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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to insulate the gate from the inside of the garage

Not all car owners have a garage, but most of them dream about it .Not all are happy owners of the garage of his warmed , but most of them who has ever felt the beauty of insulation, dream about it.And the apparent complexity of the insulation process is a sequence of simple steps that can play any normal man.In this article, car owners are invited to learn how to insulate the gate from the inside of the garage, since they are the main source of overall heat loss.

How to insulate garage doors from the inside

How to insulate garage doors from the inside

Why insulate garage door

Article Contents

  • 1 Why insulate garage door
  • 2 What types of garage doors need to insulate
  • 3 Choosing insulation
    • 3.1 Mineral wool
    • 3.2 foam
  • 4 How to insulate garage doors from the inside
    • 4.1 surface preparation gates
    • 4.2 Production battens to insulate the gate
    • 4.3 Insulation of garage doors with mineral wool
    • 4.4 Warming gate foam
      • 4.4.1 Video: How to cut the foam knife
      • 4.4.2 Video: How to glue the foam with foam
    • 4.5 Warminggate polyurethane
      • 4.5.1 Video: Application of polyurethane foam coating on the garage door
    • 4.6 lining the inner surface of the gate
    • 4.7 Additional measures on warming garage door
      • 4.7.1 Seals
      • gate leaves
      • 4.7.2 garage curtain
  • 5 Conclusion
    • 5.1 Video: option garage door insulation
    • 5.2 Video: Another version of insulation

Motorists may well askA reasonable question: "why, general, insulate the gate, and the garage?After this premise periodic appearance of man in it , and the machine is under the roof and protected from natural effects. "In words, everything seems to be so, but it is necessary to understand by on row.What are the arguments insulation garage door?

  • gates are the largest in size part of the garage, which connects to external, are not always favorable natural conditions.It is through the gate the maximum heat transfer occurs in winter warmth necessary to strive to break out, and hot summers unnecessary penetrates inside the garage.
Как "утекает" тепло из гаражных ворот наглядно видно на термограмме

As a "leaked" the heat from the garage door can be clearly seen on the thermal image

  • Very often, the owners of garages organize them workshops, to do the necessary carpentry or plumbing work at home, a lot of operations on a car repair can be done in the garageand it suggests a long stay in it .Therefore, the gate insulation is necessary.
  • garage Warming makes temperature control more soft, without sharp fluctuations, and it saves from the condensation of moisture in the garage, and the car and especially in its cavities.In a well-insulated garages machine body is less susceptible to corrosion.

More one fundamental question - from the outside or from the inside to insulate the gate?Capital wall construction science recommends to insulate the outside and cover layer of insulation plaster.Gates is a completely different design.Firstly, they need to be mobile for opening and closing, and, secondly, they serve a protective and anti-vandal function, with which it is best to handle the metal sheet.Therefore, it is advisable to insulate them from the inside.

What types of garage doors need to insulate

Most garage doors are hinged design that will surely warm is essential.The basis of such a goal is frame shaped tubes and sheet steel as exterior decoration.Known very high thermal conductivity of steel, so it can be assumed that these are not insulated gates present no barrier to heat loss.The swing gate principle is the presence of the gate, which greatly reduces the heat loss from the frequent movement of people.Therefore, if the garage is still in the construction phase, it is necessary to order the gate immediately warmed and with the wicket.

The gate at the gate of the garage can significantly reduce heat loss

wicket in the gate of the garage can significantly reduce heat loss

very fashionable nowadays tilt-up and sectional doors in the vast majority of factory manufacturing.Their web section or sandwich panels are made of sheet steel on the outside and inside of the foamed polyurethane.This design already has the necessary thermal insulation properties and additional measures on warming does not require.These types of gates, on request, can also be equipped with a wicket, that it is necessary to do.

In tilt-up and sectional doors prefabricated already provides insulation from polyurethane foam

have tilt-up and sectional doors prefabricated already provides insulation from polyurethane foam

There are up-and-over door with a home-made, but in this case their insulation nothing fundamentally will not differ from the swing gate, since it is based on thatthe frame and the steel sheet.

