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August 12, 2017 18:06

The device sliding doors with their hands

Sliding or sliding gates are a complex mechanism, but nevertheless they have because of their convenience, used widely as industrial facilities, as well as in private households.There are many manufacturers that make finished gates and components, skilled labor quickly and competently produce installation, but those who want to save and apply the creative energy in the device will be interesting to sliding doors with their hands.Moreover, it is quite possible.

The device sliding doors with their hands

device sliding gates with their hands

Types sliding gates

Article Contents

  • 1 Types sliding gates
    • 1.1 Suspended sliding doors
    • 1.2 Sliding on the rail gates
    • 1.3 Cantilever sliding gate
  • 2 design description and operation console gate
  • 3 Advantages of cantilever sliding gates
  • 4 Determining the possibility of installing sliding gates
  • 5 device sliding doors with their hands
    • 5.1 Preparations
    • 5.2 Marking work
    • 5.3 device basement sliding gates
    • 5.4 fabric Manufacture of sliding gates
    • 5.5 Mounting of sliding gates
    • 5.6 Video: Installation Guidesliding gates
    • 5.7 Video Editing finished set a goal without welding

sliding doors come in different designs, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.Note them.

Suspended sliding doors

These gates are most commonly used at the entrances to businesses and other protected areas.At a considerable height, to be able to enter trucks, mounted metal bar and has not not e using roller carriages was suspended door leaf.

Hanging Gate - reliable , but resource-

Hanging Gate - reliable, but resource-

This design is quite reliable , and still are the gate by more than 50 years ago, the work, but now applied small for two reasons:

  • upper beamstill limits the size of the opening gate.
  • This design is very material-and what was allowed in the times of the SS CP etc. and the then metal prices, is now simply unacceptable.

Sliding on the rail gates

This is the most simple design of sliding gates and theoretically the most secure .Door leaf standing on roller skates, rides on a special rail, located on the surface. Gates has supported a top point at the place where the gate when leaving the opening.Such gates are best used where periodically and constantly clean the territory, which is often unattainable in the Russian context.Normal snowfall easy to block the work of the gate, and get them to work again is very difficult.

Sliding on the rail gate is very dependent on weather conditions

Sliding on the rail gate is very dependent on weather conditions

A significant advantage of such a goal is that the opening they need to go for over boron exactly width opening , and this in tight spaces can be a determiningfactor in the decision in favor of such an arrangement.

Cantilever sliding gate

To the gate had no size restrictions at the top and there was no contact with the ground rail, were invented cantilever sliding (sliding) gates.This is the hardest gate design, but these "victims" absolutely justified.The canvas of the gate is not in contact with the surface and is suspended on roller blocks console with the help of the guide beam.Most often, such a beam and pulleys located at the bottom of the gate.

Sliding doors with bottom bracket increasingly used in all

Sliding doors with bottom-most used console all

There are cases when the guide bar and roller blocks can be placed in the middle or even on top of the door leaf.This can be justified when the console units can be hung on the main wall of the building or there is any building construction or design that can withstand the load of the door leaf.Otherwise have specifically to build the power structure to the gate, which is not always advantageous.

Options sliding cantilever gates

Options sliding cantilever gates

That is why in most cases, used cantilever sliding doors with bottom location of the carrier beam.

Description construction and operation console gate

schematic diagram of sliding gates with bottom location of the console can be viewed below.

Driving the sliding gate to the lower bracket

Driving the sliding gate to the lower console

door leaf is mounted on the frame (1) of the profiled metal tube.For welded frame supporting beam (2) having a special profile, inside of which are firmly roller carriage (3).The beam thus can be moved with the gate left - right on carriages, providing opening and closing the gate.Obviously, the greatest load beam and carry roller carriage, especially at the time of full opening or closing the gate.In order to relieve the gate with the full closure of the applied discharge end roller (4), incoming and rests on the bottom trap (5).In another part of the gate to secure the web with the full opening may also be used with a terminal clip limiter catcher, but he can not be seen in this diagram.

To the gate did not exist side rolling guide with rollers (7) and an upper catcher (6), the locking blade in the closed position.To avoid contamination, and foreign objects in in Nutri beams applied stub (8).All gates smontirova design on to three basic power components: a support column (9), the response column (10) and the foundation of the roller carriages (11). If on the site already has a strong enough support for the gate (brick, concrete or metal), they can be used as a reference and counter-pillars, and if not, then build their have separately from the profile of a metal pipe.Funda nt to I console anyway have build separately.

The sliding gate actuator is implemented fairly easily, which is fixed between the roller carriages.To bring the web to move to the side surface fixed gear rail.The actuator is provided with a control unit, and various devices providing security.

Sliding doors provide convenient electric

Sliding doors convenient to supply electric

Advantages of cantilever sliding gates

Sliding gate cantilever type have several advantages:

  • These gates are not coming off the valves and therefore does not reduce the usable area of ​​the territory, and in case of accidentalthe opening of the gate there is no danger to damage the transport means , standing in front of them.
  • Aperture gate has lower and upper limits on the size.
  • Heavy snowfalls do not break the cantilever gate, as posted on the web a distance of about 10 cm above the ground.
  • All rolling elements to ensure operation of the door, located inside the beam, therefore not affected by weather factors.The movement of the gate can cause even child , thanks to the sophisticated design and low friction.
  • powerful foundation console and an elaborate system of retention of the door leaf in vertical position to withstand such a gate high wind loads.
  • Sliding gates easiest to equip electric and safety elements.

Disadvantages still have sliding doors there, but they are few:

  • Cantilever sliding gate - one of the most complex in structure, and therefore installing them is not easy.
  • To install them, you must have a free section of the fence and a half times greater than the value of the opening , which is not always achievable.

