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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to insulate garage door foam

Often car owners care about their favorite four-wheeled friend more vibrantly than about their own health.To do this, and build and equip garages to preserve the "health" of your car.And one of the main issues in the construction of a garage - it is warming.Step by step instructions on how to insulate garage door foam, will make it on their own, and thus to close one of the main ways the precious heat leakage.

How to insulate garage door foam

How to insulate garage door foam

Justification insulation garage doors

Article Contents

  • 1 Justification insulation garage doors
  • 2 typical and dangerous error in insulation garage doors
  • 3 Why foam is a good insulation for garage doors
  • 4 Types of garage doors and expediency of their insulation
    • 4.1 up-and-garage doors
    • 4.2 Sectional garage doors
    • 4.3 Rolling garagegate
    • 4.4 Sliding gates
    • 4.5 Swing garage door
  • 5 How to insulate garage door foam
    • 5.1 tools required
    • 5.2 calculation of necessary materials
    • 5.3 Preparationswork
    • 5.4 Mounting batten
    • 5.5 Installing insulation
    • 5.6 Video: cutting polystyrene plates knife
    • 5.7 Facing garage door
    • 5.8 Video: Warming of the gate in the garage
    • 5.9 Video: Another version of insulation garage doors

garage can be used for its intended purpose - parking and storage of the vehicle, and be workshop, storage warehouse relevant and unnecessary things place pastime in a pleasant male company.In any case, each owner of the garage would be , that in this room it was warm in winter and cool in summer.

Rare car enthusiast does not dream of such a garage

rare motorist does not dream of such a garage

laws of thermodynamics states that the heat from a hot body is always transmitted over the cold in three ways:

  • thermal conductivity solid bodies, and the garage door is more warm bodyThey are.
  • convection, ie with heated air.When you open the garage door in the winter, it emits huge amounts of energy.heat leak occurs in places gapping gate to aperture and through the ventilation system.
  • radiation.It is known that all bodies with a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared rays.And even the absolute vacuum is not a hindrance to them.

To reduce the heat transfer rate from one body to another (from the garage into the atmosphere), between them should be put certain barrier - insulation, which will help with any heat source to maintain the desired temperature in the garage.Building codes SNIP 21-02-99 recommend to maintain the temperature in winter in heated cars parking places at +5 ° C.In this case, the car will always be ready to start the engine, and its hidden cavities will not condense moisture, which leads to corrosion of the body.

Thermogram leakage of heat from the garage .Note the gate

thermogram leakage of heat from the garage.Note the gate

Heating homes with built-in garage is usually included in the overall system of the house, so the gate insulation is necessary, as it will affect the overall heat loss in the house, that will result in the end, "a lot of money."Detached garages are spaces with periodic appearance of a person in them, so do not always require constant heating.Heating of the premises made the furnaces of different designs, a heat gun or a more advanced infrared electric heaters.Without the insulation of the garage and, in particular, the goal is for the car owner through its make contribution to global warming, air otaplivaya .

It is best to plan activities on warming garage even before the start of its construction.This greatly simplifies the process and avoid common mistakes.

typical and dangerous error at warming garage gate

When insulation garage and its gates are very common common mistakes, some of which do not sufficiently effective insulation, while others can be life-threatening.We give to them.

  • When equipment garage is better not to use porous insulators such as mineral wool, especially for insulating the gate.The fact that the garage walls generally have a thickness smaller than or homes generally are made of metal sheet.In winter, the dew point is likely to be located in a layer of insulation, it gets wet, it will increase the density and thermal conductivity.As a result, , the effectiveness of insulation measures will decrease.
Mineral wool is able to actively absorb moisture

Mineral wool is able to actively absorb moisture

  • During the construction of the garage, some car owners trying to save money, bought the usual door without wicket, though it presence allows much to save heat in the winter.The best way out - just order the gate with a wicket and with insulation.
  • Any garage must be equipped with ventilation: supply and exhaust.And often make the supply hole in the gate.In some cases, the owners of the garage think that closing the vents can achieve better insulation. part, they are right, but it is not necessary to do , as in the garage must be effective ventilation. Her absence is life threatening!Therefore, the insulation of the garage need to take this into account, leaving the ventilation channels in the layer of insulation.
Exemplary insulated gate .Note the vent hole in the bottom right corner of the goal

Exemplary insulated gate.Note the vent hole in the bottom right corner of the goal

Why foam is a good insulation for garage gates

for insulation of building structures, including the garage door, can be used very different materials.The main characteristic of all insulation coefficient is reflux eploprovodnosti represented by the letter of the Greek alphabet λ (lambda).The physical meaning of the thermal conductivity in the construction science - is the amount of heat that passes through the concrete material, having an area of ​​1 square meter and a thickness of 1 meter (conditional cubic meter ) 1hour if temperatures are opposite faces of a difference of 1 degree Kelvin (or Celsius).The unit of measurement of the thermal conductivity is a W / m 2 * ° By (Watt divided by the product of the square meter per degree Kelvin or Celsius).

The physical meaning of the thermal conductivity on the example of brickwork

physical meaning of the coefficient of thermal conductivity in the example masonry

This coefficient value of the conditional and constant for a given material.When calculating the heating use reference data.

