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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath mixer with a shower which one to choose

Sooner or later, but always comes a time when owners apartments have to change the plumbing, overage or, in their opinion, morally and technically outdated, does not meet the increased requirements in terms of functionality or even an external design.One of the questions that are most often set in this case - "faucet for the bathroom with shower which one to choose."

Bath mixer with a shower which one to choose

Bath mixer with a shower choose

This question - is not as simple as it may seem initially.It was easy to with this case still 20 ÷ 25 years ago - go to the store, and if lucky, to buy, what is there, and it has already satisfied!But modern range of sanitary devices for consumers, maybe even confound - make the right choice can be used only if at least a little judge of device classification, materials manufacturing and other issues.

And the appearance of the crane, which has, of course, very important, yet should not be a decisive criterion for selection.Experience has shown that low-quality products manufacturers often qu

estionable and given attracting attention appearance.

Species mixers at the place of installation

Article Contents

  • 1 Species mixers post
  • 2 mounting Difference faucets on "governments»
    • 2.1 Adjusting the hot and cold water
      • 2.1.1 dvuhventilnye mixing system streams
      • 2.1.2 single lever control scheme
      • 2.1.3 mixers with integrated thermostat
    • 2.2 switching mechanism "spout - shower»
  • 3 design spout
  • 4 design of the shower head and connecting hose
  • 5 faucet manufacturing material and an outer coating
  • 6 Useful tips on choosing a mixer for bathroom
  • 7 Video: how to choose a faucetbathroom?

If a new mixer will be installed in place of dismantled, then, of course, choice of models according to their location is not particularly wide.But if the capital is planned to remake the interior bathroom with a lining of new utilities and the replacement of all sanitary equipment, in hosts appear "open space" in terms of the selection of the optimal sample.

1. most widespread and most commonly used in a bath option - mixer with wall mounting, with connection to the pipes, hidden decorative trim.If the pipes are not planned to "clean up" the wall, the mixer can be mounted and positioned vertically open risers hot and cold water.

Wall mounting in the open or walled pipe located

Wall installation on walled pipe or openly located

  • «Classic», the simplest type of connection - with the help of coupling nuts ¾ inch with rubber (silicone) gaskets to horizontal nozzles.For precise alignment of the axes of the pipes and mixer, and to move from ½ to ¾ ", usually, apply eccentrics.
Tube Exits with adapters , eccentric , allowing precisely to expose a bore hole gauge

pipes outputs with adapters, eccentric, allowing precisely to expose a bore hole gauge

To leave on a kind of installation connection points, pre-dust shields are wound on the thread of the eccentrics.Further installation - just set the spacing (a bore hole gauge) and gently, without warping, tighten the coupling nuts.

Set mixer on cams

Set mixer on eccentrics

1 - projecting threaded portion of the eccentric 3/4 ".

2 - a decorative cap.

3 - union nut mixer.

4 - gasket.

For ease of installation, such mixers are not equal, so, probably, are the most common .In addition, a model with a similar connection scheme are among the most affordable price.

  • If you want to bring in an interior bathroom novelty, you can also purchase a wall mixer connection point which is completely hidden from view by the mono-hull device.Connection principle in this case is not particularly changed, but the installation will require more effort, accuracy and intelligence, follow the mandatory instructions developed by the manufacturer.But these "troubles" justified by a very original view of such instruments.
The connection to the pipes completely concealed mixer housing

connection to the pipe is completely hidden body mixer

  • quite expensive and difficult to self-installation option when on the wall located only controls, spout and hand shower with hose, collected on the basis of a monoblock or spaced individual elements on on surface.
Such mixers are located on the wall just adjusting elements

Such mixers are located on the wall just adjusting elements

Such mixers are a set of parts and components, designed for outdoor installation and for mounting in thicker wall construction.Provision rigid or flexible connection of water pipes to the adjustment unit and from him - on spout and shower.Quality Indoor Unit protected by special housings that are not afraid vmurovki on mortars.

Such devices - very expensive, and to their own set requires a lot of experience in plumbing and general construction, and decorative and finishing work.

2. next mixer type of installation - on the bathtub.Of course, it goes or bathrooms with specially provided for this mounting pads with the holes , or acrylic or fiberglass on which to drill accurate holes for installation.There are also several options.

  • One of the easiest options - use one hole, and the mixer is very similar to his "brothers" that are installed in sinks, washbasins or kitchen sinks.
The easiest way to install the mixer on the tub rim

also not really the easiest way to install the mixer on the tub rim

mounting and connecting principle here is different from the faucet installed on the sink.

  • Another option - a kind of « retro style ».The mounting holes are decorative bathroom pipes, lead-in hot and cold water and have it connected directly to the mixer itself.
The mixer is set at the edge of the bath on the protruding nozzles

mixer set on the edge of the bath on the protruding nozzles

course, do stand-pipes are an integral part of the mixer set, met with him in the same style.They often have quite bizarre shapes, stressing created unusual ensemble.Liner such mixers from below, under the bath, and often flexible hoses are used for this purpose.

  • for bathrooms, made in a modern style, the mixer controls, spout and shower can be separated by a horizontal platform on the edge bathtub.
Three-way mixer to be placed on the bath rim

four-mixer to be placed on the rim of the bath

Installing such devices should also not cause too much trouble for the owner who is familiar with the basics of plumbing technology.The set of always included detailed instructions with assembly drawing, so, for example, as shown in the figure:

Example of connecting four-mixer with the installation of a bath:

Wiring four hole tap with flexible hoses and connections

Wiring four-way mixer with flexible hoses and connections

1 - mixing unitwith adjusting single-lever faucet cartridge type.

2 - switch valve flow « spout - souls."