Rolling gate insulate impossible because of the nature of their devices.And the garage door can be called with a very large interference, since they are inferior to others all thermal insulation and anti-vandal properties.

Choice insulation

Insulation - it is a material that has the lowest thermal conductivity.The thermal conductivity of building science evaluate special index - coefficient of thermal conductivity.And what it is smaller, the greater the chances of this material to become a heater.

The coefficients of thermal conductivity of various building materials

coefficients of thermal conductivity of various building materials

The table top its part - it's insulation and the bottom (with №16 continue) building materials that need to be warm.A layer of insulation slows down the transfer of heat energy, and the thicker the layer is - the better, but at the same time comply with the principle of reasonable sufficiency.5 cm will be quite enough for the garage door insulation layer.

In today's rich selection of various construction materials there are plenty of heaters under different names.Finding your way in them is very difficult, especially inexperienced person, but in fact there are only a few basic classes, some of which are suitable for insulation of the garage door, and some do not.

Mineral wool

Mineral wool - a remarkable thermal insulation material, which is very well established in the construction industry.Under this name is actually there are three subspecies of insulation:

  • Glass wool, consisting of very thin glass fibers (5-15 m) in length from 15 to 50 mm.It possesses reflux rebuemym low thermal conductivity 0.03-0.05 W / m * ° K, a wide range of temperatures from permissible - 60 to +450 ° C, good elasticity and strength.When working with it always put means of protection, as the tiny fibers break easily dig into the skin and get into the respiratory tract.Hygroscopicity at the glass fair.
Fiberglass insulation is good , but requires precautions for installation and operation

Fiberglass insulation is good, but requires March precautions when installing and operating

  • Slag obtained from metallurgical wastes - blast-furnace slag.Thin fibers - 4-12 microns and a length less than that of glass - about 15-16 mm.Thermal conductivity of this material is somewhat higher than the glass 0,040-0,050 W / m * ° K, but it is permissible.For better insulation garage its not apply, because it is very hygroscopic and thus has the acidity, which has a negative impact on the metal.
  • Stone wool obtained by melt rocks of volcanic origin.The structure is very similar to the slag wool, but has better thermal stability and her no acidic aggressiveness.The thermal conductivity of rock wool 0.03-0.04 W / m * ° K.The binder in some types of insulation used phenol-formaldehyde resins, when heated so it can release into the surrounding air phenols extremely harmful to humans.Water absorption of this material is high.
Basalt wool - the most popular among all porous insulation

Basalt wool - the most popular among all porous insulation

All kinds of mineral wools are highly hygroscopic, so their use for thermal insulation of the garage door is limited, since the insulation layer will condense moisture, reduces the insulating properties of this material.Glass wool is dangerous work, slag has a residual acidity, therefore is applicable only stone basalt wool provided the use of vapor barrier films .


foams called a fairly wide class with a inteticheskih materials common to them is that gas-filled foam structure and the foundation - a polymer.It is for this type of polymer foams and can be classified.

  • polystyrene foam - he is best known and is a mind sintered gas-filled balloons.This foam is an excellent insulation and is used more often.Expressed as DPM or PSB-S .In this class the most interesting extrusion (extruded) expanded polystyrene (Epps), who has a better strength, negligible water absorption and resistance to fire.For warming Epps garage gate - one of the best choices.In the commercial networks can be called: Stireks , Technonikol , Penoplex, URSA XPS, etc.
Extruded polystyrene is very well suited for thermal insulation of the gate

