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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is better to choose a bath

Not so long ago, if necessary, replace the bath more often raised the question of where do get at least some new.But today, with a large range of products on offer to customers is usually a problem - what better to choose a bath.

What is better to choose a bath

What is better to choose a bath

In-Shop you can find products made from a variety of materials, so it is difficult to determine the order, which one is more reliable and durable.A deal is still necessary - no one will want to deal with installing a new bath every 2 ÷ 3 years, throwing money down the drain.

main varieties baths

Article Contents

  • 1 main varieties baths
  • 2 Cast iron baths
    • 2.1 Settings cast iron bathtubs and additional elements
    • 2.2 Manufacturers iron
    • baths
    • 2.3 Criteria for selecting a cast-iron bath
  • 3 steel bath
    • 3.1 Noise steel bath
    • 3.2 manufacturers of steel baths
      • 3.2.1 Models foreign producers baths
      • 3.2.2 Models Russian producers
    • 3.3 Criteria for selection of steel baths
  • 4 Acrylic bathtubs
  • 5 Quaryl bath
  • 6 Glass bath
  • 7 Earthenware bath
  • 8 Marble bath
  • 9 Brass bath
  • 10 Video: tips for choosing bath

can immediately list all the main types of baths for material for their manufacture, as not everyone knows that in addition to well-known to all of cast iron,steel and acrylic accessories, made even porcelain, glass, and even Quaryl wood, brass and marble.

A variety of baths for the manufacture of the material and form of execution can confound inexperienced in these matters buyer

Variety baths in material manufacturing and embodiment, may confound inexperienced in these customer questions

The publication will address almost all of the options, however, is still the most popular are still cast iron, steel, and more recently,also acrylic bathtubs.Therefore, first it is necessary to compare their performance.

The table below gives an overall comparative information about the main characteristics of the baths, which are often today are chosen by consumers:

Estimated parameters bath Material production
Cast Steel Acrylic
variety of forms one form of different sizes most commonly produced. are produced in different shapes and sizes. A wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Weight very heavy weight reaches 120-130 kg Easy.Depending on the size, weight - 20-40 kg. very easily.Depending on the shape and the size, weight - 15-30 kg.
Quiet during filling average noise level. very high noise level. very low.
ability to retain heat Average keep warm - up 5˚ heat loss per hour. Low heat preservation. high heat preservation.
Possibility restoration complex process restoration restored easily and in different ways.
cost from medium to high. Low from low to high, depending on various factors.

And now - look at each of the species in more detail.

Cast iron baths

cast iron bath - a time-tested product that has always been known for their reliability and practicality, as compared with other materials.It is much harder than steel or acrylic, but it has its advantages.

Massive cast iron bathtubs have a number of indisputable advantages

Massive cast iron bathtubs have a number of indisputable advantages

The advantages of cast iron tubs are the following:

  • Reasonably good heat retention typed into a bath of water - is much higher than that of steel, but, however, lower than that of acrylic.
  • durability of this material allows the use of a bath than a decade.
  • When filling out the cast iron tub with water to create a small noise.
  • Cast iron is resistant to the corrosive effects of water, so even if by accident during transport or during operation forms a small chip on the enamel surface, it will not have rust, and therefore, its spread to the rest of the surface is possible.
  • cast iron bath is not the lowest price, but it is the easiest option is quite affordable for a family with average income.

Cast iron bathtubs can be called the best option for those who like to acquire practical and durable stuff.

Mark need and disadvantages of cast iron:

  • most known disadvantage of these baths - this is a very heavy weight, which greatly complicates the transportation and lifting to higher floors.To conduct these operations alone will not necessarily need a few assistants.In addition, to install such a heavy bath requires special sturdy base and stand.
  • Internal enamel coated cast-iron baths - not very reliable, and can easily be damaged by accidental impacts.
  • form the vast majority of cast iron products is no different variety.They are usually produced in a fairly limited size range.

