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August 12, 2017 18:06

Repair faucet in the kitchen with his hands

Of all set in an apartment or house plumbing fixtures and devices to search the most frequently used, certainly , include kitchen faucet.Cooking food, washing dishes, fruits or vegetables, water extraction for drinking or boiling holding wet cleanups in the kitchen, a lot of other small business needs - and all this falls on him.It is not surprising that sooner or later there comes a moment when the inherent operational resources of even the highest quality faucet exhausted, and in his work there are those or other problems.The probability of such a situation will still above, if in its time for reasons of economy was purchased inexpensive mixer questionable quality, and delivered from the mains water is not very clean, or the state of water pipes can not withstand any criticism.

Repair faucet in the kitchen with his hands

Repair faucet in the kitchen with his hands

fault mixer immediately causes a lot of nasty problems, significantly complicating the normal functioning kitchen.What to do - call the specialist plumbing or run

to buy a new device?Do not hurry - it's extreme measures, but for starters, you can try to hold ma nt see esitelya in the kitchen with his hands.As practice shows, the vast number of the most common fault amenable to repair.And in the process of restoring operations of the mixer is not usually such a high level of complexity that they would be available to the independent exercise of the average landlord.

In than manifest failure mixer

Article Contents

  • 1 What manifest failure mixer
  • 2 problems under the sink
  • 3 problems above - troubleshoot mixers
    • 3.1 general problems - the water trickles through the mixer
      • 3.1.1 The first reason - the body defect
      • 3.1.2 second cause leakage - wear seals in the spout unit.
    • 3.2 problems in the valve mechanism of the mixer
      • 3.2.1 Repairs with twin valve
        • Video: how to repair ceramic head parts
      • 3.2.2 repair single levermixer with ceramic cartridge
      • 3.2.3 repair single-lever mixer with a ball switch unit
        • Video: disassembly of the mixer with a ball valve mechanism
    • 3.3 clogged aerator

what are the obvious signs and not very prompt host that the state should address the kitchen faucet flush?

  • under the sink in the kitchen always present traces of moisture, and sometimes even a puddle accumulates.These problems - the most dangerous, because they, often , noticed at once, and "signal" often comes from the bottom of the neighbors, who formed a wet spot on the stream.
Dampness under the sink - a clear sign of any malfunction

Dampness under the sink - a clear sign of any malfunction

course, more likely reason is the failure or poor drainage system sealing washer in the worktop.

obstruction How to fix problems with drain of the kitchen sink?

Emergencies in the drain system - enough common phenomenon, especially in the kitchen.What to do if leaking or clogged sink - read in a special publication of our portal.

However, if the siphon is completely dry, and the gaps on the perimeter of the cleaning quality are embedded, then you need to look for a leak in Water supply - on hoses themselves, at their connection to water pipes or at the entrance to the mixer itself.More one possible reason - a bad fit or displacement of the gasket between the mixer and sink.

  • The continuing drop or trickle of water from of Liwa , when the mixer itself is in the "closed". This is - a clear sign wear seals or ceramic parts valve parts.
  • puddle of standing water around the mixer housing.Possible causes - cracks in the housing or worn O-ring in the rotary unit spout .
  • water constantly, in any position of the mixer, leaking out of the valves or the adjustment lever.This may be due to wear of the seal on the head parts, insufficient tightening of threaded joints (nuts), cracks in the hull, the failure of the cartridge.
  • Rotating valves or moving the lever-handle difficult, uneven, there are difficulties with fine adjustment pressure and water temperature.This can cause the formation of lime raid hit hard particles in the friction parts, wear and tear of mechanical components or complete their failure.
  • Insufficient pressure, at all that , that no such problem in other parts of the draw in the apartment (house).The reasons may lie in the nozzle is clogged aerator, reduction lumen internal mixer channels, pinched seals on eyeliner, a poor cross pipes or flexible hoses.
  • Similar reasons may condition the noise or vibration in normal, seemingly, water pressure.

