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August 12, 2017 18:06

Clogged sink in the kitchen to do

If clogged crayfish on kitchen on what to do to work in this important room was not paralyzed before the arrival of the brigade plumbers?From such an emergency is not insured, no hostess, and therefore need to know several ways to eliminate this problem and be able to apply them. And , not always in the kitchen there a special solution, which is able to cope with this task, therefore, knowing methods using improvised means , you can always find a way out, using them in practice.

Clogged sink in the kitchen to do

clogged sink in the kitchen to do

The system branch sewer pipe is one the most problematic place, which collects sediment.In some designs this tank siphon and other - curved pipe section, performing his role ( otherwise this element is called hydraulic lock).At this point kanalizatsinnogo usually delayed sink drain dirty water, and naturally, the dirt deposited on the walls of the lower part of a siphon, where in most cases, blockage is formed.

Different types of siphons - in the majority of cases, bloc<div><center>
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Different types of siphons - in the majority of cases, blockages occur here

If such emergency still developed, it is not necessary to immediately cause the plumbing, since this process can save by doing the job yourself.

There are many ways to clean kitchen sink cleaning of accumulated dirt.Some of them tested over the years the use of many generations of owners , while others - craftsmen invented more recently, and they use the funds that would seem completely far from the plumbing.

shell Blockages can be three types:

  • Operating resulting accumulated fatty deposits and mud.
  • Mechanical appearing due to enter hundred to a rupnogo debris that hinders the free movement of water.
  • Technical blockages that may occur due to improperly assembled structure due to the siphon or factory defects.This option can be sometimes correct only the replacement of the siphon drain block.

Anyway , you need to try to fix the problem with their own hands, all the more so, and the replacement of the corrugated pipe in combination with siphon - also does not apply to problems of increased complexity.However, before you buy a new set, you should try different cleaning methods.

Sink Cleaning plunger

Article Contents

  • 1 sink cleaning plunger
    • 1.1 first method
    • 1.2 second way
  • 2 Traditional methods
    • 2.1 first method
    • 2.2 second way
    • 2.3 third option
      • 2.3.1 Video: soda and vinegar "on guard" purity of the sink
    • 2.4 fourth option
  • 3 cleaning using specialized chemicals
  • 4 Mechanical cleaning methods
    • 4.1 first method
    • 4.2 second way
    • 4.3 The third way
    • 4.4 fourth method
      • 4.4.1 Video: cleaning the sink with the dismantling of the siphon
  • 5 Prevention of blockages in the kitchen sink

method of cleaning the sink using plunger considered traditional and rather effective.Therefore, the sanitary accessory needs to be in every household, especially because it is inexpensive and it can be operated for decades.

We know almost all plumbing fixture - plunger

known almost all plumbing fixture - plunger

first method

Plunger consists of comfortable wooden or plastic handle and a cap made of thick rubber.This simple device works on the principle established in the drain pipe water hammer small force.Under its influence, the accumulated caked dirt budge and rises to the level of the siphon discharge pipe, and the water then takes her the drain.

In order to carry out manipulations with plunger , you need to take it with both hands and squeeze the handle cap to the drain the sink.Rubber part plunger works like a sucker, and when pressing is well fixed on the smooth surface of the ceramic or metal.

Technique plunger

Technique plunger

Then you need by applying force to perform a few clicks translational motions down - up .At this time, inside the pipe the liquid is a movement that is transmitted all clusters in blockages.They are behind the walls, and are free to move with the flowing water in the sewerage system.

The operating principle of plunger - water hammer produced by them affects the blockage from the place

operating principle of plunger - sozavaemy them hydroimpact ultimate joint blockage from place

If the first attempt was unsuccessful, and the water still goes bad or does not go away completely, the manipulation of the plunger is repeated until a positive result.When removing the cap from the drain points, with him in the sink will dirt and elements raid, they immediately want to remove, in order to prevent re-blockage of the pipe.

is very important - if to the drain pipe is connected pipe away from overflow openings, it hole must always be closed, for example by making a gag from a wet rag.Otherwise, attempts are doomed to failure - water go the path of least resistance, and begin out of the overflow hole, without passing hydroimpact accumulation of dirt.

second way

If you do not get to grips with the clogging only by plunger , then this tool can be used with a mixture of complex ingredients that are on any kitchen - it's soda and salt.

