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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bedroom Feng Shui items for layout rules and the furniture in the interior

«Feng Shui" - a name known to people since ancient times, when the people were considered the most powerful forces of wind and water energy."Clock" - a stream that the wind sweeps over the head, and "shui" - water in the soil and nourish it.The history of science, "Feng Shui" has more than 3000 thousand years.Signs of its use have been found in present-day China during the excavation of cultural layers belonging to the Bronze Age.

Currently, there are many schools that differ in the fact that some of them combine "Feng Shui" with palmistry, astrology or fortune telling.In many Western countries, the science has become a true entertainment and design, having lost its original philosophical purpose.But, ultimately, all the existing directions and schools related to "Feng Shui", aimed at creating harmony between man and his environment.

Bedroom on Feng Shui rules

bedroom by feng shui rules

If you plan on bedroom feng shui rules for its care and are directly related to the harmonization of the human being in this room.They

have several important points that should be followed, if the goal is to achieve the desired results.

To understand the main characters of the science on which it is based, it is necessary to know how they are called and what is meant.For example, everyone has heard the name of "yin" and "yang", but not many people are that this energy flows that interact with each other and may be as opposite as well as continuing to each other."Yan" - it is the energy of creation, and the "yin" -razrusheniya.

Another important concept, without which it can not exist and be explained to Science "Feng Shui" is the energy of "chi", which includes a variety of different values, but there is always a positive factor, whatever field it may concern.If it is easier to formulate a definition, we can say that the "chi" - the life force that gives energy and motion.

Bedroom - a special area of ​​any home

Article Contents

  • 1 Bedroom - a special area of ​​any home
    • 1.1 Location bedrooms in the house or apartment
    • 1.2 Location bed in the bedroom
    • 1.3 back form the bed
    • 1.4 Furniture for sleeping
    • 1.5 Affordability and location of mirrors
    • 1.6 Color solution interior bedroom
  • 2 A few rules of "Feng Shui" for the bedroom
  • 3 Video: tips on arrangement of bedrooms, in accordance with the rules of "Feng Shui»

not everyone is currently in full is that almost one-third of life a person spends in the bedroom, in a dream.If we take the average life expectancy of 70 years of life, it can be calculated that the annual sleep is 4 months and a lifetime accumulates as much as 23 years old.Equally interesting fact gives this room a special significance.And it is no less important than the other rooms in the house, because the positive energy "chi" has effects on the body, not only during the waking man, but in a dream.

In the bedroom, a person spends about a third of his life !

The sleeping person spends about a third of his life!

Bedroom - a special, so to speak, the intimate zone intended for physical and mental relaxation, so setting it must be peaceful and conducive to relaxation.For this reason, in the design of its interior should prevail pastel colors, soft lighting and flowing forms related to the beginning of "yin".If a person wakes up, he's apathy or his intimate life requires stimulation, it is worth, achieving balance, add to its design elements of wakefulness related to "yang".

Location bedrooms in the house or apartment

From where is a bedroom in the house or apartment, largely depends on the influence of positive energy "qi".Of course, in the existing plan of a city apartment it will be difficult to change anything, but, based on the recommendations set out, you can try to arrange the bedroom right from the point of view of "Feng Shui" way.