procedures and techniques particularly self-help, depending on the type of mixer may vary significantly.It is important to note the following - repair amenable the vast majority of standard models.However, if set complex modern instrument with a thermostatically controlled, or even with electronic touch controls, then take the liberty of dismantling and search for the causes abnormal operation is still not recommended, especially when mixer still under warranty.In this situation, all the more sensible will find a really qualified person (the majority of plumbers on the ads also in this issue unlikely whether help), or contact customer service.

author hopes that this publication will help to understand layman in matters of installation and repair of the mixer, to assess their strength and take the right decision about the possibility of independent work.

problems under the sink

As mentioned above, the constant dampness or puddles under the sink can be a consequence of the state of emergency fittings from water pipes to the mixer.

To verify the correctness of such an assumption, it is necessary to close the faucet, allow the water to freely leave the wash, so to in Sipho not been overpressure.There must be moisture and on the table top around the sink.Then taken rag and wiped dry with a siphon hose fittings, all the fittings - fittings, nuts, couplings. After a few minutes you can be visually and touch check - whether the signs were made by under pressure in the mains water network.

  • special attention to the hose attachment locations to the water - there are frequent leaks due to corrosion of the edge of the threaded tip of the old steel pipe.
Underbelly - Connect the flexible liner to the old steel pipes

Vulnerability - Connect the flexible liner to the old steel pipes

If so, then the best choice would be the reconstruction of the domestic water supply network - replacing it polypropylene or metal-base.But this is a huge event, and to quickly repair the leak, you need to bring the connector assembly in a relative order.

By the way, the above figure shows fundamentally the wrong connection of a flexible hose with a steel pipe."Wrapping" using FUM tape or tow - a completely unnecessary thing.The nut of the hose should be laying, which in a snug fit to the end of the pipe completely prevents water outlet.But preroll can even seriously interfere with the normal compaction of the compound.

necessary to check whether the tightly screwed nut, if she turned away.However, a lot of effort when it tightening should not be allowed - it is possible to pinch the gasket, and the flow becomes even more more.

If the lift does not work, close the general supply tap water to the apartment, unscrew the nut completely, drain the remaining water in the basin and the substituted obsleduem end of the pipe.If the edge of his rough, untouched by corrosion, it is a good seal with the hose and never will.In this case, the best way - to pack on the thread (of course, with FUM , but better - with tow special paste type «Unipac» ) adapter extension prefabricated, whose edge is ideal to lie down laying hose.

High-quality adapter Extension

quality adapter extension

sealing material tightly wound coils on the threaded portion of the pipe in a clockwise direction.Then the adapter is screwed tightly and prolonged open-end wrench or gas.Now you can re-connect the hose, tighten the nut with a moderate force, open the water supply and check whether there is leakage.Most likely, everything will be OK.

Connection flexibles through adapters

Connection flexibles through adapters

  • second option - to all connections dry, but clearly there is water on the appearance braided hose.The reason is quite common - alas, hoses quality is often low.Sometimes breaks located inside braid rubber tube, and happens - give reflux reschiny and metal headroom, especially if they are full of silumin.
The accident at the flexible hose Silicone tubes

Accident in silumin pipe flexible hose

In this case, it is not necessary to wait for the development of the problem, change the liner directly on the new one.A small leak can of a sudden turn into a complete rupture of the hose with all the apparent catastrophic consequences.

To replace the liner, most likely, have temporarily remove the mixer - Remove the old hoses and accurately tighten fitting of new nest , located on the lower end of the enclosure without removing it - is extremely difficult, and in many models - andimpossible.

To remove the mixer, it is clear, first shut off the taps of running water hot and cold water, depressurized, then disconnected for reflux rub both hoses flexibles.What happens next depends on the type of attachment of the mixer.Understand this simple.

