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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom with shower design

How to arrange decorative bathroom installed in her shower?This question often arises as the owners of private houses, and the residents of the standard urban apartments.But in his own house bathrooms are usually spacious and therefore to place them all the necessary accessories - much easier than in close combined bathroom, as well as come up with a design and carry out the finish.Unfortunately, on the Internet you can often find sketches and design for the rooms, an extensive area that remains a pipe dream for most home owners.

Bathroom with shower design

Bathroom with shower design

small as a bathroom with shower design to come up with a much more difficult - almost no discussion.But through this room also hosts various utilities that require a certain masking, which also complicate design process.

It's about bathrooms with shower, organized in small areas of possible difficulties of their registration, subject to certain nuances, will be discussed in this publication.


Article Contents

  • 1 Preparations
    • 1.1 Drafting
    • 1.2 Room preparation
    • 1.3 Planning and installation of utilities
    • 1.4 Waterproofing surfaces bathroom
  • 2 How to approach to the choice of shower stall
    • 2.1 showers open type
    • 2.2 Enclosed cab
    • 2.3 Bath with shower
    • 2.4 Homemade showers
    • 2.5 Trays for shower cabins
    • 2.6 walls and doors of the shower stall
    • 2.7 Additional features showers
    • 2.8 Video: a variety of models of shower enclosures
  • 3 Finish bath
    • 3.1 Decorating the walls with plastic panels
    • 3.2 «Classic» wall decoration - terracotta
    • 3.3 floor finish
    • 3.4 ceiling bathroom
  • 4 Possible design of bathrooms with showercabin
    • 4.1 Variant№1
    • 4.2 Option №2
    • 4.3 Option №3
    • 4.4 Option number 4
    • 4.5 Option number 5
    • 4.6 Video: interior bathroombathroom with shower

to cook, fully equipped with all necessary accessories and finished bathroom looked as intended hosts initially have to make preparations that will order all further stages of work.


First of all, the draft prepared for the bathroom, where the bath will be replaced by a shower.Typically, this process is intended to make the room more spacious and combine the bathroom with toilet, due to this, if possible, even expand the kitchen or the hall, depending on the layout of the apartment.

The main task of the design - to be able to fit everything you need in a limited area

main design task - to be able to fit everything you need in the limited spare

Some apartment owners are trying to save in the bathroom and bath, replacing it with another, smaller size, and get a shower.It should be noted that sometimes these accessories are available in the complex.

developing the preliminary draft, it must be remembered that it may well have to make adjustments in the future, after all open communication pipe.The sketch can be added masking boxes, since, depending on the project, it is necessary to transfer and extension of water and sewer pipes.

Room preparation

clear and feasible on paper rough "alignment" the location of all items, you can proceed to the next stage of work.It can be carried out in different ways:

  • Removing all the old bathroom accessories.
  • Removing partitions between the bathroom and toilet, if it is decided to combine them into one room.This process should be done only after consultation with the regulatory authorities.
Dismantling of the old partition between the toilet and the bathroom

old partitions Dismantling between the toilet and the bathroom

Further, after the dismantling of all the elements you need to get rid of debris and thoroughly clean the walls and floor dust.If the walls are tiled or finished with other decorative materials, they also need to immediately remove.

If the toilet decided not to transfer, and leave at the same place, it is recommended to dismantle the last.If you can live without a bath for a while, you do not bowl will be much harder.

Planning and installation of utilities

When the room is free from all superfluous and unnecessary, it is possible to freely inspect the condition of the old pipe and leaning on the bathroom design, consider how best to carry out the wiring pipes by making a drawing.

If the repair is carried out only in the bathroom, and the sewer riser is in the toilet, and the water and drain pipes is recommended to hide in the walls.To do this, cut Stroebe, in which communication and installed - it will also help to save part of the area.

