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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water heater 4511 Neva repair their own hands

Flow gas heaters - speakers are "magic wand" to supply hot water for the family in a private house, or when the central hot water supply system in the high-rise building are not available or not stable operation.When something "completely right" in the old buildings, the column for the time unjustly "left in the shade," but now apparently experiencing a "second birth", as an increasing number of home owners is committed to the full autonomy and independence from the "vagaries"utilities.

Water heater 4511 Neva repair their own hands

heater 4511 Neva repair their own hands

To meet the new water-heating devices designed consumer demands and constantly emerging, which are already very remotely resemble their bulky predecessors.They are equipped with modern automation and multi-stage protection system that provides increased operational safety devices.One of the most successful models of national development is the "Neva 4511".This column is small in size, sufficient for domestic needs of performance and capacity, ease of use, good reliability.

However, any technique from time to time can give an unpleasant "surprise", refusing to be switched on or working with certain disabilities.It is no exception and considered water heater.And since he - one of the most popular, and the searches - gas water heater 4511 Neva repair their own hands - also occur quite often.

Do not assume that this is a consequence of poor quality products.Very often, to some breakdowns resulting violation of operating rules or disregard the manufacturer's recommendations.

device gas instantaneous water heater "Neva 4511»

Article Contents

  • 1 device gas instantaneous water heater "Neva 4511»
    • 1.1 Video: basic information on the device "Neva 4511" gas column
  • 2 principle of operation of the gas column "Neva 4511»
  • 3 it eliminates the "Neva 4511" column failure
    • 3.1 problem with providing power
    • 3.2 Removing column cladding-jacket "Neva4511 »
    • 3.3 Repair work on the water column," Neva-4511 "node
    • 3.4 gas block Preventing or repairing
    • 3.5 Problems with ignition and electronics
    • 3.6 problems burner
    • 3.7 Maintenance work to the heat exchanger

First of all, must be immediately noted that to take up self-repair of the gas column is not particularly recommended, in any case, the owners who do not know much about such devices.Moreover, it is not necessary to do this even in the period of the unexpired portion of the warranty period - independent repair terminate the obligations of the manufacturer.

However, the mentality of the majority of our men is such that they need to be able to do everything with their own hands.It is promoted and sometimes sluggishness customerservice excessively high prices to the challenge of professional and other similar reasons.But if you want to repair the wealthy, it would be unwise to start it, without examining the column device.

information about the device and the characteristics of the "Neva 4511" column, of course, refer to its data sheet.However, the information still makes sense to lead - at least for those who, for whatever reasons, the product has lost the passport.

To begin with - the main characteristics of the water heater:

Parameter parameter values ​​
Rated column thermal power 21 kW
Nominal capacity of heat 18 kW
coefficient of performance (COP), at least 0.87
used forms of energy: natural gas network G20
liquefied gas in cylinders G30
Required nominal gas pressure, kPa:
- natural G20 1,3 (2,0)
- liquefied G30 2.9
Average gas consumption in continuous operation:
- natural G20 2,22 m³ /hour
- liquefied G30 1,66 kg / hour
diameter replaceable burner nozzles:
- network for G20 natural gas at a pressure of 1.3 kPa 1,28 mm
- for the network of natural gas G20 at a pressure of 12.0 kPa 1,14 mm
- for LPG G30 0,79 mm
The minimum water flow to work correctly 2 columns,5 l / min
working pressure range in the cold water supply line 15 ÷ 1000 kPa
mean flow rate while ensuring the temperature rise of 30 ° (Δt = 30 °) 9.2 l / min
water consumption during heating Δt = 40 ° 7 l / min
water consumption during heating Δt = 25 ° 11 l / min
range required vacuum in the chimney channel 2,0 ÷ 30 Pa
Normal temperature products of combustion are not higher than 150 ° C
type column Electronic ignition, automatic feeding water
power two batteries 1.5 V,type B LR20
average total duration of the device on one set of batteries 250 hours
dimensions heater (height × width × depth) 565 × 290 × 221
heater Weight (gross/ net), the maximum 11,0 / 10,0 kg

Now look at it from the outside:

External components and controls , column dimensions

External units and controls the column dimensions

From the front and sides of the metal column covers enamelledhousing - lining (pos.1).Approximately in the middle "facade" is an observation window (Pos. 2), which allows you to visually monitor operation of the device.