Determining the possibility of installing sliding gates

Even with a great desire and ruthless financial possibilities of the site owner to install sliding doors may arise situations where the installation is either impossible or very difficult.What is the situation?

  • space, which will be rolled back gates along the fence must be free for at least half the width of the gate-opening .This is because in addition to the door leaf of the closing opening, there is still and technological part, which covers the length of at least half the width of the opening - so the load will be distributed better on the gate on the console unit.
Sliding gates require space for rollback canvas

Sliding gates require space for rollback canvas

  • Sliding doors move in a straight line, hence the necessary land free sampling locations should also be straight.
  • in place, which will move the gate should be no uneven terrain, which hinder the free movement of the gate.
Irregularities relief may complicate the installation of sliding gates

rugged terrain may complicate the installation of sliding gates

  • On the path of the gate should be no wickets, better than they do on the other side.Sometimes a book sliding doors with integrated wicket, but they will inevitably be high thresholds, which is extremely inconvenient for the children and the elderly.
  • happens that owners intend to use the gate as the gate - when the blade slides down far enough for the passage of people.It is not necessary to do, as any mechanism designed for the gate certain number of cycles, and their frequent use of strongly reduce resource.
  • If arrival on the territory of the area there is a narrow lane, then to facilitate maneuvering necessary to increase opening gate, which will affect the dimensions of the canvas.
Narrow streets require extended opening gate

narrow streets require extended opening gate

If such difficult situations in the area do not have, then you can proceed to the device sliding gates with their hands.

device sliding gates with their hands

To sliding doors have been installed correctly and later had a long life, it is necessary to break the process into several stages.


first and one of the main parts of the preparatory operations - an assessment of the place of installation gates.What should pay attention to?

  • If the gate will be placed instead of the old, with a different design, it is estimated the presence and condition of the supporting pillars.If they are made of brick, concrete section not less than 20 per 20 cm , profiled metal tube section not less than 60 per 40 cm , sustained them strictly vertically and they firmly anchored in the ground, that they may serve as a reference and counter-pole sliding gates.If not, you have to build their posts again.
  • Near supporting pillar should be able to dig a hole for the foundation, which is to be located right next to the post, run parallel to the fence and have dimensions of 500 mm to 2000 mm.
  • If the site is a new fence, all the work on its construction and preparation for the installation of sliding gates can be combined, it is most preferred.
  • Very often when entering the territory erected brick columns, which is practical and beautiful.In their construction is necessary to make fitting pieces in the form of steel plates 100 x 100 mm and a thickness of 5 mm, three on each column.A top plate should be placed on the inner side of the abutment post to the edge, which is closer to the aperture .The distance from the top of the column to 200 mm plates.Lower mortgage plate is similar to the top, but at a distance of 200 mm from FFL.« Zero » is considered to be the entry level through the gate.The middle plate is located midway between the top and bottom.These elements are then fastened the gate.
Filling plates are best mounted at the stage of laying brick pillars

Filling plate beam mount all at the stage of laying brick pillars

  • When building a new fence can be taken into account that most of the width of the passage for sliding gates take 4 meters.Such a standard has long been accepted in Europe.All manufacturers of components and accessories have the necessary stencils specifically for this door size.To greatly facilitate a job, it is better to use ready-made solution.
  • necessary to determine the order, how will the door leaf and the more it will be faced with.Options there is a lot, and in each gate will have different masses.This may affect the choice of the necessary power elements.More often than not lately used corrugated board, but there are options for cladding wooden paneling, wrought iron decorative elements, or simply leave a lattice structure made of steel pipes.
One of the few options for finishing fabric sliding gates

One of the few options for finishing fabric sliding gates

  • need to create your detailed drawing before purchasing the necessary parts to specifications or use ready-made solutions that are in albums gate manufacturers and forums for owners of country houses on the Internet.In any case, you need extremely clearly represent the future gate structure as the materials necessary and which ones.
Example competent drawing , made specialist

Example competent drawing, made specialist

Marking work

When installed gate poles, no matter erected a fence or not, it is already possible to start marking.To do this:

  • Decide on level zero, for which the level of the surface is taken at the entrance to the garage doorway . And it is not necessary that at the start of the work surface of the entry will be ready.This can be done later.This level should be noted on one column, and then move to another by water or laser level.
  • At level zero marks stretched cord close to the inner surface of the pillars, and cord must pass on the reference table (where it will shift gate when opening) at a distance of not less than two meters.Checking horizontal stretched cord.

device basement sliding gates

In order to take the load of the weight of the gate at rest and when they move, you need to build a foundation.To this end, as the upper part, which will be mounted roller assemblies and the drive, you need a channel №20 2000 mm in length.For foundation must dig a hole which is adjacent to the support column has a length of 2100 mm, a width of 500 mm.The depth is determined by the level of soil freezing in the winter.In most regions, the depth of 1500 mm will be sufficient.

Foundation plan cantilevered sliding gate

Foundation plan cantilevered sliding gate

for reinforcing the foundation and create a connection with the foundation sill welded three square frame with a side of 150 mm rebar №16 and 1400 mm in length.For cross-linking can be used rebar №№10-12 increments of 300-400 mm.

Finished frames are welded to the bottom surface of the sill in the middle of his shelves.The axial line of extreme skeletons are located 400 mm from the edge channel, and the third - exactly in the middle.After that, it is necessary to make podsypku 10 cm of sand or sand and gravel on the bottom of the hole, tamp its and start ready to set channel with the reinforcing cage.It should be taken into account:

  • Channel fits flush with the bearing pillar, strictly parallel to the goal line motion, flush with the zero mark.Earlier stretched cord will do it.
  • To a mixture of concrete laitance not flowed into the ground, which reduces the strength of concrete, better pave the bottom and sides of the pit polyethylene film .