Water and sewer pipes , cleaned in Stroebe

Water and sewer pipes, cleaned in Stroebe

In addition, it is recommended to spend in the bathroom at least one outlet, as very often this element is lacking to enable a hair dryer.Maybe she needed for the washing machine, if it is planned to establish in this area.Electric cables also need to be hidden in the wall, enclosing it in a pre-Corrugated and buy a special socket itself, with high waterproof.

After all pipe and cable, Stroebe sealed cement mortar or gypsum plaster.

Sealing pipe plaster solution

Closing pipes plaster solution

If the bathroom combined, all water and sewer communications are usually limited and compactly mounted near the central riser sewer.Move it still does not succeed, so that all communications hub will be time to disguise duct plasterboard.

Typically, all communications reduce closer to the sewer standpipe

usually reduce all communications closer to the sewer standpipe

Particular attention is paid to the method of connection to the sewer standpipe itself shower stall.Some trays have a very low position of the spout, so to connect it to the drain pipe will either bury it in the floor, or lift cabin itself to the required height.Raise the tray with special adjustable feet, or spread brick pedestal, which is set and shower.

Close communication will help decorative trim wall , for example , with a shutter in the form of blinds

Hide communication helps decorative false-wall, for example, with a shutter in the form of blinds

If the bathroom combined, and instead of a bath set shower, some prefer not to mount the box, which can spoil the interior design and install drywallmasking wall with an elegant door blinds.Especially this variant when when combined bathroom and toilet sewer pipe center is in the middle of the back wall of the room.

Inspection window box should give free access to hydrants and water meters

Inspection window box should give free access to hydrants and water meters

necessary to leave the viewing window - for free access of employees of municipal services to the pipes, valves and counters.Well and elegant door closes all the interlacing tubes, so the door must be chosen in the least, to all available finishes.

necessary to take into account the fact that the Audit window should open freely, and hence, it can not obstruct any accessory bathroom.

In order to create such a wall or box need to purchase a special metal galvanized profile and moisture-resistant drywall.

recommended before you begin installation of the frame, you need to think carefully, and best of all - even to draw the location of each of its elements in order to obtain a strong structure, and the window to access the pipes had a sufficient size and was in a convenient location.

Waterproofing bathroom surfaces

Even before installing masking boxes, after termination of cutting grooves and removing the debris of the room, the floor must be covered with waterproofing.Especially carefully it is necessary to do all around the pipe passing through the slab any purpose (through-liners).

Particular attention in waterproofing - corners and places of passage pipes

Particular attention waterproofing - corners and places of passage pipes

very important to well seal the joints of the walls and floor, covering the composition of the walls to a height of not less than 120 ÷ 150 mm and in the field of plumbing fixtures installation even higher points levelconnections (plumbing "sockets").In these places necessarily glued to a special sealing tape, and only after drying of these bands need to cover the entire floor surface waterproofing compound.

Future bathroom is fully waterproofed

Future bathroom komnnata fully waterproofed

Waterproofing will protect the owners of the apartment from unnecessary hassles in case of emergency, from which the fully insured, alas, is impossible.Spills on the floor surface water does not leak to the neighbors who live on the lower floors.That water is not left outside the room bathroom door it is necessary to equip the threshold, which is also required to seal the.

Waterproofing 3 Waterproofing floor in the bathroom - the most important stage of repair!

There are several types of materials used for these purposes.Deal with their variety, choose the best and learn the basic techniques of technological floor in the bathroom waterproofing help special publication of our portal.

How to approach to the choice of shower stall

prepared the room for the installation of all the necessary accessories, you can enjoy a choice acquisition shower stall.Not to be mistaken with the size, precise measurements must first be removed from the area where the cabin is planned to be installed, and to determine the exact area that can be allocated to it.

Once evaluated the ability to install the shower enclosure of a size

immediately assessed the ability to install the shower stall of a size

And if you plan to buy a booth, even in terms of having almost a triangular shape with a small semi-circular projection, then the basis should be taken all the same square.Vending in the store the same model should fathom all sides to house transfer these sizes on location for the cabin.