For the cleaning process should take a glass of salt and the same amount of soda, then mix them together and gently fall asleep in the sink.After that, there is poured a glass of boiling water.The mixture should fall into the glass siphon, so a large amount of water should not be poured.After this simple process, the sink should be left alone for 10 ÷ 15 minutes.Then work again enters plunger , which again should be carried out already described above manipulation to remove dirt raise and rinse pipe intensive water jet .

Traditional cleaning methods

Sometimes you can clean the sink and without plunger , for example, in the event that created the operational obstruction, ie the water does not pass because of the thick layer of fat on the walls of the pipe.This process also will require materials that are always in the kitchen, the main one is again soda, since it is capable of dissolving in fatty components deposited layers.It is better for these activities make use of technical soda, which is often used for water softening in washing typewriters, but quite suitable and food its option.

first method

This method is the easiest of all.The technology is simple - in the drain hole is filled with 3 ÷ 5 tablespoons of baking soda and approximately 250 ÷ 300 ml boiling water, and after 10 ÷ 15 minutes, drain the hot water is poured.

second way

Again taken soda, the same amount as in the first method, and poured into the drain.Then, there is a glass filled vinegar, and all this is left for 10 ÷ 15 minutes as a siphon contaminated chemical reaction must occur between the two ingredients.It is during violent reaction mixture will promote the dissolution and detachment of dirt from the walls and siphon pipe.By using ingredients that come into reaction with each other, the drain hole it is necessary to close the cap on top of the foam and the evolved gases were inside the drain system.

Soda and Vinegar - great helpers to eliminate blockages

soda and vinegar - great helpers to eliminate blockages

After this time, the system sewage poured hot water.

When cleaning using concentrated acetic acid, the it must necessarily be diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 9, or plastic pipes can not withstand the process excessively violent exothermic reaction, melt and leak.

third option

In this case, use: washing powder and soda, 3 ÷ 5 large spoons, and cup of vinegar.Soda and powder filled into the drain hole, which is then poured vinegar on top and left for 15 ÷ 20 minutes.Thereafter, the siphon tube and thoroughly washed with hot water.

Video: soda and vinegar "guard» plum purity sink

fourth option

In this process cleaning instead of soda using a drug used to relieve hangover syndrome - «Alka-Seltzer. "2 ÷ 3 tablets this means you need to throw in the drain opening, then pour into it a glass of vinegar.This Ingreda reflux ak same as soda, yes Art etc. and interaction with the vinegar very strong reaction, in which the fat will be dissolved, and the dirt will be cleaved and actively move away from the walls and the siphon pipe.After 8 ÷ 10 minutes sewage system must be flushed with hot water.

"Алка-Зельцер", кроме своего примого предназначения, можжет помочь и в борьбе с засором слива

«Alka-Seltzer," except his prima destination mozhzhet help in the fight against clogging drain

advantage of using the "Alka-Seltzer" in front of soda is that in addition to the purification pipe, it effectively removes unpleasant odor fromaccumulated mass.However, it should be noted immediately that this method is suitable for cleaning only to eliminate operational gaps.

Cleaning using specialized chemical funds

All of the above folk compositions are used to clean the drain in our time is usually in extreme cases, as in the hardware store, you can find a large number of chemical agents designed specifically for this process. And , it should be noted that on tse on them may be in a fairly wide range - from expensive to very accessible to everyone.

