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August 12, 2017 18:06

Acrylic corner baths Asymmetric

Currently in specialized stores in a fairly wide assortment of Acrylic corner bath asymmetrical, and they are increasingly preferred by owners of apartments or houses, when planning the replacement of old, overage of iron or steel.A variety of forms and compactness of these products allows you to install them in the bathroom of any size and design, thus there is sometimes even increasing its useful area.

Acrylic corner baths Asymmetric

Acrylic corner baths Asymmetric

This is especially true for small apartments with standard facilities of bathrooms, which are not known for its "open spaces".But if at the disposal of the hosts large square room - there will be all the more where to turn by the acrylic bath and a large amount of very interesting shape.

Acrylic bathtubs cause much controversy.There are convinced supporters who extol their virtues.The other "pole" is located merciless criticism, do not listen to any arguments and never willing to change the "good old" fashioned metal on plastic.

baths Material production

Article Contents

  • 1 baths Material production
  • 2 correct choice of acrylic baths
  • 3 Definition corner bath sizes for specific room
  • 4 Knownmanufacturers of acrylic corner baths
    • 4.1 «Ravak»
    • 4.2 «Sersanit»
    • 4.3 «Riho»
    • 4.4 «Aquanet»
    • 4.5 «Kolo»
    • 4.6 Video: a variety of models of asymmetric acrylic bathtubs
  • 5 frame for corner acrylic bath
    • 5.1 Video: example of installation of standard frames for acrylic bathtubs

raw material for the manufacture of such baths are polymers based on acrylatesproduced by special technology.The basic composition of the material is required to be included additives, is actively opposing the development of all types of pathogenic organisms - mold and mildew, harmful bacteria.Therefore, in rooms with such baths usually no unpleasant odors that will eventually begin to come from enameled steel or cast iron products.

baths are made of special sanitary acrylic, is usually supplied to the production line in the form of sheets of a certain thickness.

  • most hygienic, durable and high-quality injection molding is acrylic.Much lower
  • characteristics and strength, and health - in sheets obtained by extrusion technology.In many European sanah extruded acrylic even forbidden to apply for sanitary products having direct contact with the human body - an exception is made only for pallets showers.
  • There are full "extreme" - sanitary container made from ABS-plastic, which only covered the front moans sprayed layer of acrylic.The high quality in this case, to speak in general not necessary.

On the production line acrylic sheets are subjected to heating to a certain temperature technology, which gives it the required elasticity.Then comes the process of punching in special forms templates, which give the product complies with the three-dimensional configuration.Templates are designed by designers, including taking into account the size of a standard bathroom contemporary apartments.It therefore is possible to easily mount them in a small room.

by itself is not a high-strength acrylic material - it is easily bent, amenable to thermal and mechanical stress, especially if the product or expressions are asymmetrical intricate shapes.Therefore tub wall externally reinforced polyester resin to which several layers of fiberglass is glued.Thus, the resulting form is fully reinforced, giving it strength and stability to the mentioned influences.The more layers of reinforcing material has been applied on the tub wall, the higher its strength characteristics.

Sometimes, instead of glass fibers for strengthening the capacity of the walls used polyurethane foam, which is reinforcing its quality is almost the same, but more environmentally favorable conditions for living and sanitary facilities.

impossible not to mention another advantage of acrylic.All those who take water treatments in a steel or cast-iron bath, confirm how it is unpleasant to touch their cold walls of the naked body, and sitting in the hot water.This is because containers made from these materials are heated only when full of hot water, which, incidentally, quite quickly cools, giving heat to the metal walls, and they are, by virtue of its high thermal conductivity, fast vyholazhivayutsya from contact with the air.

Water in an acrylic bath cools down much longer than metal

Water in an acrylic bath cools down much longer than metal

In contrast, the acrylic surface quickly fully warms on contact with hot water, without giving a lot of heat out the lead researches it is proved that the water cools in acrylic containers insix times longer than metal tubs.This allows longer take water treatments in a comfortable environment and, by the way, is reflected in a certain way, even in the general energy conservation.

Acrylic bath can be tinted in shades of nice looking ...