The coefficients of thermal conductivity of the main building materials

coefficients of thermal conductivity of the main building materials

Obviously, the lower in any material coefficients reflux eplopoter, the less heat transfer will take place from a warmer body to a colder and the more it has a chance to become the insulation material.Of all the insulation for the garage is best foam called still polystyrene, because of its advantages:

  • foam has a low density, so the insulation using it will not have virtually no additional load on the garage door.
  • foam has one of the lowest thermal conductivity of all building materials.
  • not released into the ambient air is harmful to human health The substance tv etc. and normal operating conditions.
  • not interact with water and air.
  • Thermal insulation foam has a lifespan of 50 years or more.
  • Easily processed conventional and affordable tool .
  • foam index of water absorption is very low - no more than 3%, and extruded polystyrene - no more 0,4%.
Styrofoam plate - optimum insulation gate

Styrofoam plate - optimum insulation gate

to manufacture garage door is almost always used sheet steel thickness of 2-3 mm, which has a coefficient reflux eploprovodnosti to 2174 times higher than the polystyrene PSB-S 25, appears to reference data from the table.With such a huge difference can say, that if the steel Article etc. Practical offers no resistance to leakage of heat out of the garage, but in combination with the foam, which is thinner than a sheet of tens of times (4-5 cm), heat loss through the garage door to diminishmuch.

Types of garage doors and their appropriateness insulation

The designs of garage doors can be of various kinds, respectively, and insulation methods are different.Consider on by row all of them.

up-and-garage doors

The up-and-over door garage whole leaf (leaf) at the opening rises and simultaneously rotated by 90 °.These gates are made as the well-known manufacturers, and can be made by skilled craftsmen.

Sandwich panel up-and- leaf gates

Sandwich panel paintings tilt-up gate

the gate, made an industrial way, the door leaf is a sandwich panel made of sheet steel and insulation polyurethane foam.The thickness of such panels can be up to 45 mm, which is already a sufficient barrier to prevent the escape of heat from the garage, even for northern conditions.Industrial gates fitted with all set of necessary seals that provide a good fit to the gate of the garage doorway .Additional insulation of such gates shall not be required.

Gates made independently in any case have to be warmed.The technology of thermal insulation is the same as that of the swing gates and it will be discussed below.

Sectional garage doors

leaf of the gate is divided into several sections, hinged loops associated with each other.According to a special section of the guides at the opening of the gate, "go" up under the garage ceiling.These doors can be installed in any opening at any ceiling height.Manufactured industrially by the web of the gate as well as in the tilt-up, are sandwich panels up to 45 mm thick polyurethane foam as a filler and insulation.

Even sectional doors can be added to warm

Even sectional doors can be additionally insulate

All the joints between the sections are provided with reliable seals that minimize leakage warm air out of the garage.Additional insulation of such gates shall not be required, but our domestic craftsmen all still find a way to improve them, gluing foam on the inner surface of each section.

Rolling garage doors

canvas rolling garage door consists of narrow slats aluminum in 55-77 mm and a thickness of 8-19 mm.The internal cavity slats can be filled with insulation - polyurethane foam, as well as to be without it.The web is wound on a special shaft, located on top of the garage opening .

Rolling garage doors are good for warm climate

Rolling garage doors are good for warm climate

Outstanding thermal insulation properties Rolled gates do not have the additional measures on warming impossible due to design features.Therefore warm garages in the cold Russian winters are totally unsuitable gates.

Sliding gates

All known simple and reliable design sliding gate when the web moves along a special rail and simply shifted to the side.However, in the garage gates are used very rarely, because they take up too much space.Even if such a door construction, and will in some garage, then they should be warmed as well as swinging doors.

Swing garage door

Swing gates are most common in our garages, as they combine reliability, simplicity, strength, high anti-vandal resistance.Two gate leaf suspended on welded to the structure of the opening loop.The valves are space frame of profile steel pipe, or a corner, which is welded to the metal fox reflux Thickness 2-3 mm.In recent years, due to high prices for meta Article ll Ali is widely used corrugated board, but must agree that it is much stronger and more reliable still steel sheet.

Swing gates - the most common and reliable

Swing gates - the most common and reliable

best when warming swing gates occurs still at the stage of their manufacture.This avoids some technological operations.But if this did not happen, it does not matter - everything can be done on-site and on their own.

How to insulate garage door foam

Insulation of garage door is better not to put off the moment when the winter comes suddenly, and do it in a warm season.Conditionally it can be divided into several stages.

Tools Required

For insulation garage door does not need any special tools and rare, necessary set basically have almost every home worker.So, what tools will be needed:

  • Electric drill.
  • Set drills for metal and wood.
  • Set screwdrivers or screwdriver .
  • Hacksaw on a tree or a jigsaw.
  • Brush metal with metal bristles or korschetka -tip on a drill.
Korschetka - nozzle on the drill helps in the removal of corrosion from the metal gate

Korschetka-nozzle on the drill will help in the removal of corrosion from the metal gate

  • brush or roller.
  • Hammer.
  • Kern.
  • Roulette.
  • clamps.
  • meter steel ruler.
  • elbow.
  • Knife construction.
  • Sandpaper.

calculation of the amount of materials needed

First than begin installation of insulation, you must carefully measure the gate and count how many and what will need to purchase.For facing the gate different materials can be used on top of the insulation:

  • plastic or wooden paneling.
  • sheeting.
  • panels fiberboard or MDF .
  • waterproof plywood.
  • Oriented strand board (OSB plate, OSB).

Practice shows that the best use of the latest materials as OSB boards in a garage just perfect for cladding by virtue of its advantages:

Oriented strand board - the perfect choice for wall gate

Oriented particle boards - the perfect choice for facing the gate

  • This is a very reliable material having a high strength.
  • OSB plates very easily handled.
  • Extremely low water vapor permeability allows not use paroizoliruyuschih membranes to cover the insulation.
  • attractive appearance.
  • low price.

for cladding purposes best for OSB-3 boards, or OSB-April 10 mm thick, they are specifically designed for rooms with high humidity.Measurements of the size of the gate, it is necessary to calculate the number of plates with standard dimensions of 1250 * 2500 mm.Usually, it is missing two plates, and still remain solid scraps that can be used for other purposes.