Below are the controls.This - the handle adjusting gas flow tap (item 3.) And symmetric she handle the water flow tap (4 pos.).Between them is a two-digit digital display (pos. 5) showing the current water temperature at the outlet of the column.

bottom nozzle are three, each of them - with the external threaded portion G ½.. On the right (pipe (item 6) is designed to connect to the water system - for the cold water supply leftmost nozzle (pos 7) -.. Output heated water, connected to the distribution inside the DHW Closer to the center and make some forward (item 8..) -... fitting for connection to the gas pipeline or to a container with liquid gas

Top located inlet vent device (item 9) for connection to the flue system

entire column construction going on metal console (item 10), which at the same time.plays the role of the back of the appliance There are two "windows" (item 11.) for hanging heater on wall hooks, brackets

Now consider the column at the removed wall:..

Driving gas column device "Neva 4511 "

Driving gas column device "Neva 4511»

schemes - "pass-through" numbering, so the positions 6, 7 and 8 - respectively, connections to connect to the water supply to the hot water supply wiring and gas supply.Nozzle

(pos. 6) is connected to a water supply (pos. 12), which enters the water rod flow control tap (pos. 13).Below you can see the cylindrical member with the notch on the wall (pos. 14) - a tube to drain the water from the column during the maintenance work.It also provided and safety valve is triggered by the excess pressure in the water network.

In the center is placed the electronic control unit (pos. 16), from which come the wires to the sensors and functional elements of the device.

Symmetric Water is gas block (pos. 17).They are collected in a single structure - water and gas hub.From gas block out of stock gas flow control tap (pos. 18).Between the inlet and valve mounted solenoid gas valve (pos. 19).

In addition, the gas block designated microswitch (pos. 15) which in the off position pressed special pusher.

above gas manifold mounted water-gas unit (pos. 20), the associated curved pipe at the flange connection.Sam manifold to the column housing is fixed with two screws (pos. 21).In

collector installed on the rear side of the nozzle hole to the desired diameter for the gas outlet to the burner desyatiryadnuyu (pos. 22).The face of the collector are fixed two elements that looks similar, but perform very different functions.Right - candle - iskroobrazotvatel for when you start the ignition column (23 pos.).On the left (pos. 24) - the flame sensor (often called ionization sensor).

above rassolozhen copper heat exchanger (pos. 25), where, in fact, there is water heated by the burner flame.The heat exchanger has a plug-in connections: Right (item 26). - Water-node device, and to the left (item 27). - With an outlet of hot water.In addition, the heat exchanger is fixed to the body of a pair of screws (pos. 28)

on the outlet connection, two sensors are placed.The top (Pos. 29) - column protect the sensor from overheating (in fact - the thermostat) and the bottom (30 pos.) - Acts as a thermometer and a pair of wires connected to the display panel on the device housing.

venting device located in the upper part of the column (pos. 31), which has its own system of straight and curved bridges, directing the flow of hot combustion gases in the right direction towards the chimney channel.On the left side (pos. 32) is placed thrust sensor, also representing a thermostat, and the associated single electrical circuit in series with the overheating sensor (pos. 29).

located underneath the plastic battery compartment (pos. 34) for the two batteries.

Finally, bottom left and right, at the extremities of the body console, there are two brackets with lugs (pos. 33), in which wrapped screws when installing the casing-lining.

Many of the parts and assemblies will be discussed in greater detail in the course of the publication of the images with the application.At the same time, all numbering in the diagrams or photographs will be stored.

Video: basic information on the device of the gas column "Neva 4511»

principle of operation of the gas column "Neva 4511»

To understand on what basis working water heater and how it is equipped with protection systemsturn to another scheme:

Принципиальная схема работы колонки "Нева 4511"

schematic diagram for the column "Neva 4511"

to oFF position, power to the unit on the electronics of the control unit (pos. 16) does not flow - it is open to the microswitch (pos. 15) locatedon the gas block.The pusher plate pushes the microswitch, holding it in position "off".

