurethane foam for insulation

Article Contents

  • 1 As used polyurethane foam for insulation
    • 1.1 Video: modern method of thermal insulation - spray foam
  • 2 Propertiespolyurethane
    • 2.1 main advantages of polyurethane
    • 2.2 Video: use of polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of the roof
    • 2.3 Disadvantages material
  • 3 How to make insulation polyurethane foam
    • 3.1 Video: The process of self-applying foamwall

Warming polyurethane foam is most often performed by a heat insulating layer deposition on virtually any surface.Good mating with her and gaining volume , foam structure increases in size several times.Polyurethane foam expands and penetrates into all , even the smallest cracks, creates a dense and almost hermetic coating, whereby the walls and the roof is not afraid of the cold and the wind.

The most common method is the use of polyurethane foam - spraying it on the wall

The most common method is the use of polyurethane foam - spraying it on the wall

The most common method of installation - is sputtering, but it should be noted that sometimes applied casting method.Most often, this technology is used still at the stage of production of thermal insulating structures.Polyurethane foam is poured into special molds and parts are applied only after complete solidification.

Thermal insulation can be done by filling the cavities in the foam structures

Warming can be done by filling the cavities in the foam structures

Another option fill - this filling foam composition of the individual horizontal areas or voids, where spraying is not possible.For example, this method is used when it is necessary to fill the cavity between the already installed or erected walls, or the space between the layers defined finishing material.

The foamed composition is formed by mixing the two components

foamed composition is formed by mixing the two components

polyurethane foam - this produ ct see Addressing two of its constituent polymers, which are usually in liquid form - is polyol and polizotsionat .These components are mixed with each other without access of air during the deposition process, the foaming upon exposure to carbon dioxide and heated to a high temperature.

ready mix supplied through the hoses to spray gun and applied to the design, thanks to create high pressure.The foamed composition prepared perfectly adheres to the surface and begins to actively grow, forming a warming layer of desired thickness.

Video: modern method of thermal insulation s - spraying foam

Properties polyurethane

This material is used for insulation of both production and residential premises.Spray polyurethane foam to produce overlapping houses the inner surface of the roof, the various partitions, floors and walls.It is especially popular for insulating walls frame structures.

Polyurethane foam is versatile - it can insulate the walls , floor, ceiling , roof , etc.

Polyurethane foam is versatile - it can insulate the walls, floor, ceiling, roof, etc.

During the period of its active use, polyurethane foam has shown its unconditional efficiency not only as insulation, but also as a waterproofing and soundproofing material.It perfectly protects the areas of the house from freezing, moisture and external noise.

main advantages of polyurethane

So to remarkable properties of polyurethane foam include:

  • Excellent adhesion, ie reliable adhesion to virtually any surface, whether concrete, wood, metal or roofing made of other materials.
  • Low thermal conductivity foam preserves indoor accumulated heat, if insulation made from the inside, creates reliable barrier against the penetration of cold air, if the material is sprayed on the outside walls.
  • dense polyurethane foam fills all the holes and crevices, which contributes to the isolation room from prying street sounds.When spraying it on the inner surface of the roof, insulation is able to drown out the sound of raindrops, which is especially important for rooms located in the attic apartment house.
In addition to high thermal insulation qualities , excellent sound insulation polyurethane foam inherent

addition to high thermal insulation qualities, excellent sound insulation polyurethane foam inherent

  • This insulation counteracts the appearance of corrosion on the metal elements of the structure and protects the surface from the negative effects of external aggressive environment.
  • When spraying polyurethane foam, it covers not only large surfaces but also neutralizes the cold bridges, which appear in locations guide crates .They will not be able to close as securely any other material, so , even if the heater is used in mats or plates (eg, mineral wool or polystyrene) all cold bridges well treated mounting polyurethane foam.
  • Spraying may be the most complex in its design configuration, which is simply impossible to make installation of conventional insulation.
  • Polyurethane refers to the slow-burning materials, as part of one of its components in in goes polyol substance A. one of retardants It added, giving a heater ability to self-extinguishing, to stop burning even in contact with the material in the fire zone.Fire foam possible only at temperatures not lower than 450 - 500 degrees.
  • Lightweight polyurethane allows its deposition on any roofing material from loft or attic overlap without fear of worsening of these buildings constructions.Moreover, applied layer of insulation after complete solidification still and give them additional stiffness .