Settings cast iron bathtubs and additional elements

cast iron bath usually has a size of 1500 × 700 or 1700 × 750 mm.Each model has its own weight - it can vary depending on the product manufacturer.

  • Bath length of 1500 mm is considered to be rather sedentary model, so do not give the possibility to stretch out full length - it can take water treatments just sitting.
  • Bath length of 1700 mm - more comfortable, especially for people with high growth.It is possible to lie down, legs stretched out, and get the full enjoyment of water treatments.

should focus on the mass of the structure.So, the old Soviet sitz baths had a weight of about 100 kg.Modern technology has allowed it to reduce the number and today bowls of the same size weigh Russian production 87 ÷ 90 kg, and foreign - 70 ÷ 75 kg.Complete

large bath having the dimensions 700 × 1700, 1700 × 750 or 1700 × 800 mm, with a wall thickness of 5 mm and weigh 120 to 130 kg.Due to the impressive massiveness, for cast-iron baths require reliable strong legs.

should be said about the other elements that have acquired modern products:

  • Earlier pen holders and were not included in the construction of cast-iron baths, now supplied almost all the models they belong.This adds an element of comfort when immersed in water and picked up from it.They are especially needed for older people or those who suffer from obesity.
  • Some models are equipped with bathtubs in addition handles anti-slip coating, headrests and armrests.There are models of cast iron bathtubs, allowing to equip them with hydromassage features.

manufacturers of cast-iron baths

can list the most well-known foreign manufacturers who present their products in the Russian market and are very popular:

  • «Devon & amp; Devon» (Italy).
  • «Porcher and Jacob Delafon» (France).
  • «Roca» (Spain).
  • «Goldman» (China) - This company is a product that has the most affordable price.

As an example, consider some of the options produced by the above-named manufacturers.

Bath «Devon &; Devon» - «CHERIE Copper Effect»

Bath «Devon & amp; Devon» - «CHERIE Copper Effect»

Typically, foreign manufacturers produce exclusive options baths, so they have a high enough price.For example, this model applies to the "luxury" category and selected for a spacious room bathroom, since it is not designed for tight abutment against the wall.

manufacturer produces bath in the form of fonts with raised side edges.Basically, they all have a white coating the inner and the outer surface is finished in a different color.

produce and more expensive models, decorated both outside and inside hand-painted, usually made to order, with a certain plot pattern.

Some models from this manufacturer baths have metal shaped legs made in the form of paws.This element gives the bath a rich chic look, but such models are installed in the bathrooms of standard apartments will look somewhat ridiculous.

Bath Company «Roca» - «Haiti»

Bath Company «Roca» - «Haiti»

This company produces baths of various shapes and sizes - in the form of the font, the standard rectangular, concave on one or both sides, and other configurations.Size may vary from the standard, for example, in the image, an embodiment which has dimensions of 1400 × 750 mm.The bottom of the bath is equipped with some anti-slip pattern.All models of this brand metal pen set, and some variants have headrests and armrests.

«Roca» Bath firms are comfortable and reliable.They are produced in accordance with modern design trends and cutting-edge technology, so in the end turn out high-quality products that are in high demand.

Bath Company «Porcher and Jacob Delafon» - «CLEO»

Bath Company «Porcher and JacobDelafon» - «CLEO»

This French company also produces various models of baths - from exclusive to budget well for this.They can be oval or rectangular shape and equipped with anti-slip and metal handles.To set may be provided shaped legs or metal construction with its closing screens.

on exclusive models are applied to drawings - in this case shows a snow-white bath, decorated with orchid flower.

products are known for high quality, ergonomic and have the original form, intended for standard rooms apartments, and spacious bathrooms in private homes.

Bath Company «Goldman» - «Glossy»

Bath Company «Goldman» - «Glossy»

Chinese company «Goldman» works in the Russian market for more than eight years, and European consumers use its products even more time.Cast iron bath from this manufacturer are characterized in that they have a thinner wall, thereby decreasing their weight.But in spite of this, they have good wear resistance and toughness.