The range of special chemical compounds to eliminate blockages and prevent them - is very wide

assortment of special chemical compounds to eliminate blockages and prevent them - is very wide

household products designed for cleaning, are divided into produced in liquid or dry, in the form of powder or granules.All preparations are made on the alkaline or acidic basis.

Cleaning should be selected depending on the material from which made the pipe discharging sewage pipeline.Basically, all the tools are suitable for both plastic and metal pipes, but still before buying should read the instructions from the manufacturer.Otherwise, there can be a situation that would have not only do the urgent cleaning of the kitchen, but also to buy a new drainage system.

universal remedy considered acidic compounds that are able to dissolve the clogging performance and release the pipe from large debris.

The most common of this type of cleaning compositions selected means of the "Mole".Working with these reagents is conducted in the following order:

  • The sink is filled with boiling water and left to steep for about 20 minutes.
  • hole Thereafter cleaning solution is added and held for several hours.At this time, it is impossible to use the sink, so it is best to carry out all manipulations late evening - per night aggressive cleanser will do its job.
  • morning pipe must be well throw cold water.

should be noted that "The Mole" and similar means able to release system not only from fat, but rust when metal pipes are installed.

Since any preparation intended for cleaning pipes, an aggressive environment, it is necessary to work very carefully, taking the necessary precautions .On the hand, always wear rubber gloves, taking care to avoid contact with drops or a dry composition of the substance on the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes.Before starting work, it is mandatory to study in detail the manufacturer's instructions.

Mechanical cleaning methods

For mechanical cleaning methods include several options - is to use a plumber's snake, special plastic household hook or even a vacuum cleaner.

Such methods can be called dramatic, and they apply only in cases where none of the above methods did not work with due efficiency.

first method

for self-cleaning drain mechanically possible to use a special hook, made of flexible plastic.Although this device is called a hook, but it looks more like a narrow strip with a few distinctive "spikes" on the sides.On top of this rake has a handle, which makes cleaning more convenient shell.

Special clean out the hook

Special cleanout

hook This hook is used to remove the pipe and siphon mechanical obstructions, ie elements that are not dissolved by a chemical and folk remedies, such as hair or fibers on reflux Kani.

Work with this tool as follows:

  • Plastic hook is lowered into the drain hole, neatly bypassing the existing bridge.
  • With its scroll knob in the pipe and siphon.
  • When you scroll to the side "spikes" is engaged and screwed accumulated dirt.
  • After this strip gently pulled out of the drain along with the impurities, which immediately removed the trash bin .
  • If necessary, the procedure is repeated.

second way

This method of treatment is available to those who are in the presence of a powerful vacuum cleaner, having a blowing function.Such an operation can be carried out using an electric mini-washing.

To use compression and push down the stasis tube, and then to sewer riser, you need a vacuum cleaner to remove the nozzle, wrap it the perimeter of a thin cloth for a tight entry into the drain hole.Then it lowered into a hole as deep as possible , and include a vacuum cleaner on blowing .A strong flow of air will be cleaner and pipes from clogging.

Vacuum Cleaner should be used in a different way.The principle of its work is diametrically opposed - in this case the vacuum cleaner is used to pull the dirt out of the siphon.To do this, at the end of the pipe to wear special head-sucker - instead it is possible to use a cap on the plunger , if it is made of elastic rubber.

You can try to break or pull the blockage using a detergent cleaner

You can try to break or pull the blockage using a detergent cleaner

nozzle mounted on a vacuum cleaner, is pressed against the drain, the most tightly that it lies tightly to the bottom shell, and then include the device in the drawing.Dirt from the pipe or siphon drawn in through the tube, gets a special chamber for the dirty water.Thus, the sink drain is cleaned.

The third way

In case hook is not gets to clogging, and the vacuum cleaner is not handled due to the fact that the stopper in the sink was formed too thick, you can try to use a special plumber's snakehaving on the one hand its convenient handle, and on the other - tip dab or spiral.This nt tools for cleaning I made of elastic steel and has an outer plastic coating for ease of cleaning it after use.