Extruded polystyrene is very well suited for insulating the gate

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foams - are used in construction for heat and.soundproofing.Panels from it are rigid or elastic.This is great stuff, like Epps, who has a high fire resistance.By international standards, it marked as PVC.In the commercial networks it is less common than the PSB or Epps.
  • urea-formaldehyde foam (CFR) - is widely used for insulation.Its advantage is that during drying it does not increase in volume , so it is used on the construction site in liquid form for filling cavities.Known retail chains under the names: Mettemplast , sponge cf, unipor , Omifleks , Penoizol , Pentyl .It can be applied for insulation garage door.
  • polyurethane (PUR) foam is known to us in two forms.Flexible polyurethane foam is not nothing but a foam and hard - foam.For insulation purposes suitable hard foam, as it has excellent adhesion to all surfaces, has excellent thermal insulation properties and is waterproofing .It can be applied at the construction site by spraying.Perhaps this is the best choice for the insulation of the garage door.The only drawback - the coating requires special equipment, which is slightly increases the cost of the insulation.
Polyurethane thermal insulation is applied to a surface spray

Polyurethane thermal insulation is applied to the surface of the spray

How to insulate garage doors from the inside

Judging by the types of insulation garage door designs described above require, first and foremost, swing and tilt-made independently.Before starting the insulation should do an audit of the ventilation system in the garage.Why is this done?

The scheme of the garage ventilation

scheme of the garage ventilation

  • Any garage should be provided with ventilation: supply and exhaust.Very often, the supply hole is made in the gate, so the insulation it must be taken into account.Insulation must not block ventilation openings.
  • happens that ventilation is "organized" for the expense of gapping shutters garage gate.It is unacceptable!If the garage is no air flow holes, you should organize it at the bottom of the gate...

Surface preparation gates

Before starting work on the gate insulation, it is necessary to prepare the inner surface of the gate, which can be pockets of corrosion, old flaking paint, a variety of pollution, etc. To do this:

  • Large corrosion centers, where there are layers of loose rust, sanded brush with metal bristles .
  • Further, it is better to resort to mechanical surface treatment by means of the gate -korschetki attachment on a drill.
Cleaning rust - korschetkoy special attachment on a drill

Cleaning rust special attachment on a drill-korschetkoy

  • best results gives removal of rust using polymer-abrasive brush «Piranha", which works in conjunction with the grinder.Working with her is completely safe, but the remedy should not be forgotten.At work, you can water the surface of the water, the polymer in pc etc. onikaet the most inaccessible places.Given that angle grinders machine (Bulgarian) operate at high speeds, cleaning process is very fast.
Polymeric- abrasive brush together with the Bulgarian quickly clear goal surface rust

polymer-abrasive brush together with the Bulgarian quickly cleanse the gate surface rust

  • After thorough cleaning and degreasing is applied in two coats antirust primer.You can use any suitable.If the primer is applied with a brush, the second layer is applied perpendicular to the first.It is best to use an aerosol can - coating quality will be better.

Manufacturing battens to insulate the gate

With any method of insulation, any material in the curtain design will need crate , which, firstly, to help secure the insulation, and, secondly, toit will continue to be attached facing the gate.For the manufacture of crates need wooden blocks section 4 * 4 cm or 5 * 5 cm, depending on the design of the gate. Crate should be attached to the rack door leaf: profile steel pipe, or a corner.For the manufacture of wooden crates necessary: ​​

  • to prepare the required number of wooden bars.When you purchase is necessary to choose only dry wood.
  • Bars doubly processed antiseptic composition to prevent them rotting in difficult conditions changes in temperature and humidity.
Wooden crates of the processed antiseptic compositions

wooden parts crates are processed antiseptic compositions

  • on power elements are mounted gate bars with screws.To do this, after the markup should be stake the place of future holes and then drill diameter of the corresponding screws are made through holes.When attaching the bars do not forget to do them beforehand with a thin drill holes to screw screwed not split them.
Optional mounting battens

Optional mounting furring

  • If there on the door leaf vent, it is necessary to bypass crate on the perimeter.This also applies to locks and bolts.
  • If the central part of the door leaf is no steel load-bearing elements, the bars can be attached to each other in any convenient way: in the end, with the help of corners, etc.

Insulation of garage doors with mineral wool

If..has decided to insulate the gates of mineral wool, it is better to choose a basalt wool from known manufacturers.But before you lay the insulation, it is necessary to take care of waterproofing, as mineral wool is very hygroscopic material.