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August 12, 2017 18:06

Living room and bedroom in one room

problem easy homeownership always come to the fore, especially in young families.Often the purchase of even a one-room apartment is considered to be a separate great happiness, and therefore arise from new settlers questions about how can accommodate a living room and bedroom in one room.This problem becomes urgent in the case when, even with two rooms in the apartment, caring parents organize one of their children, deciding to divide the remainder at their disposal a living room into two zones.

Living room and bedroom in one room

Living room and bedroom in one room

if desired and correct calculation, in principle, any room can be arranged in such a way that it will be a place for a night's rest area and reception.Much of this depends on the distribution of space and layout of the apartment window placement, as well as the desire of the owner to engage in difficult and dreary affair update technical documents to housing.This operation is necessary to do in the event that it is decided to establish the capital in a room partition.

The paperwork to redevelop the room

Article Contents

  • 1 The paperwork to redevelop the room
  • 2 way to divide the room into two zones - a bedroom and living room
    • 2.1 Capital partition
    • 2.2 plasterboard partitions
    • 2.3 use balconies to separate zones
    • 2.4 sliding partitions
    • 2.5 zoning using high furniture
    • 2.6 zoning using curtains
    • 2.7 Two-level zoning
    • 2.8 Furniture-transformer
  • 3 Video: Variants living and sleeping in the same room

Installing indoor partitions capital already considered the fact of redevelopment, which should be reflected in the passport to the living space.Therefore, before going to work, it is recommended to perform a number of activities, which in the future will help to avoid trouble.This includes the development of the project, its coordination and approval of certain types of work.

If the holding of redevelopment is planned , you will need a permit to perform work

If the planned redevelopment, the required permission to perform activities

Resolution will need to get for the following processes associated with redevelopment:

  • Association balcony or loggia with the room - it is often doing a, wanting to increase the living spaceplanning further division of one room into two.
  • transfer or increase of doorways, walls arranged in the capital supporting structure.
  • Any work related to the change of main walls.
  • Increasing the living room by a corridor, even if the non-capital walls demolished.
  • Setting capital walls in the room.

The law is not exactly a list of works carried out during the redevelopment, not associated with changes in load-bearing structures, but in any case, undertaking great alterations should undergo a process of negotiation.

For this set of documents collected in the following paper that includes:

  • statement of the owner to carry out redevelopment.
  • prepared a sketch or plan-drawing room and redevelopment - two copies.
  • copy of the passport of property owner.
  • copy of the certificate of ownership - this document is necessary to notarize.
  • technical passport of an apartment and its original copy.
  • consent of all co-owners of property (if any) on the planned alteration.
  • Help Form №3 - the number and personal data registered in the living space of people.
  • If alterations are made in a communal apartment, you will need the consent of neighbors, notarized.
  • If the house is considered a monument of cultural heritage, it will be necessary to obtain permission from the architectural organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the objects of such value.

From these documents it is necessary to go to the BTI area.Next, the representative of the organization must take measurements and assess the possibility of work, reflecting them in the preparation of the inspection report.Then, the documents should be considered by the Commission, which will issue a permission for redevelopment or will make a reasoned refusal.

After construction, all the changes you make will need to be reflected in the documents to the apartment.To do this, once again invited a technician from the BTI, which will make measurements and new documents with the changed plan apartments.After that, it is recommended immediately after receiving them, to legitimize them in the Unified State Register and obtain a new certificate on the property.

All of these actions must be done if it is installed capital baffle brick, gypsum board or other material capable of increasing the load-bearing structure or to loosen them.When installing plasterboard partitions recommended also get help at the BTI, to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of fines and claims for the demolition of such illegally constructed structure.

perplair Documentary support redevelopment of housing - a task responsible!

Code of Administrative Offences penalties against owners of property, unauthorized fulfilled those or other alterations in the apartment, without coordinating them with the relevant authorities.How to proceed in case of need redevelopment of apartments - read in a separate publication from our website.

way to divide the room into two zones - a bedroom and living room

So, one way to divide the room into two zones, there are several.Select one that is primarily suited for financial expenses and for planning.Much also depends on the number and location of windows in the room and the presence of different niches, which can also be used to expand the area and distribution space.

Divide the room into zones in the following ways:

  • construction of capital walls, in obtaining authorization to conduct such work.
  • installation is easy plasterboard partitions, with the agreement of its installation in the BTI.
  • The use of balconies or balconies for the expansion of the area and the device in the area of ​​one of the zones.This process also requires the approval of the regulatory agency, as part of the carrier will be affected by the wall.
  • sliding mounting system of light-wall partitions.
  • Division rooms with high furniture (cabinets).
  • Separation premises using curtains.
  • Installation The bed-transformer, which in the daytime is disguised as one of the cabinets or removed in a specially prepared niche for it.
  • Distribution zones by setting the podium, where at daytime retracts bed.
  • longline division rooms - of course, in the presence of sufficiently high ceilings.

All of these options will be discussed in the article in detail, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each, and to bringing the illustrative examples.

Capital partition

To establish a thorough-wall partition, in addition to a work permit is needed, and other favorable conditions for this - it is a large area of ​​the room and preferably have two or more windows.

Weight created partitions must match the strength capabilities overlap

Weight created partitions must match the strength capabilities overlap

Capital septum usually without compromising the entire structure installed in the apartments, located on the first floor.For their construction are used gypsum boards, bricks or blocks of aerated concrete, which are set to be released from the decorative flooring base, that is, on clean concrete surface.It uses a special mounting adhesive or sand-cement mortar.

