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August 12, 2017 18:06

Drawings on a wall in the apartment with his hands

For those owners of houses or apartments, who wish to make their housing exclusive, unlike many other types of interiors, there are many ways to transform.Buying wallpaper, never a person can not be entirely sure that, having come to visit his friends, he will not see the exact same them on the wall.Therefore , it makes sense to turn to one of the techniques of drawing wall drawing.

Drawings on a wall in the apartment with his hands

drawings on a wall in the apartment with his hands

drawings on a wall in the apartment with his hands can be done in different ways, however, to select the option available for the implementation, you need to know how they are played.Painting the walls - it is a complex undertaking, and not everyone has a predisposition to it, without exaggeration, art.Therefore, technological techniques have been developed that do not require the presence of talent for drawing - only required accuracy, consistency and accuracy.

very important moment in the creation of drawings on the wall of any type is ideal smoothness

walls, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.On the contrary, when applied to the surface of the paint, it will manifest all flaws.That is why the work should begin with careful preparations.

alignment walls under the patterning

Article Contents

  • 1 alignment walls under the patterning
    • 1.1 plasterboard walls Alignment
      • 1.1.1 Bonding Drywall
      • 1.1.2 Fastening drywall to the frame.
  • 2 Existing techniques of drawing on the wall
    • 2.1 Drawing on the wall paint
      • 2.1.1 Video: painting on the wall - from sketches to rendering details
    • 2.2 Applicationpencil drawing
    • 2.3 Transferring pattern over squares
    • 2.4 transfer pattern on the wall with a shade
    • 2.5 Technique stencil pattern
    • 2.6 Stuffing picture painted through a stencil
    • 2.7 drawing relief pattern
  • 3 «Revival» drawing color and shape
    • 3.1 roller paint
    • 3.2 painting pencil drawing
    • 3.3 coating bulk or single drawing color
  • 4 phased creation of surrounddrawing on the wall
    • 4.1 Video: colorful relief panels on the wall
    • 4.2 Video: master class on the embossed decoration wall

lined the walls in the apartment in two ways - using plasterboard ( "dry plaster") and applying conventional wet plaster.

  • first way is much easier the second, so is available to anyone, even the inexperienced builder.
  • The second method requires the alignment of walls certain experience, and not a fact that will put in order from the first surface.

Therefore, for the walls of the apartment is better to use gypsum board, the more that the alignment of walls it can be done in two different ways.

Alignment of plasterboard walls

Plasterboard can be mounted on the wall way of gluing on plaster solution or mechanical fastening it to the metal frame.

Walls in apartments are often quite rough, but usually do not have too large swings, as, for example, a surface in a private house of the old buildings.Therefore, to bring them into the order you can apply the method of bonding a leveling plasterboard.

Bonding Drywall

To work required drywall sheets and mounting adhesive gypsum-based.

alignment process is carried out in the following order:

  • spirit level or plumb verified evenness of the wall to determine where on the sheet of drywall to apply a thicker layer of adhesive.
  • Further, the wall progruntovyvaetsya deep penetration of the composition and dried.
  • sheets of drywall, pi necessary cut into desired size.
  • After that, the solution is mixed - in strict accordance with the instructions attached to it.
  • On a sheet of drywall is applied in dot glue - in the form of slides.
Apply the adhesive to a sheet of drywall

Apply the adhesive to a sheet of drywall

  • Thereafter, the sheet is set to the wall and pressed tightly.Horizontal position installation is controlled by a building level.
Bonding of plasterboard to the wall surface

Bonding of plasterboard to the wall surface

  • Likewise leveled entire wall.To comply with recommended single plane from above and tighten the control cords.
  • After all the sheets are glued and fixed securely frozen solution, the joints between them are glued ribbon-serpyanku, and then closed up, first home , then fine finishing putty .After her drying - thoroughly stripped.
Securing gipsokarto on to the frame.

This alignment method can be applied and to align the walls, and if it is required warm or soundproof .

Actually, self leveling walls made not sheets of plasterboard, and the metal frame of galvanized profiles.That put him on a level and is fixed to the wall.

Alignment of plasterboard walls carcass method with simultaneous thermal insulation and sound insulation

Alignment of plasterboard walls carcass method with simultaneous thermal insulation and sound insulation

After that, between the guide frame, if it is planned and laid one s s Vuko - and insulating materials.

next step frame is sheathed with sheets of drywall, which is attached with screws. heads screws utaplivajut sheets 1 ÷ 1,5 mm.

joints between the sheets are sealed in the same way as when they are adhered to the wall.But other than that necessarily proshpatlevyvayutsya and holes in the ground screwing screws, otherwise they tread later rusty spots.

With any method of installation GCR , after the completion of the main works of the entire surface must- zashpatlevat .The solution is applied to a wide spatula a thin layer.

then carefully trimmed wall sander or hand trowel to perfectly even and smooth condition.

last step before applying the graphics, regardless of the selected technology, the wall should be well primed - this is best done in two layers.

only after the complete drying of the soil, you can move on to the decorative design of the wall surface.

Alignment to Drywall - perfect material for leveling walls

To get acquainted with the technology leveling walls plasterboard with all the nuances, be sure to follow the link to a specific article of our portal.

If you have experience of plastering work, you can eliminate the use of drywall, using the "classical" technology.

Expression .wet traditional method of correcting defects in the walls

His experience in alignment of the walls in the apartment with the help of plaster divided one of the visitors of our portal.

Existing techniques of drawing on the wall

way to transfer pattern on the wall a lot, but not all of them are available to play in the absence of experience and talent in this art.Therefore it is necessary to consider the most popular technology, so you can decide which one is most suitable for self-fulfillment novice master.