3 - cascade spout type.

4 - shower head, which is located in a special glass (item 5)..

6 and 7 - flexible connection of the water supply network.

8 and 9 - a flexible liner, interconnecting the main components of the mixer.

Flexible hoses 6 to 9 is usually not included, sold separately, depending on the installation features.But this - the most ordinary water hoses with connectors to ½ inch.It is always possible to place the mixer elements on the bathtub in a convenient location at the right distance from one another .

10 - flexible connection with an adapter to connect the shower hose.

11 - Retractable shower hose, passed through a glass (item 5).. In the idle position hidden under the bath.

Install a mixer in compliance with accuracy and using high-quality components - should not be difficult.

Detailed installation can handle every

With this installation can handle every

In some models, instead of the flexible connection between the nodes is used hard .This will require to accurately select the mixer under the existing holes in the bath, or high accuracy when marking, if socket for installation will be drilled on their own.

Hides rim bath mixer unit with rigid connection nodes

hides rim bath mixer unit with a hard compound

nodes More one species during the installation of the mixer in the bath - all controls are placed on a horizontal bar, located on the edge.

Mixer installation on bath monoblock type

mixer with the installation of a bath monoblock type

Because such a construction is obtained massive enough and the burden falls on the localized area, very often, these mixers have their own stand, which rest on the floor.In the bath rim is cut a window in which the mixer is mounted on itself acrylic or fiberglass wall pi This does not feel the weight of loads.

Mixer collected on mounting racks

mixer, assembled on mounting racks

In addition, open and yet another opportunity to install mixer - not on the tub and close to it, with the end or the side.The design itself will then be easy to cover up the decorative trim, for example, mounting the box and stoned its ceramic tiles.

3. Following in line with the fashion trends set the bath is not in the "classical" location - the wall, and in the center of the room (if you have sufficient space), designers have developed special models of mixers that are installed on the floor.

Mixer installed on the floor near a bathtub

faucet, mounted on the floor near a bathtub

This is certainly a rare case of application in daily practice.The cost of these models - high, they require special fittings water pipes hidden under the floor surface.

Embodiments of outdoor units can be different

variants floor units may be different

However, the demand for mixers like layout is still stable and lineups presented products in retro style (eg , like shown above), soand an innovative, contemporary performance.

main types of faucets are considered.Now we should get to know their components and accessories.

Difference faucets on "Control bodies »

Any bath mixer with shower involves mixing water from the hot and cold pipelines to the desired temperature, as well as the ability to switch already mix to flow diverter or shower heads.

Adjusting the hot and cold water

dvuhventilnye mixing system streams

Once this system was in principle only.And though appeared more modern approaches to mixing streams, such a scheme is successfully competing with them.Not only is it used in all mixers, made in retro style.

"Классика жанра" - смеситель с двумя вентилями

«Classics of the genre" - a mixer with two valves

Standard layout - two flywheels with a crane located on the left and right of the spout .Each valve controls its flow - cold or hot water, and mixing takes place itself already in a separate chamber of the sanitary appliance.

This scheme is simple device, easy amenable to repair.Setting the water temperature - in itself is simple, but at the same time regulation and flow rate, and the degree of heat - enough difficult.However, for systems with independent instantaneous water heater (eg gas pumps) recommend the use of just such a scheme.

as shut-off and adjustment mechanisms applicable head parts.When the external similarities and landing at the same thread for installation into the mixer, they may vary significantly.

Crane parts with a rubber gasket - stopper

Crane parts with a rubber gasket - stopper

head parts with a rubber gasket, overlapping flow of water.The rotation of the flywheel via the worm gear is converted into linear motion of the rod with posted on the end of the bolt, which is a round rubber pad.From fully open before closing can take a few turns.

advantages of this crane - simple design, the possibility of replacing the gasket, undemanding to the purity of water.Among the shortcomings noted fairly rapid wear of the seal, which appears to play a mechanical rotation of the transfer.There are still one feature that will be felt at high temperatures - imbalances exposed heating level.The fact is, that rubber di ck etc. and intense heat changes the linear dimensions, thickens and increases radially, thereby violating the exhibition clearance for the passage of water. It is possible, that during have washing repeatedly to adjust the temperature.

quite another device and function in head parts with ceramic valve.Sam valve consists of two tightly lapped it to another plate carved in them "windows".Rotation of the plates relative to each other causes a change in lumen area whether to complete its closure.The duty cycle of the crane may be limited to one turn, a half or even a quarter.

Crane parts with ceramic plates

Crane parts with ceramic plates

These cranes are very convenient, can accurately put the flow rate through them, which does not change with changes in temperature.Disadvantage - increased sensitivity to contamination water - trapped between the ceramic plates, hard inclusions can very quickly lead to wear and damage.If you decide to install these boxes, you should think about robust filtering system.By the way, a mechanical water treatment will be useful for any type of mixer.

Replacing the failed axle box - a simple task for any host.their cost is also low - it largely determines the widely popular mixers such a scheme.

single lever control scheme

widest popularity among consumers have a mixer, fitted with a single lever to simultaneously control and flow rate, and temperature.

"Однорукие" смесители в наше время пользуются огромной популярностью

«One-armed» Mixers today are very popular

lever moves in two planes, and the regulation and flow and mixing is carried out in a special cartridge.

It usually looks like a removable cartridge mixer ...

It usually looks like a removable cartridge mixer ...

inside the cartridge are also two ceramic plates with windows. The operating principle is shown in the diagram below:

... And here it is shown how it works

... but here shows how it works

cartridge lever is shown by the dotted line.

  • into fragments "and» - lever is omitted and the associated plate completely blocks the flow of water from and hot, and from cold supply.