The most important criterion is the location of the bedroom to the cardinal

The most important criterion is the location of the bedroom to the cardinal

  • Northern Region apartments promotes calm and deep sleep, which means that a person will get a good rest after the everyday hassle and stress.Adversely this arrangement bedrooms for those who experience loneliness - the party which has never seen the sun, can exacerbate the sense of isolation from the world and lead to apathy.Do not approach the northern location of the bedrooms for young, active people, as their energy can be braked and similar relaxation will be absolutely unnecessary.
  • northeasterly direction unfavorable to the bedroom.It is under the influence of "chi" energy, having, in this case, motivating, active nature, which is too harsh for recreation.Northeast will adversely affect people with sleep disorders or health problems.Not recommended to arrange in this area and children's rooms, as children who sleep in this area, acquire the ability to influence the lives of their parents.In addition to this trend, for the children's bedrooms are not suitable and northwest, as it will provoke a too high activity of unhealthy children.
  • Northwest - is the perfect place for the bedroom of adults who have achieved at this stage of life balance and stability.
  • eastern part of the house or apartment is perfect for a young aspiring people who are searching for their place in life.The exciting energy of the east will help realize and expand their horizons.
  • Southeast area of ​​housing is recommended for those who are engaged in business and aims to climb the career ladder.The energy of this area is similar to the eastern region, but it is more balanced and creative, condusive to constructive action and work with partners.
  • South - this is the optimal place for young people who aspire to a passionate relationship, as this area is particularly favorable for an active sex life.But it is not suitable for good rest and sleep.
  • Western area enhances the pleasure and romance in his personal life, but does not contribute to success in business or career.
  • Southwest housing has unbalanced energy, inducing a state of anxiety and uncertainty, so it is unfavorable for the device in her nursery or teen room.If the bedroom is already located in this zone, it is necessary to select a favorable area for installation of the bed.

In addition, it is desirable to place a bedroom away from the kitchen and the bathroom, in a separate, not the hallway, otherwise the quality of rest it will not work.Even if you know exactly what is in it no one will go on a subconscious level, will attend the voltage does not allow to relax.

room must have a correct square or rectangular shape - this will contribute to peace and tranquility.

is impossible that the bedroom door was in front of any other door - it threatens the constant conflicts in the family.

Such a curtain of beads is able to slow down or even completely reflect the flow of negative energy

This curtain of beads is able to slow down or even completely reflect the flow of negative energy

If this factor can not be avoided, then one of the doors is recommended to hang a curtain of beads, rings of bamboo or other natural materials, which will slow down the negative energy.

Location bed in the bedroom

The main piece of furniture in the room is always a bed bedrooms.And how thoughtful that serves it, will depend on the quality of rest.There are some rules to follow when choosing a place to install it.

  • The bed should not be placed in front of the front door.This arrangement is associated on "Feng Shui" to the death, as in China, traditionally in this way laid the corpse before burial.Proper positioning of the bed shown in Figures №5 and №6.In this case, represented by a small bedroom, but even it is possible to find the optimal location of a place to sleep.
Valid and invalid bed position relative to the front door in a small bedroom

Acceptable and unacceptable position of the bed relative to the front door in a small bedroom

  • For many people, it is extremely important in order to see who enters the bedroom.In this case, if the area of ​​the room allows, you can put a bed on a diagonal.
Allowed the bed diagonally

Allowed bed diagonally

  • Scheme №2 can be clearly seen that the foot of the bed installed rectangular object - it can be a bedside table or ottoman.It is necessary for such a diagonal arrangement of the bed to divert the flow of energy going through the door, which will interfere with normal sleep a rest people.
At the foot of the bed it is advisable to place a rectangular cabinet or ottoman

At the foot of the bed it is advisable to place a rectangular cabinet or ottoman

  • not desirable that headboard bed was right next to the window.People sleeping on this bed will be subject to outbursts of anger and irritability.It is best to install a bed headboard to the wall.If this can not be done, then the window you need to hang thick curtains that at night it is imperative to close.
  • If two people are sleeping bed, it is desirable to round it was enough space on three sides.
  • Sleep is restless and difficult, if the bed is set close to the door, or just behind it.
  • sometimes set two beds in the room, and one person is forced to sleep with your head at the feet of the other.This arrangement is unfavorable for the first in that it would interfere with his career and in achieving business success.
  • If the bed set against the wall that separates the bedroom from the toilet, then this factor will have a negative impact on sleep health.In this situation the bed is recommended to rearrange or other wall in the middle of the room.
Never place the bed against the wall bordering the bathroom

Never place the bed against the wall bordering the bathroom

  • undesirable to choose for the bedroom bed on wheels, such as the design symbolizes the instability and lead to restless sleep.In addition, it may even resemble a hospital gurney is remote, which also gives a negative promises on a subconscious level.
Bed on wheels - can be , and original, but is not the best association

Bed on wheels - can be, and original, but is not the best association

  • not recommended to put a bed under the slant of the ceiling or floor beams, which is in clear text - it threatens to ruin, health problems ordivorce.In this case, if you can not rearrange the bed in another area of ​​the bedroom, you can remedy the situation by setting the suspended ceiling and masking the heavy pressing elements.
Над кроватью не должно быть нависающих, "давящих" элементов конструкции или оформления помещения

