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August 12, 2017 18:06

The interior of a bathroom with WC

Finding an acceptable interior bath room, many homeowners are browsing a large number of magazines and websites, but in most cases encounter excellent harmonious development, suitable only for large rooms.Designers like specially selected for the realization of their ideas bathroom area, which can be found only in rich mansions.Unfortunately, most people can not afford such a luxury.

The interior of a bathroom with WC

interior bathroom with WC

must say that the rooms are spacious and easier to design, easily placing in them all the necessary pieces of furniture and sanitary ware.It is more difficult to do from a standard bathroom exclusive version, unlike the others.Therefore it is very often the decision to merge the two bathrooms in one room to expand the space and be able to implement their ideas.The interior of the bathroom room with toilet - this is already "testing ground" for creativity, where you can test your design possibilities.Dividing the room into zones with the help of illumination or small partitions, it really c

hange the standard toilets are literally beyond recognition.

This article will discuss some issues related to the union of these facilities, as well as interior design, it is possible that the standard in small bathrooms typical apartments.

What you need to provide during the redevelopment?

Article Contents

  • 1 What you need to provide during the redevelopment?
    • 1.1 Coordination of work on the unification of space
    • 1.2 partitions Dismantling
    • 1.3 floor Waterproofing
    • 1.4 Risers
    • 1.5 Underfloor
    • 1.6 final stage of redevelopment
    • 1.7 The consequences of non-compliance with the rules
  • 2 Preparations
    • 2.1 sketch design bathrooms
    • 2.2 Laying pipes and cables
    • 2.3 Preparing walls and ceiling to finish
  • 3 interior design combinedbathrooms
    • 3.1 ceiling
    • 3.2 Paul
    • 3.3 Lighting the bathroom
    • 3.4 Video: rational distribution of furniture, plumbing and utilities in the bathroom
  • 4 Examples interiors combined bathroom
    • 4.1 first option
    • 4.2 second option
    • 4.3 third option
    • 4.4 fourth option
    • 4.5 fifth embodiment
    • 4.6 Video: examples bath design, combined with toilet

Before starting any work in the room bathrooms, should be familiar with certain nuances, which help to avoid problematic situations.

Coordination of work on the unification of space

If the toilet room is not yet united, we must be prepared for the fact that to be done considerable work and quite costly.

The most common wall between the toilet and the bathroom is not the capital, but, anyway, before you start dismantling it is necessary to make a preliminary plan.To do this, make a drawing or picture, pointing to it, some permutation would like to spend in the combined rooms.

Redevelopment plan must be approved by the relevant authorities

redevelopment plan must be approved by the relevant authorities

Then, after collecting all the documents in the apartment, and taking with him a plan drawn-drawing, you need to contact them in the BTI district for approval of redevelopment.

in each region set its own rules for obtaining permits.For example, registration of redevelopment or rearrangement of sanitary units in Moscow is regulated by the Government Decision № 73-PP.

In any case, the work should not start until then, until they are decorated and received all the necessary permits.

partitions Dismantling

If permission is obtained, you can proceed to the repair work.

  • As their rules begin with the dismantling of internal partition between the toilet and the bathroom.

Disassembly should be done very carefully so as not to damage the communication pipe.Towel dryer is best to dismantle the demolition of partitions and install it on the pipe stub.Further, if desired, the pipe can be directed in a different direction or hide with other communications in masking riser duct.

Transfer towel warmer or a replacement, you need to also coordinate with DEZom as a new device may require filling a much larger amount of hot water, which will affect the hot water system in all the entrance.

When removing the partition can not be damaged utilities

When removing partitions can not be damaged utilities

If on the towel warmer decided to refuse the entry and exit of the pipe is required to connect a jumper, so as not to interrupt the normal flow in the hot water supply system and not leave without towel all the neighbors in the standpipe inentrance.

Unharvested part of the partitions can be used as an element of interior

unharvested portion of the partition can be used as an element of interior

  • you should consider whether you need to completely clean up the wall, or it can become part of the (wall) box to mask communication highways.Very often, leaving a portion of the wall, it is used as a separator zones in the room with a bathroom en suite.

floor Waterproofing

After removing partition wall cleaning and removal of all debris, the first thing to do - is to conduct an audit of the floor waterproofing.Most often, in older homes, it is almost completely absent, resulting in the best case to spread moisture over all surfaces of buildings, and at worst - to unpleasant situations with neighbors from the lower floors.Therefore advised to do a thorough waterproofing the entire surface of the floor.If the door is transferred to another wall, it is necessary to set the threshold, and, best of all to mount it on the silicone layer that will create tightness rim and will not allow water to leave the territory at the leakages room bathrooms.

waterproofing floor waterproofing in the bathroom - a must!

big mistake made by those landlords who neglect this process step.Issues floor in the bathroom waterproofing on our portal devoted a special article.

Under existing rules, after the independent of the waterproofing, invited representatives DEZa, which should make the "Act on the hidden work" on the quality of their performance.The document must be authenticated by the signature of the Chief Engineer and the seal of the organization.


Risers obschedomovyh communications passing through the bathroom can not be touched until the first of them the isolation valve.If the planned rearrangement sink or bath, the pipework can be changed only after disconnecting cranes previously blocked the flow of water.

It should be remembered that the plan for the installation of all the necessary bathroom accessories is necessary so that obschedomovye communication were available for maintenance and control of employees of public utilities.For the same pipe in masking boxes mounted door large enough, in those places where the cranes installed disconnecting and metering of water consumption devices.