Acrylic bath can be smoked in a nice looking colors ...

important drawback is its white acrylic property eventually "grow old" - is usually manifested yellow hue.Therefore, manufacturers have found a way out of this situation by starting to manufacture baths in different colors, sometimes even further decorating their walls pattern.

... And sometimes - even decorate them with drawings or patterns

... and sometimes - even decorate them with drawings or patterns

Corner acrylic bathtub will perfectly blend in with any room design solution and organically fit into it.

Fantasy developers of designers is unlimited, so the shape of the bath is sometimes quite bizarre, it can be three, five or hexagonal, round, semi-circular or oval configuration.In addition, the baths are made, combining several forms, so their range is impossible to list in full.

correct choice of acrylic baths

Never should not forget that the market is always a large number of fakes, which are issued for acrylic baths, in fact, they are not being.

For those who do not know how to distinguish the real from the fake acrylic, very high probability of acquisition of low-quality low-cost option, the basis for which is the cheapest cardboard or plastic (ABS) surround template, reinforced fiberglass, and then covered with a layer of primer and acrylic.Externally, these fakes are very difficult to distinguish from the real acrylic bathtubs, but a counterfeit in any way does not possess all the positive qualities of good-quality products.These baths are brittle, and will last no more than two or three years, and then - with a very gentle treatment.Since in today's consumer market demand in the baths of asymmetric forms is high and tends to rise, and they are part of a special "risk" products that are actively trying to forge unscrupulous manufacturers.

By choosing an acrylic bath is required to approach very carefully

By choosing an acrylic bath is required to approach very carefully

Therefore, choosing the bathroom accessories, you need to adhere to certain recommendations, which will help to understand whether acrylic bathtub true purchased, or is it a clever imitation:

  • Firsteverything in the store should seek the technical documentation and the quality certificate for the product liked.Just making sure that documents are in order, you can proceed to a thorough visual inspection of the bath.
  • bath walls is worth a look to the light - a real acrylic must not show through.
  • on the surface of the flanges should never be scratches and chips.
  • thickness of the flanges should be the same.
  • Next, you should try to push the wall of the bath with your finger.If it is forced, or flex, then it is likely a fake, or reinforcement of acrylic performed poorly.But in any case, the purchase of such baths should be abandoned.
  • to the bath should be a good sniff (literally!) - If it comes from a chemical sharp smell, then it is either fake or explicit marriage.
  • frame under the bath must be well protected moisture-resistant corrosion-resistant coating.Even if it has a high-quality visual application, it indicates a high level of technical production package.
  • Choosing a bath, you need to pay attention to the number of layers on the side edges of the bath rim.The wall of this product is required to have a coherent structure, not divided into layers.
  • not necessary to choose acrylic bathtub having a very low cost, since it may be made of polyurethane or plastic, which is applied on top of thin, only 0,5 ÷ 1 mm layer of acrylic.This bath can not withstand the load of non-uniformity and simply crack.Additionally, excessive ductility of the material may lead to deformations of the edges during use.And as a consequence - a violation of integrity occurs bath with wall joints and constant leakage will occur.
  • purchasing a corner acrylic bath, you need to know that the more intricate its non-standard form, the harder it is to put on the back surface of its walls, additional layers of reinforcing material.Therefore, the product of simple forms, tend to have higher strength characteristics than baths intricate configuration.
  • If acrylic bath having the usual form, will last ten or more years, and sometimes, the angular asymmetric product usually can be actively operated for a total of six - seven years.

Sizing corner bath for a specific room

The main selection criterion is the size of the bath room area bathroom, that is, its storage space, which can take this accessory.Before settling on a particular model of the bath must be well thought out plan of the room.For this purpose, on a reduced scale recommended to make a small, but adjusted drawing showing the installation will be easy to distribute the bath tank and the rest of the furniture and appliances.Thus it is necessary to take into account the location of the sewage sludge, as well as the supply of hot and cold water.