In the absence of power is in the closed position and the electromagnetic gas valve (pos. 19) overlying the path of the gas entry to the gas inlet assembly.In addition, the gas supply is blocked on another turn.This is a mechanical spring poppet valve in the gas block (on the scheme - pos. 35).In its inoperative position the gasket plates tight against the corresponding seat, fully closing the channel for the passage of gas towards the collector.

main part of the water supply (if you do not consider adjusting valve) - the so-called "frog" (pos. 36) - two-chambered device divided elastic membrane.Cameras "frog" reported - it is a special channel.When turned off the water supply pressure in the cells dropped, and the membrane takes the free equilibrium position.

water passage from the highway to the heat exchanger through the lower chamber, and placed at the top of the movable rod with a plastic plate, adjacent to the membrane.Rod through the hole in the center comes out in the direction of the gas block.

Accordingly, in case the gas block is located exactly coaxially reciprocal rod which is connected with a mechanical poppet valve, and is secured thereto microswitch plunger.

What happens when starting cold water to the desired flow rate (at least 2.5 l / min), that is, at the opening of the draw at the point of "hot" faucet?

stream of cold water passes through the "frog".The configuration of its internal channels such that in the upper chamber while creating a vacuum.The membrane under the pressure of the flow bends and pushes the plate, which is attached to the forward movement of the rod.This water rod assembly, in turn, presses on the rod coaxial gas block, moving it (pos. 37).At the same time carried out two operations:

  • associated with the pusher releases the micro-switch plate, and he goes to the "closed".The electronic control unit circuit is powered from the battery compartment (pos. 34).
  • Moving the rod provides a bridging force of the pressure spring in a mechanical gas valve.Its plate moves away from the seat, opening a channel for the passage of gas to the manifold.

for power supply starts to operate the electronic control unit:

  • voltage is applied to the solenoid valve, which opens the way for gas from the inlet to the faucet and on, through the mechanical valve - the collector and the burners.
  • In the control unit are generated and transmitted to the glow plug (pos. 23) pulses needed to create sparks, causing the flame ignition.If everything worked normally, the burner should light.
  • the process of ignition "watching" the flame sensor (ionization) (pos. 24).If for any reason during the first 6 ÷ 7 seconds on the burner to work, then, to avoid free gas outlet and accumulation of explosive concentrations, the control unit will block the electromagnetic valve and stops supplying pulses to the spark.If ignition is successful, then the signal from the flame sensor is converted into a command to stop sparks on the spark.During operation of the heater, if the flame is extinguished suddenly, with no ionization sensor signal will close the solenoid valve.

All these functions will be carried out even under one condition - if not break the chain, which includes two temperature sensors - rod (pos. 32) and the water temperature at the outlet (pos. 29).Normal position of the switch - closed, they are arranged in series, which means that the control unit will be powered only when both sensors are in normal mode.

  • If the chimney draft is insufficient, the abductor gases do not pass directly into the central channel, and, thanks to the particular configuration of the device, enter the side of the cavity.On the left is a sensor, which immediately reacts to an abnormal rise in temperature, and the control unit opens the supply chain with all its consequences.
  • Similarly go and relays, placed at the outlet of the heat exchanger pipe.If the temperature reaches a critical ceiling (about 90 ° C), then there is an open circuit the power control unit.

When turn off the water, the following occurs:

  • lack of water pressure leads to rapid equalization of pressure levels in both chambers "frog".The membrane returns to its original position, ceasing to transmit the impact to the plate with a rod.Accordingly, the gas block rod under the action of the spring also returns to the place.
  • stem Return releases poppet valve that seals the passage of gas.
  • pusher plate pushes the micro switch and electrical control power supply circuit is broken.
  • of a power supply voltage is not transmitted to the solenoid valve, and it goes into the "closed" position.

all, closing the cold water heater automatically switches off completely.

For clarity, the picture can be reduced from the bottom view of speakers - on the photo clearly visible basic parts and components directly affecting the work of the column (numbering retained).But.