Drawing on the wall paint

This method is used by experienced artists, when applied to the wall of the drawing, which has no clear contours and lines.To perform this work, you need to have good spatial imagination and advance already submit a picture that should get a result.

Immediately apply colorful figure - a lot of professional artists

Immediately apply colorful figure - a lot

-professional artists The first step is to determine the base color, which will be present in most of the elements of painting.It is the base color and is used to create so-called "skeleton pattern» , that is the key, supporting components.

For example, on the wall is supposed to depict the landscape, which will be the center of the composition tree, and support elements will be placed around it.In this case, diluted until transparent base paint reproduce the contours of the central and largest elements of the picture.For the application of the scheme of the landscape is well suited brown or green paint, as they are always present in any of the pictures with the natural theme.

This stage is a kind of marking and will be the basis for further work.So ka to a Rusk taken base and translucent, it is always possible to override a thick layer in carrying out further actions and prescription of small details.

That this method is the most difficult, and, having no experience and talent, it is better not to take him, as to fix the result of a failed experiment have completely repaint the wall surface.

to mark the pattern with such an approach would only paint brush and container of paint thinner.

Video: painting on the wall - from sketches to draw parts

Drawing pencil drawing

This method of patterning on the wall, too, is not easy.Smy seq Sun her work is to transfer an image from a small sketch on a plane and on a large scale without distortion.The complexity of the transfer is subject to the exact proportions of the elements of the future picture, and, of course, their shape and direction.

The primary application of pencil sketches of the future drawing

primary application of pencil sketches of the future pattern

The first thing to do - is to define the area on the wall where the picture will be placed - it can be noted dots or crosses.Then, within the selected plane with a pencil drawing of the selected plays.

To put the image in this way, you need to prepare a simple pencil, an eraser and a soft cloth.

Transferring pattern over squares

Transferring pictures from your own sketches, photos or printed on the printer pictures on the wall with the help of her separation squares seems easier and more affordable option than the two above-described method.This approach to drawing is available even for those who have no artistic talent, but is ready for a rather long, painstaking and accurate work.

Technology transfer pattern over squares can cope with the task , even inexperienced masters

technology transfer pattern over squares can cope with the task, even inexperienced masters

percent ss etc. Gadfly follows:

  • prepared sketch square off, usually having a size with a multiplicity of 10, for example, 40 × 40, or50 × 50 mm.Round numbers are taken in order to facilitate their transfer to the proportions in transferring to the wall.
  • Next, the wall is determined by the area, lined with equal proportion to the drawing.For example, thumbnail size is 200 × 250 mm.If we apply the proportion 1:10, the need for a wall area of ​​2000 × 2500 mm for him.If it is necessary that the image has a smaller size, then it can be transferred in a ratio of 1: 5, and in this case it takes wall area of ​​1000 × 1250 mm.
  • plot on the wall, allotted by drawing, also is divided into squares, in the same proportion as the entire image.The meaning of dividing the pattern into separate sections is to accurately transfer an image from a small sheet on a large area of ​​the wall.Transfer it, focusing on each of the squares, which is part of the overall image. conducted line thus become excellent support points.
  • Further, each of the squares on sketch of the image is transferred to the appropriate square on the wall.It is very important to ensure that the line from one square had continued right to the bottom or the other, located near the square.Only then the image is transferred accurately and becomes a full likeness little drawing.

Such a method of drawing will require a lot of tools - a simple pencil, eraser, ruler of varying length, area and building level (plumb) to derive smooth horizontal and vertical lines.

transfer pattern on the wall with a shade

transfer pattern on the wall with a shade rarely practiced in the murals, though this method is quite simple in execution. Main in it - create the right lighting, and install it so that the shadow of the selected object clearly fell on the wall where the painting will be done.Thus, the surface can be moved lace or geometric pattern, tree branches, which are in the shade can turn into trunks, human silhouette or only the profile of his face, and much more.

The original technique - shifting contours of the future pattern for a drop shadow

original technique - shifting contours of the future pattern for a drop shadow

The advantage of this method is that the shadow on the wall itself can increase the items.

For example, on a wall intended to portray the landscape with the house.To do this, you can cut small house made of cardboard and set it against the light at such a distance from the wall to her display the desired size.

In addition, a shadow can be an assistant in the preparation of landscape composition, as some items can be rearranged and look for them nai best display on the wall with shadows as long as the full distribution of elements harmony will be achieved.

Fixing the object in the desired position, his shadow on the wall is outlined in pencil.The only thing that would have to finish after the image build is complete - it's the small details.Applying this pattern transfer method, it is possible to create a 100% exclusive panels for the room.

To transfer pattern on the wall in this way will require a projector or a powerful lamp, a pencil and an eraser.

Technique stencil pattern

Very easy way to transfer the pattern on the wall - this stencil.Its disadvantage can be called only that it will be difficult to make the blank for large items that will be in the picture, and the picture will be quite monotonous, as using a stencil is not possible to recreate the full picture with many details.

"Кошачья стая", изображенная трафаретным методом

«Cat's flock", shown stencil method

The rest of the advantages of this method are indisputable - he gives clear line image, and is enough to make one or two templates to decorate completely all allotted sitea clearance fit ornament.

This approach is perfectly suited for wall decoration ornamental belt, or if intended to display one or more separate items or vegetable compositions.

stencil can be made independently by printing out the image to start the printer, and then paste it on cardboard and cut out the pattern through a sharp knife.Samples can find ready in the art or any hardware store, but in this case they are not exclusive.