Baths - of different sizes and may be different, both traditional and highly original forms.The manufacturer guarantees its products for 25 years, while the price for it is significantly lower than that of other foreign companies.This is exactly the case when the expression "Chinese" does not mean "poor quality".

Criteria for selecting a cast-iron bath

When selecting a cast-iron bath is necessary to pay attention to some details:

  • The first thing to do - is to hold to cover bath hand.It must be perfectly smooth, with no rough edges.
  • should carefully examine the coating visually - it should not even be a minor cracks and chips.Special attention is recommended to pay at the drain region, since it is the problem - it is there in the first place produced similar defects.
  • Further, it is recommended to inspect the outside of the walls of the bath - it should also not be pronounced irregularities.Its quality speaks about the integrity and quality of the manufacturer's products.
  • It is very important to check the flatness of the forms bath - it should not have ledges, drops not prescribed design and corners if a rectangular model should be exactly straight.
  • Then necessarily checked bath equipment, ie what elements of it are provided in the kit.It is necessary to choose an option, equipped with regular legs, so as not to have to buy them separately and choose a particular model.
  • If the bathroom is not included frame or legs, but really liked its shape, then it is better to choose the accessories for it immediately.

should be remembered that, alas, not all cast iron bathtubs are of high quality even with perfect appearance.Some unscrupulous manufacturers make enamel coating the walls and bottom of the bowl is much thinner than that stated in the certificate on the product, which significantly reduces the service life.For example, many Turkish baths production blamed for the fact that they cover, nice-looking, fast crack, and the product itself comes inoperative.

However, not only the wall thickness is set to operate the bath length is important and the quality of the cast iron.Check it out in the store - it is impossible, so it is worth giving preference to proven foreign or Russian producers.

Steel bath

Steel bath - the most affordable option, and careful operation such product can last quite a long time.

The most attractive advantage of steel baths - low cost

most attractive advantage of steel baths - low cost

The positive qualities of products from this material may include the following:

  • Such bath has a low weight, which is, depending on the size and configuration of the model, from 30 to 50kg.
  • produces steel baths in various shapes and sizes.With a wide range, you can always find a suitable option for the bathroom particular planning.
  • Lacquer is applied using high temperatures, so it does not exfoliate.
  • baths, covered with enamel, are resistant to alkalis and acids, they do not cause harm to any detergents, except abrasive.
  • Experts often recommend that when choosing between acrylic and steel bath, it is better to stay at the last.Inexpensive steel product of good quality can last for many years, and acrylic, produced by someone unknown, most likely to quickly disappoint.

Outs steel baths are the following qualities that often occur during operation:

  • High noise level when filling water bowl.
  • Steel has a high thermal conductivity, so the water in a bath cools rapidly.
  • When accidental impact or other mechanical effects on the enamel can be formed cracks and chipped.And these cleavages or poor-quality enamel coating can be formed rust pockets.
  • At high wall loads, made of thin steel, may be deformed.To restore
  • steel bowl is difficult - this process will cost about the same amount as the new bath.

Noise steel bath

solve the problem of high noise level, created using a set of water into the steel bath in several ways, which are readily available to perform at home.

  • One option - to buy ready-made plates, which are glued in several places baths from the outside or only in the area of ​​the drainage holes, as shown in the illustrations:
Antinoise pad in the drain

-protection pad in the drain

  • secondoption reducing the noise level is sticking to the outer surface of the bowl foil polyethylene foam with self-adhesive surface.This, by the way, at the same time increases the bath and heat insulation, which will contribute to a long-term cooling of typing in her hot water.
Heat and noise insulation steel bath foiled polyethylene foam

telomerase and insulation steel bath foiled foamed polyethylene

  • Another material that is commonly used for thermal insulation of the bath and noise reduction - this foam.Its distributed over the outer surface of the cup evenly.