Video: use of polyurethane foam for thermal insulation of the roof

  • material in spraying forms a seamless surface, which can not be done with other insulation without using additional Supplementary Accessories TV to I connect them (mechanical or adhesive).
  • Polyurethane foam is applied very quickly, in a short time expands and hardens.Therefore, the entire process of warming takes a little - just one ÷ two days, depending on the size and complexity of the insulated structures.
  • Due to the water resistance of polyurethane foam and the ability to seal the surface, when it is used there is no need for a vapor barrier and windproof film.
  • Polyurethane foam does not rot, mold, damage by rodents and insects.
  • Leading manufacturers establish a guarantee on the life of the foam in 50 years.However , judging by its components and the application of technology, the insulation will last much longer without losing its qualities, if spraying polyurethane foam and its exterior finish are arranged correctly.
  • Such high rates lacks not one existing heating material as not one of them lacks such adhesive properties.

Disadvantages material

can not say about the shortcomings of polyurethane - in self-warming them and further exploitation:

  • The big drawback of this technology warming is its price as the purchase or rentalequipment for applying foam is expensive .
  • to work on spraying, you must purchase means for personal protection - special suit and a respirator to protect against destruction of the respiratory tract.Sure must be covered all areas of the skin, mucous membranes and eyes.
Working with polyurethane foam require compliance with specific safety measures and the use of special protective equipment

Working with polyurethane foam require compliance with specific security measures and the use of special protective equipment

  • In the absence of experience in the installation of such insulation, the work may be delayed for a long time, and quality it will not be guaranteed.
  • Polyurethane foam is not flammable, but when in contact with fire he smokes heavily . with smoke contains large amounts of harmful substances to humans.
Пенополиуретан никогда нельзя оставлять открытым надолго для солнечных лучей - ультрафиолет быстро "убивает" материал

polyurethane foam should never be left open for a long time for the sun's rays - ultraviolet quickly "kill" material

  • If insulation applied the outside of the building and closed finishing materials, he quickly begins to break down when exposed to ultraviolet radiation,decomposing at the same time on the monomers, hazardous to human health.

How to make insulation polyurethane foam

Many would like to carry out the process on warming their own homes polyurethane alone, however, need to know what to do quite possible only in theory, but in practice need to have specific equipment, materials and certain skills.It should be noted also that the technological equipment requires certain settings before spraying, and it is necessary to know how to do it.

One of the main challenges - the need for special equipment for polyurethane foam spraying

One of the main challenges - the need for special equipment to spray foam

If there is a concept of how the whole system works, but there is no equipment that can be rented, for which, however, as mentioned above, have to pay too much.

So what can be concluded?Probably, it will be easier to invite the master with his equipment - it quickly, without delay, carry out all processing steps on warming, deliver in ladeltsa in housing on the mass of problems.

If still decided to test their own strength, it is necessary to consider some features of this process:

Warming of this material can be carried out during the construction of a building or in an already built house.In addition, sputtering is carried out on separate portions or the entire surface.Or, if necessary, produce polyurethane foam filling of cavities.

At work it is necessary to take into account the structure of the location of the region, because of the climatic conditions will depend on the thickness of the sprayed layer of insulation.

The polyurethane foam insulation activities includes the following steps:

  • insulate surfaces require a certain training.For example, the walls should be cleaned from the existing old coating, if it is obviously not stable (eg, old crumbling plaster or peeling paint).
  • Further, on the wall is necessary to arrange crate of wooden beams or metal profiles.The thickness of the guide is selected depending on whether the insulation layer has to be applied surface.
Crate wall surfaces

Crate wall surfaces

  • addition, crate can play for walls leveling role.Her mounted on the wall surface on the level and plumb, and openings between its elements are then filled with polyurethane foam that fills irregularities and display cover to the proper level.
  • prepared on the plane using a special gun sprayed foaming insulation.
  • spraying intensity also need to be adjusted as necessary if not too thick, it is necessary to set the machine so that the composition was sprayed quite small jets. crate , in this case, you need to do from bars or profiles and having a small thickness, since they will determine the thickness of the insulation layer.Spray polyurethane foam
  • always start from the bottom of the wall, and it is applied to the surface between the elements crates .
Pistol - sprayer for applying foam

gun pulvelizatora for applying foam

  • polyurethane foam applied in a thin layer, which immediately becomes volume .If the thickness of the first layer is not enough, then applied on top of another one layer of insulation.
Insulation is applied layer by layer , from the bottom up

Insulation is applied layer by layer, from the bottom up

  • After hardening foam and alignment solidified coating on the guide battens by cutting protruding reliefs of insulation, it is fashionable to make installation of siding, paneling.Nothing prevents to do and perform outside masonry or plaster walls of the house.
  • If conceived after insulation wall plaster, then it tighten setkoy- netting, securing its on to the guide- crates .Then, the spraying technique applied to the cement slurry wall.After its initial setting and hardening, it will be possible to put any leveling compound plaster, as it is well fall on this basis.

Video: The process of self-applying foam to the wall

In conclusion, I would like to note that in any work on warming is very important two factors - is the quality of material used and the experience of the master.Therefore it is best to entrust the work of proven specialist who will save you from unnecessary worries and hold spraying quickly and efficiently.