Currently, the range of specialist shops presents various showers - from the simplest to equipped with numerous additional options.Naturally, the cost of them also has a large spread.In addition, they may be of different types, shapes, made of different materials.

Showers mainly divided into two types according to the basic design - indoor and outdoor.What are they - it should be interested in the first place.

Showers open type

openly call showers, which are limited by side walls, but do not have a ceiling.

walls in the cabins open models may be two or three, they can be installed in front of the structure and the walls.Moreover, there are variants having only the front wall that are attached to the carcass, mounted on a wall.

Such models cabins are considered products of an economy class, because basically have only a basic set of functions.They are often also called "shower corners."Cabs without rear wall, require enhanced sealing at the junction of the pallet to the wall, the same as when you install a conventional bath.

Shower type open

Shower cabin an open

absence of some additional functions can also be explained by the fact that they will be of no use in the construction of this type, since it does not have a ceiling, but, for example, "aromatherapy" or "sauna" will be effective onlyin an enclosed space.

Manufactured open cabins that can be installed without pallet, but such models are still not worth it to install in the apartments of apartment buildings, since, even if the quality done waterproofing, there is a possibility of flooding of the lower floors of apartments.

addition, the floor will have to raise a coupler, at least 70 ÷ 80 mm, so that this layer laid sewer ladder and mount.This screed, even without still required the flooring, will weight considerably overlapping structure that is extremely dangerous, especially for older houses.

One of the simplest models of open type

One of the simplest models of open-

undesirable to purchase a booth and a tray with low bumpers, as this can also lead to flooding of the lower floors.

A shallow pan set on a podium Tiled

shallow pan set on a podium

Tiled The only thing that can fix things (except for ties) - is to set the tray in a well hydroisolated the podium, which is normally folded out of the bricks.It already has the ability to hide the drain pipe, and take her to the sewer, subject to a mandatory deviation in the 2 - 3 degrees.

These options are best suited for bathrooms of private homes, when the water is drained from the tray immediately carried into the sewer pipe.

Enclosed cab

Closed-type showers are also called boxes.They differ from shower enclosures that are pan walls on all sides and a roof.These cabins boxes can be equipped with the basic function - a shower, or to be multifunctional.

Closed showers usually differ enhanced functionality

Closed showers usually differ enhanced functionality

They are given to a variety of forms - in terms they can be a rectangle, circle, semi-circle, a triangle, etc.Their size diameter or perimeter dependent on pallets parameters which, in turn, may also differ in height, material and manufacturing.

Bath with shower

Another option, which will take place in a room not much bigger than a standard bath.This is - a complex allowing and soak in hot water, and relax or energize using the shower.

"Симбиоз" ванны и душевой кабинки

«Symbiosis» bath and shower stall

This compact accessory made in different variations, and can only be equipped with a shower or have a variety of other functions, including the original lighting, and even the possibility of listening to music.

Sometimes this cabin may have a rectangular shape, the type of a conventional bath.There angular variations, but they require more space than a standard accessory.

Homemade showers

This shower can erect the owner of the apartment, but the tray is still better to buy ready-made.Of course, it can be folded independently, but it is not necessary to load the span - enough to make a brick podium on the perimeter.

Provision of premises area , you can create a homemade shower

dedicated room area, you can create a homemade shower

two walls or one, as will be intended by the designer, it can be folded out of bricks and tiles to impose or build from glass blocks.

Size makeshift shower will depend on what kind of pan is suitable for your particular room.

On sale you can find glass blocks with different color and textured pattern, so they can choose to suit every taste.These elements are mounted is also quite easy - the main thing, to constantly monitor the verticality of the masonry.

Masonry of glass blocks case for small - to erect a barrier

Installation walls in the bathroom - it's almost the same as the construction of walls made of different materials, including glass brick.As independently folded partition - read in a special publication of the portal.

Trays for shower cabins

As mentioned above, the tray defines the shape of shower cubicles.