- Very common scheme fixing with bolts (one or two), are screwed into the bottom Korpu with a mesitelya and nuts, pressed against the underside of the sink horseshoe plate with rubber or plastic lining.

mixer studs

mixer studs

Loosen and twist the nuts from the studs (sometimes gets out when removing the spike - do not worry), and then pull the mixer upwards.For nuts commonly used key on the 10, but we must be prepared for the fact that in practice there are nuts on the 11 or even 9.

After removing the mixer immediately check the status of fashionable rings, gasket between the body and sink.Her unsatisfactory condition often causes leakage from the surface sinks down through the mounting hole for the mixer.If the gasket is deformed, it is necessary to buy a new one (in the picture it is shown by the arrow).

On heels usually have slots for straight or curly screwdriver .But too much reliance on them is not necessary for dismantling - in order to unscrew the mounting still require effort wrench. screwdriver can will use when reassembling the faucet - it will be easier to heal themselves studs in Korpu with a mesitelya.

- Another type of fastening - very bottom of the mixer has a cylindrical threaded portion, which is inserted into the mounting hole cleaning, and then the bottom nut twists powerful, securely locking device.

Fixing mixer clamping nut

mount mixer clamping nut

Incidentally, this mixer design can sometimes even unscrew the hoses without having to dismantle the device itself.But it will not be easy to fulfill.

Imagine working in a very constrained space - under the kitchen sink, where it is practically impossible to take a comfortable position to make tool and apply enough force.And if at the connection hoses was still leaking, it is often possible to meet all sad picture when all the nuts coated with a layer of oxides and lime raid, and immediately the force can not be the key.

In this situation, remove the faucet without dismantling the washer will not be easy

In this situation, remove the faucet without dismantling the washer will not be easy

Therefore, many masters are advised to remove the sink for the removal and installation of the back kitchen faucet.It is usually easy - only in this case do not forget to disconnect the corrugated pipe runoff from the sewage pipe.

Removing washing facilitates future work

cleaning Removing greatly facilitate future work

More one "plus" of this approach - an opportunity to "refresh" the new hermetic seal between the sink and countertop, to fully upon completion of works to eliminate the likelihood of moisture down.But the process of dismantling and installation of the mixer will be easier and a lot better.

Faulty hoses to any repair and can not be recovered - only replacement!So when choosing a new liner can be several options:

- The same, but only high-quality hoses in flexible metal braid .Be sure Gaugeable required length, so that they were not "in the interference", but did not hang redundant loops.On a pair of hose fitting for connection to the mixer must be of different lengths - a facilitate installation.

Set of flexible hoses in metallic braid

kit of flexible hoses in metallic braid

- More reliable option - modern corrugated hose made of stainless steel.They - more stringent , and work a little more complicated with them.But for durability and reliability they significantly benefit .

More reliable - corrugated hose made ​​of stainless steel

More reliable - corrugated hoses Stainless

- Some artists prefer hard podvodke of plastic pipes.For this there are special fittings for fitting to jump to the corresponding tube.Tinker have longer, but for this section is already possible to continue to worry.

There are proponents and rigid liner using plastic pipes

There are proponents and rigid liner using plastic pipes

reverse order of the installation of the mixer depends on its design.

- If it is fixed on the stud, the pipes are passed through the mounting hole cleaning, they are first worn annular gasket burrow butt mixer and sink and then fitting screwed into the socket body.It is more convenient to first tighten the short nipple, and then - long.On unions have their sealing rings, but still, experts advise to do at a small thread reeling - to reliability.

then baits studs mixer installed in the slot, bottom dress laying and horseshoe bracket.Now you only tighten the nut tight, not forgetting to follow the centering device for center bore and for how laid down -ring gasket.

- If the design of the mixer involves the installation of it on the nut, the better fitting insert and screw after fixation of the device on the sink.

- Just come if you plan rigid metal-plastic hoses.In this first screwed curved fitting with the fitting, and then - straight.

If everything is connected, you can install the washer in place, not forgetting the sealing gap between it and the top.