Advanced partition is fixed to the walls of the capital structure with metal corners, reinforcing segments or suspensions, which build into between the elements of masonry.

If it is possible to install the door in the partition, the result could be two, even though small in size, but full sound-proofed rooms, which are issued under the living room and bedroom.

Capital partition equipped with sliding doors

Capital partition equipped with sliding doors

door in the wall can be fitted with traditional, that is hinged or sliding, which will also help save space, since the path of movement of her sash will need a certain area.

Door sliding doors - it is very convenient!

Installing sliding doors solves a lot of problems, especially in small rooms the square.How are door coupe , and how to install them on their own - in a separate article of the portal.

It is safe to say that this version of the separation of the room no flaws except one - you need to run a lot to get a permit for the installation partition.

plasterboard partitions

Drywall - is extremely popular as a material perfectly suited for all kinds of interior works, including - and to create various types of partitions.From it you can install a complete wall that will block all the necessary space or partition, covering part of the width or length of the room, dividing it thus into separate zones.

Great popularity began to use lighter frame plasterboard partitions

great popularity began to use lighter frame plasterboard partitions

This material allows you to create various forms of construction, with arches and shelves, or continuous surface with built-in door.Plasterboard walls, if desired, can be soundproofed by installing it between sheets of porous sound-absorbing material, which makes the separate room more quiet and calm.

Installing drywall partitions plasterboard partitions - a feasible task for any host!

plasterboard work is not so complicated and quite intuitive.The main thing - orderly, accurate calculation and compliance technology requirements.How to build your own plasterboard partitions - with the details described in a separate publication from our website.

The advantages of this method of separation zones include rooms and that a plasterboard structure can be combined with other materials such as glass or plastic, and the thickness thereof makes it possible to tie it into the original arrangement of lighting devices or additional shelves.

"Прозрачная" гипсокартонная перегородка с удобными полками

«Transparent" drywall with convenient shelves

In addition, all materials used for these walls have a relatively small weight that allows you to set the structure on any floor, as she will weight bearing floor decks.

Solid plasterboard wall is usually mounted in the case, if two windows are installed in a room or more to each of the rooms had natural light.If you share a room with a standard layout and a single window, there is a sense in combination with plasterboard wall mounted sliding transparent doors or block this light design is only part of the space.

Glass door almost does not prevent the spread of natural light from the window

glass door almost does not prevent the spread of natural light from the window

configuration of such partitions is so diverse that it is possible to find the right for a specific room.And if you wish you can think of its shape and independently as drywall makes it possible to produce from it all figured elements.

Even such a low dividing wall can create a cozy sleeping area

Even such a low dividing wall can create a cozy sleeping area

hide only bed if necessary and create a secluded area, the aid plaster design comes again.It does not take a large area, and without weighing the type of interior.Quite often plasterboard partitions erected a wall with furniture provided in it a place for installing your TV, decorative items, books and other items.

Great selection sleeping area by a low wall and finishing features

successful release of the sleeping area by a low wall and finishing features

Ease of construction is still in the fact that their design can podgadat under any stylistic solution of the interior.Sometimes septum design combined with a podium, playing the role of the bed itself.Especially this option is best for young families who do not have time to get all the necessary furniture.

Minimalist , of course , the style , but still comfortable - the partition becomes a podium bed

Minimalist, of course, the style, but still comfortable - the partition becomes a podium bed

Therefore, for the owners of apartments, which require redevelopment, drywall will be "finding", which allows to solve many problems.Moreover, as the material itself, and all the necessary components for construction are quite affordable price.

use balconies to separate zones

If purchased apartment with loggia or balcony reliable, then divide the room into the living room area and the bedroom will be much easier.

first option

Qualitatively loggia insulated itself by itself can be stylish

Qualitatively warmed loggia in itself can become a bedroom

Loggia, which has a large area, such that it is possible to install a bed, can be an excellent bedroom.Of course, before finishing the room needed a good warm, reduce the number of windows, you can arrange electric heating - this can be energy-saving infrared film, cable, floor heating or convectors.After that the decorative finish - and bed ready for use.

????????????????? Insulated loggia - a more useful area!

unwise to ignore the possibility of extending the usable area of ​​the apartment due to the existing large loggia.How to spend insulation balconies with their hands by all the rules - read in a special publication of the portal.

second option

If the layout of the apartment allows, then life can be encapsulated version presented in the photo.For devices bedrooms on loggia likewise necessary that the room had an extra window.The work begins with the fact that the wall is fenced off from the loggia of the room, carefully dismantled and then set the other by sliding it in the main room is so deep that in the side part can be done doorway.At the same time the main room will be smaller only slightly, but significantly expand the loggia, bedroom area, so that it can be easy to install a double bed.

You can slightly expand the loggia - and got two pretty good one room

can slightly expand the loggia - and got two pretty good room from one

If the layout of the apartment is suitable for this variant, it will only need to obtain permission to unite the loggia with the room.

third option

third option of using the loggia space zoning, can become its full integration with the room, which will increase the latter area.This is followed by the separation of the room into two zones or separate rooms.Placing the solid wall it may be divided in that case, if the room but lodge on the other wall arranged another window.

Full association of loggias with the room - another option of expansion room space for further separation into living and sleeping

full integration loggia with a room - another option of expansion room space for further separation into living and sleeping

If natural light is only from the loggia, the space can be zoned by setting on the balcony bed.The union of two rooms, in this case, is necessary in order to be able to bring to the radiators loggia, of course, the reliability of its pre-warmed, and installing energy-efficient windows.It should be noted that in order to reinstall the radiators also need to obtain a permit.