Sight - box cabinet door for communication should provide free access to the valves and meter readings of water consumption

observation box-cabinet for communication door must provide free access to the valves and flow metering devices

If not foresee the likely situation in advance, in case of an emergency will have to break the box to get to the pipe, which means thatrepair and subsequent finishing is necessary in this area will do again.

In addition, it is not necessary to do the masking box door or it is too small, because the plumbing services can be a claim on the matter.We will not be checking a comfortable access to the central communication highways, and therefore the owner of the apartment can be fined.


Today, many people prefer to equip the bathroom floor heating system.Deciding to make installation of underfloor heating, we must remember that it is prohibited to use strictly for this central system of heating and hot water supply.Allowed stowed beneath a decorative facing one of the types of electric floor - it can be a resistive heating cable or infrared - using special films or rod mats.

snapshot Underfloor heating can be installed on their own, without inviting a specialist

Of course, this task is not an easy call.But if you grasp the subtleties of the installation and comply with technological advice - all should have!About that, a mounted electric underfloor various types - in a separate publication portal.

final stage of redevelopment

After all the preparatory work, it is necessary to invite representatives DEZa to inspect redevelopment, which should issue an act, later approved by the housing inspection and passed to the BTI for registration.

Next will need to call the technique BTI, which will make measurements and produce new documents at the apartment with the amended plan and the size of living space.

recommended after all of the changes and to obtain new documents, legalize them in the Unified State Register of property rights and to receive a new certificate of ownership.

Consequences of non-compliance with the rules

Perhaps many will say that these preparations and the negotiation activities are not related to interior design.However, if they do not provide and do not draw properly, it can lead to the following unpleasant consequences:

Redevelopment produced illegally, will be considered illegal, even if it is carried out the same landlord.That is why when buying a second home, be sure to check the actual occupancy rooms apartment with a legitimate plan available to it.

responsible for carrying out the action set by the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation and provides for fines, to restore the original appearance of the apartments, relevant existing plans, or emergency coordination redevelopment.If you ignore the warning and did not pay the fine, according to article 29 of the Housing Code, the punishment will be more significant, up to the withdrawal of the apartment and selling it at auction.

made to legalize the unauthorized alterations, it is necessary to pass all these instances, and invite relevant experts to check.And they have to verify the correctness of the waterproofing will be forced to perform an autopsy decorative coating, which means the entire repair will come to nothing.

Therefore, before you begin to realize their design ideas, it is necessary to check whether the WC Floor plan and unless you plan to spend this process of combining two rooms into one, then it is recommended to pre-legitimize.

plan Any redevelopment of property - it is responsible

Illiterate actions to dismantle the walls in the apartment or transfer of communication can lead to very serious consequences.It does not own take on this responsibility - this is very sad for the initiator end.Tips for redevelopment apartment - in a special article of our portal.


sketch design bathrooms

When all the preliminary work performed, and the documents are drawn up, and get your hands on, you can move on with peace of mind in planning future interior design finish.

Any practical work precedes the preparation of a sketch created by interior

Any practical work precedes the preparation of a sketch created by the interior

to visually assess conceived appearance created space, it is necessary to make room sketch in color, include all accessories, which will be installed in the bathroom, including - and the communication box.In addition, the sketch is necessary to determine what and where will be installed appliances, as the following work step will be to go for electrical cables in the wall outlet and lamps.

Based on previously compiled plan and sketch, it will be easier to decide and with the choice of material, and the quantity for the design registration.

Laying pipes and cables

Next, if you plan to change the location of a bathroom, toilet, sink and install a washing machine, electric cable wiring is carried out, water and sewer pipes, which will provide high-quality drain the used water.Doing Stroebe drain, you need to take into account the bias towards the central riser sewer.

Laying the necessary cabling ...

Laying the necessary cabling ...

Electrical cables are best embedded in the wall, after having passed them in the special insulating boxes - plastic corrugated pipe.

... And water pipes

... and water pipes

Preparing walls and ceiling to finish

Next, you need to clean the surface of the walls, or tiles or other finishing material will have poor adhesion to surfaces.If the walls are sheathed with plastic panels, between surface finish and a gap is formed in which mold can occur from excessive moisture.Therefore, all the sheathes surfaces should always be treated with antiseptic solutions.

But first of all, all Grooves must be sealed with a plaster mortar.This process should be carried out very carefully, especially if the wall is prepared under the plaster.

Grooves embedded plaster solution

Grooves embedded plaster solution

If the surface of the tiles will be faced with, they need to align as much as possible.You may need the application of the plaster leveling layer, but usually in panel houses walls smooth enough and it is enough to bring them into order using putty layer.

Plastered walls 2 line the walls yourself

process difficult, but after some training and analysis of errors, such work is quite doable.How is puttying walls with his own hands - read in a separate publication portal.

Furnishings combined bathroom

to select the best option finishes for the bathroom, it is necessary to consider several types of materials often used in this area.


If you wish to save on room lighting bathrooms, it is recommended to use light shades.This is especially true of the ceiling, so how to choose the color and material of the surface can enhance the lighting in the bathroom and create a sense of purity and freshness.

For registration bathroom ceiling using a variety of materials, the benefit of that today in the construction market, you can find a large range of different systems and finishing compounds - have the opportunity to choose the option that is suitable for the chosen style, and cost.

The bathroom ceiling decoration room used:

  • paint.Most often used water-based paint - latex or water dispersion compositions that do not have strong smells and perfectly applied to any surface.This traditional and affordable method can be applied in the presence of perfectly smooth ceiling.
The easiest option - the ceiling is painted with waterproof paint

The easiest option - the ceiling is painted with waterproof paint

  • PVC panels or slats of different materials.The variety of this material makes it possible to make the ceiling as the monotonous and perfectly flat, and colored with raised longitudinal lines.