Above the bed should not be hanging, "crushing" elements of construction or design premises

  • reliability and durability of the bed symbolizes stability in the relationship, so the bed should not be loose and squeak.Ideally, this piece of furniture should be installed so that it rested against the headboard against the wall.You can set the bed so that her side was pressed against the wall, but it is said that he who sleeps on it, prefers bachelor status.If you set a goal to have a harmonious relationship with a partner, or plan to find your other half, the bed should be so that there is provided a convenient approach to it from both sides.

back form the bed

important role on "Feng Shui" is played and the shape of the headboard.This is explained by the fact that each figure corresponds to one of the five parts of this science, which have an impact on the personal qualities of a person, or contributing negatively affecting the success in life.

headboard form counts!

back form the bed counts!

for sale can be found beds of different designs, but recommended, above all, pay attention to the simplicity of the forms.Neutral impact will the bed smooth, ie having no embossed graphics, with rounded corners, not interfering "chi" energy unhindered movement throughout the room.

Сглаженные, "мягкие" формы кровати

smoothed, "soft" forms of bed

  • oval and semicircular headboard well suited to the successful work of businessmen or officials.An element of this form - "Metal".
Bed with oval back

Bed with oval backrest

  • SquarePants bring success back to people of working professions - element "Earth".
The back of rectangular shape

backrest rectangular shape

  • Undulating back favorable for creative professionals - the element "water".
The wavy outlines headboard

wavy outlines headboard

  • Triangular backs related to "fire" element, good for those who are active and do not like to sleep long.
The backrest with openwork execution

backrest with openwork execution

  • asymmetrical backs, having irregular shaped forms, or symmetrical, but openwork design - element "Air", suitable for romantics and people who are professionally involved in the arts.

addition to the basic five forms exist and combined variants that combine multiple curved elements:

  • double back bend suitable for the bed where two people sleep.In this case, the form points to the harmony of the relationship, rather than a split personality.
The back is held for the couple

back is held for the couple

  • headboard, in which one side lower than the other and thus creates a gentle bend, referred to in the "Feng Shui", "Dragon and Phoenix".Buying a bed is necessary to follow the rule - the woman should sleep on the side where the rest below.
"Женское" место - с той стороны, где спинка ниже

«Women 'place - on the side where the rest below

  • backrest having a bend in the middle and lined on the edges - a great option for people of any profession, because it is present harmony of several elements.
Very harmonious symmetrically curved headboard

very harmonious symmetrically curved headboard

  • Canopy bed - although it is an old-fashioned option, but today is popular because it creates a sense of peace and security.
Four-poster bed does not lose popularity

four-poster bed does not lose popularity

  • headboard shape of a shell as well as the semi-circular or oval, good for the people involved in the business.
Списка в форме "раковины"

list in the form of "shell»

Apart form the back, the bed must meet the following qualities - comfort, stability, and reliability.

undesirable that under the bed was a large space, which is usually in the course of time inevitably "settle" the various boxes and suitcases.This is done in any case it is impossible, for the simple reason that the conglomeration of things interfere with the circulation of the intensity of "chi" energy positive.

Furniture for sleeping

  • addition bed in the room bedroom should not be a massive piece of furniture, such as wardrobes or other large closets.If you can not do without them, they should be integrated into the wall.
  • Do not clutter the bedroom with plenty of furniture, since space must be "breathable" and free to positive energies.
Для спальной рекомендуется мебель "смягченных" форм, с закругленными углами

bedroom furniture recommended "soft" forms with rounded corners

  • recommended buy bedroom furniture with rounded corners.If the furniture is purchased, it must be installed so that the corners were not aimed at the bed, or sleep will be restless and people will not be able to fully relax.
  • Bedside tables and tables should never be above the bed, as this will create an artificial barrier to the flow of energy.
Dressing table is not necessary to be placed right next to the bed

Dressing table is not necessary to be placed right next to the bed

  • If the bedroom is planned to install a dressing table with a large mirror, a place should be chosen in such a way for him to the people sleeping on the bed in it are not reflected.