Bath should match the size of the room

Bath should match the size of the room

Going shopping for the bath, it is best to take a drawing with the specified size.In this case, the seller will be easier to give advice on a particular model.If the area of ​​the room where you plan to install, very small, and there is the intention to save the expense of a corner bath size, then you should not choose too intricate shapes, offer a simple compact form.As mentioned above, it will be easier than the bath design, so it will be better reinforced reinforcing materials.

asymmetric bath size is determined by its two sides - length and width.The most popular size is the dimensions of 1300 × 1300 mm.Such models can be both very simple and equipped with air nozzles, jets and other features that increase the comfort of receiving water treatments.

The multifunctional acrylic bathtub

multifunctional acrylic bathtub

There are five options and hexagonal baths, but they do not choose to install in a standard bathroom apartment, since they will even look out of place there.These options are more suitable for private homes with spacious rooms allotted under the bathroom - they will look in these conditions, as small pools.

Some baths even in its form only relevant in spacious rooms

Some baths even in its form only relevant in spacious rooms

best choice for bathroom of the standard room is a triangular model, which helps to save area, as it takes only one angle.At the same time a seat can set the washing machine, laundry basket or hang a hanger for a comfortable bathrobes and towels.

Almost all models of corner baths provide space for placement of cosmetic accessories, shampoos and shower gels, which also helps to save space - no need to provide additional capacity adjacent to the tables or shelves.

Another factor, which should pay attention - this side of the bath connection.So, made the cup with right or left-hand connection.Selection of a particular model will depend on the bath installation space and on the location of the communication pipes.

By the way, many construction suggests acrylic baths or allows the installation of a special or conventional mixer shower with a special area on its rim.This criterion is also not necessary to let out of sight - sometimes baths purchase may result in the need for more and replacing plumbing fixtures.

snapshot What used mixer with shower bath?

modern range of plumbing fixtures simply amazing!In order not to get lost in a variety of models at choosing a faucet for the bathroom with a shower , we offer to get acquainted with the recommendations contained in a special publication of our portal.

known manufacturers of acrylic corner baths

The following table shows a few popular models of asymmetric acrylic bathtubs from reputable manufacturers.Note that the same model can be produced in sufficiently large size range:

The manufacturer bath Model Illustration baths Dimensions in mm.
«Ravak» (Czech Republic)
«Avocado» " Ravak " 1400 × 1050;1500 × 750;1500 × 1000;1500 × 1050;1600 × 750;1600 × 1050;1700 × 1050;1700 × 1100;1850 × 1050.
«Kolo» (Poland) «Vici XWN0130» " Kolo " 1400 × 1000;1500 × 1000;1600 × 800;1600 × 1000;1700 × 1050.
«Aquanet» (Russia) «BELLONA» " Aguanet " 111 1400 × 700;1400 × 1400;1430 × 1430;1500 × 700;1500 × 750;1500 × 1500;1500 × 1000;1500 × 1500;1500 × 900;1600 × 700;1600 × 1000;1600 × 1600;1650 × 1650;1700 × 1000;1700 × 1100;1700 × 900;1800 × 800
«Sersanit» (Poland) «Sicilia» " Sersanit " 1600 × 900;1600 × 1000;1500 × 900;1500 × 950
«Riho» (Netherlands) «NORA» " Reno " 1535 × 1005;1500 × 800;1700 × 1100;1700 × 750;1600 × 900;1600 × 1000;1700 × 900;1800 × 1300

To determine the choice of a corner bath on the manufacturer, you need to know the pros and cons of each of them.

  • «Ravak»

This Czech company is considered one of the best manufacturers of acrylic baths in Europe.Its popularity is due to the high quality of its manufactured products.Used for the production of acrylic sheets 5 ÷ 6 mm, and formulations for reinforcing fiber used, the strength of providing ready containers.

«Ravak» produces baths in a wide range of dimensions and configuration.Products small size ideal for standard rooms toilet in modern apartments.Their size saves space and allows you to set the room extra appliances or pieces of furniture.

Many are trying to replace the metal bath in acrylic, as the latter do not corrode, they are not afraid to temperature changes.Furthermore, acrylic easily cleaned with ordinary household detergents, and due to its smooth surface on the bath hardly occurs plaque from water.But it should be remembered that the plastic is still plastic, and use organic solvents to clean the walls of the bath is unacceptable, no matter what quality it is.